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January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Authorization for Use of Military Force
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Defense Appropriations
January 8 - 2018 Legislative Preview: Defense Authorization
January 8 - Common Defense: Being First Could Make Us Lonely
January 8 - Navy Says Short-Term Fixes Sink Long-Term Readiness
January 16 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
January 22 - Anatomy of a Vote: The Song Remains the Same
January 22 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
January 22 - Congress and the Moment of Silence
January 22 - Surveillance Bill Marks Win for House Intelligence Committee Over Judiciary
January 22 - The Army's Ryan McCarthy Pulls the Plug on Bad Acquisitions
January 22 - U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Stands at a Critical Crossroads
January 29 - As Shutdown Loomed, Pentagon Bemoaned Funding's Unpredictability
January 29 - Charging Ahead With Battlefield Treatments
January 29 - Common Defense: What We've Got Here Is Failure to Communicate
February 5 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
February 5 - Nonproliferation Expert Schools Hill Aides on the Danger of Nuclear Annihilation
February 12 - Anatomy of a Vote: Budget Deal Ends One Fight, Starts Another
February 26 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
February 26 - Common Defense: Cyberattacks are the IEDs of Modern Conflict
February 26 - Defense Bill's New Lobbying Restrictions May Send Contractors Scrambling
March 5 - 18 to Watch in '18: Ben FitzGerald
March 5 - CQ's Annual People to Watch: 18 for '18
March 5 - Former Japanese Prime Minister Has an Issue With U.S.
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Army Corps of Engineers
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Defense
March 12 - 2019 Budget: Discretionary Programs Bear the Brunt of Cuts
March 12 - Military Readiness In Danger as More Youth Deemed Ineligible to Serve
March 19 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
March 19 - Common Defense: Pompeo and Circumstance - Brakeman or Wingman?
March 19 - Dispute Over Emergency Supplies Slows Pandemic Preparedness Bill
March 19 - Growing Debt and China's Ambitions Threaten U.S. Might
March 19 - Mainland Missiles Anchor China's Defense
March 19 - Pentagon: China's Got Nothing on Our Artificial Intelligence
March 19 - Trump Gives Whiplash to Some Steadfast Supporters
March 19 - U.S. Relationship With China Is Very Carefully Defined
April 9 - If It Wanted to, South Korea Could Build Its Own Bomb
April 9 - Navy Rejects Humanist Chaplain
April 9 - South Korean Conservatives' Idea for Deterring the North: Nukes
April 23 - Common Defense: 'America First' Gets a Little Help From Our Friends
April 23 - The Endless War in Afghanistan Fades Into the Shadows
May 7 - The Other North Korean Threat: Chemical and Biological Weapons
May 14 - More Scrutiny Sought for Tech Transfers
May 14 - Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence Challenges Pentagon
May 14 - Should Autonomous Weapons Be Banned?
June 11 - Anatomy of a Vote: First Minibus Pulls Out of the Garage
June 18 - Anatomy of a Vote: China Takes Center Stage on Defense Bill
June 18 - Common Defense: What If North Korea Were No Longer a Threat?
June 18 - Spike in NSA Surveillance Has Civil Libertarians Worried
June 18 - Texans Seek Info on Academic Ties to China
June 18 - The Pentagon's $1.5 Trillion Gamble
July 9 - Burn Pits Get the Attention of Congress
July 16 - Common Defense: A Dangerous Dalliance for the Disruptor in Chief
July 16 - Russia Report: Dangerous Liaisons
July 16 - Russia Report: Just Minutes to Avert Nuclear Devastation
July 16 - Russia Report: Senators Push for Refocus on NATO
July 16 - Russia Report: The Kremlin Heats Up the Arctic
July 16 - Russia Report: Timeline of a Superpower Relationship
July 16 - Tariffs Meant to Protect America Could Have the Opposite Effect
July 23 - NATO Defense Hikes Could Help EU Contractors, Not U.S.
July 30 - 2019 Appropriations: Bipartisanship May Not Be Enough
July 30 - 2019 Appropriations: Defense
July 30 - 2019 Appropriations: Military Construction-VA
September 4 - Common Defense: The Pentagon Has Lost Its Most Important Overseer
September 10 - Gauging Kyl's Impact in the Senate
September 17 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Decade of Futility Ends as Spending Bills Pass
September 24 - Common Defense: Flush With Cash, It's Time for the Pentagon to Retrench
October 9 - Common Defense: Politically Speaking, the Pentagon Can't Lose
October 22 - Common Defense: The Cyber War Is On, and We Are Losing
November 12 - 116th Congress: House Armed Services Committee
November 12 - 116th Congress: Senate Armed Services Committee
November 12 - 116th Congress: Senate Foreign Relations Committee
November 12 - 116th Congress: Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee
December 3 - GAO: Pentagon Lags on Contract Oversight
December 3 - Trump Loves Space Force. Can He Convince Skeptical Lawmakers?
December 10 - Common Defense: Forgotten War Could Soon Be Back in the Spotlight

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