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January 4 - White House Must Keep Delicate Balance When Drafting Latest Tax Cut Package
January 11 - Can Tax Cuts Pay Their Way?
January 11 - Cause and Effect of Deficits Still Food for Debate
January 11 - White House Tax Cut Package Gets a Wary Hill Reception
January 18 - Democrats Blast GOP Selection of Tax Cut Booster to Head CBO
January 18 - Hill Weighs Bush Economic Plan With a List of Changes in Mind
January 25 - Democrats Splinter on Stimulus Alternative As Daschle's Plan Fails to Unite Caucus
January 25 - Homeland Security Provisions Reworked
January 25 - Plan Targets Winnings Of Past-Due Parents
February 1 - Bush Holds Steady Fiscal Course Even as Deep Deficits Take Hold
February 1 - Investor Class Flexes New Political Clout In Debate Over Bush's Dividend Tax Cut
February 1 - Parties Use CBO Forecast to Recast Deficit in Their Own Terms
February 1 - Snow Confirmed for Treasury; Democrats Note His History Of Urging Deficit Reduction
February 8 - Bush Encounters Ill Wind From Republicans on Dividend Tax Cut
February 8 - Congressional Fine-Tuning Ahead For Bush Economic Stimulus Plan
February 8 - Expecting a Strong Rebound
February 8 - Senate Finance Panel's Tax Bill To Aid 'Faith-Based' Donations Faces Tougher Sell on Floor
February 15 - Fiscal 2003 Omnibus: Treasury, Postal Service
February 22 - Editor's Notebook: Vantage Points
February 22 - Little Gentleness in Young's Grip On Transportation Panel Reins
February 22 - Snow Leads White House Lobbying Blitz In Quest to Unite GOP Behind Tax Plan
February 22 - Urgent Calls for Road Funds Test Bush's Tax Cut Vision
March 1 - Duration of Tax Cuts, Budget Has GOP on Horns of a Dilemma
March 1 - Military Tax Bill Grows in House Markup
March 1 - Renewed Push for 'Faith Based' Law Faces Hostile Democrats, Tight Calendar
March 1 - Yin to Head Joint Tax Panel
March 8 - Budget Resolutions: A Bit of Wheat, Lots of Chaff
March 8 - Gantlet of Senate Moderates Ready to Take On Bush Plan
March 8 - GOP Tax Cutters Stumble Out of the Gate, Bloated Military Bill Pulled From House Floor
March 15 - Budget Panels' Disparate Plans Threaten United GOP Front
March 15 - Democrats Take a Sudden Liking To Opponents' Fiscal 'Gimmick'
March 15 - War Won't Unify Congress
March 22 - Bush 'Growth' Blueprint Speeds Toward Finish Line
March 22 - Bush's Dividend Plan at Center Stage As Tax Cut Negotiations Begin
March 22 - Popular Military Tax Break Decoupled From Add-ons; Both Plans Pass Easily
March 29 - Administration Lobbying Effort Targets Two Critical Tax Cut Votes
March 29 - Bush Watches as Battles Are Lost in Struggle for His Domestic Agenda
March 29 - Editor's Notebook: Week to Week
March 29 - High-Stakes Conference Awaits Senate-Pared Budget Resolution
March 29 - Santorum's Selling Job: Convince 'Faith-Based' Initiative Foes That Plan Will Not Trample Civil Rights
March 29 - Senate Unanimously OKs Tax Breaks for Soldiers; No Conference Plans Yet
April 5 - GOP Leaders Seek the Magic Number: A Survivable Tax Cut Compromise
April 5 - GOP Pushing To Pass Debt Limit Bill
April 5 - Hang-Tough GOP Moderates Still Key to Budget Resolution
April 5 - House Hopes To Boost Tax E-Filing
April 5 - Republican Economic Pitch Gets Short Shrift in Wartime
April 5 - Tax Breaks in House, Senate Energy Bills Differ Beyond Dollar Amounts
April 12 - Concessions to Moderates Imperil Early GOP Tax Cutting Accord
April 12 - Has Congress Given Bush Too Free a Spending Hand?
