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January 7 - 2007 Legislative Summary: Intelligence: Intelligence Programs Authorization
January 28 - Telecom Immunity Survives Senate Test
February 4 - Short-Term FISA Extension Enacted; Senate Work on Rewrite Continues
February 11 - Debate Resumes on FISA Overhaul; Reid Readies Temporary Extension
February 18 - Agencies' Reauthorization Would Curtail Interrogation Methods
March 3 - Democrats' War of Attrition
March 10 - Intelligence Agency Watches Online Gamers
March 17 - Intelligence Reauthorization Stalls in House Over Interrogation
March 17 - Revised FISA Bill Sneaks Through House
April 14 - AIPAC Lobbyist Case Proves a Headache
April 14 - FISA Extension Stalls Over Immunity Issue
May 5 - Intel: Lost in the Reshuffle
May 5 - Quest for Cohesion Long and Troubled
May 5 - Senate Intelligence Authorization Bill Seeks Limits on Interrogation Tactics
May 12 - Cheney's Chief of Staff Subpoenaed As Panel Probes Interrogation Policy
May 12 - House Panel Keeps Torture Language Out of Intelligence Authorization Bill
June 16 - Approved Bills Would Ease Access to Unclassified Documents
June 16 - Deal on FISA Immunity Issue Reportedly Reached
June 30 - Senate FISA Debate Delayed Until Next Week
June 30 - Subcommittee Authorizes Subpoena for Ex-Official
July 14 - Bush Signs FISA Rewrite Into Law
July 14 - Provisions of the New Surveillance Law
July 14 - Time Running Out for Congress This Year
July 21 - Bipartisan Effort Moves Intelligence Bill
July 21 - House Oversight Panel Delays Vote on Mukasey Contempt Citation
August 4 - House Passes Eight Security Bills Under Expedited Procedures
September 29 - Judiciary Panel OKs Subpoena for Mukasey
November 10 - 111th House Committees: Select Intelligence
November 10 - 111th Senate Committees: Select Intelligence
December 1 - A Dome Under Lock and Key
December 1 - Sunshine's Irregular Presence at the Capitol

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