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 Politics and Elections

January 19 - Uniform Poll Closing Studied: Members Cautiously Praise TV Vote-Projection Limits
January 26 - Indiana 8th District
January 26 - National Committee Will Vote Feb. 1: Democrats Seek a Chairman To Help Redefine the Party
February 2 - Coungress and the Country House Politics: Reliving the Good Old Days
February 2 - Democrats Elect Kirk as National Chairman
February 9 - House Again Refuses to Seat McIntyre
February 16 - Action Called Political Retaliation: Union Chiefs May Be Punished For Supporting Mondale in '84
February 16 - Long's Widow Favored
February 16 - McIntyre Sues Democrats Over Contested Seat
February 16 - Two Seek Governorships
March 2 - Edwards Indictment
March 2 - McIntyre Suit
March 9 - 45 Democratic Districts Targeted
March 9 - Benefits From Husband's Legacy: Cathy Long Seen as Favorite To Win Louisiana 8th Seat
March 9 - Communication Is the Key: Democrats Gain Camaraderie But No Consensus on Message
March 9 - House Democrats Help Breed GOP Rebels
March 9 - House Floor Scuffle
March 9 - House GOP Again Fails to Seat Indiana Republican
March 9 - Officials Seek Moderation in Party's Image
March 9 - Republicans Announce Election Drive
March 9 - Select Committees Kept
March 23 - FEC Sues Two PACs Linked to Sen. Helms
March 23 - Rules on Draft Protest, Public Employee Rights: Court Strikes Down Limits On Independent PAC Outlays
March 30 - Court to Rule on Legality of Gerrymandering
March 30 - House Committee Reports FEC Authorization
April 6 - Long, As Expected, Wins Louisiana 8th Race
April 13 - Congress and the Country: Legislative Districts and Judicial Tinkering
April 13 - Final Returns for Governor, Senate and House
April 13 - GOP Gains Limited Despite Reagan Landslide
April 13 - Official 1984 Presidential Election Results (chart)
April 13 - PAC Funding Up, Candidate Spending Down
May 25 - Democrats Vie in N.J. Gubernatorial Primary
June 1 - Special Election Set in 1st District of Texas
June 8 - Incumbents Relied More on PAC Gifts in 1984
June 8 - Shapiro Wins Jersey Gubernatorial Primary: A 'New Ideas' Democrat Will Face Kean in November
June 8 - Top 15 PACs in 1984 -- chart
June 15 - GOP Seeks 'Great Leap Forward' in East Texas
June 15 - Party Conventions Nominate Slates: Diversity Meets Conservatism In Virginia Statewide Contests
June 22 - Reagan Tax Plan Targets 'Checkoff' System
June 29 - House Rejects FEC Reauthorization
June 29 - New Party Chairman Takes Control: DNC Approves Kirk's Plans To Alter Democrats' Image
June 29 - Six-Year Itch?
June 29 - Will the 'Six-Year Itch' Strike Again in 1986?
July 6 - Hargett Faces Chapman in Texas 1st Runoff
July 13 - Congress and the Country: Mideast Politics a Local Issue in New York
July 13 - Proposed Regulations Stir Complaints: Opposition by Conservatives Snags FEC Authorization Bill
July 20 - GOP Aims to Elude Senate Takeover Bid in '86
July 27 - Justice Department Challenges Texas Election
July 27 - Rebounding From a Presidential Campaign: Home-State Political Trouble Can Hit White House Seekers After Their National Plans Fail
August 10 - New Member Profile: Jim Chapman, D-Texas
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: GOP's 'Open Door' Effort Draws to a Close
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: Ohio Adjusts District Boundaries
August 10 - POLITICAL NOTES: Trickle of Retirements Continues
August 10 - Texas 1st Clings to Tradition, Elects Democrat
August 17 - A Suburban GOP Fiefdom: All-Powerful Machine of Yore Endures in New York's Nassau
August 17 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Minnesota's GOP: A Flair for Party-Building
August 17 - Liberal Democrats Fill Political Vacuum: Influence On National Policy Chief Aim of California Allies
August 17 - Machines: Something Old, Something New
August 24 - His 'Basque Soul' Overrules Party Pleas: Laxalt Departure From Senate Complicates GOP's 1986 Task
August 24 - Many Democrats Cool to Redoing Party Rules
August 31 - Congress and the Country -- Seattle-Area Politics: A Media Takeover?
