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 Economic Affairs

January 3 - St Germain Faces Possible Challenge at Banking
January 10 - A Glossary of Budget Terms
January 10 - Agriculture: President Urges Congress to Overhaul Farm Programs
January 10 - Baseline Budget Projections (chart)
January 10 - Budget and Deficit Targets (chart)
January 10 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency (chart)
January 10 - Budget Authority by Function (chart)
January 10 - Budget Proposes $18.7 Billion in Spending Cuts...
January 10 - Congress Opens With Partisan Skirmishing
January 10 - Contained in His 1988 Budget Proposal: Text of President Reagan's Fiscal 1988 Budget Message
January 10 - Cutting the Deficit: Most Administration Proposals Are Hardy Perennials
January 10 - Defense Money: Where Does It Go? (chart)
January 10 - Defense: Debate Centers Not on Size of Pie, but How to Divide It
January 10 - Education: Reagan Targets Student Aid for Deep Spending Cuts
January 10 - Energy/Environment: Familiar Refrain: Reagan Proposes, Congress Opposes
January 10 - Federal Salaries: Pay Raise Proposed for Congress, Other Top Officials
January 10 - Foreign Affairs: Military Aid - Including Contra Money - Is Priority
January 10 - Health/Human Services: Budget Cuts in Health and Welfare Raise Hackles on Hill
January 10 - Hill Experts Dispute Fiscal 1988 Deficit Estimate
January 10 - Housing: HUD Budget Would Be Slashed by 28 Percent
January 10 - Law/Judiciary: More Funds Sought for Immigration Law, Prisons
January 10 - Little New in $1 Trillion 1988 Budget Request
January 10 - Proposed Top-Level Salaries (chart)
January 10 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
January 10 - Reagan Proposes Merit Pay System
January 10 - Research and Development: Reagan Requests More Funds for Military, Space, AIDS
January 10 - Transportation/Commerce: Amtrak Sale, Mass Transit Funding Cuts Proposed
January 10 - Weariness Over Budget Impasse Leads... Leads Some to Speak Aloud About Tax Hikes
January 17 - 'Security Aid' Totals, Fiscal 1986-88
January 17 - Democrats Want Quick Action: Party Unity, Not Bipartisanship, Sets Tone for Budget Debate
January 17 - IRS Says No Changes Likely in W-4 Tax Form
January 24 - Court Rejects Administration Deferral Authority
January 24 - IRS Now Plans Overhaul of W-4 Tax Form
January 24 - Members' Desire for a Deficit 'Summit' May Lead to a Debt-Limit Confrontation
January 24 - S and L Group Has Own Plan: Fight Brews Over Bailing Out Ailing Savings Insurance Fund
January 31 - Economic Forecast Counts on Trade Improvement
January 31 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function: $1.024 Trillion In
January 31 - Newest Budget Panel Members Confront Jargon, Turf Battles and a Looming Deficit
January 31 - President Reagan's Message to Congress Accompanying His Economic Report -- Jan. 29, 1987
January 31 - Prospects Good for Bill Limiting Check Holds
February 7 - Congress Aims at Minimum Benefit Package
February 7 - House Banking Delays Action on FSLIC Bill
February 7 - House Passes Garn-St Germain Extender
February 14 - Democrats Put Budget Action on a Fast Track
February 21 - Democrats Reintroduce Plant Closing Bill
February 28 - Reagan, Big Business Opposed: Labor, Health Groups Push Bill To Notify Workers of Hazards
February 28 - Trimmed Gramm-Rudman Goals on the Table
March 7 - After Years of Laying Low, Labor Seizes Initiative
March 7 - Minimum Wage Getting Maximum Attention
March 7 - Supplemental Spending Bill Advances: As a Way to Cut Budget Deficit
March 14 - House Passes Bank Regulator Bills
March 14 - Long, Hard Struggle Facing Budget Writers
March 14 - Reagan Asks Congress to Overhaul Credit Programs
March 21 - House Panel Abandons Public Budget Sessions
March 28 - Democrats on Hill Draft Fiscal 1988 Budget
March 28 - Major Provisions of the Highway/Mass Transit Bill
March 28 - Minimum Wage Increase Introduced
March 28 - Senate Budget Proposal (chart)
March 28 - Senate Votes to Restrict Banks, Rescue FSLIC
