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 Economic Affairs

January 4 - Banks Reach Further in 1991 But End Up Much Like 1988 Effort
January 4 - Marketplace Forces Hold Key To Future Bank Legislation
January 4 - Taxpayers Not Off the Hook Yet
January 4 - THE BUDGET: Bush Talks of Defense Cuts, Loosening Budget Pact
January 11 - Budget-Buster Hot Potato: The Earnings Test
January 11 - Budgeting in Arkansas 1978-1990 (chart)
January 11 - Bush Emphasizes 'Progress' At End of Japanese Trip
January 11 - CORRECTION: Fiscal 1992 Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations/Passage.
January 11 - How the Earnings Test Works
January 11 - Proposals From Hill and White House
January 11 - TRADE TALKS: Outline of Mutual Agreement To End U.S. - Japan Discord
January 18 - Defining the Middle Class
January 18 - LABOR: Plan Would Again Extend Benefits
January 18 - Legislative Schedule -- Annual Business S and Ls: Bailout Funding Back on the Agenda
January 18 - Legislative Schedule -- New Business Tax Cuts: Odds Get Better
January 18 - Little Change in Federal Tax Burden (chart)
January 18 - Measuring Family Income (chart)
January 18 - Sour Economy, Soviet Breakup Mark Election-Year Outlook
January 18 - THE BUDGET: No Sequester, Says OMB
January 18 - The Cry for Middle-Class Cuts: Looking Behind the Rhetoric
January 25 - Budget Drama, Act II: Scenarios for Chaos
January 25 - Comparing Recessions (charts)
January 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Budget News Is Bad For New Century
January 25 - Discretionary Spending Caps (In billions of dollars)
January 25 - Hill's Response to Recession Defies Economists' Advice
January 25 - LABOR: Unemployment Benefits Debate Hinges on Financing Plan
January 25 - The Disappearing Dividend
January 25 - Whispers of the 'S' Word
February 1 - Administration Economic Assumptions* (chart)
February 1 - Budget Authority, Outlays By Agency (chart)
February 1 - Budget Glossary
February 1 - Budget Rules Under Fire
February 1 - Bush Budget vs. 'Business as Usual' (chart)
February 1 - Bush Throws Down Gauntlet With Election-Year Plan
February 1 - Bush's Economic Recovery Plan Finds Few Democratic Buyers
February 1 - Competing Tax Plans A Quick Comparison
February 1 - Congress' Latest Deadline
February 1 - ECONOMIC FORECAST: White House Portrays Its Budget As Key to Spurring Economy
February 1 - Economic Forecasts Compared (chart)
February 1 - Economic Reality May Limit Hill's Urge To Outcut Bush
February 1 - Fiscal 1993 Budget by Function (chart)
February 1 - How Economists See Stimulus Package
February 1 - LABOR: White House, Congress Move To Extend Jobless Benefits
February 1 - President Bush's Budget Takes Aim
February 1 - Revenue Changes in Bush Budget (chart)
February 1 - SECTION NOTES: Hill Clears Act To Improve American Competitiveness
February 1 - TAXES: Bush, Lawmakers Put Tax Cuts At Top of Year's Agenda
February 1 - THE BUDGET: Translating Bush's Proposals Into Congress' Terms
February 1 - The Deficit: Trouble Ahead (chart)
February 1 - The Federal Government Dollar (chart)
February 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Pushes Ahead On Jobless Benefits
February 8 - BANKING: Brady Again Asks For Branching
February 8 - Benefits Tax Dropped
February 8 - Bill To Clamp Down on Market Nears House Panel Markup
February 8 - Bill To Extend Jobless Benefits Rushes to Enactment
February 8 - Democrats Move Quickly To Take on Bush
February 8 - Discretionary Spending Caps (chart)
February 8 - Money for U.S. Infrastructure Seen as Economic Quick-Fix
February 8 - More 1992 Funds Sought
February 8 - Prospect of a Peace Dividend Spurs Intense Disputes
February 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Panels Continue Working On Growth Packages
February 15 - A Deeper Capital Gains Cut
February 15 - Democrats Hone Tax Plan As Challenge to Bush
February 15 - Plans for Expanding IRAs
February 15 - Some Tax Breaks May Be Restored For Passive Real Estate Losses
February 15 - Spending for New Jobs Caught In Supplemental Squeeze
February 15 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Panels Rush To Finish Growth Packages
February 22 - Capital Gains Comparison (chart)
February 22 - Liberal Democrats Prevail, Corporate Rate Cut Goes
