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 Regulatory Policy

January 7 - Charities Fear Lending Rules
January 7 - House Moves Bill on Labeling Standards for Drywall
January 7 - Loud Kudos for Quieter TV
January 14 - 2012 Legislative Summary: FDA User Fees
January 14 - Farm-State Senators Not for the Birds
January 14 - OMB Watch Gets Clearer Name
January 21 - Key House Vote of 2012: Small-Business Startups
January 21 - Key Senate Vote of 2012: Small-Business Startups
January 21 - Physician Payment Rules Still Bottled Up
January 28 - If These Walls Could . . . Smell
February 4 - Nicotine Limits Not Yet Lit Up
February 11 - EPA's Ban on D-CON: Is It Enough?
February 11 - Kudos From Environmentalists on Choice of Jewell to Head Interior
February 18 - European Union Accord Could Be Transformative
February 18 - Free Wi-Fi Likely to Be Pie in the Sky
February 18 - Legislation Advances to Expedite Permits for Hydropower Plants
February 18 - Taking Care of Business, but Whose?
February 25 - A Consumer Watchdog on Shaky Footing
February 25 - Obama Faces Pressure on Keystone XL
February 25 - Top Chefs Back Fishing Limits
March 11 - Mixed Signals on Cellphone Unlocking Rule
March 11 - Regulation Fight Over E-Cigarettes Lights Up
March 25 - Banks Are on the Block in GOP Rebranding
March 25 - Cordray, White Win Panel Approval, but It's Not All Smooth Sailing Ahead
March 25 - HELP Committee Advances Measure to Renew FDA Fees on Animal Drugs
March 25 - House Committee Takes Aim at Dodd-Frank Law
March 25 - House Republicans Take Another Swing at Reining In Executive Branch, Federal Regulations
March 25 - Music Passport Idea Is In Play
April 8 - Five Questions With Author and Former OMB Director Cass Sunstein
April 8 - Posturing During Vote-a-Rama May Prove Prophetic
April 15 - House Panel Approves Regulatory Review Measure
April 22 - Mental-Health Parity, on Paper and in Practice
April 29 - Fliers Rights in Jeopardy?
May 6 - Laissez-Faire Economics for D.C. Food Trucks
May 6 - What's in a Name? For Coal Ash, a Lot.
May 13 - Bills to Alter Pharmaceutical Distribution Supply Chain, Renew User Fees Advance in House, Senate
May 13 - Compounding the Problem
May 13 - House OKs GOP Measure Allowing Comp Time in Lieu of Overtime Pay
May 13 - Hydropower, Building-Code Bills Get Panel's Go-Ahead
May 13 - Second House Panel Backs Repeal of Swaps Provision From Dodd-Frank
May 20 - House Bill on SEC Not Likely to Advance in Senate
May 20 - Senate, House Moving on Drug Safety Legislation
June 3 - Bill Would Allow Congress to Bypass White House, Approve Pipeline
June 3 - Senate's Compounding-Pharmacy Bill Sets Up Conflict With House GOP
June 10 - House OKs User Fees to Fund Approval of Animal Drugs
June 10 - Regulatory 'Crown Jewel' Loses Some of Its Shine
June 17 - Hydrofluorocarbons: No Longer Up in the Air?
June 17 - Modest Progress for Some Obama Nominees; Not Smooth Sailing for All
June 24 - Bills Would Make Changes to Financial Overhaul Law
July 15 - Dodd-Frank Implementation Is a Stimulus for Lobbying
July 15 - House Panel Approves 'Sue and Settle' Legislation
July 15 - Panel Seeks Increased Oversight of Certain EPA Rules
July 22 - Bill Would Set Deadlines for Pipeline Permit Reviews
July 22 - Small-Plane Safety Measure Backed by House
July 29 - Bill Would Require FCC Cost-Benefit Analysis
July 29 - Panel Backs Settlement Disclosure Requirements
July 29 - Rockefeller to Press Cruise Safety Legislation
August 5 - Activists See Smoke Screen
August 5 - Bill to Allow Cellphone 'Unlocking' Advances
August 5 - Dirty Rags Get Fresh Regs
August 5 - House GOP Sees Gain in Disdain
September 2 - Shell Game: FDA to Loosen Turtle Rules
September 9 - Delayed Rules 'Shaken Loose'
September 9 - Pharmacy: Mike Ayotte, Mark Newsom
September 9 - Regulators Abuzz About Caffeine Products
September 16 - Client of the Month Club: Public Access to SunScreens Coalition
September 16 - Flying in the Face of Fees
September 16 - Regulators, Congress Face Airline Policy Puzzle
September 30 - 'Organic' Label Has Exceptions to the Rule
September 30 - Meltdown Fear Redux
September 30 - Shifting Funds for Clean Air
September 30 - Watchdog : Ronald White
October 7 - House-Passed Measure Would Increase FDA Oversight of Compounding Pharmacies
October 7 - Prospective Fed Chief Is 'Right Down the Middle'
October 7 - Tuna: How Much Is Too Much?
October 14 - Financial Services: Michael Coleman, Jiji Bahhur
October 14 - Law Firms: Helgi Walker
October 14 - NAM Boosts Legal Efforts
October 14 - Rule-Making for Truck Drivers Set to Become Law
October 14 - Senate Passes Its Version of Bill Calling for Overhaul of Safety Rules for Small Planes
October 14 - Yellen's Role as No. 2 at Central Bank Likely to Be Scrutinized by Senators
October 21 - Advocates Puff Up E-Cigarettes
October 21 - Pinning Down the Value of the Swipe Fee Rule
October 28 - Southwest Counts Down to the End of Wright's Stuff
October 28 - States Turn to Courts on Flood Insurance Rates
November 4 - Fishy Numbers Catch Lawsuit
November 4 - House Bills Curtailing Dodd-Frank Unlikely to Get Support in Senate
November 4 - House Panel Approves Looser Rules for Pesticides Near Navigable Waters
November 4 - New FEC Members Look Ahead, Not Behind
November 4 - Rule on Magnets Repels Industry
November 4 - Snowmobile Rules Gliding in Yellowstone
November 11 - Brushing Away Fire Hazards
November 11 - Nothing Fuzzy in This Plan
November 11 - Their Free Advice: Kill the Bill
November 18 - Invasive Species: Updating the Etiquette for Unwelcome Guests
November 18 - Small-Plane Safety Standards Bill Cleared for President
December 2 - Compounding Pharmacy Bill Is Enacted
December 2 - Heated Debate Over Fertilizer
December 2 - House Passes GOP Drilling, Pipeline, Fracking Bills; Subcommittee Acts on Cross-Border Approvals
December 2 - Panel OKs Slate of CFPB Overhaul Bills, Would Replace Director
December 9 - Bill Would Ease SEC Registration Requirements Under Dodd-Frank
December 16 - In Wake of Filibuster Rules Change, Senate Confirms String of Nominees
December 16 - Jolted by a Sleep Apnea Rule
December 16 - The Money Question: How to Treat Bitcoin
December 16 - TV-Commercial Volume Law Resonates

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