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 Politics and Elections

January 9 - Campaign Finance: GOP Hopes to Cut Regulations, Expand Donations
January 9 - In the Spotlight: Mimi Walters
January 9 - Roy Blunt, Inauguration Master of Ceremonies, Is Sweating the Details
January 9 - The Five Closest House Races of 2016
January 30 - The GOP's Top Draft Pick
February 27 - In the Spotlight: Gregg Harper
February 27 - Who's Hip to the Sharing Economy
March 6 - Conversation: Author Vanessa Williamson on the Tea Party and Today's Protests
March 13 - Special Elections Gauge Trump Effect
March 20 - Rising Stars: 17 to Watch in '17
April 3 - Conversation: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., on His New Book
April 3 - Democrats Have Georgia on Their Mind
April 3 - Hill Russia Probes Follow Divergent Paths
April 3 - Pileup of Ethical Issues Gives Democrats Powerful Weapon Against Trump
April 24 - New Communications Chief at New Politics Seeks Service-Minded Candidates
April 24 - Trumpcare Holdouts Fared Better In Elections Than Trump
May 1 - After Strong Showings in Kansas and Georgia, Do Democrats Have a Chance in South Carolina Special Election?
May 1 - New Adventures in Beer Boycotts
May 8 - Southern Districts Where Romney Trumped Trump
May 8 - Tales of Lawmakers Living Outside Their Districts
May 15 - GOP Members Against Trumpcare
May 15 - The Latest Famous Frelinghuysen (and House Appropriations Chairman) on the Hot Seat
May 22 - Trump's Search for Voter Fraud Continues
June 5 - The Demographics of Trump's Election Win Are Getting Clearer
June 12 - Checks and Balance: Lobbyists Sneaking Out of the Grand Old Party
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Democrats Groom for a Revival
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: How a First-Time Candidate Pulled It Off
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Work to Do Before Redistricting
June 26 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 26 - Democratic Infighting Follows Georgia Loss
July 10 - Just How Much are Lawmakers Talking About Russia?
July 10 - Non-Election Years Make for More Party Unity
July 10 - The Fixers: 'No Labels' Founder Nancy Jacobson
July 10 - The Fixers: A Strategist, a Bureaucrat, Two Lawmakers and an Activist
July 10 - The Fixers: GOP Strategist Ron Bonjean
July 24 - CQ Analysis: How the Courts Could Upend Gerrymandering
July 24 - Full Disclosure Is No Longer the Conservative Position on Campaign Finance
July 24 - Nancy Pelosi: The Democratic Lightning Rod
September 5 - Americans In the Path of Climate Change Aren't as Concerned
September 5 - For Democrats, an Early Warning on 2018 Turnout
September 5 - GOP Freshmen Bring More Partisanship to the House
September 11 - Indiana's Democratic Senator Tries to Woo Trump Voters
September 11 - Just How Dangerous Is Trump's Voter-Fraud Commission?
September 11 - The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity: A Timeline
September 11 - Unions Say Members' Flirtation With Trump Is Over
September 18 - Democrats Have Plenty of Candidates, But Not Much Cash
September 25 - A Fundraising Deficit for Some House Republicans
September 25 - In the House, a Retreat of GOP Moderates
September 25 - In the Spotlight: Rep. Suzan DelBene
October 2 - So Far, Top Two Elections Aren't Reducing Partisanship
October 10 - Athletes and Actors Have a Long Run in Washington
October 10 - In the Spotlight: Beto O'Rourke
October 10 - Lobbyists Foresee Trouble if Moore Joins the Senate
October 10 - With One Now in the White House, Celebrities Crowd the Political Stage
October 16 - Poll: Republican Support for Trump Holds Steady
October 16 - States Suspicious of Feds' Interest in Securing Voting Systems
October 23 - Conversation: Rep. John Delaney, Presidential Candidate
October 23 - Departing Members of the 115th, So Far
October 23 - Power of the Purse: Women Are Reshaping the Political Landscape
October 23 - The Five Senators With the Slimmest Leads in Fundraising
October 23 - Weinstein Campaign Cash Being Diverted to Aid Women's Groups
October 30 - Conversation: House Budget Chairman Diane Black
October 30 - In the Spotlight: Cheri Bustos
November 6 - 'Grapes of Wrath on Steroids' and Other Notable Quotes
November 6 - Poll: Republican Voters Want Candidates More Like Trump
November 13 - Article One: Wave or Not, the House Will Freshen Up in 2019
November 13 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
November 13 - The President's Trump Card - His Base - Is the Key to 2020
December 4 - Few Big Wins in First Half of Congress Spells Trouble for the GOP
December 4 - In the Spotlight: Elise Stefanik
December 11 - Article One: Clean Up the Act or the Voters Will
December 11 - From Circuit Judge to Senate Candidate: A Roy Moore Timeline
December 11 - Gubernatorial Candidate Polis Misses Most Votes on House Rules
December 18 - Paging the Senate on Youth Safety
December 18 - Republicans From Clinton-Favoring Districts Stand Firm With Trump
December 18 - The Year in Photos
December 18 - Yes, Democrats Can Count on Doug Jones' Vote

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