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January 5 - Emerging Players: Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.
January 19 - Bush to Seek Domestic Cuts To Pay for National Security
January 19 - Kennedy Again Draws Liberal Line With Call to Roll Back Tax Cuts
January 19 - The Leadership War
January 19 - WTO Rules Against U.S. On Tax Breaks
January 26 - Highway Industry Looks to Congress For Ways to Increase Funding After Significant Revenue Drop in 2001
January 26 - Parties Appear to Feel Little Impetus To Come to Terms on Stimulus Package
February 2 - 'Temporary' Breaks Keep Tax Writers And Lobbyists in Perpetual Motion
February 2 - Permanency for R and D Credit?
February 2 - Pressure for Stimulus Abates As Economy Shows Clear Signs of Revival
February 9 - Death of a Stimulus Bill
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - Bush's Private School Tax Credit Reignites the Voucher Debate
February 16 - DeLay Heads to Puerto Rico To Raise Money and Talk Taxes
February 16 - Unemployment Benefits Become Political Football for Hill Republicans
March 2 - House Narrows Stimulus Agenda As Unemployment Benefits Run Out
March 2 - Lawmakers Say 'No Way' To Highway Funding Cuts Triggered by Revenue Drop
March 2 - Tobacco Farmer on the Hill Tugged Both Ways by Industry
March 9 - Unemployment Benefits Provide Catalyst to Pass Recovery Bill
March 23 - Analysts See a Seismic Shift In Health Policy Debate
March 23 - Taxpayer Bill of Rights Faces Difficult Future After Addition Of Measure to Ease Political Filing
March 30 - Medicare, Social Security Report Urges Quick Congressional Action
April 13 - 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights' Brought Down in House By Campaign Finance Rider
April 20 - Symbolism the Real Winner In House Vote to Extend Tax Cut
April 20 - Wilderness Drilling Defeat Results in Cropped Energy Bill
April 27 - Senate Finance Readies Crackdown On Corporate Offshore Tax Avoidance
May 18 - A Marriage Tax Mishap
May 18 - Fast-Moving Housing Bill Frees Minister From IRS
May 25 - Though Tax Writers Are Busy, House and Senate Far Apart In Follow-up to Last Year's Cut
June 1 - Daschle's Dash to Pass Legislation
June 1 - Legislation Helps Push Clean Coal
June 1 - What's Ahead: Week of June 3
June 8 - House Republicans Churning Out Permanent Tax-Break Legislation With Senate Roadblock Looming
June 8 - Tying Minimum Wage to Tax Breaks
June 15 - Amendment On Tax Hikes Fails in House
June 15 - Controversial Tax Incentives Return for Senate Markup
June 15 - Senate Thwarting of Estate Tax Repeal Blunts GOP's Legislative Offensive
June 15 - Treasury, Postal Service: Friction Expected With Agency Shuffle
June 22 - Inversions Save Millions in Taxes
June 22 - Lawmakers Note Little Momentum On Curbing Corporate Offshore Flight
June 22 - Tax Relief Bills: House 6, Senate 0
July 13 - Democrats Baucus and Kennedy Vie for Pension Plan Bill Support
July 13 - Ways and Means Chairman Thomas Turns Plan to Repeal Export Subsidies Into 166-Page 'Accountability' Crusade
July 27 - Bill Offers Health Care Tax Breaks
August 3 - Curbing Corporate Tax Avoidance Jumps to Top of Hill's Agenda
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Taxes
August 10 - GOP Looks to Midwest In Hopes of Reclaiming Senate
August 10 - Opponents Offer Clear Difference On Nation's Tax Cut Philosophy
August 31 - Stock Market Tumble, Tax Breaks Blamed for Federal Revenue Drop
September 7 - Bill Would Credit School Expenses
September 7 - Economic Stimulus Package Quietly Leaves Priority List For Bush, Many Republicans
September 14 - Baucus, Grassley Take New Approach To Small-Business Tax Breaks
September 14 - Education Tax Break Vote Canceled
September 14 - EU Threat of Punitive Tariffs Forces Congress to Act on Taxes
September 14 - Thomas' Style and Controversial Bill Come Under Fire From His Own Party
September 21 - Stall of Key Tax, Economic Measures May Have Cost Senate Democrats One of Their Best Campaign Weapons
September 28 - Senate Finance Chairman's Agenda Trumped by Democratic Leader
October 5 - House Shoots Down Bill Allowing Religious Groups To Fund Political Campaigns
October 5 - Senate-Passed Bill Has Tax Increase For Expatriates, Breaks for Military
October 5 - Transportation Spending Bill Destined To Offer Less Road-Building Money
October 12 - GOP Offers Tax Break Package To Ease Pain of Stock Losses
October 19 - Deal to Boost Port Security Resolves Most Issues -- Except How to Pay for It
October 19 - Senate Approves Resolution To Curb New Tax Cuts And Entitlement Programs
October 19 - Thomas Defies GOP Leaders, Dooms Tax Cut Bill Aimed at Aiding Investors
October 26 - Simplifying the Tax Code Is Key to Overhaul Proposals
October 26 - The Tax Code: Scrap or Simplify?
November 9 - Full Plate for Finance Committee
November 9 - House Overview: Nurturing the GOP Agenda
November 9 - More Partisan Budget Panel Expected
November 9 - Tax Cut Becomes Top Priority
November 16 - Rise of the 'Growth Hawks'
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Accelerated and Permanent Repeal of the Estate Tax
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Accelerating Income Tax Rate Cuts
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Accelerating Married Couple Tax Breaks and Child Tax Credits Increases
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Business Investment Tax Incentives
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: End 'Double Taxation' of Dividends
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Investor Tax Cuts
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Leave Well Enough Alone
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Making the 2001 Income Tax Cuts Permanent
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: Payroll Tax Holiday
November 16 - With Economy Still Lagging, Everyone Has a Stimulus Plan
November 23 - GOP Weighs Critical Staff Shifts To Grease the Legislative Gears
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Corporate Inversions
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Debt Limit Increase
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Economic Stimulus
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Extending the 2001 Tax Cuts
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Income Earned Abroad
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Investor Tax Cuts
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Pension Plan Regulation
December 7 - O'Neill's Departure Signals Change of Style, Not Policy
December 14 - Calio's Assertive Style Moves Legislation, But Hill Republicans Have Paid a Price
December 14 - Despite Post-Election Opportunities, Democrats Struggle to Find One Voice
December 14 - Party Unity Vote Study: Bracing for Battles Postponed
December 14 - President's New Economic Team Faces GOP Divided on Tax Cuts
December 14 - SEC Pick Faces Dual Tasks

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