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 Executive Branch

January 13 - Ashcroft, Norton Nominations Pose Political Challenge for Bush
January 13 - Bush Picks Zoellick for Trade Post, Maintains Cabinet Status of Office
January 13 - Paige, in Confirmation Hearing, Vows Balanced Education Approach
January 13 - Rumsfeld Backs Anti-Missile System, Calls ABM Treaty 'Ancient History'
January 20 - Ashcroft Strongly Defends Views But Promises to Enforce the Law
January 20 - Confirmation Hearings Held on Other Bush Nominees
January 20 - Environmentalists Question Norton's Conciliatory Stands, But Confirmation Expected
January 20 - Gingrich Says 'Hubris,' Lack of Focus Crippled Clinton in Congress
January 20 - Hearing on Thompson for HHS Becomes Forum for Doubts About Bush Prescription Drug Plan
January 20 - O'Neill Cautions Against Notion Of Tax Cut as Economic Cure-All
January 20 - OMB Nominee Under Pressure To Make the Numbers Work
January 20 - Political Capital Is Bush's Most Precious Commodity on Hill
January 20 - Powell Cites Areas of Disagreement With Helms on AID, Sanctions
January 20 - State of the Presidency: What Bush Inherits
January 20 - Tenet to Remain With CIA
January 20 - Versatility With the Veto
January 27 - A Senate of Singular Personalities and Possibilities
January 27 - Bush Pledges to Seek Unity; Appeals for Compassion, Renewed Sense of Civic Duty
January 27 - Campaign Finance Kickoff
January 27 - Chao Hearing Examines Wages, Safety
January 27 - FCC Chairman Michael Powell Likely to Cooperate With Congress On Telecommunications Regulation
January 27 - Miller: Why So Surprised?
January 27 - Mineta Wins Transportation Confirmation
January 27 - Newly Confirmed for HHS, Thompson Calls for Streamlining Of Health Care Financing Agency
January 27 - This Week in Congress
February 3 - A Defining Role for DeLay?
February 3 - Ashcroft Wins Confirmation By Narrowest Margin in Decades
February 3 - Drug Plan's Low-Key Launch Signals Bush May Be Open to Deal
February 3 - Ergonomics Raised in Chao Confirmation
February 3 - Exploring a New Dynamic
February 3 - GOP Members Grapple With Roles As Bush Team Players
February 3 - Highlights of Bush Faith-Based Initiatives Package
February 3 - Senate Confirms Norton and Whitman, Taking Wait-and-See Approach To Environmental Concerns
February 3 - Senate Democrats On Ashcroft
February 10 - Managed-Care Overhaul Back on the Front Burner
February 10 - Norwood's Reticence Buys Bush Time, But Georgian Warns Clock Is Ticking
February 10 - Time Left to Reverse Final Clinton Rules
February 17 - Bush's Fiscal Policy Proposals Close In on GOP Budget Writers
February 17 - Congress' Response to Pardon Granted to Fugitive by Clinton Is Unlikely to Go Beyond Hearings
February 17 - Key Senate Committees Bog Down Over Implementation of Power-Sharing
February 24 - Bush's First Press Conference Focuses on Foreign Policy, Budget and Clinton Pardons
February 24 - Bush's Trade Agenda Starts Out Between Big Steel and a Hard Place
February 24 - Byrd Law Bogs Down
February 24 - This Week in Congress
March 3 - A Budget Glossary
March 3 - Budget Schedule
March 3 - Bush Says Budget Would Pay Down Debt While Aiding Schools, Retirees, Military
March 3 - Bush's Sunny Budget Picture Leaves the Details Shaded
March 3 - Debt Reduction: Not So Fast
March 3 - Defense Spending Is Strong Suit Of Cheney Ally Sean O'Keefe, Confirmed for No. 2 Spot at OMB
March 3 - Democratic Rebuttal to Bush's Speech Emphasizes Social Security, Medicare While Decrying Tax Cut Plan
March 10 - GOP-Business Alliance Yields Swift Reversal of Ergonomics Rule
March 10 - Lobbyists Lionize Nickles
March 10 - Powell Calls on Hill to Remedy State Department Underfunding
March 10 - Reagan Tributes and History's Perspective
March 10 - With Ergonomics Standards Overturned, Will GOP Target Other Clinton Rules?
