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 Homeland Security

January 17 - Defense: A Deficit Driver
January 31 - Election-Year Politics Plays Into Sept. 11 Commission Deadline
January 31 - Overworked Ports Hope for Relief in This Year's Transportation Bills
February 7 - Fiscal 2005 Budget: Homeland Security
February 7 - Fiscal 2005 Budget: Justice
February 28 - A Little Leverage, a Lot of Satisfaction
March 13 - House Panel Boosts Funds For Deepwater
March 20 - Post-Madrid Calls for Action Do Not Change Hard Reality Of Elusive U.S. Rail Security
March 27 - Turf Wars Revisited: House Chairmen Comment on Need, or Lack Thereof, For Separate Homeland Security Panel
April 3 - House GOP Says No to Change in Citizenship Oath
April 10 - Localities Get the Bill for Beefed-Up Security
April 10 - Political Pendulum Swings Back to ‘Unfunded Mandates’
April 10 - Unfunded Mandates: Homeland Security
April 17 - Lawmakers Eager to Weigh In on Overhaul of Intelligence
April 17 - Release of Sept. 11 Panel Final Report Up in Air
April 17 - Requests of CIA, FBI Went Unfilled
April 24 - Airport Screeners Report Highlights
April 24 - America's Uneasy Mandate For Domestic Intelligence
April 24 - Coast Guard Bill Conferees Expected to Debate Procedures For Vessel Safety Certifications
April 24 - Hostettler Tests Airport Screeners With a Personal Touch
April 24 - House Rises Above Discord To Pass Continuity of Congress Bill, Though Logistical Problems Remain
April 24 - Intelligence: Taking Steps to Improve Coordination
April 24 - Legislating Security: Some Ideas
April 24 - Panel Moves Bush-Backed Measure To Expand Terrorism Death Penalty
April 24 - Report Says Airport Screeners, Whether Federal or Private, Perform 'Equally Poorly'
April 24 - The Lesson of MI5
May 1 - Bill Expediting Process to Combat Shoulder-Launched Missile Attacks Approved by Aviation Subcommittee
May 1 - Calamity Scenario Proposals Prompt More Questions On Congressional Continuity
May 1 - GOP Criticism of Gorelick's Participation On Sept. 11 Panel Could Have Fallout
May 8 - Committee Moves to Toughen Homeland Security Oversight
May 8 - Continuity Bill Headed for House Floor
May 8 - Editor's Notebook: The T-Word
May 8 - Senate Intelligence Committee Advances Authorization Bill, Removes Its Own Term Limits
May 8 - Senate Moves On Transit Security Bill
May 15 - Conference Members Consider Bill Adding To Coast Guard Duties
May 15 - Continuity of Congress Bill Moves Forward
May 15 - Judiciary Panel Seeks Stiff Penalties for Terrorism Hoaxes
May 15 - Missile Defense for Commercial Aircraft Widely Backed, but Cost Is Crushing
May 15 - Rep. Don Young Opposes DHS Headquarters Bill
May 22 - Bioshield Bill Breaks Free in Senate, Expected to Reach President's Desk Soon After Memorial Day Recess
June 5 - Allocation of Security Grants Takes a Long, Bumpy Route Through Four House Panels
June 5 - First-Responder Debate Replays In House Draft
June 5 - Homeland Security Still a High Priority for Appropriators
June 12 - Homeland Bill Bars Offshore Company Bids
June 19 - Accenture Keeps Contract, but House May Bar Deals With Offshore Firms
June 19 - House Passes Homeland HQ Authorization
June 19 - No Argument on Homeland Money In Principle -- Just in Parceling It Out
June 19 - Panels Amend Homeland Bill; Rules Is Next
June 19 - Visa Waiver Program Extended an Extra Year
June 26 - Appropriations: House Panel Moves C-J-S Bill, Setting Stage for Floor Debate On Gun Ownership Records
June 26 - Private Planes Await Clearance at Reagan
June 26 - Senate Clears Bill Establishing Homeland Security Headquarters
July 10 - Commerce-Justice-State House Vote: As Time Goes By
July 10 - Upmanship Delays Senate Resolution Of Homeland Spending Bill
July 17 - Coast Guard Authorization Increases
July 17 - House Clears 10-Year Bioshield Authorization Bill
July 24 - Cox Blames 'Political Season,' Recalcitrant House Members for Homeland Panel's Problems
July 24 - Expanded, Updated Coast Guard Ready for Post-Sept. 11 Missions Is Aim of Senate-Cleared Bill
July 31 - Congress Prepares to Confront Calls For More Port, Rail Security Funding
July 31 - Federal Terrorism Insurance 'Backstop' to Expire
July 31 - Homeland Security: Money for Non-Aviation Transit Systems
July 31 - Lawmakers Scramble to Act On Report Recommendations
July 31 - Research Groups Ask for More Money To Combat Agriculture Terrorism
July 31 - Sept. 11 Commission Details Several Alternative Options For Congressional Oversight
July 31 - Terrorism Insurance Renewal Complicated By Partisan Tension on House Panel
August 7 - Highway Fund Controversy Quelled in Compromise
August 7 - Police Vehicle Checkpoints Surround Capitol Hill
September 4 - McCain Parlays Bipartisan Clout For Sept. 11 Panel Recommendations
September 4 - Waiting Game on Appropriations Bills Has Risks for Democrats and Republicans
September 11 - Democratic Determination For Higher Homeland Security Spending Gets Foiled Again
September 18 - Homeland Security Funding Bill Wins Unanimous Senate Passage After Democratic Add-Ons Fail
September 18 - Some GOP Leaders Avert Their Eyes as Drought Aid Added to Hurricane Bill
September 25 - Next Presidency: 'An Extremely Difficult Term'
September 25 - Next Presidency: A Long War on Terrorism
September 25 - Next Presidency: The Judicial Nomination Wars
October 2 - Bid to End Visa Lottery Program Advances in House
October 2 - House Leaders Take the Reins on Intelligence Overhaul
October 2 - More Funding Approved For Public Transit Programs
October 2 - Senate Votes to Free Up Spectrum For First Responders
October 9 - High-Priority Homeland Security Bill Stalemated by Parochial Add-Ons
October 9 - In 'Farce,' Senators Pick Apart Oversight Restructuring Plan
October 16 - Lawmakers Overcome Obstacles, Complete Homeland Security Bill
October 16 - Senators Fight Over Turf in Revamp Of Homeland Security Oversight
October 30 - Vaccines: What's in Development
November 20 - Homeland Oversight Unclear
November 27 - Uproar Over Intelligence Bill Puts Hunter in the Bull's-Eye
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Broadcast Spectrum for Police and Firefighters
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Coast Guard Reauthorization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Homeland Security Appropriations
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Project Bioshield Authorization
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Reauthorization Redux
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Senate Committee Restructuring
December 4 - 2004 Legislative Summary: Transportation Security Enhancements
December 11 - GOP Weighs a Bit More Turf for Cox

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