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 Economic Affairs

January 4 - Compromises Tempered Key 1985 Decisions
January 11 - Arguing for Gramm-Rudman-Hollings: Congressional 'Law Firms' Help Out Members in Court
January 11 - Defense Ups and Downs (chart of change in defense spending since 1977)
January 11 - Fallout of Anti-Deficit Law Begins to Settle
January 11 - Most Cities Can Avoid Tax Hike Now . . . . . . But Impact of New Aid Cuts Uncertain
January 18 - 'Grambo Commandos' Organize
January 18 - Base Level Outlay Estimates for 1986 (chart)
January 18 - Congress May Revive Deficit-Reduction Bill
January 18 - Finance Panel Plans Tax Bill Retreat
January 18 - Fiscal 1986 Deficit Estimates (chart)
January 18 - Four-Fifths of Outlays Are Spared: Report Specifies $11.7 Billion In Fiscal 1986 Spending Cuts
January 18 - Past Interest Losses Are Restored: Members Advocate Protection For Social Security Investments
January 18 - Reductions in Hundreds of Pentagon Programs: 'Star Wars,' Military Payroll Dodge Cutbacks
January 18 - Spending Cut Calculations for 1986 (chart)
January 18 - Spending Cuts for 1986 by Agency (chart)
January 18 - The Program: Emphasis on Compensation, Not Retraining
January 18 - Trade Relief Program Target of Revival Effort
January 25 - Budget Impasse Shows No Signs of Breaking
January 25 - Decision Could Spur Congress to Act: Court Rules Fed Lacks Power To Regulate 'Non-Bank Banks'
January 25 - Early Projections Show Deep Cuts for Next Year (chart)
January 25 - Finance Markup Completion Target Is May 1: Roth Presses New Business Tax, As Reagan Repeats Opposition
January 25 - Focus on Saving Revenue Sharing: Local Officials Seek to Shield Urban Aid From Deficit Cuts
January 25 - General Revenue Sharing (chart)
January 25 - House Passes Check Hold Bill
January 25 - Import Fee Is Tempting as Oil Price Plummets
January 25 - Members Feeling the Pinch From New Law
January 25 - No Anti-Volcker Majority: Reagan's Nominees Endorse Fed's Political Independence
February 1 - Economists Criticize House Tax Bill: Confrontation Awaits Senate Over State, Local Deductions
February 1 - Reconciliation May Have New Life
February 1 - State Revenues From Deductible Taxes (chart)
February 8 - 75 Percent Boost for 'Star Wars' Program: Pentagon Seeks to Continue Weapons Buildup
February 8 - A Glossary of Budget Terms
February 8 - Budget and Deficit Targets
February 8 - Budget Anticipates Large Cuts, Some Increases to
February 8 - Budget Authority and Outlays by Agency (chart)
February 8 - Budget Puts Congress in a Combative Mood
February 8 - Budget Reconciliation Bill Revived
February 8 - Budget Reflects Vision of 'Streamlined' Government: Reagan Budget Projects $143.6 Billion Deficit
February 8 - Budget Timetable for 1987 (chart)
February 8 - Congressional Resistance Strong: Deep New Cuts in Social Spending Proposed
February 8 - Cool Reception in Congress: Reagan Pushes 'Privatization' Of Some Federal Functions
February 8 - Court Rejects Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Cuts But Case Appealed
February 8 - Cuts Taken Out of Popular Items: Hefty Boosts in Aid Programs Not Likely to Survive on Hill
February 8 - Federal Reserve Nominees Confirmed
February 8 - Fiscal 1987 Budget by Function: $994 Billion in
February 8 - For Embassy Security, $4.4 Billion
February 8 - For Fiscal Year 1987: President's Budget Message (text)
February 8 - Handed Down on Feb. 7: Court Opinion on Gramm-Rudman Challenge
February 8 - Highlights of Reagan's Legislative Message
February 8 - House GOP Tries to Force Alternate Budget Cuts
February 8 - In International Finance, the Private Approach
