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 Homeland Security

January 4 - Al Franken Targets 'Stalking Apps'
January 4 - Encryption: Unlocking Data Opens Pandora's Box
January 4 - Surveillance: Renewed Focus on Spying Powers
January 11 - Supreme Court Gun-Shy on Second-Amendment Cases
January 25 - Common Defense: Guantanamo Is Both Epilogue and Prologue
January 25 - Encryption Spooks Feds ... and Local Police, Too
February 1 - An Ounce of Disaster Prevention Can Be Worth Millions to FEMA
February 1 - Giuliani: Zeroing In on Cybersecurity
February 1 - The Next Big Disaster Could Get Ugly in Congress
February 1 - Where There's a Wildfire, There's a Budget Fight
March 7 - 2016 Influencers: Encryption
April 4 - Government Hack of iPhone Opens New Front in Encryption Battle
April 11 - Common Defense: Bashing NATO May Be Missing the Point
April 11 - Fear and Loathing Among Latinos in the 2016 Campaign
May 9 - 2017 Appropriations: Homeland Security
May 9 - Bockorny Group Gains Principal; New Adviser at House Homeland
May 16 - Data Bank: How the Administration Wants to Fund the Zika Response
May 16 - Homeland Security Official Fights ISIS at Home
May 23 - In the Spotlight: Martha McSally
June 20 - Conversation: Michael Lumpkin, AFI Docs Executive Director
June 20 - Data Bank: Congress and the Public Differ on Gun Control
June 20 - When Congress Cares About Bad Government Customer Service
June 27 - Common Defense: One Last Round on Guantanamo
July 11 - In the Spotlight: Tim Murphy
July 11 - Proposed Tech-Export Rules Bashed by Companies, Researchers
July 25 - Philly Police Put Out Welcome Mat for Protesters
September 6 - Fall Legislative Preview: Balancing Act on Government's Data Access
September 19 - Anatomy of a Vote: Guantanamo Drama Stays Alive
September 19 - Conversation: Former Defense Policy Chief Michele Flournoy
September 26 - Data Bank: Syrian Refugees Seeking Shelter
September 26 - Out of the Senate for More Than a Decade, Bob Graham Is Still on the 9/11 Case
October 3 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Veto Override for the Record Books
October 31 - Building a Border Wall Can Be Filled With Pitfalls
November 10 - 115th Congress: House Homeland Security Committee
November 10 - 115th Congress: Senate Armed Services Committee
November 10 - 115th Congress: Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
November 14 - A To-Do List for the 115th Congress
November 14 - DHS Social Media Monitoring Raises Civil Liberties Hackles
November 28 - Common Defense: Oh, What a Tangled Web Oversees the DHS
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Closed North Korean Society Makes Intel Difficult
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Missile Defense on Korean Peninsula Is Hit or Miss
November 28 - Defense Special Report: North Korean Threat a Major Test for Trump
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Striking North Korea Could Have Catastrophic Consequences
November 28 - Defense Special Report: U.S. Missiles Not So Welcome in South Korea
December 5 - Hard-Liners Confident Headed Into Immigration Battle
December 5 - States Brace for Enforcement of Federal Driver's License Standards
December 12 - Nuclear Threats Rising in Concert With Trump's Ascension

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