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 Regulatory Policy

January 3 - Issues to Watch in 2005: Financial Services
January 3 - Issues to Watch in 2005: Financial Services
January 24 - At the FCC, Dog Days for the F-Bomb
January 24 - Bainwol, Glickman's Donations Turning on a Dime
January 24 - Wanted: A Watchful Eye on Fannie and Freddie
January 31 - Client of the Month Club: Bowling Proprieters Association of America
January 31 - Courts & the Law: The Other Divide
January 31 - GOP Adds New Tactics to War on Regulations
February 7 - John Engler's Front-Row Seat: NAM's Position Chafes Fellow Lobbyists
February 7 - P&G-Gillette Merger: The Best a Lobbyist Can Get?
February 21 - Futurist: Climate for Change
February 21 - Higher Fines for Indecency
February 21 - Telecom Mergers Making No Waves
February 28 - Courts & the Law: When Market Forces Fail
March 14 - Boxing Agency Proposed
March 14 - Extension of Terrorism Insurance Law To Be Tried Again as Deadline Looms
March 21 - Flood Insurance Grants Would Not Be Counted as Income Under Bill
March 21 - Government Eyes Taking A Seat in the Dugout
March 21 - Loophole in Tobacco Pact Endangers 'Truth' Ads
March 21 - Political Economy: Credit Card Conundrum
March 28 - Ringling Brothers in Washington: Elephants, Clowns, and Lobbyists
March 28 - States Ready to Fill Gap in Stem Cell Research
April 4 - Football, Basketball, Hockey Added to House Steroid Investigation
April 11 - A Low Dose of FDA Oversight
April 11 - Client of the Month Club: Indoor Tanning Association, Inc.
April 11 - Data Brokers Scramble to Limit Regulation
April 11 - FDA Nominee Could Stall
April 11 - FDA: The Making of a Regulatory Agency
April 11 - Flammability Standards Really Burn Up Mattress Makers
April 11 - Investment Portfolios Are Target of Effort to Overhaul Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 18 - Bush Pick for FDA Delayed
April 18 - Counterfeiting Crackdown
April 18 - Cyber-Battle On Main Street
April 25 - States Balk at High Cost Of Federal Regulations
May 9 - A New Frontier for Prescription Drugs
May 9 - A Piece of the Action
May 9 - Casinos' Impact: No Simple Equation
May 9 - Indian Gambling: A Piece of the Action
May 9 - Lobbyist Hits Jackpot With Tribes
May 9 - PhRMA's New Look
May 9 - Reservations Not Required
May 16 - Bikers a Surprising Force in Grass-Roots Lobbying
May 16 - Senate Votes to Create Commission to Oversee Boxing Industry
May 23 - Drugmakers Feel the Heat Of Attacks on Advertising
May 23 - Wireless Companies Push Against Regulation
May 30 - DaimlerChrysler Drives for Washington Inroads
May 30 - For Stem Cells, Two Possible Approaches
May 30 - House Committees Hit a Double on Steroids in Sports Legislation
May 30 - SEC's Top Enforcer Is Lightning Rod On Wall Street
May 30 - The SEC's William H. Donaldson
June 6 - Political Economy: Pendulum Swings
June 6 - Tenures of the Most Recent SEC Chairmen
June 13 - The New Luggage Lobby
June 20 - New Worker Morale Measures Show Homeland Security Bringing Up the Rear
June 20 - Penalties for Steroid Use in Major Leagues Included in Drug Office Reauthorization Bill
June 20 - Why the Porn Industry Has It in for the Patriot Act
June 27 - Meth and the Salesmen: Retailers, Congress Spar Over Plans to Restrict Drug Sales
June 27 - Terrorism Insurance Law Reauthorization Pits GOP Against Business
June 27 - Tobacco Investors Harvest Generous Treasury Tax Break
June 27 - Two Years Later Congress Brokers Deal to Regulate Junk Faxing
July 4 - Chinese Oil Takeover Bid Lubricates Lobbying Trade
July 4 - Drug-Testing Bill for Six Pro Sports Approved by House Committee
July 4 - Funding for Indian Gaming Commission Would Increase Under Senate Measure
July 4 - House Promises Fast Action On Campaign Finance Overhaul
July 4 - Legislation Creating Boxing Commission Advances With House Committee Vote
July 4 - The Get Up and Go Travel Lobby
July 11 - Chorus Builds for Freed Airwaves
July 11 - Futurist: Paging Doctors to the Web
July 11 - The FDA's New Implant Wars
July 11 - The New Kids On K Street
July 11 - Top Issues for Foreign Companies
July 11 - Trade Groups on PACs-Gathering Mission
July 11 - U.S. Lobbying Firms Go Global
July 18 - Agencies Cannot Use Flood Grants as Income Under House-Passed Bill
July 18 - Congress May Muffle Prescription Drugs Sales Pitches
July 18 - Disaster Assistance Measures Approved By House Panel
July 18 - OSHA Changes Advance Only So Far
July 18 - The EEOC Gets Ready to Be Streamlined
July 25 - 'Big Pharma' vs. Generic In CAFTA Drug War
July 25 - Bill Would Authorize $39 Billion to Help Upgrade Municipal Water Systems
July 25 - Panel Adds Drug Import Language to Senate Bill Reauthorizing FTC
July 25 - Religious Broadcasters vs. Religious Families?