April 4 - Bill Barring 'Double Breasting' Approved
April 4 - Budget Moves to Full House Amid Partisan Flak
April 4 - Major Assumptions of House Committee Budget
April 4 - Uphill Fight for Passage: Labor, Business Square Off On Plant Closing Legislation
April 11 - Analysis in Billions of Dollars (chart)
April 11 - House Adopts Democrats-Only FY '88 Budget
April 11 - Labor Charges Dole Is Anti-Union
April 11 - Labor, Business Edge Closer on Notification Bill
April 11 - Peace Offers Floated by Budget Camps... ...May Signal Only a Pause in the Fighting
April 18 - Budget Battles to Multiply in Coming Days
April 18 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function (chart)
April 18 - Labor's Menu Whets Chamber's Appetite
April 18 - Major Assumptions of Senate Committee Budget
April 18 - Senate Passes Temporary Legislation: Retiree Benefit Protection Sought in Bankruptcy Cases
April 18 - Virulent Tone Marks Debate On 'Double-Breasting' Bill
April 25 - Democrats Optimistic: Job Risk Bill Moved Forward Despite Protest From Business
April 25 - Lawmakers Seeking to Halt Abuse of Taxpayers
April 25 - Senate Delays Action on Budget Resolution
May 2 - Another Step Forward for Labor's Job Risk Bill
May 2 - House Panel Votes to Restrict Use of Polygraphs
May 2 - Senate Progress on 1988 Spending Plan Slows
May 9 - Fiscal 1988 Budgets by Function Compared (chart)
May 9 - House Agrees to Limit Check Holds
May 9 - Major Assumptions of Senate-Passed Budget
May 9 - Senate Adopts Democrats' Fiscal 1988 Budget
May 9 - Senate Budget Summary (chart)
May 9 - Showdown Looms Over Increasing Federal Debt Ceiling
May 16 - 'Family Leave' Bill Moves Forward in House
May 16 - Budget Talks Set as Congress Raises Debt Limit
May 16 - Conferees Debate Defense and Taxes, Decide Nothing
May 16 - Signal of Fiscal Restraint From Democrats... ...May Presage New Strength for the Budget
May 23 - Anticipated Revenue Gains From Selected Tax Increases (chart)
May 23 - Floor Fight Certain: Job Risk, Double-Breasting Bills Approved by House Labor Panel
May 23 - Tax Questions Tie Up Conference on Budget
May 30 - Major Provisions, 1987 Supplemental Funding Bill
May 30 - Spending Panels Will Start Work Without Budget
June 6 - Aiming for a Mid-July Showdown: Budget Process: Reform Keeps Congress Talking
June 6 - Defense, Tax Issues Derail Budget Agreement
June 6 - Framework of Post-Reagan Budgeting Seen... ...In Early Jockeying for House Committee Job
June 6 - Greenspan Named to Replace Volcker at Fed
June 13 - Fiscal 1988 Budget Conference Remains Stalled
June 13 - Panel Adopts 'Truth in Savings' Bill
June 13 - Republicans Charge Anti-Business Bias: Plant Closing, Polygraph Bills OK'd by House Labor Panel
June 13 - Timetable for Passage Uncertain: Tax Writers Release Measure To Fix 1986 Tax Overhaul Bill
June 20 - Budget Highlights
June 20 - Deficit Reduction in the FY 1988 Budget (chart)
June 20 - Democrats Agree on $1 Trillion 1988 Budget
June 20 - Fiscal 1988 Budget by Function...
June 20 - House Passes Bill Aiding Construction Unions
June 20 - Major Assumptions of FY 1988 Budget Agreement
June 27 - Bankruptcy Rules Clarified: Senate Panel Moves to Protect Insurance Benefits of Retirees
June 27 - Conferees Agree to Limit Holds on Checks Tough Banking Issues Are Left Unresolved
June 27 - Democrats Discuss Moving a 'Mega-Bill' Budget, Now Adopted, Is Political Ammunition
June 27 - Panel OKs Changes to Davis-Bacon Act
June 27 - Reconciliation by House Committees (chart)
June 27 - Reconciliation by Senate Committees (chart)
June 27 - Ways and Means Chairman Decries Reagan And Expresses Doubt About a Tax Increase
July 4 - Senate Labor Considers Risk Assessment Bill
July 4 - Trouble After the Elections: Economy Will Remain Healthy Through 1988, Experts Predict
July 11 - 'Don't Break the Compact': Tax Panel Gets Little Guidance On Ways, Means to Raise Taxes
July 11 - Gramm-Rudman Fight Looms Again on Debt-Limit Bill
July 11 - Trade Bill Includes a Labor Priority: Plant Closing
July 18 - Consequences for Some Federal Programs...