February 8 - Infrastructure Spending: New Budget Raises Questions Of Renewal of Physical Plant
February 8 - Largest Hike for Defense: President Proposes Increase For Research, Development
February 8 - Major Privatization Proposals
February 8 - Major Proposals in Reagan's Fiscal 1987 Budget
February 8 - Net Revenue Loss From Recent Laws (chart)
February 8 - Opposition to Cigarette Tax Dropped: User Fees, Other New Receipts Would Yield $6.3 Billion in '87
February 8 - President's Fiscal 1987 Budget at a Glance
February 8 - Reagan Administration Economic Assumptions (chart)
February 8 - Reagan's Address Repeats Familiar Themes
February 8 - Reagan's State of the Union Address -- Feb. 4, 1986
February 8 - Rep. Synar Wins Big One
February 8 - Repeat Proposals Except for ICC: Dozens of Programs Targeted for Extinction
February 8 - Research and Development by Major Agencies
February 8 - Rest of Agenda Largely Old Proposals: Reagan Seeks More Power Over Annual Budget Process
February 8 - Size of Budget Cuts Hangs in Balance: Reagan's Economic Forecast Attacked as Excessively Rosy
February 8 - Terminations of Programs or Agencies Targeted by Reagan Administration (list)
February 8 - Transmitted to Congress on Feb. 6: Economic Report of the President
February 15 - Congress Unlikely to Give Up Control: Court Ruling on Budget Law Puts Spotlight on GAO Role
February 15 - Deficit Deadlines Face Returning Congress
February 15 - Oil Import Fee Faces Trouble in Congress
February 15 - Oil Import Fee Revenues (chart)
February 15 - PAC Gifts to Tax-Writers Double
February 15 - Reagan Urging Curbs on Affirmative Action
February 15 - Rostenkowski Opposes Tax Bill Delay
February 22 - Bipartisanship vs. Election-Year Politics: Senate Restlessness May Signal Unique Cooperation on Budget
February 22 - Chairmen Discuss Tax Bill's Effective Dates
February 22 - Coming to Grips With the Volatile Dollar
February 22 - In the Complex Arena of World Finance Capitol Hill Players Are Few in Number
February 22 - Major Economic Assumptions
February 22 - Projected Automatic Cuts (chart)
February 22 - Projected Deficits 1986-91 (chart)
February 22 - Rosy Economic Forecast Concerns Members: Budget Office Projects Deficits Will Decline
February 22 - Roth Unveils Business Tax Plan
February 22 - The Cost of Foreign Money (chart)
February 22 - Treasury Proposes Debt-Limit Repeal
March 1 - Correcting Farm Bill 'Mistakes': Angry Urban Members Stall Dairy's Push To Avoid Cuts
March 1 - Fight Brewing Over Spending 'Deferrals'
March 1 - House Votes Emergency CCC Funds
March 1 - Non-Bank Bank Loophole Unplugged: Heavily Lobbied Banking Bills Remain Stalled in Rules Panel
March 1 - Reconciliation Revival Efforts
March 1 - Search for Senate Tax Plan Proceeds
March 1 - Senate Panel to Start Budget Markup: Reagan's Deficit Projections Too Low, CBO Tells Congress
March 1 - Skepticism Prevails on Capitol Hill: President Bids for Support on Defense Budget
March 1 - Speedy Ruling on Gramm-Rudman
March 8 - Deferrals Recomputed; Fight With Congress Continues
March 8 - Finance Panel Moves Toward Tax Bill Markup
March 8 - Measure's Savings Now $18.1 Billion: Deficit-Cutting Bill Amended, But Future Action Is Uncertain
March 8 - New Faces in Constitutional Amendment Fight: Sens. Evans, Simon
March 8 - Reviewing the Division of Labor
March 8 - Senate Works On Budget With Democratic Aid
March 8 - Senators Who Signed Boschwitz Letter (list)
March 8 - Supporters, Opponents Both Expect Victory: Senate Debates Balanced-Budget Amendment
March 8 - Tax Amnesty Proposal Gains Momentum As One Quick Route to Deficit Reduction
March 15 - Conable Named to Head World Bank
