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 Executive Branch

January 9 - Article One: Eager for Change, Steeled for Tension
January 9 - Environment: Assaults on Regulations Likely to Make Headway
January 9 - Game of Robes: Speculation on Supreme Court Nominee Runs Rampant
January 9 - How Trump's Cabinet Stacks Up to Predecessors'
January 9 - Judiciary: Rocky Path Expected for High Court Nominee
January 9 - Labor: Fights Over Rules Rollbacks Ahead
January 9 - Overview: 2017 Legislative Agenda
January 9 - Pence Is Key to the First 100 Days
January 9 - Roy Blunt, Inauguration Master of Ceremonies, Is Sweating the Details
January 9 - The Who and When of Trump's Cabinet Hearings
January 23 - Anatomy of a Vote: Mattis Wins Waiver
January 23 - Capitol Wrap: A Special Table for Trump at the Capitol
January 23 - Capitol Wrap: The President-Elect Slept Here
January 23 - Common Defense: General Conflict in Trump's Cabinet
January 23 - Conservatives Object to Trump Cabinet Picks
January 23 - Contractor in Chief: Trump Dives Into Pentagon Procurement
January 23 - Gucci Gulch Returns for a Possible Tax-Code Rewrite
January 23 - Insiders Counsel the Outsider: 20 Tips for Trump
January 23 - Trump and Obama: Two Historic Turning Points
January 30 - A Republican Change of Heart on Executive Orders
January 30 - Checks and Balance: K Street Has a Crush on the First Daughter
January 30 - Conversation: Public Citizen's Amit Narang
January 30 - Obamacare Suffers 1,000 Cuts at the Hands of Appropriators
February 6 - 2016 Vote Studies: New Low for House GOP in Presidential Support
February 6 - Anatomy of a Vote: Republicans Roll Back Obama Gun Rule
February 6 - Article One: Bit Part for Congress While Trump Hogs the Stage
February 6 - Civil Servants Say This Time They Might Quit
February 6 - Conversation: Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government
February 6 - Democrats in a Dilemma Over Trump's Court Nominee
February 6 - Extreme Vetting at the National Prayer Breakfast
February 6 - Inexperience Weakens Congress and the White House
February 6 - Trump Trails FDR and Obama in Early Executive Orders
February 13 - Anatomy of a Vote: After DeVos, What Is Democrats' Plan?
February 13 - Common Defense: Bet on the Pentagon in a Hawk Fight
February 13 - Ethanol Debate Gets Pumped Up in the Trump Era
February 27 - Congress on Edge Awaiting Unpredictable Trump
February 27 - Hidden Workplaces: Mike Pence's Hostile Office Takeover
February 27 - Sanctuary Cities Are Up Against the Wall
February 27 - Trump's Plan for Ruling the High Seas
February 27 - Trump's Russia Connections Will Hover Over Speech
February 27 - U.S. Foes More Aggressive Since Trump Took Office
February 27 - Vital Signs: Gambling, and Winning, on Trump
February 27 - What's Their Line? GOP Avoids 'The T Word'
March 6 - Hill Staff Comings and Goings
March 13 - Article One: A GOP Opening To Check Trump if Not Repel Him
March 13 - Tweeter in Chief
March 20 - Advocates Hungry for Trump Position on Food Aid
March 20 - Anatomy of a Vote: From Retirement to Cabinet Member
March 20 - Checks and Balance: Return of the 'Swamp' People
March 20 - Embassies Shy Away From White House Tours
March 20 - Opportunity Knocks for U.S. in Africa
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Ajit Pai
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Amanda Nguyen
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Christian Brose
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Collin O'Mara
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: David Cole
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: John McEntee
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Kelle Strickland
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Lindsay Fryer
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Lynne Patton
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Meredith McGehee
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Norbert Michel
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Paul Winfree
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Rep. Chris Collins
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Sarah Chamberlain
March 20 - Rising Stars: 17 to Watch in '17
March 27 - Article One: Warning for All Members in the Menendez Matter
March 27 - Maryland's Liberal Pipeline
March 27 - Trump's Budget Buzz Saw
April 3 - Common Defense: Only One Man for Trump to Call at the Pentagon
April 3 - Democrats Have Georgia on Their Mind
April 3 - Hill Russia Probes Follow Divergent Paths
April 3 - Pileup of Ethical Issues Gives Democrats Powerful Weapon Against Trump
April 3 - Premier Health-Research Agency Preps for Major Surgery
April 3 - Trump Tracker: Everyone Into the Press Pool!
April 24 - Bye Bye Big Birdie? Big Fight Likely Over Public Broadcasting, Arts Funding
April 24 - Capitol Insiders Expect Another C.R.
