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 Economic Affairs

January 5 - ECONOMIC FALLOUT: Hopes for Quick End to Recession
January 5 - The 'R' Word Is Official
January 5 - THE BUDGET: Republicans Cry Foul as House Changes Rules for 'Scoring'
January 5 - Unstable Mideast Oil Supply Rocks the World Market
January 5 - Volunteer Forces: Into the Breach
January 12 - Some Punishment Seems Likely As Keating Inquiry Probe Nears End
January 12 - THE BUDGET: Deficit Estimates Climb $50 Billion
January 19 - Education: Political Battle To Control the Agenda
January 19 - THE BUDGET: Gulf War Could Wipe Out 1991 Defense Savings
January 19 - The Budget: Peace Ahead For a Few Years
January 19 - The Gulf War and Recession Darken Outlook for 1991
January 26 - Alarming Legacy of Debt and Deficit Is the Treadmill of Interest on Interest
January 26 - Budget Priority (chart)
January 26 - Budget Timetable (chart)
January 26 - Discretionary Spending Caps (chart)
January 26 - Moynihan Tries Again
January 26 - New Rules on Taxes, Spending May Mean Budget Standoff
January 26 - No Cliffhanger This Year
January 26 - Partisanship Likely To Drive Any Debate on New Taxes
January 26 - THE BUDGET: Recession Triggers Senate Vote To Disregard Spending Caps
January 26 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: $30 Billion Sought for Thrifts; Brady Urges Quick Action
February 2 - CORRECTION: Keating Five.
February 2 - Financial System's Wounds May Only Be Bandaged
February 2 - Martin: No Bush Clone
February 2 - Reformers Play Variations on Theme Of Bank Deposit Insurance Reform
February 2 - TAXES: Bush Floats Capital Gains Cut; Hill Likely To Let It Sink
February 2 - THE BUDGET: Senate Votes Down Measure To Suspend New Rules
February 2 - The FDIC: Send More Money (chart)
February 2 - What's Ahead: Bush Budget Request Arrives on Hill
February 9 - Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
February 9 - Administration Spells Out Plan To Reform Financial System
February 9 - Budget Authority, Outlays By Agency (chart)
February 9 - Bush Begins Effort To Shrink Military by One-Fourth
February 9 - Committee Asks If Mexico Pact Will Ship Industry South
February 9 - Comparison of Banking Proposals
February 9 - Defense Budget Authority (chart)
February 9 - Deficit Optimists Ready for Round 3 (chart)
February 9 - Deficit Projections (chart)
February 9 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Dixon's 'Clean House' Style Wins City Budget Increase
February 9 - Economic Forecasts Compared (chart)
February 9 - Effects of Recession on the Deficit (chart)
February 9 - Fiscal 1992 Budget by Function (chart)
February 9 - New Rules to Old Game (chart)
February 9 - Revenue Changes in Bush Budget (chart)
February 9 - SECTION NOTES: Alexander Vows Fresh Start On Minority Scholarships
February 9 - SECTION NOTES: Pair of Veterans' Measures Passed by House
February 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Martin As Labor Secretary
February 9 - Some Programs Were Clear Winners
February 9 - THE BUDGET: Bush Keeps Tax Plans Modest; Democrats Split on Strategy
February 9 - THE BUDGET: Function-by-Function Highlights
February 9 - THE BUDGET: White House Economic Forecast Hews to Mainstream Views
February 9 - THE GULF WAR: Heinz Proposal Slows Action On Measure To Aid Troops
February 9 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Senate Panel Reluctantly OKs $30 Billion More for Bailout
February 9 - Why We're Here
February 9 - With Little Room To Maneuver, Bush Sets His Priorities
February 16 - BANKING: Banks Offer 'Contingency Plan' To Shore Up Insurance Fund
February 16 - ETHICS: Keating Decision May Be Near As Panel Prepares To Meet
February 16 - LABOR: Recession May Be Good News For Unemployment Bill
February 16 - THE ECONOMY: Advisers Use Market Rationale To Support Bush Initiatives
February 23 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Senate OKs Bill To Breathe Life Into Defense Production Act
February 23 - Major Aid Proposals
February 23 - SECTION NOTES: Joblessness Insurance Funds To Run Short, GAO Warns
February 23 - THE GULF WAR: War Measures Could Trigger Automatic Spending Cuts
March 2 - Call To Fuse Federal Programs Greeted Skeptically on Hill
March 2 - LABOR: Parental Leave Bill Has New Hope
March 2 - Replaying a Familiar GOP Theme
