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 Politics and Elections

January 13 - 2020 Legislative Preview: Election Security
January 13 - We the People: Even after a perfect storm, Trump could be a survivor
January 27 - Checks and Balance: This summer's conventions may be a bit unconventional
February 3 - Brent Cohen steps up as a leader of the youth army
February 3 - Catching up with the Iowa also-rans
February 3 - Grassroots activists take charge on voting rights
February 3 - Health Matters: A big issue voters might be missing
February 3 - Republican staffers confident of impeachment boost
February 3 - Vulnerable House Republicans abandon the party more often on votes
February 10 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Biden still the man to beat
February 10 - Federal workers told to watch tongues on impeachment
February 10 - New Hampshire voting law bewilders college students
February 10 - Political Science: So many slingshots are aimed at the tech giants
February 10 - Some House members in competitive races also lag in fundraising
February 24 - Common Defense: The Commandeer in Chief
March 2 - Getting to the bottom of the missing youth vote
March 2 - In the Spotlight: Bradley Byrne
March 2 - Some facts about Mike Bloomberg before his Super Tuesday test
March 2 - We the People: Super Tuesday's super storylines
March 9 - Darrell Issa's comeback proceeds, with a pro-Trump message
March 9 - The loyal gadfly: Bernie Sanders in the Senate
March 23 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Democrats fear split between progressives and moderates
March 23 - Coronavirus crisis: Voting
March 23 - Democrats plot post-Trump era on domestic issues
March 23 - Democrats plot post-Trump era on foreign policy
March 30 - Democracy on the ropes: the pandemic's threat to the 2020 elections
March 30 - DeWine's election delay was an 'abuse of power,' legal scholar says
March 30 - New U.S. citizens could be a powerful force in the 2020 elections
June 8 - In the Spotlight: Ben Ray Lujan
June 8 - Old law could leave 2020 election in a stalemate
June 8 - The week ahead
June 15 - There's danger in Democrats' gamble on policing
June 22 - We the People: Tom Cotton courts controversy, runs unopposed
June 29 - Dollars and Sense: What full Democratic control of Washington could mean in 2021
June 29 - In the Spotlight: Eliot L. Engel
June 29 - Parties publish dirty laundry so the right people can air it
July 13 - Julian Castro plans to get out the immigrant vote in 2020
July 13 - Social media platforms gird for 78 days of disinformation chaos
July 13 - We the People: New Jersey's machine takes a rare loss on primary day
July 20 - Senate control is in play
July 27 - G.K. Butterfield on the long campaign for voting rights
September 8 - GOP banking on post-basement blunders by Biden and Democrats
September 8 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
September 8 - In the Spotlight: Jeff Van Drew
September 8 - Pandemic tests unions' ability to help Democrats in November
September 8 - The capital calendar
September 14 - Fall Legislative Preview: U.S. Postal Service
September 14 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
September 21 - GOP senators buff green credentials as Election Day nears
September 21 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
September 21 - Study: Biden budget policies would grow deficits by $2 trillion
September 21 - The party of government is torn over virus relief
September 28 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Aides see a job well done fighting the virus
September 28 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
September 28 - In the Spotlight: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
September 28 - Kurt Bardella on why the Lincoln Project is targeting the GOP
September 28 - Latino clout has Democrats fretting over Biden's outreach
September 28 - The capital calendar
September 28 - We the People: The case for counting mail-in votes early
October 5 - Does Donald Trump care about Americans' data and privacy?
October 5 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
October 5 - Supreme Court starts quiet term that could turn tumultuous
October 5 - The capital calendar
October 5 - U.S. Agency for Global Media under a Trump ally: Unrecognizable
October 19 - Blue wave survivors: After narrow 2018 victory, will GOP's Rodney Davis keep his seat this year?
October 19 - Blue wave survivors: Can John Katko defy gravity again?
October 19 - Blue wave survivors: Democrats eyeing Texas gains take aim at Michael McCaul
October 19 - Blue wave survivors: GOP attack ads and 'Nebraska Nice' fuel Don Bacon rematch with Kara Eastman
October 19 - ICYMI from CQ and Roll Call
October 19 - In the Spotlight: Van Taylor
October 19 - The capital calendar
October 26 - In the Spotlight: Max Rose
October 26 - The capital calendar
October 26 - Two GOP senators' strategies diverge, but both are in peril
October 26 - We the People: What happens when a state can't decide on its electors
November 9 - Dollars and Sense: Voters send centrist message to Washington
November 9 - In the Spotlight: Cheri Bustos
November 9 - Questions about 2020 polling need to be answered
November 9 - The Democrats' dream election scenario is still alive
November 16 - Checks & Balance: Democratic fundraisers could miss Trump
November 16 - For progressives, the House is as big a problem as the Senate
November 16 - In the Spotlight: Jim Hagedorn
November 16 - William Barber on the fight for racial justice
November 23 - McAdams and Shalala, in defeat, illustrate Democrats' challenge
November 23 - Threat of Democratic control drives GOP in Georgia Senate runoffs
December 7 - Capitol Insiders Survey finds staffers pessimistic on virus relief
December 7 - James E. Clyburn on helping Joe Biden to victory
December 9 - Introducing the new Congress continues CQ Roll Call's legacy
December 9 - Previewing the 117th Congress: A mandate for normalcy, and gridlock
December 14 - In the Spotlight: Harley Rouda

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