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January 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: GOP Plans an Election Year Push For Tax Cuts Rejected in 1999
January 15 - BUDGET: Shorter Budget Calendar Threatens Republican Plans For an Expedited Process
January 15 - TAXES: Clinton to Aim Tax Breaks At Low-Income Workers, Economically Troubled Areas
January 15 - TAXES: New Technology May Enable States To Reap 'Remote' Sales Taxes
January 15 - TAXES: States' Internet Tax Strategy: Buy Time From Congress
January 22 - BUDGET: Harnessing the Surplus
January 29 - STATE OF THE UNION: Even GOP's Toughest Budget Hawks Perceive Fiscal Caps' Time Has Passed
February 5 - BUDGET: A Legacy of Budget Surpluses And Thriving Markets
February 5 - Democrats Balk at Early Bill
February 5 - TAXES: Quick Fix for 'Marriage Penalty' Held Up by Partisan Jostling
February 12 - : Clinton's Tax Proposals
February 12 - BUDGET: Taxing Bipartisanship?
February 12 - TRADE: Unrest Over Clinton's Policies, Possibly Adverse WTO Ruling Complicates China's Trade Status
February 19 - : House Passes Bill to Promote Information Technology Research
February 19 - BUDGET: House and Senate Republicans About $20 Billion Apart on Discretionary Spending Limit
February 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bipartisan Support Propels Social Security Bill
March 4 - COMMERCE: Governors Tell Senate Ban on Internet Taxes Is the Wrong Way to Go
March 18 - : Century-Old Phone Tax
March 25 - The Internet, Tax-Free
April 8 - Tax Time Again Finds GOP Pushing Revenue Measures To Legislative Front Burner
April 15 - House Celebrates 'Tax Day' With a Menu of Bills
April 15 - Marriage Penalty Tax Bill Is Stalled by Senate Leaders' Impasse Over Amendments
April 29 - 'Marriage Tax' Relief Stalls in Senate
May 6 - Fixing Export Tax Break Is Near Top of Archer's Last Legislative Wish List
May 27 - Corporate Tax Shelters Targeted
May 27 - GOP Whips Up House Enthusiasm For Repealing Inheritance Tax, But President Appears Unmoved
June 3 - Governors and Lawmakers Seek Compromise on Length Of Internet Tax Moratorium
June 10 - House Votes to Kill Estate Tax; Backers Weigh Senate Strategy
June 17 - GOP Leaders' Tax Strategy Streamlines the Path for Marriage Penalty Relief Bill
July 1 - Revival of 'Marriage Penalty' Reduction Moving as Year's First Reconciliation Bill
July 8 - Business Pushes for Top Spot On Republican Tax Agenda
July 8 - Business Tax Legislation In the GOP-Controlled Congress
July 15 - Estate Tax Repeal Hits Dead End Even as Its Constituency Grows
July 15 - House Passes Bill to Change Cell Phone and Wireless Tax
July 15 - Republicans Preparing To Speed Marriage Tax Cut Bill To Clinton
July 22 - Divide-and-Conquer Tax Cuts: GOP Sees Strategy Paying Off
July 22 - House Pension Bill Wins Big
July 22 - Tax Cut for Elderly Advances
July 29 - Shuster Objects to Addition of Tax Cut to Railroad Retirees Bill
July 29 - Tax Cut on Social Security Benefits For Affluent Seniors Passes House, Has Uncertain Future in Senate
July 29 - Ways and Means Approves Overseas Taxation Measure In Attempt to Head Off Tariff War
August 12 - Clinton Rejects 'Marriage Tax' Bill, Saying It Would Contribute To Drain on Projected Surplus
August 12 - Money and Power: The Fight Over Electricity Deregulation
September 9 - GOP Not Battle-Ready
September 9 - House Passes Rail Pension Bill Without Fuel Tax Repeal
September 9 - Reconciliation Bill: Last Chance For a GOP Tax Victory?
September 9 - The Elusive Estate Tax Repeal: Close, but No Override
September 16 - Debt Reduction Plan: Speed Boost For Year-End Spending Bills?
September 16 - GOP's Eleventh-Hour Search For Tax Provision Vehicles
September 16 - House Failure to Override Veto Of 'Marriage Penalty' Is Likely Last of Such Fights This Year
September 16 - Overhaul of Taxes on Foreign Income Wins Bipartisan House Majority, But Its Senate Future Is Unclear
September 23 - Debt Reduction and IRA Bills Struggle for Senate Traction After Emphatic Passage by House
September 23 - Senate Panel Races to Beat WTO Clock, But Grassley's Changes to Foreign Tax Bill Mean More Negotiations Ahead
September 30 - EU Willingness for Separate Talks On U.S. Exporters' Tax Break Reduces Urgency of Hill Action
October 7 - An Immovable President Meets Irresistible Pork
October 7 - Bankruptcy Overhaul Hung Up Over Provision Affecting Liability Of Certain Abortion Protesters
October 7 - Tax Proposals Could Hitch Ride On Year-End Spending Bill
October 7 - The Likeliest Survivors
October 7 - Treasury-Postal Bill Advances As Side Deal Adds More Money For IRS, Anti-Terrorism Efforts
October 14 - 'Mini-Omnibus' Treasury, Postal, Legislative Branch Spending Bill Clears With Phone Excise Tax Repeal
October 14 - GOP Leaders Seek to Maneuver Tax Cut Bills Past Conservatives Who Object to Surge in Spending
October 14 - The Surplus And the Baby Boomers
October 21 - Fate of Tax Cut, Minimum Wage Package Rests on Reaching Deal With Clinton On Education and Health Issues
October 28 - Anti-Poverty Package Caught Up In Clinton's Threat to Veto Overarching Tax Relief Package
October 28 - Funny Thing Happened to GOP Tax Bill in Negotiations
October 28 - Senate Girds for Showdown Vote On Bankruptcy Overhaul Measure; Other Key Changes May Move Separately
October 28 - Tax Bill Rider Seeks to Block Suicide Law
October 28 - Tax, Wage Bill Hurtles Toward Veto After GOP Adds Disputed Policy Riders
November 4 - House GOP Blocks Foreign-Income Bill, Complicating Year-End Tax Debate Anew
November 18 - Change in Taxation for Exporters Gives Broad Exemptions to Businesses
November 18 - While Wrapup Tax Bill Falters, Medicare Boost Likely to Survive
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: 'Marriage Penalty'
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Estate Tax
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Estate Tax
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Income Earned Abroad
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Internet Taxes
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Tax Wrapup
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Telephone Excise Tax
December 16 - Modest Tax Deal Passes

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