April 12 - Panel Approves Bill to Expand Affordable Insurance
April 12 - Popular Tax Breaks for Military Remain Trapped in Argument Over Wealthy Expatriate Flight
April 12 - Voinovich Waves Conservative Banner In Answer to Fighting Word: 'Moderate'
April 19 - Uncertain Future in Conference Awaits Bush Tax Cut Package
April 19 - What Led to the GOP Leadership Rift
April 26 - Bush Determined Not to Repeat Father's Politically Fatal Errors
April 26 - Committee Chairmen Step Up To Tackle Tax Cut Issue
April 26 - For Bush, Tax Cut Package Is Next Must-Win Battle
May 3 - Budget Amendment Revived
May 3 - Deadlocked Tax Cut Proposals Expose Rift in GOP Ideology
May 3 - Editor's Notebook: In Search Of . . .
May 3 - Moore's Warning for GOP: 'We're Watching You All'
May 10 - GOP Counts on Floor Debate to Reshape Senate Tax Plan
May 17 - Debt Limit Increase Critical As Nation Nears Default
May 17 - Editor's Notebook: Teflon II
May 17 - For Business, Tax Conference Will Be All Damage Control
May 17 - GOP Struggles With State Aid In Effort to Pass Tax Package
May 17 - Senate Omnibus Energy Bill On Hiatus Until After Recess But Its Tax Conundrum Isn't
May 17 - White House Bonds With Moderates For Victory on Dividend Cuts
May 17 - White House Touts 'Safer' Surface Transportation Bill While Panel Calls for Cash
May 17 - White House Wants Congress To Extend Ban on Internet Taxes
May 24 - OMB Nominee Bolten Eyed as a Repairman Of Bush-Appropriator Rift
May 24 - Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes Poised for Quick House Approval, But Senate Has Its Own Demands
May 24 - Tax Cut Package Clears Amid Bicameral Rancor
May 24 - Unenforceable Breast Cancer Law Still Waiting for Congressional Fix
May 24 - Who Benefits From New Rates For Dividends, Capital Gains
May 31 - Can Chairmen Bury Tax Feud to Work Together on Medicare?
May 31 - Democrats Launch Attack on GOP's Child Tax Credit
May 31 - GOP Turns to Cheney To Get the Job Done
May 31 - Growing Deficit Numbers Lack Campaign Resonance
June 7 - Editor's Notebook: Watch Your Back
June 7 - Faith Initiative Backer Backs Away From GOP
June 7 - GOP Scrambles to Limit Damage of Child Tax Credit Controversy
June 7 - Provisions of 2003 Reconciliation Law
June 7 - Supermajority Amendment Wearing Down Its Backers
June 7 - With Entitlements, Congress Has a Difficult Time Discriminating by Income
June 14 - Flap Over Child Tax Credit Heats Debate on 'Sunsets'
June 21 - Estate Tax Still Grounded
June 21 - House Passes Legislation Revamping IRS Procedures
June 21 - House Republicans Divided Over International Tax Plan
June 21 - With DeLay Setting a Partisan Tone, House Stands Firm on Child Credit
June 28 - Chronology of Tax Credits Made 'Refundable' to Low-Income Families
June 28 - Republicans of Two Minds on Refundable Tax Credits
June 28 - Style, Experience Praised as Senate Confirms Bolten to Head Budget Office
July 5 - A Rough but Steady Hand at Helm of Ways and Means
July 12 - GOP Trying Again on Child Credit
July 12 - Panel Boosts Highway Spending, But Outlook Gloomy for Amtrak And Six-Year Transportation Bill
July 19 - Internet Tax Break Bill Advances
July 26 - GOP Gears Up to Sell Economic Plan at Home
July 26 - Thomas Courts Businesses With New International Tax Code Bill, But Hill Support Is Still Anemic
July 26 - Thomas Knows How To Woo Corporations
July 26 - Thomas Promises He Will Change, But How Remains to Be Seen
August 2 - Senate Moves Toward Ban on Internet Tax
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Business Tax on Exports and Foreign Operations
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Child Tax Credit Expansion
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Philanthropy
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Surface Transportation Reauthorization
August 30 - Thomas' Business Tax Plan Draws Fire as Invitation to Corporate Avoidance