March 2 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: RTC Legislation Threatened By Distaste for Bailout
March 9 - AGRICULTURE: California-Delegation Split Holds Up Drought Relief
March 9 - BANKING: Panel Votes to Make It Riskier For Banks to Launder Money
March 9 - BANKS: Overhaul Debate Begins on Hill
March 9 - Houses Move One Step Closer To Bailout Authorization
March 9 - LABOR: Bill To Protect Striking Workers Faces White House Veto
March 9 - LABOR: House Panel Approves Parental Leave Bill
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Balanced-Budget Amendment Gets Subcommittee Nod
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Expected On DPA Extension
March 9 - SECURITIES: Futures Trading Bill Advances, But More Disputes Await
March 9 - TAXES: Capital Gains Study At a Standstill
March 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: War-Related Measures Head Must-Do List
March 16 - Banking Committee Votes (chart)
March 16 - Hard To Please
March 16 - House Approves Bill To Refill Coffers for Bailout Effort
March 16 - PAYROLL TAXES: Social Security Tax Cut: A Fatal Attraction?
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Disability Prevention Gets Senate Panel OK
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Federal Worker Family Leave Backed by House Panel
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Committee Approves Striker Protection Bill
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Advances Revision Of Job Rating System
March 16 - SECTION NOTES: Rep. Downey Tries Again On Jobless Benefits
March 16 - TAXES: IRA Deductibility Back in Senate
March 23 - BANKING: Lawmakers Get the S and L Jitters From Deposit-Insurance Plan
March 23 - CBO on Bush.
March 23 - Going in Different Directions
March 23 - SECTION NOTES: Both Parties Ask Fed To Push Down Rates
March 23 - SECTION NOTES: Estimate Says Capital Gains Will Lose $11 Billion
March 23 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: $30 Billion RTC Salvage Bill Awaits President's OK
April 6 - A Matter of Principle
April 6 - BUDGET: Partisan Feuds May Shatter Short-Lived Budget Peace
April 6 - Bush Proposal Stirs Debate On Future of State Banks
April 6 - COMMERCIAL BANK FAILURES, 1985-1990 (by Charter)
April 6 - State vs. National Banks (chart)
April 6 - WHAT'S AHEAD: '92 Budget Tops Agenda As Congress Returns
April 13 - BANKING: Committee Leaders Deal Blow To Bush Overhaul Proposal
April 13 - Golden Opportunity?
April 13 - Panels Find Little Wiggle Room In Drawing Up Spending Plans
April 13 - Revenue Rustlers Fight To Claim Endangered Tax Breaks
April 13 - SECTION NOTES: CBO Issues Long-Term Caveat On Social Security Tax Cut
April 13 - Tax Estimators Crave the Shadows
April 20 - Back Into the Fray
April 20 - Budget Panels: Dealt a Tough Hand
April 20 - Deal May Die Young
April 20 - Domenici vs. Sasser
April 20 - Fiscal 1992 Budget Resolution (chart)
April 20 - Job Discrimination Legislation Roils Business Community
April 20 - LABOR: Hill Moves With Alacrity To End Rail Strike
April 20 - LABOR: Rules on Children in Workplace Focus of Partisan Jockeying
April 20 - LABOR: Striker Bill Advances
April 20 - Panetta, Gradison, Domenici, Sasser Guardians of the Budget Process
April 20 - Relevance of Budget Process Is Tricky Question on Hill
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: First Steps Taken On Latin Debt Bill
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: No Consensus on Cost Of IRA Deduction
April 20 - SECURITIES: Senate Approves Compromise On Regulation of 'Hybrids'
April 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Push for 2nd Gasoline Tax Hike Gears Up in the House
April 20 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget Resolution On Senate Floor
April 27 - Bank Fund's Health (chart)
April 27 - CIVIL RIGHTS: With Business Talks Stalled, Bush Holds Best Hand
April 27 - CORRECTION: Veterans' Jobs
April 27 - FAMILY LEAVE: Senate Panel Replays Course On Previously Vetoed Bill
April 27 - Fiscal 1992 Budget Resolution (chart)
April 27 - Negotiators' Legacy
April 27 - Panel Rides Express Track, Hopes to Avoid Collision
April 27 - Senate OKs Fiscal Blueprint, Rejects Payroll Tax Cut
April 27 - Tiny Sequester Hits
April 27 - TRADE: Lawmakers Offer Plans To Modify Fast Track
April 27 - Who's Accountable for Social Security?