March 17 - Bush's Decision Not to Curb Carbon Dioxide Casts Shadow on Emission Control Legislation
March 24 - Backing Off the Whip
March 24 - Bush Administration's Suspension Of Medical Privacy Regulations Revives Partisan Struggle on Hill
March 24 - Bush Attack on Regulations For Arsenic, Surface Mining Has Democrats Vowing Action
March 24 - House Won't Be Rushed Into Moving An Overhaul Bill, Leaders Say
March 24 - Key Changes to the Senate Bill
March 24 - McCain-Feingold Tradeoffs Heighten Qualms Within Coalition
March 31 - Alleviation of 'Marriage Penalty' Hits Bipartisan High Note in House
March 31 - INS, an Agency of Conflicting Missions, Could Be Split in Two Under Bush Plan
March 31 - Political Adversaries Unite to Push For Repeal of 'Secret Evidence' Law
March 31 - Thompson Hit For Decision on Medical Privacy
April 14 - Agency by Agency: Where the Money May Go
April 14 - Bush's Frugal Bottom Line Ensures a Rough Conference
April 14 - Patient Privacy Regulations Green-Lighted
April 14 - Senate GOP Spares Cheney, Tables Tabling
April 28 - After First Hundred Days, Bush Emerges as Pragmatic Warrior
April 28 - Bush Starts to Deal on Budget, Only Hardening Resolve of Some
April 28 - For Bush's Judicial Nominees, A Tough Tribunal Awaits
April 28 - Senate GOP Seeks Broad Support For Bush's Reconciliation Plan
April 28 - Senate Passes Brownfields Bill, Handing Bush an Environmental Win; House GOP Wants Greater State Role
April 28 - Supreme Opportunity
April 28 - The Interest-Group Gantlet
April 28 - The Process of Selecting a Judge
May 5 - $79 Billion Boost for Agriculture Could Galvanize Farm Bill Renewal
May 5 - 'Blue Slip' Issue Claims First Casualties As Democrats Walk Out of Meeting On Justice Department Nominees
May 5 - Budget Deal's Ungainly Pause Is Inches From the Finish Line
May 5 - Compromises on ESEA Bills May Imperil Republican Strategy
May 5 - GOP, Businesses Rewrite The Regulatory Playbook
May 5 - Nominee's Faith in Risk Analysis Sharpens Debate on Rulemaking Process
May 5 - Senate Officer to Head INS
May 12 - Bush's Judicial Nominees
May 12 - Early Signs of Comity Emerge In Judicial Nomination Process
May 12 - Rep. Hutchinson Promises to Balance Treatment, Enforcement as DEA Chief; Crowded Race Possible for Arkansas Seat
May 19 - Will Bush Turn His Veto Pen On a Fiscally Wayward GOP?
May 26 - Can Bush Stay the Course?
May 26 - House Votes To Extend Visa Program
May 26 - Judiciary: Nomination Gantlet
May 26 - Shakeup In the Senate
May 26 - The Transfer Of Leadership
June 9 - Bush Free-Trade Policy Detours With Push to Aid Steel Industry
June 9 - Bush Will Nominate Tennessee Banker for Federal Reserve Seat
June 9 - Daschle Promises to Smooth Rough Reality of 50 Plus 1
June 9 - Education Compromise Beset By Democratic Riders in Senate
June 9 - Environmentalists, Some Republicans Question Bush Priorities in Parks Budget
June 9 - Interior Panel Rejects Bush's Call For Cuts in Conservation Spending, Bars Funds for ANWR Exploration
June 16 - Administration Begins Hinting At Defense Plan Particulars
June 16 - Legal Services Corporation's Future Appears Secure as the Agency's GOP Detractors Concede
June 16 - Senate Democrats Will Turn Up Heat On Bush to Deliver Proposals For Reducing Global Warming
June 23 - Administration Backs Cloning Ban
June 23 - As Bush Brandishes Veto Power, The Stakes Rise for Both Parties
June 30 - High Court Again Shows a Taste For Limiting Lawmakers' Reach
June 30 - Student-Testing Drive Marks An Attitude Shift for Congress
July 14 - A Quiet Deal on Members' Pay
July 14 - Bush Proposes Drug Discount Card As Key Element of His Medicare Plan
July 14 - Bush's Medicare Principles
July 14 - Confirmation Hearing on Gregory Marks First Senate Action on Backlog Of Bush's Judicial Nominees
July 14 - Customs Service a Big Winner In House Treasury-Postal Bill
July 14 - Diminished 'Faith-Based Initiative' Heads Toward House Floor
July 14 - VA-HUD Panel Boosts Spending for Science, Leaves Biggest Funding Battles for Later
July 14 - Ways and Means Scales Back Bush Plan For Forestering Charitable Donations
July 21 - Treasury-Postal Service Spending Bill Poised for Solid House Passage
July 21 - Upgrades for Voting Machines
July 28 - Fall Clash Over Spending Priorities Could Set Course for Rest of 107th
July 28 - House Passes Treasury-Postal Spending Bill As Senate Starts Moving a Similar Package
July 28 - Tightening the Canadian Border
August 4 - A Re-Energized Alliance
August 4 - Bush Dealt First Confirmation Defeat As Senate Panel Says No to Gall For Product Safety Commission
August 11 - Dispute Over Cheney Documents Shaping Up as Significant Test Of Executive Privilege
September 1 - Fresh From a Set of Hill Victories, Can Labor Keep the Momentum?
September 1 - Hoffa Seeks End to Oversight
September 1 - Immigration Debate Gains Intensity As Hill Awaits Details From Bush
September 1 - Trade and Consequences: Taking 'Fast Track' Debate on the Road
September 1 - Unhurried Pace of Judicial Confirmations Is Typical of a President's First Year
September 8 - Between the Lockbox And a Hard Place
September 8 - Bush Calls Issue 'Incredibly Complex' After Mexico's Fox Urges Haste On Revised U.S. Immigration Policy
September 8 - New Executive-Privilege Case Brewing?
