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January 22 - Anatomy of a Vote: Russia Sanctions Vote Fails Despite GOP Support
January 28 - The State of the Union: National Security
February 4 - A Rare Honor and an Even Rarer Piece of Legislation
February 4 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Senate Rebuke for Trump on Troops
February 4 - Pentagon Whistleblowers Often Face Retaliation That Goes Unpunished
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Paul Arcangeli
February 11 - Common Defense: Is the Pentagon Fast Enough to Catch a Hypersonic Weapon?
February 11 - Q&A With Middle East Expert Michael Rubin
March 4 - Seven Decades Later, Former Senate Leader is Poised to Get a Promotion
March 18 - Anatomy of a Vote: With Yemen Vote, Senate Rebukes Trump Again
March 18 - How the NSA's Phone-Records Program Could Come Back
March 18 - Senate Foreign Policy Leaders Go From Gruff to Glowing About Trump
March 18 - The Navy Routinely Buys Defective Ships, Raising Costs and Risks
March 25 - Common Defense: On the Road to a $1 Trillion Defense
April 1 - Civil Libertarians Lobby House Judiciary on Surveillance Reauthorization
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Another Guns-for-Butter Plan Faces Fierce Resistance
May 13 - Common Defense: Lack of Sunlight at the Pentagon Darkens the Democracy
May 13 - The Gap Between Military Sexual Assaults and Formal Complaints Widens
May 20 - As Turkish Leader Courts Russia, U.S. Prepares to Cut Ties
May 20 - No Turkish Parts for F-35? No Worries.
June 10 - Climate change has the Pentagon on a war footing
June 10 - Melting ice has nations scrambling for Arctic access
June 10 - Migration from climate impacts threatens stability across the globe
June 10 - U.S. military bases unprepared for the gathering storm
June 17 - Vietnam vets fret over Agent Orange bill
June 24 - Anatomy of a Vote: Up in Arms over Saudis, Senate Slaps Trump Again
June 24 - Common Defense: From Top to Bottom, Cracks Are Showing in Our Defense
June 24 - Disinformation continues to pose a serious threat to U.S. security
June 24 - Government cybersecurity teams hurt by outdated recruiting approach
June 24 - Reliance on 20th century weapons handicaps the military in the 21st
June 24 - Some progress against cyber threats
June 24 - U.S. is woefully unprepared for cyber-warfare
July 29 - Anatomy of A Vote: More Deficit Spending Proves Bipartisan
July 29 - Women push for greater role in the national security establishment
September 9 - Common Defense: Always faithful to whom?
September 9 - Fall Preview: Defense Authorization
September 16 - Chinese Checkers: Congress could jump over Trump on Asia policy
September 16 - New Defense chief faces an old foe: Fat in the Pentagon budget
October 21 - Anatomy of a Vote: House, GOP included, rebukes Trump on Syria
October 21 - Common Defense: Pentagon Caught in a Political Fight
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Defense
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Military Construction-VA
October 28 - Trump administration's block on Ukraine aid may have cost lives
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: War and the military
November 4 - Seven major issues will be prominent in voters' minds in 2020
November 12 - Political Science: The planet gets short shrift in U.S. research
December 2 - Common Defense: The perils of positive thinking
December 2 - Congress frets over program to streamline Pentagon procurement
December 2 - New players in a new domain of war-fighting
December 2 - New type of fighting vehicle moving on a very fast track
December 2 - Worries mount over Pentagon bid to speed weapons development
December 9 - Trump demand for more money from South Korea shakes alliance

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