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 Regulatory Policy

January 4 - 2016 Legislative Preview: Short-Term Potential in Congress
January 4 - 2016: Addicts Stress the States
January 4 - 2016: Gambling on New Revenues
January 4 - 2016: More States Bow to Uber
January 4 - 2016: States Get Into the Weeds With Marijuana
January 4 - Dodd-Frank: The Fight Moves Into Its Sixth Year
January 4 - Energy: A Jolt Likely for Power Grid
January 4 - Environment: Toxic Chemicals Bill Nears Finish Line
January 4 - GOP Plots New Attack on Regulations
January 11 - Farm Lobbyist Gets Salute From Agriculture Department
January 25 - Udall Follows Family Tradition in Seeking Compromise on Toxic Chemicals
January 25 - Vaporizer in Hand, Rep. Hunter Takes on the FDA
February 1 - Flint Crisis Puts Focus on EPA Regulations
February 1 - How to Pick a Fantasy Winner in the Super Bowl
February 8 - California Leak Puts Focus on Natural Gas Regulation
February 22 - Al Almanza: Monitoring the Meat for USDA
February 22 - Drones Pose Challenges For Congress, FAA
February 22 - Hope for Some Elements of Obama's Last Budget
February 22 - Study Shows Drones Could Devastate Jet Engines
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Clean Power Plan
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Drone Regulations
March 7 - 25 Powerful Influencers for 2016
March 7 - Some Howls About Obama Efforts on Endangered Species
March 7 - Tribes Seek Exemption From Payday Loan Regs
March 21 - Democrats Blast Obama's Antitrust Record
March 21 - Medicine Man Tackles Food Challenges at FDA
March 21 - Sick Leave Debate Breaks Out in Wake of Restaurant Illness Outbreaks
April 4 - Anatomy of a Vote: Divided House Moves on Merger Reviews
April 11 - The FCC is in a Battle Over Prison Phone Call Rates
April 18 - Broadcasters Hire Lobbyist; Pro-Regulatory Group Adds Spokesman
April 18 - Congress Has Not Matched Rhetoric With Action on Opioid Crisis
April 18 - When It's OK to Ignore the Regulators
April 25 - Party Animals at CEI Have a New Chief Reveler
May 9 - Music Industry and Website Operators Spar Again Over Copyright
May 23 - New Crowdfunding Rules Don't Mean Investors Won't Lose Their Shirts
June 20 - Bankruptcies Put Coal Mine Cleanups in Limbo
June 20 - Dire Straits in Coal Country
June 20 - Natural Gas Is Strangling King Coal
June 27 - Cuccinelli Stirring it Up at FreedomWorks
June 27 - Data Bank: Green Energy in the Shadows
June 27 - Obama No More Aggressive Than Bush on Mega-Mergers
June 27 - When It Comes to Regulation, Drug Makers Turn to Kurt Karst
June 27 - Where Have You Gone, George Bailey?
September 6 - Democrats Lobby FDA to Lift Restrictions on Blood Donations From Gays
September 6 - Ultimate Fighting League Lobbies to Head Off Regulation
September 19 - Not Your Father's GOP: the Deficit Debate Has Disappeared
September 26 - Kombucha Brewers Lobby to Avert Regulation
October 17 - Checks and Balance: For Now, Disclosure Rules Are Just a Bargaining Chip
October 17 - Drug Companies Hope Better Data-Crunching Can Speed FDA Approvals
October 17 - Payday Lenders Rally Supporters to Protest New Regulatory Push
October 17 - States Struggle to Steer Driverless Cars
November 14 - Dodd-Frank Acronyms From AABO to YSP
November 14 - Kratom Advocates in Congress Force DEA to Backtrack
November 14 - Libertarians Are Measuring the Federal Register, Hoping to Cut it Down to Size

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