September 8 - Wariness of Farm Bill's Long-Term Cost Could Set Tone for Budget Debates
September 15 - Executive Powers in Crises Are Shaped By Precedent, Personality, Public Opinion
September 15 - For Bush, a Transforming Event
September 22 - Beneath Capitol's Harmony, Debate Simmers Patiently
September 22 - Bush Issues Ultimatum to Taliban, Calls Upon Nation and World To Unite and Destroy Terrorism
September 22 - Making Law in an Easy Target: Capitol Goes on 'High Alert'
September 22 - Several Bush Nominees Get Quick Nods From Senate
September 29 - Congress and the President: A Recalibration of Power
September 29 - GAO-Cheney Document Dispute on Hold
October 6 - Anti-Terrorism Bills Head for Floor Votes, But Tough Negotiations Lie Ahead
October 6 - Money-Laundering Bill Gets New Life As Financial Tool Against Terrorists
October 13 - Bush Announces Military Action Against Terrorist Infrastructure And Taliban Regime in Afghanistan
October 13 - House Passes Anti-Terrorism Bill That Tracks White House's Wishes
October 13 - Lawmakers Struggle to Define New Office of Homeland Security Without Appearing Confrontational
October 20 - Deal Clears Way for Final Passage Of Anti-Terrorism Legislation
October 20 - Emergency Spending Measure Puts Bush Budget Chief on the Spot
October 20 - The Makings of a Deal
October 27 - Conferees Purge Controversial Items From Treasury-Postal Service Bill, Provide Preview of 2003 Priorities
October 27 - Fate of Economic Stimulus Bill In Hands of Senate Centrists
October 27 - Key Anti-Terrorism Provisions
October 27 - Lawmakers Say Supplemental Spending Must Grow Further to Deal With Threats
October 27 - Rank and File to the Breakfast Club: Keep Key Policy Decisions off Menu
October 27 - Terrorism Bill's Sparse Paper Trail May Cause Legal Vulnerabilities
November 3 - America's Earlier 'Czars'
November 3 - Annual Spending Process Takes a Back Seat to Security Issues
November 3 - CJS Conferees Struggle With Funding Levels
November 3 - Does Ridge Have the Clout To Carry It Off?
November 3 - Homeland Security Key Players
November 3 - Treasury-Postal Service Bill Clears With Perennial Debates Subdued
November 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Members Challenge Presidents Threat To Veto Emergency Spending Bill
November 10 - ECONOMICS & FINANCE: Thinly Backed Stimulus Bill Moves to Hostile Senate Floor
November 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Republicans Repel Efforts To Add to $40 Billion Emergency Fund
November 17 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deal May Materialize Amid Smoke of Partisan Warfare
November 17 - Highlights of Ashcrofts INS Restructuring Plan
November 17 - Labor-HHS Bill Could Be Used By Lawmakers to Pry Funds Loose For Energy Assistance Program
November 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Immigration Liberalization: Delayed but Not Abandoned
November 17 - Reforms Many Shades of Meaning
November 24 - Bush-Daschle Summit May Be Only Hope for Stimulus Bill
November 24 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Stimulus Deadlock: Will Bush Intervene?
November 24 - Editor's Notebook: Measures of Confidence
November 24 - GOP Misjudged Public Sentiment With Hard Line on Aviation Bill
November 24 - LAW & JUDICIARY: New Assertions of Executive Power Anger, Frustrate Some on Hill
November 24 - Transportation Security Office Has a Broad Mandate And a Tight Timetable
December 1 - For Ashcroft, a Judiciary Panel Grilling Will Be Familiar Experience
December 1 - War and Civil Liberties: Congress Gropes for a Role
December 8 - Hill Treads Carefully in Challenging Ashcroft Over Expansion of Anti-Terrorism Powers
December 8 - White House Shows Some Muscle In Supplemental Spending Clash
December 15 - Balloting Overhaul Bill Passes House And Makes Sudden Strides in Senate; Packages Differ in Key Respects
December 15 - Finance Panel Moves Gingerly On Fast-Track Trade Bill, Scheduling Second Markup
December 15 - For Lewis, a Partial Victory On African-American Museum
December 15 - House, Senate Grapple Over Spending Bills; White House Stays Focused on Bottom Line
December 15 - Lawmakers Still Feeling Their Way On Whether to Intervene In Plan for Military Tribunals
December 15 - Paper Chase: Burton Issues Warning to Bush
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: A Year of Power Struggles And Common Purpose
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Budget Process
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: The President's Cabinet
December 22 - 2001 Legislative Summary: Use of Force Resolution
December 22 - Democrats Still Seeking to Block Reich Nomination
December 22 - House Key Vote: Arsenic Standards (Vote 288)
December 22 - House Key Vote: Patients' Rights (Vote 329)
December 22 - New NASA Chief Confirmed
December 22 - Senate Confirms Georgia Judge, Leaves Others for Next Year
December 22 - Senate Key Vote: Anti-Terrorism (Vote 313)
December 22 - Senate Key Vote: Ashcroft Confirmation (Vote 8)

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