March 15 - Defense Number Stymies Senate Budget Panel
March 15 - Effective-Date Change Endorsed
March 15 - Evolution of Proposals to Overhaul the Tax Code (chart)
March 15 - Garn Vows to Fight OMB on Funding
March 15 - House Bashes Reagan Budget, Seeks Its Own
March 15 - House Passes Bill Limiting Polygraph Tests
March 15 - Legislation Still Expected: Bank Regulators Act to Ease Farm Loan Losses
March 15 - Markups to Begin March 19: Packwood Draft Cuts Rates, Retains Selected Tax Breaks
March 15 - Opponents Optimistic: Senate to Vote March 25 on Balanced Budget
March 15 - Panel Backs Trade 'War Chest,' Ex-Im Bank Bill
March 15 - Reconciliation Goes 'Round Again
March 15 - Stemming Bank, S and L Failures: New Powers Sought to Bolster U.S. Deposit Insurance Funds
March 22 - $1.7 Billion Funding Bill Crowds Budget Cap
March 22 - $18 Billion Deficit-Reduction Measure Clears
March 22 - Fiscal 1987 Budget Authority and Outlays (chart)
March 22 - Highlights of Senate Budget Committee Budget
March 22 - Major Assumptions in Senate Committee Budget
March 22 - Panel Cuts Defense, Supports New Taxes: Bipartisan Budget Headed for Senate Floor
March 22 - Senate Budget Committee Vote on Fiscal 1987 Budget (list)
March 22 - Tax-Exempt Bond Market in Uproar: Packwood's Senate Colleagues Already Fighting Over Tax Bill
March 29 - 10 Republicans Defect: Balanced-Budget Amendment Killed in Senate by One Vote
March 29 - Amendment Threats Block Senate Action: Pre-Recess Drive to Approve Farm Bank Aid Measure Fails
March 29 - GOP Resistance Could Delay Budget in Senate
March 29 - Panel OKs Job Training for Unemployed Farmers
March 29 - Senate Tax Markup Looks to Be a Long Haul
April 5 - 1985 Excise Tax Rates and Revenues (chart)
April 5 - A Budget Sideshow: Fighting Over Deferrals
April 5 - Breaux, Moore Do Battle Over Oil Revenues
April 5 - Industries Working Fast Against Excise Tax Plan
April 5 - SBA Regional Administrators Sacked
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Commerce and Merchant Marine
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Deficit-Reduction Bill's Tortuous Journey Ends
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Energy and Environment
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Housing/Community Development
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION How a Bill Becomes a Law (Revised)
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Small Business Administration
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Tobacco Price Supports
April 12 - But Packwood Vows to Press On: New Threats to Tax Overhaul Come From Several Quarters
April 12 - Comparison of Budget Plans
April 12 - Congress Falling Behind on Budget Deadlines
April 12 - President's 'Deferral' Powers Threatened
April 12 - The Long View on Tax 'Reform'
April 19 - 'Reopening the Ledger' on World Labor Rules
April 19 - Bill Extending Bank Bailout Powers Cleared
April 19 - Congress Misses Budget Deadline, More Talks Planned
April 19 - Connecting Trade Policy to Foreign Labor Rules
April 19 - Credit Card Legislation Blocked
April 19 - Finance Panel Suspends Markup of Tax Bill
April 19 - Gramm-Rudman Begins to Bite Its Creators: Budget Cuts Force Reductions In Every Corner of the Capitol
April 19 - Higher Mortgage Credit Limits Proposed
April 19 - Law's Constitutionality to Be Argued April 23: Fight Over Gramm-Rudman Comes to a Boil Before Court
April 19 - Senate Bars Labor Violence Bill
April 19 - Status of Independent Agencies Attacked
April 19 - Two Labor Victories in a Week: Bill to Protect Union Workers On Construction Jobs Passed
April 26 - Falling Oil Prices Might Help Economy But Not Necessarily the Federal Deficit