July 25 - U.S. Mad Cow Worries Fueling New Range War
August 1 - Bill Seeks Modernized Postal Service
August 1 - House Again Passes Health Insurance Plan for Small Business; Senate Approval Unlikely
August 1 - House OKs Medical Liability Bill
August 1 - Methamphetamine Bill Curbs Production Via Retail
August 1 - Political Economy: Breather Lessons
August 1 - Senate Banking Panel Moves on Bill To Correct 2004 Flood Insurance Law
August 8 - ADA Rewrite Prompts Pre-Emptive Worries
August 8 - Critics Take a Hard Look at Insurance Scoring
August 8 - House Panel Taking Look at Whether Ballplayer Lied in Steroids Hearings
August 15 - Energy Panel Also Seeks Palmeiro Records After Test Result Suggested Steroid Use
August 15 - In the Energy Bill It's Texas Fold 'Em for Enron
August 15 - Mortgage Giants' Assets Setting Off Hill Alarms
August 15 - The FDA Faces a Firestorm Over the Morning-After Drug
August 15 - When Cell Phones Fly the Friendly Skies
September 5 - Absence Makes the Boss Get Madder: Medical Leave Act Attacked
September 5 - Fall Agenda: Steroid Use Policy
September 5 - Gasoline: How Much Is Too Much to Pay?
September 5 - Insurers Swamped in Katrina's Wake
September 12 - Environmental Waters Muddied
September 12 - Senate to Vote on Resolution to Overturn EPA Rule of Power Plant Mercury Emissions
September 19 - Katrina Squeezes Local Bond Market
September 19 - Political Economy: The Other Gas Crisis
September 26 - Hard Line on Soft Money?
September 26 - Sexing Up the Information Quality Act
October 3 - Supplements Industry Fights Juiced Jock Alibis
October 10 - A Hard Winter, A Thin Natural Gas Pipeline
October 10 - Keeping the Poor From Being Cold
October 10 - Liquefied Natural Gas: Promising But Problematic
October 10 - Web Phones Complicate 9-1-1 Technology Needs
October 17 - Drugmakers Squabble Over Rights to 'Biologics'
October 17 - Futurist: Give Me a Cell Break
October 17 - The FEC's New Class of Nonprofit Target
October 24 - Animal-Rights Groups Revive 1873 Critter Carriage Law
October 24 - New Clashes Over Campaign Finance Protocols
October 24 - Senate Bill Would Require Clear Disclosure of Federal Role in Packaged News Stories
October 31 - A Culture-War Sticking Point: Projecting a Vaccine's Effect on Promiscuity
October 31 - Auto Repair Chains Target Equipment Deals at Big Dealer Shops
October 31 - New Regulations for Mortgage Giants Gain as House Adds Housing Provision
October 31 - TRIA Supporters Still Bracing for DeLay Reaction
November 7 - Calls for Energy Conservation Are, So Far, Just Calls
November 7 - Campaign Finance Rules Upheld As Internet Exemption Bill Fails
November 7 - Mr. Sam Comes to Washington
November 7 - Senate Panel Backs Waiver Option For Internet Phone 911 Service
November 7 - Unions See Wal-Mart Battle Moving to China
November 14 - Bill Cleared Allowing Funds for For-Profit Foster Care Agencies
November 14 - Blogs Bulk Up in Beltway
November 14 - Flu Fuels Humane Society's 'Bird's Eye View' Agenda
November 14 - Futurist: Freedom to Surf
November 14 - Panel Finds No Reason to Charge Palmeiro With Perjury for Steroids Testimony
November 14 - Superfund at 25: Time for a Makeover?
November 14 - The New Telecom Wars: Looking to Update A Landmark Law
November 21 - Donohue to SEC: Still on Your Case
November 21 - Flood Insurance Funding Cleared
November 21 - House Turns Down Attempt to Create Federal Commission to Oversee Boxing
November 21 - New Weapons Needed To Defend Our Food
November 21 - Political Economy: Going to the Well
November 21 - Terrorism Insurance Extension Advances in Both Chambers
November 28 - The Meaty Questions of Regulatory Policy
November 28 - Wheelchair Makers Seek Spin Control
December 5 - Cape Wind Fear: Project Gets Senate's Full Attention
December 5 - The Oracle Has Spoken
December 12 - House Panel Moves to Strengthen CFTC's Authority in Currency Trading
December 12 - Political Economy: Fat Cats Beware
December 12 - Terrorism Insurance Bill Advances
December 26 - House CFTC Measure Includes Currency, Oil Markets Provisions
December 26 - Humane Society Flacks for Its Peeps
December 26 - Panel Approves Food Safety Bill
December 26 - Sarbanes-Oxley: The Xbox Grinch?
December 26 - Terrorism Insurance Extended
December 26 - The FDA War on Fruitcake Portions

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