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January 10 - State Deficits Increase Pressure For Authority to Tax Internet Sales
January 17 - 'Case of the Missing Revenue' Is Nation's Troubling Mystery
January 17 - Business Newly Tolerant Of 'Manageable' Deficit
January 17 - Profile: Bill Thomas
January 17 - Profile: Charles E. Grassley
January 17 - Profile: Olympia J. Snowe
January 24 - Bush Stands Behind Tax Cuts
January 24 - Hill Determined to Override White House Spending Limits For Highway-Transit Measure
January 24 - Ownership Through Savings Accounts
January 24 - What Happens if Tax Cuts Are Allowed to Expire
January 31 - Bush Renews Effort to Create Tax-Free Savings Accounts
January 31 - Frist to GOP: Transportation Bill Must Move
January 31 - Tax Cuts, Spending Limits Divide Deficit-Conscious Republicans
January 31 - Transit R&D Amendment Silent on Cost
February 7 - A New Tax Cut Equation
February 7 - Bush Hands Tight Budget To an Unhelpful Congress
February 7 - Highway Funding Figures Vary
February 7 - The Politics of Caution
February 7 - Transportation Programs at Risk Of Being Scaled Back in Senate
February 14 - Bill to Avert Trade Sanctions, Aid Film Industry Still at a Stalemate
February 14 - Film Industry Warms to GOP As Best Bet for Tax Breaks
February 14 - GOP Says Hooray for Hollywood
February 14 - House GOP Hard Line on Spending Cuts Warns That 'Everything Is on the Table'
February 14 - Senate's Latest Try at Energy Bill Is Half the Cost of Omnibus; Traditional Production Still Wins
February 21 - Deficit Sparks Convergence, Divergence on Budget Overhaul
February 28 - Deficit Dims Chances of Corporate Tax Bonanza as Senate Readies Bill for Debate
February 28 - Does This R&D Tax Credit Stand for 'Raise the Deficit'?
February 28 - Greenspan's Solutions Raise Eyebrows
February 28 - Tough Tests Lie Ahead for Plans To Trim Spending, Deficit
March 6 - Budget Deficit Concerns Could Define Shape of Corporate Tax Overhaul
March 6 - Deficit Hawks, Appropriators Set to Clash Over Spending
March 6 - Transportation Legislation Target For Bevy of Add-On Tax Code Changes
March 13 - Already Bumpy Budget Process Roiled by Anti-Deficit Stands
March 13 - With Permanent Repeal Unlikely, Nickles, Other Republicans Seek Compromise on 'Death Tax'
March 20 - Film Industry Tax Breaks May Be Gone With the Wind
March 20 - House Committee Seeks Way To Work Around Hastert And Boost Highway Spending
March 20 - Leaders Win Just Enough Unity To Keep GOP Budget Moving
March 20 - Thomas Blends Ethanol Into Effort To Move Corporate Tax Overhaul
March 20 - Tweaking the Question: Pollsters' Art Key to Finding Support in Numbers
March 20 - When It Comes to Budget Rules, Congress Can Just Waive Goodbye
March 27 - 'Pay as You Go' Fight Threatens Budget Resolution Conference
March 27 - Corporate Tax Bill Stalls in Senate; House Mulls Altering Its Version
April 3 - Kerry's Gas Tax Record
April 3 - Republican Infighting Leaves Budget in Lurch
April 10 - Stalemate Still Lurking in Senate Despite Leaders’ Cautious Deals
April 10 - Sweeteners Fail to Serve Purpose, Likely to Stay in Tax Bill Anyway
April 17 - Deal on Pay-as-You-Go Rules a Must for Budget Resolution
April 17 - Gas Tax Alternatives for a Nation on the Road
April 17 - Snowe's Support Critical to Republican Tax Cuts
April 24 - Corporate Tax Bill Remains Stalled As Tariffs Begin Taking Their Toll
April 24 - Gerlach Leads Off House GOP Effort To Move Stand-Alone Tax Bills
April 24 - Moderate From Maine Expected to Play Key Role In Pay-As-You-Go Debate
April 24 - Senate Looks to Internet Access Tax
May 1 - Democrats Hone Their Demands As Tax Cut Bills Hit the Senate
May 1 - GOP Budget Resolution Stalemate Bad News for Party's Tax Agenda
May 1 - GOP Primary in Pennsylvania Sends Mixed Message to Party Leaders
May 1 - Long Road for Pay-as-You-Go
May 1 - Senate Passes Four-Year Ban On Internet Access Taxes
May 8 - Business Lobby Storms Senate to Shape Corporate Tax Bill
May 8 - House Renews AMT Extension, Puts Long-Term Fix on Hold
May 8 - Still 'No Deal' On Budget Resolution
May 15 - Coalition Backing R&D Credit Jumps on U.S. Jobs Bandwagon
May 15 - Domenici Calls Corporate Bill'Best Shot' for Energy Package, But Tax Writers Just Say 'Maybe'
May 15 - Hollywood's New Role Brings Windfall
May 15 - House Thickets Await Tax Bill After Solid Senate Victory
May 15 - Republicans Seek to Narrow Gap On Dealing With Tax Cut Legislation, But Progress Expected to Be Slow
May 22 - Aviation Trust Fund Hit Hard as Fewer Flyers, Lower Fares Lead to Revenue Shortfall
May 22 - Conferees on Highway Bill Face Daunting Differences
May 22 - House Passage Likely End of Line For Permanent Child Tax Credit, Latest of Four GOP Tax Cuts