May 4 - Administration Proposes Plan To Expand Pension Coverage
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Labor-HHS- Education
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Treasury-Postal
May 4 - BANKING: Panelists Set June Deadline To Move Broad Bank Bill
May 4 - Discretionary Spending (chart)
May 4 - Highlights of the 'Action Plan'
May 4 - President Puts His Prestige on the Line To Rally Support for His Trade Power
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: Stricter Penalties Proposed For Child-Labor Violations
May 4 - SECTION NOTES: Striker Replacement Bill Gains Approval
May 4 - TREASURY: Tight Reins Urged for Lenders Backed by Government
May 11 - A Debate of Many Options For Banks Too Big To Fail
May 11 - Are 'Too Big To Fail' Banks Too Much for Congress?
May 11 - House Panel OKs FDIC Money, More Supervision of Banks
May 11 - Only a Few Banks Deemed 'Essential'
May 11 - Playing by the Rules
May 11 - TAXES: Democrats Testing the Waters For New Bout Over 'Fairness'
May 11 - TAXES: High Cost Seen For IRA Plan
May 11 - What Makes Banks Too Big To Fail?
May 18 - House Panel Kicks Off Action On Major Bank Overhaul
May 18 - LABOR: Rehiring Preference Advocated As Family Leave Substitute
May 18 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Pact On Forced Labor
May 18 - Son of 'Quotas'
May 18 - THE BUDGET: Conferees Reach FY '92 Accord Leaving Tax Fight to Senate
May 18 - Treasury's Hardline Strategy
May 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Debate Goes On
May 25 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
May 25 - BANKING: Foreign Affairs Tries To Salvage Money-Laundering Law
May 25 - Democrats Scramble for Cover Under GOP 'Quota' Attacks
May 25 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Personnel Agency Rescinds Call For Standardized Benefits
May 25 - Fiscal 1992 Budget Resolution (chart)
May 25 - INVESTMENTS: Controls Sought For 'Roll-Ups'
May 25 - Major Controversies
May 25 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Strikers' Protection
May 25 - TAXES: Democrats Lay Out 'Goals' To Jump-Start Economy
May 25 - THE BUDGET: Congress Approves Blueprint For Fiscal 1992 Spending
June 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Panel's Ax Falls On Pork-Barrel Projects
June 1 - Discretionary Spending Compared (chart)
June 1 - SECTION NOTES: Gonzalez Sets Mid-June Markup on Bank Bill
June 1 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs Truth in Savings
June 1 - SECTION NOTES: Treasury Seeks Stiffer Regulation of GSEs
June 1 - THE BUDGET: Appropriators Come Close To Matching Guidelines
June 8 - 'Civil Rights and Women's Equity' Act A Look at Its Major Provisions
June 8 - Bill Passes House, not Muster; Next Chance Is in Senate
June 8 - Discretionary Spending (chart)
June 8 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Bill To Increase Layoff Notice
June 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Performance Standards Bill Seeks Federal Efficiency
June 8 - Holding the Line - Barely
June 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Customs To Get Spending Gain
June 15 - CIVIL SERVICE: House Panel OKs Layoff Measure
June 15 - Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
June 15 - Walls Around Banking System May Face Congress' Chisel
June 22 - CIVIL RIGHTS: Danforth Revises Legislation In Quest for a Compromise
June 22 - Labor, HHS, Education Spending (chart)
June 22 - LABOR: Senate Panel OKs Striker Measure
June 22 - Pet Projects
June 22 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Protect Benefits Of Rural Phone Co-ops
June 22 - SECTION NOTES: Labor Department Blamed For Pensioners' Woes
June 22 - Whitten Clout Not Enough To Defeat CFO Funding
June 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bush Seeks Fourth Supplemental For Domestic Disaster Relief
June 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Cuts Postal Subsidies
June 29 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
June 29 - Big Banks Win First Round In Pursuit of New Powers
June 29 - CORRECTION: Labor-HHS Appropriations.