February 22 - SECTION NOTES House Says Coin Redesign Plan Isn't Worth a Plug Nickel
February 22 - SECTION NOTES: Greenspan Ventures Note Of Qualified Optimism
February 22 - Tax Provisions (chart)
February 22 - THE BUDGET: Bush-Democrats Stalemate Threatens Peace Dividend
February 29 - BANKING: Greenspan To Head Fed Again, Told To Be More Aggressive
February 29 - Closer Than They Seem
February 29 - Dubious Democrats Rally To Pass Their Tax Bill
February 29 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Anti-Brady Push Grows Louder
February 29 - Guarding the Power of the Purse
February 29 - Plans for Discretionary Spending (chart)
February 29 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: House Panel Heeds RTC Head, Adds $25 Billion to Bailout
March 7 - Bush's Tax Pledge
March 7 - CITIES/STATES: Housing Panel Approves Job-Creation Measure
March 7 - Cleanup at Bases Slated To Close Will Take Its Toll in Money and Time
March 7 - CREDIT: House Panel OKs Report Approval
March 7 - Finance Committee Sends Doomed Bill to Senate
March 7 - Fiscal 1993 Budget Resolution (chart)
March 7 - HEALTH: Insurance Reforms Slide By Senate Finance in Tax Bill
March 7 - Highlights of Senate, House Tax Bills
March 7 - Hill Struggles To Assist Victims Of Post-Cold War Budget Cuts
March 7 - Lawmakers Look for Silver Lining Under Cloud of Closures
March 7 - Saving for Retirement?
March 7 - THE BUDGET: House Passes Two-Track Budget; Democrats Reveal Deep Split
March 7 - What To Do With Defense Savings?
March 7 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Taxes, Budget, MFN Crowd Agenda
March 14 - CITIES/STATES: Jobs Bill To Move To House Floor
March 14 - Democratic Leaders Drive Tax Bill Through Senate
March 14 - LABOR: Panel's Partisan Chisel Shapes, Then OKs Child Labor Bill
March 14 - More Funds Being Routed Toward RTC Pipeline
March 14 - Pleas for Aid to Former Soviets Echo From Nixon to the Hill
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Labor Secretary Defends Regulations Moratorium
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Approves JTPA Reauthorization
March 14 - THE BUDGET: Vote Postponed Again on Bill To Demolish Spending Walls
March 21 - Bank Consolidation (chart)
March 21 - BANKING: New Studies Give Ammunition To Interstate Branching Foes
March 21 - Bush Goes On Economic Offensive
March 21 - Final Push Clears Tax Bill; Bush Announces Veto
March 21 - Protecting Retired Coal Miners
March 21 - SECTION NOTES: Worker Regulation Delay Angers Senate Democrats
March 21 - THE BUDGET: Vote on Spending Walls Bill Put Off for Third Time
March 28 - 'Boll Weevils' Trip Up Leaders
March 28 - BANKING: Committee Stops Debating Credit Bill in Midstream
March 28 - Bush's Veto Message
March 28 - Democrats Falter in Drive To Claim Peace Dividend
March 28 - Democrats Hope Rescissions Will Be Two-Edged Sword
March 28 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Cheney Proposes Breaking Up 830 Guard, Reserve Units
March 28 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Attacks Democrats As He Vetoes Tax Bill
March 28 - Senate Approves $42 Billion For Hot Potato Bailout
March 28 - TAXES: No Second Tax Bill in Sight After House Sustains Veto
March 28 - Walls Erected by Budget Rules (chart)
April 4 - Fiscal 1993 Budget Resolution (chart)
April 4 - THE BUDGET: Rejection of Walls Bill Spells Spending Squeeze at Home
April 4 - THE BUDGET: Senate Committee Rejects Deeper Defense Cuts
April 11 - FY93 Budget Resolution (chart)
April 11 - Senate Panel OKs New Limits On Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 11 - Senate Yields to President On Size of Defense Cuts
April 18 - Breaks That May Stay
April 18 - FY93 TAXES: Quick Start, No Results
April 18 - TAXES: Democrats Lose Enthusiasm For 'Tax Fairness' Push
April 25 - BALANCED BUDGET: Amendment Drive Picks Up Speed
April 25 - Dispute Over Value of Good Will Puts Brakes on Thrift Bailout
April 25 - Other Proposals
April 25 - S and L: Where Good Will Fits on the Books (chart)
April 25 - Shrinking Nuclear Weapons Complex Sparks Explosive Debate Over Jobs
May 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Tries To Outdo Bush In Anti-Pork Campaign
May 2 - Comparing Countries' Debts (chart)
May 2 - How Big is the Deficit?
