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 Economic Affairs

January 5 - Emerging Players: Rep. John M. Spratt Jr., D-S.C.
January 5 - Emerging Players: Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.
January 12 - Finessing Workers' Worries
January 12 - Security the Emerging Theme Of Election Year Issues
January 12 - The Social Security Faceoff
January 26 - Naming of Accountants to Serve on SEC Raises Questions in Light of Enron Woes
January 26 - Parties Appear to Feel Little Impetus To Come to Terms on Stimulus Package
January 26 - The Duel of Bush and Daschle: Men of Genteel Steel
February 2 - Bush Says National Security And Economic Revival Will Require Deficit Spending
February 2 - Olympics Make Utah a Big Fiscal Winner, But Lawmakers Quibble Over Final Tally
February 2 - Pressure for Stimulus Abates As Economy Shows Clear Signs of Revival
February 2 - Terrorism Insurance Bill Relegated to Back Burner As Urgency Is Questioned
February 2 - The Challenges at Home
February 9 - Defense Plans Praised, Domestic Squeeze Debated
February 9 - Parsing the Assumptions
February 23 - Enron's Accounting Woes Cast a Shadow On Debt-Limit Legerdemain
March 2 - Budget Work Takes a Back Seat To Parties' Symbolic Gestures
March 2 - House Narrows Stimulus Agenda As Unemployment Benefits Run Out
March 9 - Dual-Use Export Bill Advances
March 9 - Unemployment Benefits Provide Catalyst to Pass Recovery Bill
March 16 - Conrad in Budget Spotlight With Little Room to Maneuver
March 16 - Creating a Paper Trail
March 16 - House GOP Forces Treasury's Hand By Delaying Vote on Debt Ceiling
March 16 - Securities Fraud Bill Unveiled
March 16 - Treasury Secretary Issues Dire Warning: Government Checks Would Stop
March 23 - Debt Limit Left Hanging; Federal Books May Require Some Juggling
March 30 - High-Tech Lobbyists Rally Around Efforts to Scuttle Stock Options Tax Changes
March 30 - O'Neill May Have to Follow Vilified Predecessor's Lead in Shifting Funds
March 30 - Stock Options Primer
April 6 - Absent a Budget, Singular Spending Target An Increasingly Appealing Fallback
April 6 - Enron, California Energy Woes Fail to Move Lawmakers
April 6 - Treasury's Juggling Act
April 13 - Another 'Tort Reform' Battle Stalls Terrorism Insurance Measure On Its Way to the Senate Floor
April 13 - Appropriators See Their Ceiling For Fiscal 2003 Spending
April 27 - Benefits for Displaced Workers Considered Essential in Negotiations To Pass Fast-Track Authority
April 27 - Senate Finance Readies Crackdown On Corporate Offshore Tax Avoidance
May 4 - Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms
May 11 - Bush Chooses Economists For Fed Seats
May 11 - Bush's Steel Tariffs Backed in House
May 11 - GOP Eager to Raise Debt Ceiling With Minimal Political Pain
May 18 - Many Divisions Yield Gloomy Forecast For Upcoming Appropriations Season
May 18 - Sarbanes' Style Could Prove a Hindrance In His Effort to Regulate Accounting
May 25 - After Struggle for House Passage, Spending Fight Is in the Senate
May 25 - Coverage Boost For FDIC Slows Bill
May 25 - The Next Possible Trade Deals
June 8 - Senators See Spending Ceiling
June 15 - House Republican Leaders Ponder Vote on Raising the Debt Limit After Senate Passes Its Own Bill
June 15 - Senate Approaches Passage Of Terrorism Insurance Bill, But Bush Is Threatening Veto
June 22 - GOP Shrugging Off Treasury's June 28 Deadline for Boosting Borrowing Limit
June 22 - Senate Gets Some GOP Support In Passage of Terrorism Insurance Bill
June 22 - Tauzin Cooks Up Probe Of Stewart's ImClone Connection
June 29 - Congress Making Very Public Play To Invoke 'Corporate Responsibility'
June 29 - House GOP Leaders Take Political Risk, Win Enactment of Higher Borrowing Ceiling
July 13 - Tougher Accounting Legislation Resurrected in Senate
July 20 - Buck Stops Short of Redesign As Vending Industry Digs in its Heels