April 26 - Finance Committee Studies Two-Rate Tax Plan
April 26 - Future of Independent Agencies at Stake: High Court Focuses on Comptroller's Role
April 26 - OMB Chief Urges Deficit Recalculation: Bipartisan Budget Resolution Survives Early Votes in Senate
April 26 - Windfall Profits Tax Repeal Discussed
May 3 - Bank-Bailout Bills Criticized
May 3 - Bill Cleared Raising FHA, Ginnie Mae Limits
May 3 - Domenici at a Glance
May 3 - House Expected to Move Quickly to OK Fiscal '87 Budget
May 3 - Leading the Budget Charge Against Reagan: Pete Domenici - A 'Reluctant Revolutionary'
May 3 - Packwood Promises New Plan May 5: Tax Bill Consensus Claimed, But Some Members Skeptical
May 3 - Private Finance Sessions Technically Violate Senate Rules
May 3 - Senate Adopts $1 Trillion Fiscal 1987 Budget
May 10 - Bob Packwood: A Tax Reform 'Convert'
May 10 - Budget Panel Uses New Taxes to Cut Deficit
May 10 - Change in Tax Liability by Income Class
May 10 - Comfortable Margin on Third Try: House Approves $1.7 Billion Supplemental Spending Bill
May 10 - Congress Warned to Act Early on Debt Limit
May 10 - Democratic Trio Still Talking: Art of Negotiation as Applied to Immigration
May 10 - Evolution of Proposals to Overhaul the Tax Code (chart)
May 10 - Finance Panel OKs Radical Tax Overhaul Bill
May 10 - House Votes to Scrub Deferral Power
May 10 - Issued May 6: Text of Summit Nations' Tokyo Economic Declaration
May 10 - Major Provisions of Finance Committee's Tax Bill
May 10 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Supplemental
May 10 - Political Donation Credit Dropped
May 10 - Senate, House Committee FY 1987 Budget Resolutions (chart)
May 10 - Tax Bill Could Face Procedural Hurdles on Senate Floor
May 17 - 'States' Rights' Threatens Bank-Bailout Plan
May 17 - Anderson's Wildcatting Political Strategy Makes Him Part of D.C.'s 'Triple Crown'
May 17 - Bipartisan Budget Agreement Now Seems Likely
May 17 - Consequences Seen for Other Laws: Court Strikes Deferral Power Over Loss of Legislative Veto
May 17 - Fed Vice Chairman, Member Named
May 17 - Fiscal 1987 Budget Totals (chart)
May 17 - House OKs Democratic Budget for Fiscal 1987
May 17 - Less Cash Available For Campaign Giving: Oilmen Struggle to Keep High Political Profile
May 17 - Phase-Out of Tax Rate, Exemption (chart)
May 17 - Senate Panel Hikes Funding Bill to $3.9 Billion
May 17 - Senate, House Budget Assumptions Compared
May 17 - Senate-, House-Passed Fiscal 1987 Budget Resolutions (chart)
May 17 - Tax Debate Keys on Economic Consequences
May 17 - The Making of the Democrats' Budget A New Conservative-Liberal Coalition
May 17 - Two Tax Rates in Finance Panel's Bill? Not Exactly
May 24 - Bill Sets Up Three-Tiered System: New Federal Retirement Plan Wins Approval From Congress
May 24 - Coalition Loses a Member: Capital Gains Proponents Will Battle To Retain Their Preferential Tax Rates
May 24 - Conferees Face Difficulties on Defense, Taxes
May 24 - Leadership Watching the Weather Vane: Popular Appeal of IRAs Could Force Senate to Reinstate Deduction for All
May 24 - New, Diverse Coalition Works to Pass Tax Bill
May 24 - No Help From Other Industries: Real Estate Lobby Seeks Tax Bill Changes But Cannot Agree How to Pay for Them
May 24 - Reagan's Labor Nominees Run Into Trouble
May 31 - Justice Department to Appeal Deferral Ruling
May 31 - Perspective: Budget Blinders and the Tax Reform Bill
May 31 - Senate Television Broadcasting Begins June 2
May 31 - Sponsors Hope to Avoid Tax Bill Amendments: Revenue Figures, TV Will Color Debate
June 7 - Appropriations Deadlines in Jeopardy: Spending Panels Confront Life After Gramm-Rudman