April 24 - Checks and Balance: Global Reach Expands in the Lobbying World
April 24 - Earth Day 2017: Battle Lines Drawn on Key Issues
April 24 - Earth Day 2017: Fears of an Assault on the Environment by Trump
April 24 - Earth Day 2017: Rising Tides Causing Flood of Problems
April 24 - Earth Day 2017: States Mixed on EPA Transfer of Authorities
April 24 - Mr. Trump, Save Your Tweets, Please
May 1 - Article One: Tax Bill Offers Lifeline to Hill's Policy Drivers
May 1 - Fannie and Freddie Still in Need of a Makeover
May 1 - Trump's First 100 Days: A Mixture of Conquests, Contradictions and Chaos
May 1 - Trump's First 100 Days: An Agenda Still Coming Into Focus
May 1 - Trump's First 100 Days: President Flip-Flop
May 1 - Visas for Foreign Investors in the U.S. Under Scrutiny
May 8 - A New War on Old Regulations
May 8 - Anatomy of a Vote: After Democrats Win on Omnibus, What's Next?
May 8 - Budget Office Report on Federal Pay Reignites Old Debate
May 8 - Finally Funding the Government
May 8 - Terry Gerton: New Advocate for Public Service and the Civil Service
May 8 - The 'War on Science' Promises to Be a Long One
May 8 - Your Town Wronged by FEMA? Wait a Few Years to Find Out.
May 15 - Checks and Balance: That Sinking Feeling Outside the Beltway
May 15 - If Congress Won't Check the President, Who Will?
May 15 - Russia Probe Could Hinge on Public Opinion
May 15 - Safety Exemption for Old Steamboat Alarms the Coast Guard
May 15 - The Latest Famous Frelinghuysen (and House Appropriations Chairman) on the Hot Seat
May 15 - The Trump-Comey Timeline
May 15 - Trump's Record on Appointments is Poor, but Not Irredeemable
May 22 - A Thorny Thicket of Potential Conflicts for New FDA Chief
May 22 - Annual Capitol Insiders Survey: The Trump Effect
May 22 - Article One: Convening the Ultimate Court of Public Opinion
May 22 - Ask Bobblehead Donald Anything
May 22 - Conversation: Robyn Thomas of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
May 22 - Data Bank: How to Handle a Scandal
May 22 - GAO: The Border Patrol's Cars Are Unaccounted For
May 22 - Like the Predecessor He Criticized, Trump Makes Use of Signing Statements
May 22 - Performance Review: Trump's Chief Tormentor in the Senate
May 22 - The Honeymoon That Never Was: Congress More at Odds With White House
May 22 - The Mexican Campaign in the U.S. to Save NAFTA
May 22 - The Trump-Flynn Timeline
May 22 - Trump and the Other I-Word
May 22 - Trump's Cyber Executive Order is More Study than Action
June 5 - A City in Search of a Catchy Scandal Name
June 5 - Anatomy of a Vote: Democratic Gambit on Trump's Taxes
June 5 - Lawmakers Who Do or Don't Support Federal Employees
June 5 - Trump's Pledge of Military Buildup Not Seen in His Budget Proposal
June 12 - Checks and Balance: Lobbyists Sneaking Out of the Grand Old Party
June 12 - Misinformed and Unschooled, Young People Are Failing in Civics
June 12 - Reality Rocked: Info Wars Heat Up Between U.S. and Russia
June 12 - The Trump-Comey Timeline
June 12 - Trump-Russia Inquiry Turns Into High Drama
June 12 - Washington's Comey Eye-Opener
June 19 - A Conversation With the Economic Policy Institute's Lawrence Mishel
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Democrats Groom for a Revival
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: How a First-Time Candidate Pulled It Off
June 19 - Rebuilding a Party: Work to Do Before Redistricting
June 19 - The Trump Team's Private Road to Public Works
June 26 - Budget Cuts Would Sting in Trump Country
June 26 - Senators Push Back Against Cuts in Recidivism-Prevention Programs
June 26 - The Trump Budget: A Lot Riding on a Tax Plan
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Agriculture
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Army Corps of Engineers
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Commerce
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Defense
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Education
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Energy
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Entitlements No Longer Untouchable
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Environmental Protection Agency
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Health and Human Services
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Homeland Security
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Housing and Urban Development
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Interior
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Justice
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Labor
June 26 - The Trump Budget: NASA
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Nuclear Regulatory Commission
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Office of Management and Budget
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Republicans Push Back on Domestic Cuts
June 26 - The Trump Budget: State
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Transportation
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Treasury
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Veterans Affairs
July 10 - Just How Much are Lawmakers Talking About Russia?
July 10 - The Fixers: A Strategist, a Bureaucrat, Two Lawmakers and an Activist
July 10 - The Fixers: South Asia Expert Lisa Curtis
July 10 - The Fixers: South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham
July 10 - Trump Trade Stance Could Stem the Tide of Cross-Border Energy Flows
July 17 - Bipartisanship Begins to Infiltrate the Capitol
July 17 - Generics Could Get a Boost in Bid to Rein In Prescription Prices
July 17 - Shutdown Threat Looms Large in the Fall
July 24 - Common Defense: More Members Mull the Parameters for War
July 24 - Trump's Promised Immigration Purge Is in Full Force
September 5 - Checks and Balance: Green Fury, GOP Chaos Slow Cuts in Red Tape
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Authorization for Use of Military Force
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Crunch Time for the GOP
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Defense Authorization
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Ethics
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Flirting With Disaster
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Immigration
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Infrastructure
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: The Wall
September 5 - Gillibrand Leads Democrats in Opposing Trump Nominees
September 5 - Here's What Happened While Congress Was Away
September 5 - Poll Shows No Angst Over Bannon Ouster
September 5 - Treasury Says the Jig Is Up for Currency Vandals
September 11 - Article One: An Opening for Congress to Realize Its Own Dream
September 11 - Conversation: Former Rep. Barney Frank
September 11 - Just How Dangerous Is Trump's Voter-Fraud Commission?