September 13 - Manufacturing Lobbyists Find Renewed Sense of Purpose
September 13 - Ways and Means Approves 'Faith-Based' Initiative Measure; Passage Imminent by House
September 20 - Debate Over Revenue Offsets Appears Last Hurdle to Success For Trimmed Faith-Based Bill
September 20 - Domenici Adds Nuclear Tax Credits To Win Support Among Conferees On Revived Energy Legislation
September 20 - House Passes Internet Tax Ban for States
September 20 - Longer-Term Extension Urged For Surface Transportation Law Facing Dense Political Calendar
September 27 - EU Demands Add Urgency to Overhaul of Tax Code
September 27 - Gas Tax Debate Dominates as Surface Transportation Bill Gets a Five-Month Extension
October 4 - Business Tax Breaks by the Numbers
October 4 - Corporate Tax Overhaul Battle Being Fought on Two Fronts
October 4 - Energy Issues: Crossed Wires
October 4 - Popular Tax Cut for Military Shackled By Conference Standoff Over Offset
October 4 - Tax Breaks for Energy Companies Could Compromise Omnibus Bill
October 11 - New Budget Committee Chairman To Inherit a Thankless Job
October 18 - Tax Bill Opponents Standing Firm As Thomas Rattles EU Trade-War Threat
October 18 - What's in the House Tax Bill
October 25 - Crane-Rangel Alliance Succeeds in Shaping Corporate Tax Bill
October 25 - Energy Bill Remains Deadlocked Despite Ongoing Negotiations
November 1 - Corporate Tax Code Rewrite Threatened by House GOP
November 1 - Military Tax Breaks Reweighed After Unanimous House Vote To Double Death Gratuity
November 1 - White House Treading Lightly In Trying to Resolve Energy Dispute
November 8 - Energy Issues and Where They Stand
November 8 - Energy Overhaul: Not Much Difference After a Decade
November 8 - Ethanol Fix Is a Blend
November 8 - GOP Corporate Tax Bill Hits Intra-Party Hurdle
November 8 - Internet Tax Moratorium Expires While Bill Languishes in Senate
November 8 - Military Tax Breaks Measure Emerges Victorious After Nine-Set House-Senate Volley
November 15 - 'Temporary' Tax Breaks Usually a Permanent Reality
November 15 - Grass-Roots Groundswell of Opposition Delivers Internet Tax Setback to Senate
November 15 - Internet Tax: Governors in the Senate
November 15 - Omnibus Energy Conference Finally Yields Results
November 22 - Energy Bill's Bulging Tax Package Rewards Production, Conservation
November 22 - House Supports Thomas on Tax and Trade Grab Bag, But Senate Quickly Demurs
November 22 - Regional Issues Leave Energy Bill a Hair Too Unwieldy for Senate
November 22 - Surface Transportation Bill Seeks Funding
November 22 - Tax Winners in the Energy Conference Report
November 29 - MTBE Plan Incites Democrats, Six Republicans to Nix Energy Bill
November 29 - Thomas' Tax Bill May Not Be So Dynamic
December 6 - Failure of Omnibus Energy Bill May Lead to Smaller Measures
December 6 - State and Local Governments Bide Time on Internet Taxes Despite Stalled Moratorium
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Charitable Gifts/Faith-Based Initiatives
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Child Tax Credit Expansion
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Corporate Tax Cuts
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Estate Tax Repeal
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Internet Tax Moratorium
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Military Tax Cuts
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Surface Transportation Reauthorization
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Tax Reconciliation
December 13 - Lawmakers to Take Fresh Look at Offsets for Tax Cuts
December 13 - Potential Targets for Tax Offsets
December 13 - Senate Tightens State Tax Laws For Certain Tobacco Retailers
December 13 - Treasury Department Closes Loopholes, Cutting Revenue-Raising Offsets

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