June 29 - CORRECTION: Section Notes.
June 29 - CORRECTION: Treasury-Postal Appropriations.
June 29 - Funding Minuet
June 29 - House Passes LHHS Measure; Abortion Foes Bank on Veto
June 29 - LABOR: Unemployment Benefits Bill Faces Hurdle Over Taxes
June 29 - TAXES: Leaders Offer Bills To Simplify Code
June 29 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: $80 Billion More Sought for RTC
June 29 - Treasury, Postal Service Spending (chart)
July 6 - CORRECTION: RTC Financing.
July 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury-Postal Bill Goes Undelivered
July 13 - BANKING: Hill Maneuvers Threaten Delay Of Massive Overhaul Bill
July 13 - FEDERAL RESERVE: Banking on Greenspan For Another Term
July 13 - PROVISIONS: Banking Overhaul Bill
July 13 - TAXES: Momentum Grows for Gas Tax To Pay for Highway Bill
July 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Helms Wins Big on AIDS Issue, But Victory May Not Last
July 20 - BANKING: Conflicting Visions of Bank Overhaul Conspire to Slow Work on Bill
July 20 - Deficit Report Shows No Gain From Pain of Spending Rules
July 20 - Deficits Past and Future (chart)
July 20 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Long-Term Renewal of DPA Gets Belated Attention
July 20 - It Was No 'Grand Bargain'
July 20 - LABOR: $6 Billion Emergency Measure To Aid Jobless Proposed
July 20 - LABOR: Vote To Ban Striker Replacements Falls Short of Veto Override
July 20 - Riegle's Banking Bill
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Extend Benefits To Rural Phone Workers
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Greenspan Says Economy Is On the Rebound
July 20 - SECTION NOTES: Mullins Is Confirmed As Fed Official
July 27 - BANKING: Senate Takes Small Steps In Bank Bill Overhaul
July 27 - COINAGE: Veterans' Medal Gets Panel's OK
July 27 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Banking Panel Approves Bill To Oversee Freddie, Fannie
July 27 - LABOR: Democrats Press Bills to Aid Jobless Americans
July 27 - LABOR: House Panels Vote Measures On Worker Health, Safety
July 27 - Pork and Taxes: Will They Mix?
July 27 - THE BUDGET: Despite Good Economic News, Recession Spat Continues
July 27 - TRANSPORTATION: Lawmakers Lard Highway Bill With $6.8 Billion in Projects
August 3 - BANKING: Lawmakers Gear Up for Action As BCCI Scandal Heats Up
August 3 - Bills To Increase GSE Oversight Move Ahead in House, Senate
August 3 - Congress Clears Benefits Bills, But Funding Is Unlikely
August 3 - CORRECTION: Unemployment compensation.
