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 Executive Branch

January 6 - Clinton Veto Tally: Up to 11
January 6 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO: National Security Concerns Cited in Defense Bill Veto
January 13 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Welfare-to-Work Provisions Cited in Veto of Overhaul
January 20 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCEf: Clinton Discusses Whitewater, Budget and Economic Issues
January 27 - Clinton Embraces GOP Rhetoric
January 27 - Clinton Success Rate Declined To a Record Low in 1995
January 27 - THE STATE OF THE UNION: Clinton Aims for the Center, Praises GOP Themes
March 2 - SECTION NOTES: Whitewater Probe Put on Hold
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Whitewater Extension At Partisan Impasse
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: D'Amato Threatens To Move Whitewater Investigation
March 23 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Receipts by
March 23 - PRESIDENT'S BUDGET MESSAGE: Clinton Outlines Priorities For Fiscal 1997 Spending
March 23 - SPECIAL REPORT: The President's Proposals, Listed by Categories
March 30 - A Constitutional Question
March 30 - Clinton, With Veto Pen Poised, Gets Agency-Cutback Bill
April 13 - GOP Probes White House Role In Bosnia Arms Shipments
April 20 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Clinton: Bill Would Undercut U.S. Leadership Abroad
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Whitewater Panel Revived; Continued Until June 14
April 27 - CORRECTION: Confirmation of OMB nominee.
April 27 - GOP Turns Up Heat on Clinton Over Arms for Bosnia
May 4 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO MESSAGE: Product Liability Bill Rejected Over Consumer, State Issues
May 11 - INVESTIGATIONS: Contempt Charges Sought Against Clinton Aides
June 1 - Convictions in Arkansas Revive Clinton's Whitewater Woes
June 8 - SECTION NOTES: Whitewater Figure Hale Unlikely to Testify
June 15 - INVESTIGATIONS: Whitewater Panel To Issue Reports
June 22 - GOP Whitewater Report Adds To Clinton's List of Woes
July 27 - Clinton's Changing Welfare Views
July 27 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: GOP Communicators: The Reagan Legacy
July 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Extending Laws To Executive Branch
August 10 - VETO MESSAGE: Clinton Rejects Management, Labor 'Teamwork' Bill
August 31 - POLICY AGENDA - Clinton Avoids Sweeping Proposals, Offers Some of This, Some of That
September 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: A Divided Congress Could Aid Clinton
September 14 - WHITE HOUSE: GOP Moves To Pay Dale's Legal Fees
October 5 - SPECIAL REPORT - PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES: How to Keep the Good Times Rolling Along
October 5 - SPECIAL REPORT - PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES: Will Defense Or 'Dual Use' Take Priority?
October 5 - The Next President's Burdens
November 9 - ELECTION SPEECHES: 'We Have Work To Do,' Proclaims Clinton
November 9 - For Gore, a 'Separation' Process
November 9 - President Expected to Travel Center Lane to 21st Century
November 9 - THE SECOND TERM: Cabinet Turnover Tops Agenda
November 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: President to Call Budget Meeting
November 23 - WHAT'S AHEAD: President To Return To Adviser Search

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