June 7 - Budget Conferees Near Clash on Taxes, Defense As White House Continues to Avoid Negotiations
June 7 - Melcher's Suit Against the Fed Advances
June 7 - Senate Patches Feud, Approves Supplemental
June 7 - Speed, No-Change Rule Dominate Complaints: Senate Tax Debate Opens to Raves ... Mostly
June 7 - The Lessons of Gramm-Rudman
June 14 - Job-Protection Guarantees for Workers: Parental Leave Legislation Advancing in House Panels
June 14 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Supplemental
June 14 - Senate 'Reserve Fund' Proposal
June 14 - Senate Conferees Offer Budget Compromise
June 14 - Supplemental Conferees Fail to Reach Pact
June 14 - Threatened Abortion Rider Withdrawn: Senate Nears Tax Bill Passage, Adheres to No-Change Rule
June 21 - 'Christmas Presents' Beginning to Pile Up: Panel's Tax Bill Largely Intact As Senate Nears Final Passage
June 21 - Committee Rejects Reagan's OSHA Nominee
June 21 - Debt-Limit Fight Looms Before August Recess
June 21 - Dedicated Tax Increase Seen As Compromise: Private Talks Advance Agreement on Budget
June 21 - Emergency Banking Bill Clears Subcommittee
June 21 - House Passes Job Protections for Veterans
June 21 - Senate Panel Postpones Action Again on Lie Detector Bill
June 21 - Veto Possible for Supplemental Spending Bill
June 28 - Adopted on Party-Line Vote: House Labor Panel OKs Plan To Notify Workers of Hazards
June 28 - Bill Restricting Polygraphs Approved
June 28 - Budget Highlights
June 28 - Comparison of House-, Senate-Passed Tax Bills
June 28 - Conferees Unknown: Tax Bill Wins Senate Approval; Post-Recess Conference Next
June 28 - Congress Adopts $1 Trillion Fiscal 1987 Budget
June 28 - Differences in Two Tax Measures Range From Deductions to Pensions to Timber
June 28 - Evolution of Proposals to Overhaul the Tax Code
June 28 - Farm Worker Issue Resolved: House Panel Breaks Deadlock, Sends Immigration Bill to Floor
June 28 - Fiscal 1987 Budget by Function (chart)
June 28 - FSLIC Markup Delayed
June 28 - Garn Offers Banking Bill
June 28 - Maternity and Parental Leave: National Policies Compared (chart)
June 28 - Measure Puts FHA Insurance Back in Business
June 28 - Most GOP Members Oppose Measure: House Committee Approves Guaranteed Family Leave Bill
June 28 - Panel Votes to Bar Social Security 'Disinvestment'
June 28 - Supplemental Funding Bill Sent to President
June 28 - Tax Liability by Income Class (chart)
July 5 - Experts Weigh In: A Tax Boost by Any Other Name Still Spells Trouble for Economy
July 5 - Gramm-Rudman Cuts May Be Inevitable: Budget Measure Is Beginning of Road, Not End
July 5 - Highlights of HR4515 (cleared by Congress June 27) (chart)
July 5 - Major Assumptions of FY 1987 Budget Resolution
July 5 - Reconciliation by House Committees (chart)
July 5 - Reconciliation by Senate Committees (chart)
July 5 - Summary of FY 1986 Supplemental Appropriations
July 5 - What Happens to Tax Collections (chart)
July 12 - And for the Smart Homeowner, A Brand-New Loophole
July 12 - Choice Between 'Evils': State and Local Governments Target Tax Deductions, Bonds for Changes
July 12 - Court Strikes Down Core of Gramm-Rudman: Repair Try Likely But Outlook Unclear
July 12 - IRAs: Learning to Live With Less of a Shelter?
July 12 - Justice Defends Fed Against Melcher Suit
July 12 - Major Changes in Pension Law Likely: Two Million Workers Would Benefit From Expanded Pension Coverage
July 12 - Real Estate Seeks Some Easement On Tough Tax Shelter Restrictions
July 12 - States May Have to Head Off Bonanza
July 12 - Supreme Court's Gramm-Rudman Opinions -- July 7, 1986
July 12 - Tax Reform Warmup: Harmony on Some Points
July 12 - The Fallback: An Impossible Timetable?