September 7 - Kindness to Seek Glenn Senate Seat
September 14 - 1986 Election Calendar
September 14 - Congress and the Country: House GOP Jittery About Midterm Elections
September 14 - Democrats' Link With Gays Comes Under Fire
September 14 - Gay Rights and the Democrats: A History
September 14 - Hunt Will Not Seek Senate Seat in North Carolina
September 21 - Lingering Illness Forces Retirement: Scuffle for Senate Under Way As North Carolina's East Exits
September 28 - Democrats Eye Pickup in Maryland: Ranks of GOP Moderates Thin As Mathias Leaves Senate Seat
September 28 - Democrats Learn to Woo Business Support
September 28 - GOP Rep. McKernan Seeks Maine Governorship
September 28 - Image Builder, Not Coattail Lender
September 28 - Reagan Nurtures His Adopted Party to Strength
September 28 - Sanford Out, Broyhill In N.C. Senate Race
September 28 - Supreme Court Tackles Line-Drawing Issue: Judgment on Gerrymanders Expected From Indiana Case
October 5 - More Changes in Maryland Congressional Lineup
October 12 - Gubernatorial Election: Wide Lead for Kean in New Jersey Contest
October 12 - House '86 Outlook: Bipartisan Pessimism
October 12 - House Panel Approves Uniform Poll-Closing Time
October 12 - Louisiana GOP Endorses Successor for Rep. Moore
October 19 - Baliles Mimics Robb in Virginia Governor Bid
October 19 - Snelling to Seek Vermont Senate Seat
October 26 - Congress and the Country -- Political Parties: A Renaissance of Power?
October 26 - House Committee Approves Uniform Poll-Closing
October 26 - Louisiana's Long, Colorado's Kramer to Leave House
October 26 - Party and Elected Officials Get More Clout: Democrats Alter Rules Slightly In Effort to Broaden Party Base
October 26 - Stevenson Seeks Governorship; Kerrey Shuns It
November 9 - Congress and the Country: Political Rhetoric vs. the Reality Principle
November 9 - Gov. Brennan Aims for House, Rep. Mikulski for Senate
November 9 - Kean's Popularity Lifts GOP Fortunes
November 9 - Virginia Voters Open the Door to Diversity
November 16 - Anatomy of a Crisis: Why Farmers Struggle
November 16 - Contests Take Shape in S. Carolina, Illinois and Nevada
November 16 - Mood of Rural Midwest Keeps GOP on Edge
November 23 - Academia: No Republican Monolith
November 23 - Congress and the Country: 'Feel Good' Themes vs. 'Micropolitics'
November 23 - New Generation Poised to Tip Voting Scales
November 23 - Non-Student Youth: Quiet Majority
November 23 - Senate to Vote on Limiting PAC Contributions
November 30 - Commission Says No Big Electoral Changes Needed
December 7 - A New Breed of Consultant Joins the Fray
December 7 - A Tactical Revolution Engulfs Campaigns
December 7 - Senate Sidesteps Decision on PAC Spending
December 7 - Whitley Decides Against Sixth Term
December 7 - Zschau Announces Senate Candidacy
December 14 - Ferraro, Thornburgh Decide Against Senate Bids
December 14 - Rep. Dannemeyer Enters Senate Race in California
December 21 - Congress and the Country: Georgia Politics: A World Unto Itself
December 21 - Dorgan Bows Out of N.D. Senate Race
December 21 - Illinois Candidates File
December 21 - Will Seek Senate Re-Election: Kennedy Declares He Is Out Of 1988 Presidential Contest

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