July 20 - Senate Panel Puts Off Tough Decisions To Pass Commerce-Justice-State Bill
July 20 - Stock Declines Aid Democrats In Push for Stiff Accounting Rules
July 27 - A Worried Congress Forced Into Legislative Overdrive
July 27 - Bankruptcy Bill Set to Clear
July 27 - Chambers Name Conferees On Terrorism Insurance Bill After Deal Ends Stalemate
July 27 - Deal Puts Fast Track on Track
July 27 - Regulation Is Back in Vogue
August 3 - Curbing Corporate Tax Avoidance Jumps to Top of Hill's Agenda
August 3 - Lawmakers' Keen Sense of Political Risk Trumps Avowed Goal of Budget Deal
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Business Regulation
August 10 - Future of Social Security Bubbles Up As Leading Indiana Debate Topic
August 10 - Provisions of the Corporate Fraud Bill
August 31 - Revenue Decline a Tepid Issue for Voters Despite Democratic Finger-Pointing
September 7 - Economic Stimulus Package Quietly Leaves Priority List For Bush, Many Republicans
September 14 - Abortion Provision Has House Republicans Lying Low On Bankruptcy Overhaul Measure
September 14 - Hearings May Be as Mighty As the Legislative Pen
September 14 - Union Priorities Get Short Shrift In Press to Move Senate Pension Bill
September 21 - Stall of Key Tax, Economic Measures May Have Cost Senate Democrats One of Their Best Campaign Weapons
September 28 - Guns and Butter, Again
September 28 - Potential Allies View Trade and Aid As Compensation for Cooperation
September 28 - Senate Finance Chairman's Agenda Trumped by Democratic Leader
September 28 - The High Cost of Might
September 28 - War May Not Hurt Economy
October 5 - Better Braced for Oil Shocks
October 5 - Not Even Rumblings of War Shake Loose an Energy Policy
October 5 - Punitive Damages Issue Leaves Terrorism Insurance Bill Teetering
October 5 - Senate-Passed Bill Has Tax Increase For Expatriates, Breaks for Military
October 12 - Bad News Due as Voters Have Their Say
October 12 - Congress Now Faces Voters Anxious About the Economy
October 12 - GOP Offers Tax Break Package To Ease Pain of Stock Losses
October 12 - Issue of Punitive Damages Still Thwarts Compromise On Terrorism Insurance Bill
October 12 - White House Communications Aide Joins SEC as Adviser to Embattled Chief
October 19 - Conservatives' Security Concerns Keep Odds Slim for Relaxing 'Dual Use' Technology Controls
October 19 - Consumer Groups Complain As SEC Executes Corporate Fraud Rules
October 19 - GOP Declares Victory Despite Unfinished Business
October 19 - Thinking Outside the House: Democrats Guess at Gephardt's Plans
October 19 - Thomas Defies GOP Leaders, Dooms Tax Cut Bill Aimed at Aiding Investors
October 26 - SEC Funding in 2003: Feast or Famine?
October 26 - Simplifying the Tax Code Is Key to Overhaul Proposals
October 26 - The Tax Code: Scrap or Simplify?
October 26 - White House and Kremlin Want End to Cold War Trade Law
November 9 - Economy Crucial for GOP
November 16 - Bush Team in Driver's Seat on Fiscal Policy
November 16 - Editor's Notebook: To The Rescue
November 16 - House Membership of Mostly Lawyers and Veterans Now Giving Way to Bankers, Executives
November 16 - President Pushes Terrorism Insurance Deal Despite Republican Leaders' Objections
November 16 - Rise of the 'Growth Hawks'
November 16 - Stimulus Proposal: End 'Double Taxation' of Dividends
November 16 - With Economy Still Lagging, Everyone Has a Stimulus Plan
November 23 - Persistence, Lobbying Pay Off In Terrorism Insurance Victory
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Debt Limit Increase
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Federal Deposit Insurance
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Investor Tax Cuts
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Terrorism Insurance
December 7 - O'Neill's Departure Signals Change of Style, Not Policy

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