May 2 - Is the Deficit Now Too Big For Congress To Tame?
May 2 - LABOR: Disputes but No Direction On Jobless Benefits Bill
May 2 - Rescissions Packages (chart)
May 2 - SECTION NOTES: Airline Ticket Tax Continued, Money To Fund Improvements
May 2 - Seven Ways to Cut the Deficit Easier Said Than Done
May 2 - The Benefit Rules
May 2 - THE THRIFT INDUSTRY: Gonzalez Gears Up Again For RTC Funding Bill
May 2 - What About Using Tax Increases?
May 2 - What the Budget Rules Say
May 2 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Partisan Fights Set On Spending Cuts
May 9 - A Cascade of Red Ink (chart)
May 9 - Balanced-Budget Amendment Suddenly Comes to Life
May 9 - Jobless Benefits Reform Bill Draws Add-Ons, GOP Fire
May 9 - THE BUDGET: Defense-Foreign Aid Tradeoff Key to Conferees' Dealings
May 9 - The Drive To Convene a Convention
May 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House To Move on Aid For Los Angeles
May 16 - Amendment to Constitution Headed for Vote in June
May 16 - CIVIL SERVICE: Defense Cuts Spur Relief Efforts
May 16 - Critics Say Too Few Jobs, Owls Saved Under 'God Squad' Plan
May 16 - House and Senate Amendments To The Job Training Partnership Act
May 16 - How JTPA Works (chart)
May 16 - Panel Fells Timber Sales Bill
May 16 - Parties Hope Job Training Bill Will Spin Political Gold
May 16 - Ranking Largess (chart)
May 16 - Spending Pie Apt To Leave Chairmen Feeling Hungry
May 16 - Support for Foreign Aid Wilting Under Glare of Domestic Woes
May 16 - THE BUDGET: Conferees Snagged On Domestic Cuts
May 16 - VETERANS: Health Bill Clears; Workers' Bill, Too
May 16 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Pre-Recess Frenzy Expected on Hill
May 23 - A Dozen Special Tax Breaks Have a Life of Their Own
May 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rescissions Top Bush's Target, Change What Will Get Cut
May 23 - LABOR: Downsized Jobless Benefits Bill Emerges With Reforms Intact
May 23 - Rescissions Packages (chart)
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Balanced-Budget Proposal Gains Steam in House
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Funnel Funds To Small Businesses
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Banking Approves One Bill, Defers 2nd
May 23 - The 12 'Extenders'
May 23 - THE BUDGET: Congress Adopts Fiscal 1993 Plan
May 23 - Unemployment Rates (chart)
May 23 - What They Cost (chart)
May 30 - LABOR: Panel Rewrites Its Benefits Bill To Cut Millions From Deficit
May 30 - Partisan Differences Hamper Occupational Safety Rewrite
May 30 - SECTION NOTES: EEOC Harassment Protection For Federal Workers
May 30 - TAXES: High Court Points to Congress For Mail-Order Tax Ruling
May 30 - THE BUDGET: Opponents Launch Campaign To Stop Budget Amendment
June 6 - Budget Amendment Pummeled As House Set to Vote
June 6 - Discretionary Spending (chart)
June 6 - INVESTMENT: Protection for Limited Partners Stalled in Senate Panel
June 6 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Urges Congress To Pass Balanced-Budget Measure
June 6 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House To Spar Over Budget Meaure
June 13 - Highlights of House GOP Bill
June 13 - LABOR: Unions Give Up Strike Rights To No Avail in Senate
June 13 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Bill Applying Labor Law to Foreign Ships
June 13 - Senate Jobless Bill Offers Hope of Compromise
June 20 - Bankruptcy Law Revision Gets Senate Approval
June 20 - DEVELOPMENT BANKS: $12 Billion IMF Increase Wins House Banking Approval
June 20 - Energy Taxes
June 20 - ENERGY: Senate Committee Goes Along With House Tax Changes
June 20 - LABOR: Fall of Striker Bill Spotlights Doubts About Labor Lobby
June 20 - LABOR: Senate OKs Extended Benefits For Jobless; Conference Next
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Community Development Plan Gets Senate Labor Nod
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Social Security, JOBS Plans Approved For Later Bill
June 20 - TAXES: Packet of Business Tax Changes Gets Finance Committee OK
June 20 - TRADE: Trade Bill Gets Green Light, Disappointing Detroit
June 27 - Balanced-Budget Redux
June 27 - Clinton Makes Priorities Clear In Revised Economic Plan
June 27 - Clinton's Economic Plan (chart)
June 27 - Enterprise Zones
June 27 - Enterprise Zones Win OK From Ways and Means
June 27 - New Regulations Held Up By Gramm Maneuver
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Votes for Hike In Minivan Tariffs