August 3 - House Dispute Over Gas Tax Puts Highway Bill on Hold
August 3 - How the Bill Works (chart)
August 3 - INVESTMENT: Bill Seeks To Protect Investors From Big Losses in Roll-Ups
August 3 - The $50,000 Question
August 10 - BANKING: Former BCCI Official Testifies On First American Purchase
August 10 - BANKING: Seidman's Parting Will Leave Loose Ends for Successors
August 10 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Congress Renews Defense Act
August 10 - SECTION NOTES: Labor-HHS Spending Bill Gets a Recess, Too
August 17 - Bush Says He'll Sign Benefits Bill But Won't Declare Emergency
August 17 - RECESS NOTES: Bush Rejects Extension Of Jobless Benefits
August 24 - Banker vs. Banker
August 24 - BANKING: Key Fights on Overhaul Bill May Occur on the Flanks
August 24 - Lobbyists Storm Capitol Hill, Clash Over Banking Bill
September 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Future of Labor-HHS Measure
September 14 - BANKING: Clifford Fights for His Honor As BCCI Hearings Begin
September 14 - BANKING: Panel Members Put Obstacles In Way of Overhaul Bill
September 14 - BCCI and First American: A Look at the Ties That Bind
September 14 - Defining Intangibles
September 14 - Fed on the Defensive
September 14 - HEALTH: Rhetoric Flares Up On Health Care
September 14 - Hill Poised To Revamp Rules On Business Write-Offs
September 14 - LABOR: Democrats Vow To Battle Bush On Unemployment Benefits
September 14 - Simplifying the Code
September 14 - The Ad Deduction
September 14 - THE BUDGET: Rising Estimates To Force Debt-Limit Vote in 1992
September 14 - THE BUDGET: Third Vote Is Set To Shelve Rules
September 14 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Democrats To Try Again On Jobless Benefits
September 21 - Fate of Overhaul in Doubt As Conflicts Solidify
September 21 - House, Senate Banking Bills Compared
September 21 - LABOR: Senate's Hopes for Leave Bill Face Bush's Opposition
September 21 - LABOR: Showdown Expected With Bush Over Unemployment Benefits
September 21 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Turns Down Chance To Junk Budget Rules
September 28 - Bush's Perfect Veto Record Faces Its Severest Test
September 28 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: House Agrees To Tighten Reins On Freddie and Fannie
September 28 - LABOR: Job Program for Disadvantaged Is Approved by House Panel
September 28 - LABOR: Safety Catch: Opponents Find OSHA Rules Burdensome
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Bond Sales Bill Passes Senate
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Savings Disclosure Rules Approved in House
September 28 - Senators in the Spotlight
September 28 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Taylor Confirmation Likely; New RTC Chief Named
October 5 - BANKING: Banking Panel Democrats Agree To Go Forward on Overhaul
October 5 - LABOR: Family Leave's Fate Uncertain Despite Two-Thirds Support
October 5 - LABOR: Unemployment Bill Feels Tug
October 5 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Welcomes Latest Figures On Unemployment Situation
October 5 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Panel Proves Tight-Fisted In Refinancing Bailout
October 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Treasury Bill Eyes
October 12 - LABOR: President Vetoes Jobless Bill
October 12 - LABOR: Skills Training Bill Passed by House
October 12 - MANUFACTURING: House Passes Measure Intended To Hammer at Price Fixing
October 12 - THE BUDGET: Push To Reroute Defense Funds Called Threat to Budget Deal
October 12 - THRIFT INDUSTRY: Controversial Proposal Calls For Pay-As-You-Go Bailout
October 19 - LABOR: Democrats Regroup After Veto, Forging New Benefits Bill
October 19 - Natcher vs. Hatfield
October 19 - PRESIDENTIAL MESSAGE: Unemployment Bill Vetoed by Bush
October 19 - THE ECONOMY: Republicans Plan Growth Package
October 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Conferees Haggling Over Dollars, Not Issues
October 26 - BANKING: Deal Smooths Overhaul's Path To Floor, But Not to Passage
October 26 - Does Congress Really Have Options For Jump-Starting a Weak Economy?