July 19 - Beefing Up Insurance Fund: Panel Approves S and L Bailout That Meets CBO Objections
July 19 - Gramm-Rudman 'Fix' Contemplated: Senate Panel OKs Debt Increase; Congress Ratifies Automatic Cuts
July 19 - Gramm-Rudman Ruling Heaps More Doubt on GAO
July 19 - July 22 Set for Omnibus Bank Bill Markup
July 19 - Passage Likely This Year: Money Laundering Bills Advance in House
July 19 - Studies Show One in Six Corporations Pays No Tax
July 19 - Tax Conferees Start Work, Highlight Problems
July 26 - Business, Academic Communities Object: House Panel Votes to Prohibit A Mandatory Retirement Age
July 26 - Economists Warn Gramm-Rudman Threatens Stagnation
July 26 - Funding Exceeds Current Spending, Reagan Request: House Committee Approves Labor-HHS Appropriatons Bill
July 26 - Further Checks Sought: Gramm-Rudman Repair Effort Stumbles on Mistrust of OMB
July 26 - House Banking OKs Money Laundering Bill
July 26 - House, Senate Panels Start Implementing Budget
July 26 - Social Security 'Disinvestment' Ban
July 26 - Tax Conferees Decide to Tackle Big Issues First
July 26 - Tax Writers Find a Definition Elusive In Efforts to Protect the Middle Class
August 2 - 'Corporate Hit' Could Sidetrack Tax Conference
August 2 - 'Sophisticated Dancer' Skirts Budget Traps: Bill Gray Builds a Political Career on Paradox
August 2 - Cigarette Tax Hike Entangles North Carolina Senate Race
August 2 - Debt-Limit Bill Attracts Flock of Amendments
August 2 - Floor Fight on Cigarette Tax Seen: Deficit-Cutting Measures Fall Well Short of Savings Targets
August 2 - GOP Rebuffed on Spending Cuts: House Passes Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill
August 2 - Gray at a Glance
August 2 - Senate Panel OKs Johnson as Fed Vice Chairman
August 9 - Congress' Lack of Deficit-Reduction Action Guarantees a Call for Gramm-Rudman Cuts
August 9 - Congressional Criticism Gets Louder: Conferees Progress Slowly Toward Tax Bill Compromise
August 9 - Estimates Show Record Deficit for Fiscal 1986
August 9 - Panel Moves Labor/HHS Funding Bill
August 9 - Thomas Recommended for Second EEOC Term
August 16 - Banking Agencies Exempted From Gramm-Rudman Cuts
August 16 - Bill to Regulate Government Securities Dealers OK'd
August 16 - Close Calls for the Administration: Staying In on a Saturday, Senate Finishes Its Bill
August 16 - Debt-Limiting, Deficit-Cutting Measures Falter, $154 Billion Becoming New Deficit Target
August 16 - Garn Scuttles Omnibus Measure: Panel Votes Bare-Bones Bill To Aid FSLIC, Troubled Banks
August 16 - Garn-St Germain Extension Voted
August 16 - Labor, HHS Funds Cut to Meet Target
August 16 - Military Construction Projects
August 16 - New Estimate Shows $17 Billion Shortfall: Tax Bill Negotiators Optimistic Despite Setback Over Revenue
August 16 - Senate Panel Advances Heller Nomination
August 16 - Truth in Savings Measure Ordered Reported
August 23 - Base Level Outlay Estimates for 1987 (chart)
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Banking/Commerce
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Economic Affairs
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Labor
August 23 - Congress Expected to OK Tax Overhaul Bill
August 23 - Evolution of Proposals to Overhaul the Tax Code
August 23 - Fiscal 1986 Deficit Estimates (chart)
August 23 - Gramm-Rudman Deficit Target Is in Sight, Tax Bill Could Add $11 Billion in 1987
August 23 - How Tax Conferees Voted (list)
August 23 - Major Provisions of Tax Bill Conference Agreement
August 23 - Short-Term Debt Bill Clears Without Gramm-Rudman Fix
August 23 - Spending Cuts for 1987 by Function (chart)
August 23 - Tax Liability by Income Class (chart)
August 23 - Winners and Losers: How Many Pay More, How Many Less (chart)
August 30 - It May Be Tax 'Reform,' But Will It Last?
