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January 4 - 2016 Legislative Preview: Short-Term Potential in Congress
January 4 - Trading Visas for Cash Targeted by Lawmakers
January 25 - Garcia: Mobilizing Latino Voters
January 25 - Immigration Critics Split Over Scope of Problem
February 8 - Campaigns Play a Numbers Game on Immigration
February 22 - Groups Say Obama Is So '1984'
March 21 - Indian IT Industry Lobbyist: Outsourcing is Good
April 4 - Wealthy Chinese Dominate U.S. Investor Visa Program
April 11 - Fear and Loathing Among Latinos in the 2016 Campaign
April 11 - Many of Trump's Voters Disagree With Him on Immigration
April 18 - Library of Congress Goes P.C.
April 25 - Homeland Security Rule Sets Off Immigration Debate
April 25 - Immigration Case Boils Down to States v. Feds
May 9 - 2017 Appropriations: Homeland Security
May 16 - Donald Trump's Ally in the Civil Service: The Border Patrol
May 16 - Lankford Schools DHS on Religious Freedom
June 6 - Article One: See You in Court, Mr. President
June 6 - Democrats Fret About Obama's Immigration Raids
June 13 - In the Spotlight: Lou Barletta
June 13 - Two Years Since Upsetting Cantor, Brat Fights On
June 20 - Court Cuts Immigrant Drunkards a Break
June 27 - California Opens Door to Health Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants
July 11 - Cuban Migration Soars as Relations Thaw
September 12 - Tech Industry Seeks Clarity From Candidates on Policies
September 19 - Environmentalists Rally Against Trump's Border Wall
September 19 - Johnson/Weld Hires a Debate Adviser; Pro-Immigration Group Gains Strategist
September 26 - Data Bank: Syrian Refugees Seeking Shelter
October 31 - Building a Border Wall Can Be Filled With Pitfalls
November 14 - A To-Do List for the 115th Congress
December 5 - Hard-Liners Confident Headed Into Immigration Battle
December 5 - States Brace for Enforcement of Federal Driver's License Standards
December 12 - Mushroom Industry Advocate Smucker Could Have Trouble With Trump Immigration Plans

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