June 27 - TECHNOLOGY: Competitiveness Bill Advances
June 27 - THE BUDGET: Panetta's Committee Tilting At the Deficit Windmill?
June 27 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Ends Rail Shutdown By Forcing Mediation
June 27 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Hill Has Much Planned Before July 4 Recess
July 4 - A Benefits Case Study
July 4 - A Hoarse Voice on Unemployment
July 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Despite Urge To Cut Deficit, House Only Shaves Bills
July 4 - COMMERCE: Price-Fixing Bill Killed in House
July 4 - DEBT RELIEF: Agriculture Panel Approves Swap
July 4 - GSEs: New Rules OK'd By Senate
July 4 - Highlights of Senate, House Tax Bills
July 4 - House Committee Tries Anew To Press China for Reforms
July 4 - House Judiciary Panel Supports Restraints on Bell Companies
July 4 - House Passes Urban Aid Bill With Deal on Capital Gains
July 4 - LABOR: Bush Relents, Expected To Sign Jobless Benefits Extension
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Aims To Improve Response To Federal Workers' Charges
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes for Independence For Social Security Agency
July 4 - Social Security Scuffle
July 4 - THE BUDGET: Senate Move Kills Amendment To Require Balanced Budget
July 4 - Treasury, Postal Service Spending (chart)
July 4 - Ways and Means Bill Highlights
July 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: New Supplemental Moves in House
July 11 - House Tax Writers Go To Work On Long List of Small Favors
July 11 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Sees Trade Agreement, Economic Growth Abroad
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: Customs Forfeiture Bill Rejected in House
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: House Veterans' Affairs Panels OK Benefit Improvements
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: Programs for the Disabled Renewed By House Panel
July 11 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs Bill On Fraud Reporting
July 11 - THE BUDGET: GOP Backs Out of House Talks On Deficit Reduction
July 11 - THE BUDGET: House Again Reverses Stand On Deficit Spending
July 11 - TRADE: Japan Would Be Chief Target Of House-Passed Bill
July 25 - Economy Will Be Wild Card In Presidential Election
July 25 - Fiscal 1992 Defense Supplemental (chart)
July 25 - Labor, HHS Spending (chart)
July 25 - Panetta's Plan
July 25 - SECURITIES: CFTC Bill Talks Move Along
July 25 - Senate Panel Finagles Funds To Meet City's Request
July 25 - Social Program Cuts Austere; Discomfort To Be Felt by All
July 25 - Tax Cut Frenzy, Take Two
July 25 - TAXES: House Passes Bill To Modify Code
July 25 - THE BUDGET: Deficit Seen Down To $333.5 Billion
July 25 - The Economy's Vital Signs
July 25 - Unemployment and the White House (chart)
August 1 - Administration Renews Push For S and L Salvage Funds
August 1 - Agreement on Everything, Almost
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Supplemental After Line-Item Veto Fight
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Gets Pinch-Penny Bill, Will Likely Revive Old Issues
August 1 - Conference Agenda (chart)
August 1 - House Approves Small Tax Changes
August 1 - Interior Spending (chart)
August 1 - INVESTMENTS: Measure To Curb Advisers Moves
August 1 - Labor, HHS, Education Spending (chart)
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: CFTC Conference Makes Limited Progress
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Desalinization Bill Passes Senate
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Would Limit Military Land Use
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Ex-Im Bank Charter
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: House Turns Down Attempt To Restrict Mining
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Promoters Push Osprey Despite Recent Crash
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Rising Bankruptcies Require More Judges
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes To Repeal Tax On Recreational Boats
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: State Attorneys General Target Credit Bill
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Worldwide Action Urged To Protect Dolphins
August 1 - SMALL BUSINESS: Bill Would Ease SBA Payments
August 1 - Tax Bill Gets Bipartisan Nod From Senate Finance Panel
August 1 - The Job Corps for Youth Works, But Is Success Too Expensive?