July 18 - House Appropriations Panel Reins Itself In... ...As Ranks of Budget-Cutters Gain Strength
July 18 - Leadership Wins on Second Vote: Treasury, Postal Funding Bill Passes House, Escapes Big Cut
July 18 - Politics Drives Gramm-Rudman Restoration Plan
July 25 - Committee Approves Occupational Risks Bill
July 25 - Curbs Adopted on Lobbying by Charities
July 25 - Debt Limit a Victim of Senate Budget Debate
July 25 - Greenspan Vows to Be Apolitical: 'Independent' Fed Has Shifted With Political Winds of the Past
July 25 - PBGC Premium Boost, Higher Plan Funding: Major Pension-Law Revisions Adopted by Two House Panels
July 25 - Senate Panel OKs 'Double-Breasting' Bill
July 25 - Social Security, User Fees, Health Cuts: House Committees Start Work On 'Reconciliation' Process
August 1 - A $10.8 Billion Bailout for FSLIC: Deal Struck on Banking Bill Smooths Way for Enactment
August 1 - Appropriations Bills Stalled in Senate
August 1 - Disputes Remain Over Premiums, Funding Rules: Second House Panel OKs Pension Proposals
August 1 - Incentives Added to Ease Pain: Panel Adds Nuclear-Waste Plan To Budget Reconciliation Plan
August 1 - Judge Orders Revenue-Sharing Funds Released
August 1 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
August 1 - Panel Approves Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill
August 1 - Regional Split Over Hospital Payments: More Deep Cuts in Medicare Approved by Ways and Means
August 1 - Senate Adopts Gramm-Rudman Modifications
August 1 - Senate Panel OKs Greenspan, Ruder Nominations
August 8 - Fight Over Davis-Bacon Deferred to House Floor
August 8 - House Passes Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill
August 8 - Mine-Safety Nominee Rejected
August 8 - Recess Rush Slowed by Debt-Limit Measure
August 15 - Hill Reports at Odds Over Economic Outlook
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Banking
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Economic Affairs
August 22 - Gramm-Rudman 'Sequester': Nothing Doing
August 22 - Senate Orders Study of CPI for Elderly: Measuring Inflation: Is a New Index Needed?
August 22 - Televangelists: Temptations of Tax-Free Status
August 22 - The Charity Business: A Taxing Question
September 5 - Congress Faces Backlog of Economic Decisions
September 5 - Markup Promised for Mail-Order Sales Tax Bill
September 12 - Gramm-Rudman Changes Loom
September 19 - $15.1 Billion Voted for Treasury, Postal Service
September 19 - Gramm-Rudman: Domenici Has His Doubts
September 19 - Labor-HHS Bill OK'd by Senate Panel
September 19 - Panel Votes Stopgap Funds for FY '88
September 26 - After Gramm-Rudman: Now What?
September 26 - Doubtful Congress Clears Gramm-Rudman Fix
September 26 - Senate Passes Treasury-Postal Bill
September 26 - Senators Berate Budget Scorekeeping: Panel Uses 'Phony' Savings To Meet Reconciliation Target
October 3 - Abortion Fight Could Flare on Floor: Labor-HHS Funding Measure Approved by Senate Panel
October 3 - Democrats: Snared in a Gramm-Rudman Trap?
