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 Executive Branch

January 3 - 2010 Vote Studies: Party Unity
January 3 - 2010 Vote Studies: Presidential Support
January 24 - State of the Union Will Showcase Obama's Web of Relationships
January 24 - Taking the Federal Debt Ceiling to Its Limit
January 31 - China Drives U.S. Role in Pacific Trade
January 31 - Excerpts from the President's Speech
January 31 - Offset Needs Could Make '1099' Repeal Difficult
January 31 - State of the Union: On Their Best Behavior
January 31 - White House Adviser Out of Energy
February 14 - Political Economy: Baseline Blues
February 14 - Political Tidal Wave Turns EPA Strategy
February 21 - Obama Is More Optimistic About Economy's Outlook
March 14 - Appointments in Recess Regularly Cause a Stir
March 28 - Show Me Your Shutdown Plan
April 11 - A Little Less Advice, A Little More Consent
April 18 - Panel Approval of Senate Confirmation Measure Starts Discourse on Congressional Powers
May 9 - The Warrior Effect: Will It Last?
May 23 - Defanging a Watchdog: The GOP and Elizabeth Warren
May 23 - Ousted Counsel Fires Back
May 30 - Pay Hike Held Till Vitter End
June 17 - Panetta Nomination Heads to Senate Floor
June 20 - Mueller: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?
June 20 - Senate Panel Republicans Cite Constitutional Concerns In Their Opposition to Bill to Extend FBI Director's Term
June 20 - State Department Gets Smartphone Application
June 27 - Obama Faces Criticism Over War Powers Resolution Interpretation
June 27 - Panetta Set to Take Reins at Pentagon After Unanimous Senate Approval
June 27 - Senate Rejects GOP Amendment To Eliminate Some 'Czar' Positions
June 27 - Use of the War Powers Resolution Since 1973 Passage
July 4 - Cole Confirmed as Deputy Attorney General
July 4 - Petraeus Confirmed as CIA Director; Marine Corps General to Replace Him in Afghanistan
July 4 - Senate OKs Cut In Number of Confirmations
July 25 - GOP Moves to Curb Watchdog's Powers
August 8 - A Deal in Which Nobody Wins
August 8 - An Unofficial Recess
September 5 - For Presidents, Less Is More
September 5 - Presidents Speaking Their Minds to Congress
September 12 - Agencies: Gardner
October 10 - Choosing Words Wisely at HHS
October 10 - Short-Timer's Efforts Put CMS on Road to Health
October 31 - Charting Federal Hierarchies
November 14 - Obama's Energy Agenda In the Hot Seat
November 21 - Bill Advances to Limit Recovery of Attorney's Fees
November 21 - Panel Seeks Increased Oversight of Executive Branch
November 28 - Panetta: Strategizing for Defense
December 12 - GOP Bill to Curb Rulemaking Passes in House
December 12 - GOP Blocks Key Judicial Nominee; Democrats See More Bench Battles
December 12 - Obama's Pick for Consumer Bureau Runs Into Senate GOP Roadblock
December 22 - Civil Service Executives: Top Marks, Old Boy

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