September 6 - GAO Warns Deficit Projection Is Too Low
September 6 - Revenue-Seekers Ponder Consumption Tax
September 6 - Tempers Flared During 1950 Experiment With Omnibus Bill
September 6 - The Bill Congress Loves to Hate: Congress Returns to Tackle Biggest-Ever 'CR'
September 13 - Action This Year Doubtful: Non-Bank Bank Controversy Blocks Key Industry Legislation
September 13 - Appropriations Bills and the Deficit
September 13 - Cap on Credit Card Interest Defeated
September 13 - Despite Skeptics, House Eases Way for Tax Bill
September 13 - House Plans New Revenues To Meet Fiscal 1987 Target, Gloom Settles Over Long-Term Deficit Problem
September 13 - Merchandise Runs From Socks to Stocks, And It's All for Sale at Nearest Non-Bank
September 13 - Senate Finance Panel OKs Bill on SSI Disability
September 13 - Senate Passes Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill: Agreement Defuses Abortion Controversy
September 20 - Deficit-Cutting Proposals Seek to Avoid Cuts, 'Golden Gimmicks' Total $13 Billion
September 20 - Division on Labor Protection
September 20 - Economists Differ on the Tax Bill's Impacts, But Want No Change for a While, if Enacted
September 20 - House, Senate Deficit-Reduction Plans
September 20 - New Bill Drops 'Non-Bank Banks,' Adds Housing
September 20 - Senate Votes to Regulate U.S.-Securities Dealers
September 20 - Some Provisions Draw Strong Objections: House Panel OKs $566.9 Billion Spending Bill
September 20 - Tax Bill May Signal End of Carter Energy Policies: Helping Oil Industry Is First Concern
September 20 - Time and Numbers Work Against It: Discontent Grows Over Tax Bill As House Prepares for Final Vote
September 27 - Appropriations Levels for Fiscal 1987 (chart)
September 27 - House Overwhelmingly OKs Tax Overhaul Bill
September 27 - House, Senate Pass Deficit-Cutting Measures, Conferees Hope to Beat Gramm-Rudman Clock
September 27 - Major Provisions in House and Senate Reconciliation Bills
September 27 - Perpetual Motion Fans Battle Congress' Inertia
September 27 - Revenue Sharing: Ups and Downs
September 27 - Senate Action Due Sept. 29: Omnibus Spending Bill Wins House Approval by One Vote
September 27 - Special Rules Ease the 'Transition' for Some, But Cost Everyone Else About $10.6 Billion
September 27 - States Ahead of Congress on Retirement Age
September 27 - Tied to Bailout Bills: Panel Links Banking, Housing In Effort to Win Quick Passage
October 4 - Bill Renewing Bank Purchase Powers Cleared
October 4 - Credit Card Bill Approved
October 4 - Credit Union Bill OK'd
October 4 - Deadline to Meet Gramm-Rudman Target Missed: Congress Fails to Clear Deficit-Cutting Measure
October 4 - Debt-Limit Deadline Passes; No Action
October 4 - Evolution of Proposals to Overhaul the Tax Code From Existing Law Through HR3838 as Cleared
October 4 - From Renters to Business Deductions: Deficit May Give Tax Lobbyists A Chance to Press Their Cases
October 4 - Gramm-Rudman Exemptions Passed
October 4 - House Seeks to Speed Debt Collection
October 4 - Leaders Fight Off Non-Germane Riders: Senate Slogs Through Debate, Finally Passing Spending Bill
October 4 - Major Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1986
October 4 - Omnibus Banking, Housing Bill Delayed
October 4 - Senate Clears Massive Tax Overhaul Measure, Technical Corrections Pose Minor Hang-up
October 4 - Tax Liability by Income Class (chart)
October 4 - Winners and Losers: How Many Pay More, How Many Less (chart)
October 11 - $13 Billion Foreign Assistance Appropriation Hits Snag
October 11 - 'Uncorrected' Tax Bill May Go to President, House GOP Presses To Protect New Rates
October 11 - Conferees Work to Finish Spending Package, Arms Control Accord May Break Impasse
October 11 - Congress Clears Regulation of Securities Dealers
October 11 - Debt Collection Measure Cleared
October 11 - Democrats Back Off for Now: Impasse Over Arms Control Issues Resolved