October 3 - Fiscal 1988 Treasury, Postal Service Appropriations (chart)
October 10 - Democrats Take Tentative Steps Toward Taxes
October 10 - Even Liberals Might Find Defense Cuts Too Deep: Members Get a Look at Impact Of Gramm-Rudman Buzz Saw
October 10 - Impact of Fiscal 1988 Automatic Budget Cuts (chart)
October 10 - Senate Labor OKs Pension-Law Overhaul
October 10 - To Repay Debt to Retirement Account: Railroad Unemployment Tax Is Adjusted by House Panel
October 17 - After AIDS Debate, Senate OKs Labor-HHS Bill
October 17 - Anything Not to Tax Recreational Boaters: Panel Would Charge 'User Fee' for Gulf Escort
October 17 - Deficit Bill Rests on Risky $12 Billion Tax Hike
October 17 - Departure Could Affect Trade Bill Talks: Brock Resigning Labor Post To Join Dole's 1988 Campaign
October 17 - Highlights of House Reconciliation Bill
October 17 - Labor/HHS/Education Funding (chart)
October 17 - New Savings Needed to Void Automatic Cuts
October 17 - Risk-Notification Legislation Passed by House
October 17 - Southern Democrats Dislike Tax-Welfare Mix
October 24 - Boosting Payments by Employers: Legislation Seeks to Shore Up Debt-Ridden Pension System
October 24 - Budget Standoffs Characterize Reagan Years
October 24 - Crippled Market Spurs Budget Breakthrough
October 24 - Cuts Take Effect; Reconciliation Bill OK'd
October 24 - Highlights of Senate Reconciliation Bill
October 24 - Memories of the 1929 Crash Evoke Myths... ...But the Fallout for Republicans Was Real
October 31 - Cordial Talks on Deficit Belie Hardball Politics
October 31 - Fiscal 1987 Deficit: $148 Billion
October 31 - House Panel Backs $597 Billion Spending Bill
October 31 - House Will Try Again on Welfare Overhaul
October 31 - Reconciliation Deficit Reduction (chart)
October 31 - Republicans Cry 'Foul' Over Floor Tactics: Wright Finds a Vote to Pass Reconciliation Bill
November 7 - Budget Negotiators Report Only Small Shifts
November 7 - Exceptions OK'd for Security-Related Jobs: House Bars Private Employers From Using Lie-Detector Tests
November 7 - House Panel OKs Mail-Order Sales-Tax Bill
November 7 - Multiple Flash Points: Leaders Delay Battles on Omnibus Appropriations Bills
November 7 - No Trouble Seen for McLaughlin Nomination
November 7 - Problems Within Parties: Selling a Deal May Be as Difficult as Reaching One
November 7 - Sen. Proxmire Outlines Banking Overhaul
November 7 - Tax-and-Spending Trade: Reagan's Memory of 1982 'Deal' Haunts Budget Talks
November 14 - Deficit Agreement Eludes Summit Negotiators
November 14 - Lobbying the Summit: Indirect but Vigorous
November 14 - Revised Family-Leave Bill Ready for Action
November 14 - Tax Rates Linked to Layoff Experience: House Passes Bill to Shore Up Deficit-Plagued Rail Funds
November 21 - 'Compromise' Wins Few Republican Friends: Revised Family-Leave Measure OK'd by Divided House Panel
November 21 - Budget Summit Agreement (chart)
November 21 - Greenspan Urges Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act
November 21 - Summit Deal Fails to Forestall Automatic Cuts
November 28 - First Test for Summit Plan: Budget Deal Adds to Problems Facing Omnibus Funding Bill
November 28 - Rostenkowski on GOP Role: Never Again
November 28 - Senate Panel Prepares to Debate Bank Powers
November 28 - Senate to Start Action on Tax-Raising Bill... ...While House Will Wait for Conference
November 28 - Turning Budget Pact Into Law Won't Be Easy
December 5 - Despite Obstacles, Leaders Predict Floor Passage: Senate Panels Near Completion On Deficit-Reduction Package
December 5 - House Passes All-in-One Appropriations Bill
December 5 - Kassebaum: Testing Support for Wider Cuts
December 5 - Senate Panel OKs Credit-Card Disclosure Bill
December 5 - The Advantage of Writing the (House) Rules
December 12 - As Others Demur, Sasser Eyes Budget Chair
December 12 - Deficit-Reduction Package Passes the Senate
December 12 - Fairness Doctrine Dropped, Fees Rejected: Broadcasting Changes Spark Heated Debate
December 12 - McLaughlin Confirmed for Labor Post
December 12 - Senate Labor Votes to Curb 'Double-Breasting'
December 12 - Taxes, Medicare Among Key Disputes... ...As Reconciliation Bills Go to Conference
December 12 - Vehicle for Major Policy Fights: Senate Works Against Deadline To Finish Catchall Spending Bill
December 19 - Conferees Push to Finish Deficit-Reduction Bill
December 19 - Fights on Contra Aid, Fairness Doctrine: Big Spending Decisions Go Down to the Wire
December 19 - Immigration Items Kept Off Spending Bill
December 26 - As Dust Settles From Battle to Cut Deficit... ...Second Thoughts on Budget Summitry
December 26 - Budget Deal Enacted at Last, Congress Adjourns
December 26 - Final Appropriations Levels (chart)
December 26 - Highlights of Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
December 26 - Reagan Signs Reconciliation Measure: A Weary Congress Clears Bill To Raise Taxes, Cut Spending
December 26 - Reagan Wins Concessions in Final Funding Bill
December 26 - Senate Passes Credit-Card Bill
December 26 - The 100th Congress: A Productive First Session (chart)
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Banking
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Economic Affairs
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Labor

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