May 22 - Odds Worsen for GOP Budget as Moderates Rebuff Latest Try
May 29 - Democrats Compete to Offer More Military Benefits
May 29 - Pre-Election Action Unlikely On Array of Tax Code Fixes
May 29 - Proposals to Replace the Federal Income Tax
May 29 - Recipients of Corporate Tax Bill Largess Looking to Remove Perks for Others
May 29 - Rewrite Means Fewer Taxpayers
June 5 - House Votes to Create Easier Tax Forms Reserved for Seniors
June 5 - Offshore Accenture Contract Raises Tax-Writer Hackles
June 5 - Short of a Magic Act, Thomas Tries to Expand Corporate Tax Bill's Appeal
June 12 - 'Reaganomics' Lives On
June 12 - House Corporate Tax Bill vs. Senate-Passed Bill
June 12 - Nickles, Hoping to Go Out on High Note, Seeks Budget Deal With GOP Moderates
June 12 - Thomas Trades Pure for Practical to Move Much-Altered Tax Bill
June 19 - Highlights of Corporate Tax Bills
June 19 - House Democrats Provide Edge for Super-Sweetened Tax Bill
June 26 - Corporate Tax Bills Stuffed, Scorned -- And Supported
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Caterpillar's All-Out Lobbyfest Leaves Thomas on the Ropes
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Deficit Hawks See a Bad Break In Write-Off for Jet Makers
June 26 - Corporate Taxes: Tax Bills Bring Good Things To GE's Corporate Coffers
June 26 - House Kills Multiple Amendments, Stops Try at 'Pay-as-You-Go' Revival
July 3 - Goodies for Small Businesses
July 3 - Parties, Candidates Vie Over Form Of Small-Business Tax Breaks
July 3 - Small Business Agendas
July 10 - Details of Expiring Tax Cuts
July 10 - GOP Tax-Form Plan: Simplify, Simplify
July 10 - It's All About Sunsets and Offsets As Parties Sell Their Tax Plans
July 17 - Campbell Bill to Limit States' Ability to Collect Indian Gaming Revenue Is Approved by Senate Committee
July 17 - Corporate Tax Bill Inches Closer to Law With Senate Consensus on Tobacco; Though Cost Remains a Divisive Issue
July 17 - Republicans Hope to Set Precedent as Support for Tax Cut Bill Grows
July 17 - Tax Bill's Happy Ending Might Come With Subtitles
July 24 - Confident GOP Waits a Bit on Offset-Free Tax Breaks
July 24 - Simpler Tax Plan: Baby Step?
August 7 - GOP Pushes to Keep 7(a) Loans
September 4 - GOP Readies Intense Pre-Election Push for Five-Year Extension of Tax Breaks
September 4 - Lobbyists Press for Conference on Corporate Tax Cut Before Election
September 11 - Grassley Stalls Tax Cut Extension, Vexing Fellow Republicans
September 11 - Political Hot Potato?
September 18 - Floor Action in Both Chambers Planned for Tax Cut Extensions; Wide Democratic Support Likely
September 25 - GOP Faces Tough Tax Choices After Easy Renewal of Some Cuts
September 25 - House Backs Adoption Tax Credit
September 25 - Next Presidency: The Tax Clock is Ticking
September 25 - Tax Credits for Companies and Investors
October 2 - Corporate Tax Avoidance Getting Trickier to Gauge
October 2 - Corporate Tax Cut Bill's Math Faces Electoral Calculations
October 2 - Judge Puts Civil Liberties Ahead of Patriot Act Provision
October 2 - Smokeless Tobacco Products Regulation Smolders in Tax Bill
October 2 - Studies Show Corporations Not Paying Taxes
October 9 - Highlights of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Opposition From Competitors Kills Philip Morris' FDA Bid
October 9 - Sweeteners to Ease Passage of Corporate Tax Bill
October 9 - Tax Writers' Winning Formula: Billions in Targeted Provisions
October 16 - An Energy Bill in Tax Bill's Clothing
October 16 - Frist's Highs and Lows
October 16 - Manufacturing Break Means Extra Bucks for Java Giant
October 16 - Special Interests Strike Gold in Richly Targeted Tax Bill
October 16 - Tax Bill Shores Up Highway Trust Fund
October 16 - Two Senators Who Held Up the Corporate Tax Bill -- And What They Got in Return
October 16 - While Highway, Energy Bills Languish, Tax Bill Gives Lobbyists Much to Celebrate
October 23 - National Sales Tax a Hard Sell
October 23 - Proposals for Overhauling Federal Tax Law
October 23 - Tax Code Overhaul May Simmer On GOP Back Burner in 109th
November 20 - Internet Taxes Moratorium Re-Extended
November 27 - 'Empowerment Zones': Who's Minding the Store?
November 27 - Behind the Omnibus' Tax Return Provision Flap
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Corporate Tax Overhaul
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Estate Tax Repeal Extension
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Internet Access Tax Ban
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Middle Class Tax Break Extensions
December 11 - Archery Tax Correction Pleases Retailers, But New Fee Will Target Consumers

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