August 1 - TRADE: Albania, Romania Nearer MFN
August 1 - TRADE: Democrats Renew Pressure On Free-Trade Pact
August 1 - TRADE: Minivan Tariff Hike OK'd by House
August 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Appropriations, Taxes Demand Attention
August 8 - Action on Tax Bill Slips
August 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Tries To Spread Budget-Cutting Pain
August 8 - COMMERCE: Bill Would Tighten Patent Renewals
August 8 - CORRECTION: Tax bill markup.
August 8 - GOVERNMENT BONDS: Gonzalez Protects Bank Regulators
August 8 - INVESTMENTS: Advisers Would Get New Rules, Fees
August 8 - LABOR: The Family Leave Bill Returns In Time for GOP Convention
August 8 - LABOR: Wage Law Change Is Approved
August 8 - PENSION LAW: House OKs Measure To Limit State Wage Law Exceptions
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Albania MFN Bill Moves Forward
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Commercial Space Measure Passed by House
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Conferees Crack Down On Dual Trading
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Enterprise for Americas Measures Approved
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Action On Marine Die-Offs
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Bill On Ex-Im Bank
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Bill Rings Up REA For High-Tech Hookups
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Commerce Panel OKs Insurance Study
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: House Measure Would Create New Underwater Preserves
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Payment Protection Sought For Produce Vendors
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Backs Flexible SBA Payments
August 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel OKs Measures On Government Employees
August 8 - TAXES: House Tinkers With Tax Code, Agreeing on Minor Changes
August 8 - TRADE: Finance Committee Reports Bill On China MFN Restrictions
August 8 - TRADE: House Signals Concerns On Free-Trade Pact
August 8 - TRADE: OPIC Bill Encourages Use of U.S. Exports
August 15 - Bentsen Forestalls Efforts To Derail Urban Aid Bill
August 15 - Bush Says Free-Trade Pact Promises Growth, Jobs
August 15 - COMMERCE: Small-Business Bill Passes House
August 15 - Enterprise Zone Proposals
August 15 - Filberts, Goats and Belgian Endive
August 15 - Highlights of Free-Trade Pact
August 15 - LABOR: Changes to Job Training Act Fix Flaws, Target Needy
August 15 - LABOR: Senate Passes Family Leave Under Threat of Veto
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Albania Trade Measure Cleared by Senate
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Investment Advisers Bill Advances
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Ex-Im Bank Reauthorization Bill
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate's Grant to Amtrak Would Start Routes in New Regions
August 15 - SECTION NOTES: Trade Commission Authorized For First Time Since '81
August 15 - SECURITIES: Prospects Brighten For CFTC Bill
August 15 - TECHNOLOGY: Competitiveness Bill Gets Past Quorum Traps, Goes to Floor
August 15 - The 1990 Tax Increase
August 15 - URBAN AGENDA: Panel OKs Aid For Cities
September 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: $20 Billion Bill for Andrew At Government's Door
September 12 - COMMERCE: Product Liability Bill Killed By a Close Senate Vote
September 12 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Bush's Plan Consolidates, Recycles Old Ideas
September 12 - Free-Trade Pact Buffeted By Election-Year Forces
September 12 - Harkin Seeks $4 Billion Shift From Defense to Domestic
September 12 - Highlights of Free-Trade Pact
September 12 - LABOR: Diverging Views on Values Doom Family Leave Bill
September 12 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Outlines New Plan For Economic Renewal
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: Colorado Wilderness Bill On Conference Fast Track
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Merchant Marine, Inland Waterway Bills
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: Royalties for Home Recordings Part of Digital Audio Bill
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: Safety Commission Renewal Includes New Toy Rules
September 12 - SECTION NOTES: Walter Jones, Citing Ill Health, Hands Reins to Rep. Studds
