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 Economic Affairs

October 1 - Committees Move on Tax Measures
October 1 - Communism and the $8.4 Billion: Reagan-Congress Funding Flap Spills Over Into IMF Meeting
October 1 - Congress Votes to Extend Jobless Benefits
October 1 - Financing Aid for Exporters: Senate Passes Export-Import Bank Extension
October 1 - Industrial Policy Pressed: Committee Democrats Delay Roth Trade Department Efforts
October 8 - Congress Mulls Insurance Tax Changes With Cooperation, Lobbying of Industry
October 8 - Costliest Amendments Defeated or Withdrawn: Senate Approves $98.9 Billion In Social Programs Money Bill
October 8 - Credit Card Fraud
October 8 - Defense Production Act Extended
October 8 - Reconciliation Deadlines Extended: Tax Changes Move in House; Senate Panel Stalls on Deficits
October 8 - Sen. Lowell P. Weicker in a New Role
October 8 - Supplemental Unemployment Compensation
October 8 - Ways and Means Committee: Behind Closed Doors
October 15 - 'Equity' Bill Takes Shape: Expanded Pension Coverage Seen Under New ERISA Plan
October 15 - Deficit Protest in House
October 22 - Freshmen Push Vote: Attack on Deficit Flounders As Congress Confronts Taxes
October 22 - Supplemental Unemployment Compensation
October 29 - Foreign Policy Issues Delay Debt Bill
October 29 - Pension Equity
October 29 - Supplemental Jobless Benefits Given an 18-Month Extension
October 29 - Tax Chairmen Offer New Plans As Deficit Cut Efforts Languish
November 5 - First Time Enacted in Five Years: Reagan Signs '84 Labor-HHS-Education Bill (Chart included)
November 5 - The Quest for Further Savings: Deficit Fever Sweeps Senate; Debt Limit Increase Rejected
November 12 - Conference Breaks Up: Funding Dispute Stymies Revenue Sharing
November 12 - PIK and Taxes
November 12 - Tax-Spending Fight Recalls Old Conflicts
November 19 - Debt Limit Increase Voted: Deficit Reduction Moves Fail As Torn Congress Shies Away From Tax, Spending Mandate
November 19 - Passed With '84 Supplemental: IMF-Housing Bargain Cleared By End-of-Session Packaging
November 19 - Pension Equity
November 19 - Senate Rejects Tuition Tax Credit Plan
November 19 - Three-Year Revenue Sharing Extension Voted
November 26 - Aid for Debt-Ridden Nations: Accord on IMF Funding Hike Resolves Yearlong Struggle
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
November 26 - Summary of Major 1983 Congressional Action: LABOR/SOCIAL SECURITY
December 17 - Dole Presses Campaign: Finance Witnesses Back Call For '84 Action to Cut Deficits
December 17 - House Panel Renews Assault on Fed
December 17 - Labor Contracts at Stake: High Court Bankruptcy Case May Prompt New Legislation
December 17 - PERSPECTIVE: IMF-Housing Bill: A Legislative Sausage
December 24 - Revenue Base Crumbling: Mounting Deficits Could Spur Total Overhaul of Tax System
December 31 - EEOC Complaints

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