October 11 - Fiscal 1987 Funding: Conferees Agree on $53.6 Billion for HUD Bill
October 11 - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings: Forgotten, But Not Yet Gone
October 11 - House OKs Interest Rate Disclosure
October 11 - Housing Provisions Attached: Banking Bill Passed by House May Face Senate Controversy
October 11 - Resolution Seen on Other Issues: Deficit-Cutting Measure Stalls Over House Welfare Provision
October 11 - Senate Approves U.S.-Iceland Treaty
October 18 - 'Contra' Aid Coincides With Incident
October 18 - Congress Clears $576 Billion Spending Measure
October 18 - Congress OKs Bill Regulating Securities Dealers
October 18 - Debt-Limit Hike Added to Deficit Bill
October 18 - Dispute Over Tax Bill 'Corrections' Persists, Measure Would Make Substantive Changes
October 18 - Late Efforts to Remove Block to Banking Bills
October 18 - Major Health Program Changes Included: Negotiators Adopt $12 Billion Deficit-Reduction Measure
October 18 - Partisan Differences Over Foreign Aid Resolved With Another Package of Cuts
October 18 - Who Pays Income Taxes and How Much Less They Will Pay (chart)
October 25 - Budget Measure Helps Congress Hit Deficit Goal
October 25 - Credited With Agency's Integrity, Continuity: CBO Chief Penner Stepping Down Next Year
October 25 - Key Provisions of Fiscal 1987 Reconciliation Bill
October 25 - Legislation Enacted to Expand Retraining for Workers
October 25 - Mandatory Retirement Ages Barred: Legislation Enacted to Protect The Jobs of Older Workers
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Banking
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Economic Affairs
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Labor
November 1 - Final Provisions, Fiscal 1987 Labor-HHS Funding Bill (chart)
November 1 - Fiscal 1986 Deficit Is $220.7 Billion
November 1 - Major Provisions of the Fiscal 1987 Reconciliation Bill
November 1 - Retirees' Benefits Shielded in Bankruptcies
November 1 - Senate Clears Credit Union Bill
November 1 - Signs of Thrift Seen in Largest-Ever Money Bill
November 1 - Spending Boosts for Health, Education: Congress Votes $114.78 Billion for Labor-HHS
November 8 - Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee: Change in Banking Policy Expected
November 8 - Senate Budget Committee: Chiles Continues Bipartisan Tradition
November 8 - Senate Finance Committee: Trade, Not Taxes, Moves to the Fore
November 8 - Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee: A Swing to the Left in Panel Leadership
November 8 - Senate Small Business Committee: Leaders to Continue Bipartisan Tenor
November 15 - Bank Bills Not on Fast Track: Banking Chairmen in No Hurry To Give Regulators More Power
November 15 - Committees May Change Emphasis: LaFalce, Bumpers to Head Small Business Panels
November 15 - Gramm-Rudman Both Disappoints and Succeeds, It's Hard to Sell, But 'Law Did Some Good'
November 15 - Promotions Quota, Women in Work Force: Court Again Wrestling With Affirmative Action Questions
November 15 - Reagan Fills Vacancies on Home Loan Bank Board
November 15 - The Supreme Court and Affirmative Action
November 22 - Senate Banking Staff Director Seeks Bank Board Slot
December 6 - Outlines Banking Agenda: Proxmire Backs FSLIC Bailout; Links It to Omnibus Measure
December 6 - President's Trillion-Dollar Budget Due Jan. 5
December 13 - 'Technical' Tax Corrections' Future Uncertain
December 13 - Economic Advisers Temper Growth Predictions
December 13 - Expense Payments Questioned: Reports of Bank Board Abuse Prompt Congressional Probe
December 13 - Republicans React With Glee: Key Democrats Press Revenues As Means to Reduce the Deficit
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook BANKING
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook LABOR
December 27 - Congress Likely to Resist Budget Process Change

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