September 12 - Treasury-Postal Service (chart)
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Save Super Collider But Can't Resolve Test Ban
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Resists Adding Money To Popular Social Programs
September 19 - Disaster Relief Package Clears in Brisk Fashion
September 19 - ENERGY: Huge Conference Fails To Confront Policy Bill's Major Conflicts
September 19 - House-Senate Disparities
September 19 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Avoids Earnings Issue, Passes Older Americans Act
September 19 - LABOR: Bush's Family Leave Plan Comes Late For Action
September 19 - Perot Lends Credibility To Third-Party Tilts
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Affecting Miners, Ranchers Wins House Approval
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Alter Travel Rules For Federal Workers
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Colorado Wilderness Bill Moves to Conference
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Funding For Distressed Areas Gets Subcommittee Nod
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Reauthorization Of U.S. Tourism Agency
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Pipeline Safety Bill Passes House
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Toned-Down Workplace Bill Would Amend OSHA
September 19 - Spending Bills vs. Bush's Request (chart)
September 19 - TAXES: Senate's Tax Bill Must Cross An Election-Year Minefield
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Cut $200 Million, Pave Way to Approval
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Negotiators Leave Veto Bait In District Spending Bill
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Conferees Yield, Cut Millions, Labor Provisions
September 26 - As Suburban Loyalty Is Tested, Bush Isn't Making the Grade
September 26 - Bush Fulfills Veto Pledge On Family Leave Bill
September 26 - COMMERCE: Competitiveness Logjam Breaks
September 26 - Democrats Face Off With Bush On $32 Billion Bill
September 26 - FINANCIAL SERVICES: Credit Reporting Bill Is Pulled After Close Amendment Vote
September 26 - Forest, Desert Protection Bills Near Extinction in Senate
September 26 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Deal Reached on New Rules For Fannie, Freddie
September 26 - INVESTMENT: Money Adviser Bill Gets House OK
September 26 - LABOR: Modest Jobs Plan May Develop From Deep in Defense Bill
September 26 - LABOR: Senate Overrides Bush On Family Leave Act
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Bare-Bones BLM Authorization Gets Senate Approval
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Improve Forest Health Would Allow More Logging
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Ban U.S. Cruises Given on Foreign Ships
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Making States Check Beach Pollution
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Royalty Fee For Music Makers
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Five-Year Ban On Drift-Net Fishing
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Create Paperwork Reduction Agency
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Authorizers Would Halt Pork Barrel Restorations
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: Whistleblowers Rewarded; Debtors Punished
September 26 - SECURITIES: Conferees' Compromise Allows CFTC Bill To Finally Move
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT -- Beyond the Campaign DEFICIT: Leadership Needed To Erase Red Ink
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign Further Reading
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign THE CITIES: Austere Times Offer Few Urban Solutions
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign THE ECONOMY -- Growth Is Crucial - But at What Pace?
September 26 - Spending Bills Slim Down
September 26 - TRADE: Bill To Update Customs Service Faces Uncertain Future
September 26 - TRADE: China MFN Bill Sent to Bush
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Government Funding Bill Moves Through House
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Lean Spending Bills Are Likely To Squeeze By on Schedule
October 3 - BANKING: Bill Would Penalize Money Launderers
October 3 - BANKING: Lawmakers Hope To Snip Industry's Red Tape
October 3 - CORRECTION: Deficit.