October 26 - LABOR: Trying Again for Jobless Bill, House Panel Includes Taxes
October 26 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Hails Civil Rights Accord, Sees 'Joyous Day' for Nation
October 26 - Rallying Cry for Tax Cuts: Relief for Middle Class
November 2 - Banking Overhaul Losing Ground To Complexity, Controversy
November 2 - Halloween on the House Floor
November 2 - Jobless Benefits Deal Crumbles After Bush Seeks Compromise
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Boosts Training In High-Tech Fields
November 2 - Selected Programs In HR2707 (chart)
November 2 - TAXES: Fear of Veto, Controversy Kills Possibility of Cut
November 2 - THE BUDGET: 1991 Deficit Hits Record Level
November 9 - BANKING: Clarke Nomination Turned Down
November 9 - Hill Short of Supermajority Over Abortion 'Gag Rule'
November 9 - House Nearing a Compromise On Jobless Benefits Bill
November 9 - INVESTMENT: Roll-Up Protection Passed by House
November 9 - Labor, HHS, Education (chart)
November 9 - Leaders Look for Compromise After Overhaul Bill Fails
November 9 - New House Banking Bill
November 9 - Paying the Tab
November 9 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Puts Best Face on Election, Voices Concern for Economy
November 9 - Rostenkowski Unveils Plan For Middle-Class Relief
November 9 - What Was Thrown Overboard
November 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Stopgap Spending Bill Due To Expire
November 16 - Bill Shrinks as Chances Dim For Broader Overhaul
November 16 - LABOR: House Approves Family Leave, But Can't Beat Veto Threat
November 16 - LABOR: Job-Benefits Bill Cleared After Hard-Fought Deals
November 16 - SECTION NOTES: Bringing Contaminants Home Would Be Study's Focus
November 16 - SECTION NOTES: Help Under Way for Workers Excluded From Rights Bill
November 16 - TAXES: Popular Breaks Face Uncertain Future
November 16 - Then There Is the Thrift Bailout
November 23 - A Little Problem for RTC Funding How To Rustle Up $80 Billion
November 23 - CIVIL RIGHTS: Bush Signs Anti-Job Bias Bill Amid Furor Over Preferences
November 23 - Credit Card Rate Cap: Flash in Pan
November 23 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Panel Approves Bill To Provide More Budget Control for City
November 23 - Key Democrats (chart)
November 23 - LABOR: Increase in Jobless Benefits Has White House Approval
November 23 - LABOR: Warning Workers Of Snooping
November 23 - Lawmakers Go To the Wire On Bank Overhaul Bill
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Aims To Assist Entrepreneurial Women
November 23 - Senate vs. House Bills
November 23 - VETO MESSAGE: LHHS Spending Bill Rejected by Bush
November 30 - Banking Overhaul Bill Highlights
November 30 - Breathing Room for Thrift Bailout
November 30 - Bush, Congress Offer Sneak Preview Of the Coming Election-Year Tax War
November 30 - Congress Clears Slim Version Of Banking Overhaul Bill
November 30 - First Session Winds Down After Tax-Cut Dither
November 30 - GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED ENTERPRISES: Complaint From Fannie Mae Delays Senate Measure
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Votes To Help Women Seeking Non-Traditional Jobs
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Jobless Benefits Extension Sent to President Bush
November 30 - TAXES: 'Extenders' Get Six Months In Hill Compromise
December 7 - Bush Adds Middle-Class Aid To Republican Agenda
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: BUDGET CAPS (chart)
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: THE SOCIAL TAB Labor, HHS, Education Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Where The Money Goes Labor, HHS, Education -- Fiscal Year 1992
December 14 - PROVISIONS: Deposit Insurance Overhaul Bill
December 14 - PROVISIONS: RTC Refinancing, Restructuring
December 14 - THE BUDGET: As Tax-Cut Drive Builds Steam, How Far Will Rules Be Bent?
December 21 - Huge Deficit Adds Pressure For Spending Rules Change
December 21 - PROVISIONS: Surface Transportation Law
December 21 - THE ECONOMY: Amid Grim Economic Outlook, Fed Slashes Interest Rate

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