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 Regulatory Policy

March 9 - Regulatory Overhaul Stymied By Internal Doubt, Divisions
March 9 - SECURITIES: Deal on Regulations Rewrite Gets Committee Approval
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Subcommittee OKs Regulation Waivers
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: SEC Reauthorization Passes House
March 23 - REGULATION: Senate Easily OKs Flexibility Bill
March 30 - BANKING: Court Ruling Prompts Rewrite Of Deregulation Bill
May 4 - REGULATION: Highlights of Property Bill
May 18 - SECURITIES: Consensus Bill That Would Lift Regulations Wins Approval
June 22 - Widely Backed Securities Bill Advances in Both Chambers
June 29 - REGULATIONS: Securities Bill Passes Senate
July 13 - The Politics of a Popular Bill
July 20 - REGULATION: Subcommittee OKs Mining Bill
July 20 - REGULATIONS: Quick Work on Pesticide Laws
July 27 - REGULATION: Pesticide Bill Highlights
July 27 - REGULATION: Previous Efforts on Pesticides Faced a Thorny Path and Fell Short
August 3 - ELECTION LAW: FEC Files Disclosure Lawsuit Against Christian Coalition
August 3 - REGULATION: Bill on Fines Advances
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Oversight Adopts Web Regulations
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/ECONOMICS and FINANCE - Issue: Banking 'regulatory relief.'
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/ECONOMICS and FINANCE - Issue: Securities regulation.
September 14 - COMMUNICATIONS: Panel Approves Bill On FCC Revisions
September 14 - SECURITIES REGULATION: White House and Lawmakers Agree To Lower SEC Fees
September 28 - NUCLEAR REGULATION: January Resuscitation Likely For Interim Yucca Site Bill
September 28 - SECURITIES REGULATION: Overhaul Bill Threatened By Gramm-Markey Feud
October 5 - SECURITIES INDUSTRY: Senate Clears Bill Promising Streamlined Regulations
November 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Banking 'regulatory relief.'
November 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Securities regulation
November 2 - GOVERNMENT and COMMERCE: Telecommunications regulation
November 23 - Chances for Quick Action On Deregulation Fading
November 23 - REGULATION: House GOP To Scale Back Plan For Modifying Federal Rules

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