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 Homeland Security

January 4 - Congressional Priorities: First Out of the Gate in the 108th
January 11 - Congress Has Bad News for Airlines: Capitol Hill Cash Cupboard Is Bare, Labor Laws Likely Going Nowhere
January 11 - New House Select Homeland Security Committee Chairman: Christopher Cox, R-Calif.
January 11 - Omnibus Gets Homeland Law Amendments
January 11 - Security's Swelling Price Tag
January 18 - No Hitches in Ridge's Confirmation, But Many Senators Express Doubt About the Job That Lies Ahead
January 18 - Spending Ombnibus Conferees Will Negotiate Troublesome Bills
January 25 - Homeland Security Provisions Reworked
January 25 - Ridge Gains Confirmation and Praise As He Enters Capital's 'Toughest Job'
February 1 - Appropriations Panels Remade To Oversee Homeland Spending
February 1 - Bush Holds Steady Fiscal Course Even as Deep Deficits Take Hold
February 1 - Federal, State or Local Responsibility For Homeland Defense?
February 1 - Rhetoric Meets Reality In Security's Unpaid Bills
February 1 - Two-Member Committee Begins Historic Mission of Homeland Security Oversight
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: CIA
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Homeland Security
February 15 - Adding a New Veil of Secrecy
February 15 - Cox's Challenge: Take Firm Control of Homeland Security Oversight
February 15 - Funding Homeland Security
February 15 - Lawmakers Likely to Limit New High-Tech Eavesdropping
February 15 - Provisions of Homeland Security Creation
February 15 - Tough 'Son of Patriot' Draft Raises Hackles of Civil Libertarians
March 8 - Bill Would Close Book on Book Borrowing
March 8 - Policies Need to Catch Up With Data-Tracking Tech
March 8 - The Question Is: Will New Caucus Find Anyone Who Says They Don't Care About Homeland Security?
March 15 - Leahy Challenges Secrecy Of Corporate Information
March 22 - Editor's Notebook: War Watch
March 22 - Lawmakers Intent on More Money, More Demands for Homeland Security
March 29 - Dispute on Lost Wages Compensation Holds Up Smallpox Vaccination Bill
March 29 - Underfunded First-Responders Put Conservatives in a Bind
April 5 - Enough in Supplemental for First-Responders?
April 5 - Smallpox Compensation Fund Gets Through Senate Committee After Surprise Rejection in House
April 5 - White House-Hill Battle Hinges on Flexible Spending
April 12 - Has Congress Given Bush Too Free a Spending Hand?
April 26 - Editor's Notebook: The Ghost of 1992
May 3 - Editor's Notebook: In Search Of . . .
May 3 - Iraq Victory Leaves Little Taste For More Pre-Emptive Wars
May 10 - Chambers Agree on Need For More Air Cargo Security, But No Accord Yet on Details
May 10 - Senate OKs Expanded Power To Spy on Foreign Terrorists; Critics Call Scope Too Broad
May 17 - Bioterrorism Bill Advances With Hybrid Funding Plan
May 17 - Drug Office Reauthorization Includes Homeland Security
May 17 - Technical Corrections Bill Pushes New Airport Security And Screening Programs
June 14 - Closed Markup For Homeland Security Panel
June 14 - CQ Outlook: Is Homeland Security Keeping America Safe?
June 14 - Homeland Security: Panels Revamped To Move New Bill
June 14 - House Members Pledge More For Coast Guard Authorization
June 14 - News Media Draw Battle Plans To Cover the Home Front
June 14 - Pentagon Tiptoes Into Its Role Of Defending From Within
June 21 - House Homeland Security Bill Advances Despite Frustration With Agency's Failure to 'Justify'
June 28 - Homeland Security Bill Passes House Despite Partisan Differences
June 28 - House Committee Advances Bill That Would Implement Program Favoring Frequent Fliers
June 28 - House Poised for Floor Debate On 'Project Bioshield' Vaccines
June 28 - Panel OKs Coast Guard Bill
July 12 - Fiscal 2004 Homeland Security Bills, Compared
July 12 - Homeland Security Bill's Momentum Unfazed by Cries of Underfunding
July 19 - Solid House Passage a Victory For 'Project Bioshield' Backers; Senate Still Divided on Funding
July 26 - Homeland Bills Compared
July 26 - Homeland Security Funding Debate Highlights Tension Over Priorities
August 2 - Hill Clamors for Report's Full Release, Repairs to Declassifying Process
August 2 - Lawmakers Walk a Tightrope On Economic, Security Issues
August 2 - Laws Passed and Pending Bills
August 2 - Senate Panel Increases Coast Guard Funds 18 Percent
August 2 - Two Years Later, Lawmakers Still Adjusting to Role of Consoler
September 6 - Many Approaches to Homeland Security
September 6 - New Laws for a Safer Nation: Much Done, Much to Do
September 13 - Legislators Hesitant to Expand Law Enforcement Authority as Comity Wanes on the Hill
September 20 - Chambers Expected to Approve Homeland Security Conference Report That Retains Employee Flexibility
September 27 - Details of Rep. Platts' Homeland Security Bill
September 27 - Homeland Department Gets the Dollars, Along With a Number of Strings
October 11 - Homeland Security Chairman Proposes First-Responder Bill In First Big Test for Committee
October 18 - Federalizing Baggage Screeners May End Up a Failed Experiment
October 18 - Homeland Security: Safer, Yes -- But Still Vulnerable
October 25 - Democrats Blast Chemical Plant Bill
October 25 - Senate Panel OKs Homeland Bill Requiring Tougher Audits
November 8 - Coast Guard's Duties Expanded In House-Passed Legislation
November 22 - Alternate Proposals to Mideast Peace Could Detract from Bush's 'Road Map'
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Air Cargo Security
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Counterterrorism
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Homeland Security Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Project Bioshield

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