September 11 - September Starts Out as a Disastrous Month
September 11 - The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity: A Timeline
September 18 - Civil Servants Appeal to Congress for Bigger Pay Raise
September 18 - Common Defense: Precise Aim Required to Punish North Korea
September 18 - Data Bank: Where the Administration and Senate Stand on Nominations and Confirmations
September 18 - Police Answer Trump's Call for Help Enforcing Immigration Laws
September 18 - Trump's Bellicose Tone on North Korea Plays Well in the U.S.
September 25 - Checks and Balance: Sinking Deeper Into the Swamp
September 25 - Rep. Jim Bridenstine: Trump's Real 'Rocket Man'
September 25 - Special Report: Is There a Smarter Way to Spend on Infrastructure?
September 25 - Special Report: Play the Game Right, Win Money for Infrastructure
October 2 - Innovation Nation: Whistleblower Assistance for Federal Workers
October 10 - A Crossroads for the VA as Congress Mulls the Future of 'Choice'
October 10 - Anatomy of a Vote: Now Comes the Hard Part on Tax Overhaul
October 10 - Athletes and Actors Have a Long Run in Washington
October 10 - Common Defense: How Long Can Tillerson Hold His Nose?
October 10 - Slashing the Red Tape: Trump Chips Away at Obama's Legacy
October 10 - There Will Definitely be Moron This Story Later
October 10 - With One Now in the White House, Celebrities Crowd the Political Stage
October 16 - Despite Deadly Summer, Military Mishaps Down in Recent Years
October 16 - Poll: Republican Support for Trump Holds Steady
October 16 - We Told You There'd be Moron This Story
October 23 - Conversation: Rep. John Delaney, Presidential Candidate
October 23 - IRS Union Chief Plays Defense
October 23 - The Intractable Problem of Refugees Frustrates Congress
October 23 - Trump's Risky Plan to Renegotiate Free-Trade Deal With South Korea
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: 'The Wall' Looms Large Over Deliberations
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: Five Sticking Points
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: Many Republicans Wary of Shutdown Threats
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: Unified Control, Divided Priorities
October 30 - Article One: It Would Take a Chorus to Curb the Coarseness
October 30 - Counting Tee Time for Presidents
October 30 - Data Bank: How Long Congress Takes to Pass Its Budget
October 30 - So When Will There Be a Trump Elementary School?
October 30 - Surprise: Survey Shows Federal Workers Are Happy
October 30 - Trump and the Generals Don't Always March in Lock Step
November 6 - Checks and Balance: All the GOP's Eggs Are Now in the Tax Basket
November 6 - Energy Decoded: How Many Gas Pipelines Do We Need?
November 6 - Energy Decoded: Plan to Boost Coal and Nuclear Could Cost Consumers
November 6 - Energy Decoded: Summer of Storms Tests Energy System Resilience
November 6 - Energy Decoded: Winners and Losers Under Energy Department Plan
November 6 - Honoring Ike at Long Last
November 13 - Almost by Default, FDA Takes the Lead Role in Opioid Crisis
November 13 - The President's Trump Card - His Base - Is the Key to 2020
November 13 - What's 200 Years Old and Still a Great Place to Meet in the Capitol?
November 27 - Ask the Author: Cass Sunstein on His Book on Impeachment
November 27 - Feds Try to Be Flexible, Watchful, in Puerto Rico Recovery Effort
November 27 - GOP Power Play in Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico
December 4 - Checks and Balance: Sure, 2017 Has Been Nutty, But 2018 Could Be Insane
December 4 - Few Big Wins in First Half of Congress Spells Trouble for the GOP
December 4 - In the Trump Era, 'It's Open Season on Immigrants'
December 4 - More Choice Words for Trump
December 4 - With Border Crossings Down, So Are Deportations Under Trump
December 11 - Anatomy of a Vote: Wait Till Next Year on Omnibus?
December 11 - Article One: Clean Up the Act or the Voters Will
December 11 - Congress Frets About Trump's State Department Reorganization
December 11 - Deficit Fears Seem to Be Disappearing on Capitol Hill
December 11 - NATO's Troubling Trio: Hungary, Poland and Turkey
December 11 - Pentagon on the Defensive Over North Korean Threat
December 11 - Star Wars: The $12 Billion Sequel
December 11 - Trump Leaves Federal Disciplinary Board Without a Quorum
December 11 - What $4 Billion Buys You in Missile Defense
December 18 - And Now, a Few Sad, Fake, Beautiful Words About a Tremendous Guy
December 18 - Republicans From Clinton-Favoring Districts Stand Firm With Trump
December 18 - The Year in Photos

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