October 3 - CORRECTION: Tax bill.
October 3 - DISASTER RELIEF: Bill Would Ease Banking Rules
October 3 - EXPORT-IMPORT BANK: Staff Fine-Tunes Reauthorization
October 3 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: New Fannie, Freddie Oversight Begins Moving Again
October 3 - HOUSE BANK: Walker: Bad Checks Covered Gambling
October 3 - INVESTMENTS: Time Crunch Kills OPIC Measure
October 3 - LABOR: Family Leave Act Falls Again; Veto Override Fails in House
October 3 - SECURITIES: CFTC Bill Is Seen Likely To Clear
October 3 - Short but Grim Conference Meets Bush's Demands
October 3 - Tax Negotiators Press Ahead With No Word From Bush
October 3 - THE BUDGET: Perot, Commission Make Bids To Put Deficit in Spotlight
October 3 - Treasury-Postal Spending (chart)
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Devoid of Trouble, Bill Goes To Bush
October 10 - Bill's Taxes Are a Blessing to Some And a 'Mugging' to Others
October 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Real War on the Deficit Requires a Sales Job
October 10 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Bill Establishing New Overseer For Fannie, Freddie Clears
October 10 - Highlights of Compromise On Taxes, Enterprise Zones
October 10 - Labor-HHS-Education Spending (chart)
October 10 - Senate Sends $27 Billion Bill Straight for a Veto
October 17 - EXPORT CONTROLS: Three Republicans Halt Export Bill
October 17 - How Plans by Bush, Clinton, Perot and Others Would Affect the Deficit
October 17 - THE BUDGET: Five Campaign-Season Plans May Point Way on Deficit
October 17 - THE DEFICIT: Latest Estimate: $290 Billion
October 31 - BANKING: 'December Surpise' Warnings Examined on Capitol Hill
October 31 - Cost of Bank Failures (chart)
November 7 - TAXES: Read Bush's Veto Pen: No New Tax Bill
November 7 - Turning to the Economy
November 14 - Deficit Record Set
November 14 - Mark These Dates
November 14 - MEMORANDUM OF DISAPPROVAL: Citing Special Interest Slant, Bush Vetoes Tax Bill
November 14 - Roads to Recovery
November 14 - TAXES: Clinton Strategy Renews Debate Over Investment Tax Credit
November 14 - THE ECONOMY: Clinton, Congress, the Deficit: On a Collision Course
November 14 - TRANSITION: Clinton Outlines His Priorities, Economy Chief Among Them
November 21 - 103rd Must Pay the S and L Piper That Last Congress Put Off
November 21 - Doing the Numbers
November 21 - Ed and Labor's Stops and Starts
November 21 - Ford vs. Armey
November 21 - Panel Looks for Place in the Sun After Years Outside the Spotlight
November 21 - The Line-Item Dance
November 21 - Will Clinton Restore Good Will To Education and Labor?
November 28 - Environmental Groups Look for Ways To Ensure a 'Green' Trade Agreement
November 28 - Warning Bells on NAFTA Sound for Clinton
December 12 - 'Regulatory Relief' Tops Industry's Wish List
December 12 - Clinton Fills Cabinet Slots At Labor And HHS, Names EPA Administrator
December 12 - COVER STORY: Deficit Hawk Panetta Is Named White House Budget Director
December 12 - Economy Still Needs Overhaul, Clinton Tells Lawmakers
December 12 - Filling the Regulators' Shoes
December 12 - In Bentsen, Clinton Summons A Texas Titan to Treasury
December 12 - New Clinton Economic Team Veers Toward the Center
December 12 - TRANSITION: When It's Time To Choose Sides, Clinton Picks From Home Team
December 12 - What the Banks Want
December 19 - KEY HOUSE VOTES: 3. Budget Walls
December 19 - KEY HOUSE VOTES: 9. Balanced-Budget Amendment
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 3. Budget Walls
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 7. Unemployment Compensation
December 19 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Happy With Results Of Economic Conference
December 19 - NOTES: Bush, Salinas, Mulroney Sign NAFTA Accord
December 19 - NOTES: Supreme Court To Hear Bank Powers Case

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