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January 9 - Cybersecurity: Hacking to Be Targeted
January 9 - Defense Spending: Budget Caps Remain
January 9 - How Trump's Cabinet Stacks Up to Predecessors'
January 9 - Iran Sanctions: Questions Loom Over Nuclear Deal
January 9 - NDAA: Russia, Torture May Cause Friction
January 9 - Overview: 2017 Legislative Agenda
January 9 - Russia: Drumbeat for Tougher Sanctions
January 9 - The Who and When of Trump's Cabinet Hearings
January 23 - Anatomy of a Vote: Mattis Wins Waiver
January 23 - Common Defense: General Conflict in Trump's Cabinet
January 23 - Contractor in Chief: Trump Dives Into Pentagon Procurement
January 23 - Insiders Counsel the Outsider: 20 Tips for Trump
January 30 - In the Spotlight: Scott Taylor
February 13 - Camp Lejeune Survivors Still Seeking Justice
February 13 - Common Defense: Bet on the Pentagon in a Hawk Fight
February 13 - Hill Staff Comings and Goings
February 27 - Trump's Plan for Ruling the High Seas
February 27 - U.S. Foes More Aggressive Since Trump Took Office
March 6 - Common Defense: Cut Foreign Aid for Defense? Sad!
March 6 - Hill Staff Comings and Goings
March 6 - Tech Companies Broach FISA Surveillance Debate
March 20 - Rising Stars 2017: Christian Brose
March 20 - Rising Stars: 17 to Watch in '17
March 27 - Rep. Jimmy Panetta, Son of a Defense Secretary, Takes a Hard Line on Military Spending
April 3 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
April 3 - Common Defense: Only One Man for Trump to Call at the Pentagon
April 3 - Democrats Seek Audit of Nuclear Warhead Modernization Plans
April 3 - GOP Has Second Thoughts on Hiring Freeze
April 24 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
April 24 - Saudi Arabia Teams With U.S. Soldiers to Seek Amendment to Terrorism Law
May 1 - Navy Lacks Ships It Needs to Intercept Drugs
May 1 - Trump's First 100 Days: President Flip-Flop
May 8 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
May 8 - Common Defense: The Tricky Problem of Protecting Hawaii
May 8 - Finally Funding the Government
May 15 - Spy Agencies Gear Up for Fight Over Surveillance Authority
May 15 - The Latest Famous Frelinghuysen (and House Appropriations Chairman) on the Hot Seat
May 22 - Like the Predecessor He Criticized, Trump Makes Use of Signing Statements
June 5 - Common Defense: Failure to Modernize Keeps Army in the Tank
June 5 - Schumer Turns Down Film Role, But Praises the Movie
June 5 - Trump's Pledge of Military Buildup Not Seen in His Budget Proposal
June 12 - A Quest to Find More Hallowed Ground
June 19 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 19 - Former Energy Secretary Moniz Seeks Nuclear Security
June 26 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
June 26 - Common Defense: A Quagmire Just Gets Deeper and Deeper
June 26 - The Trump Budget: Defense
July 10 - In the Spotlight: Seth Moulton
July 10 - Lawmakers Push Pentagon to Launch a Space Corps
July 17 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
July 24 - Common Defense: More Members Mull the Parameters for War
July 24 - On Eve of 'Made in America' Week, Congress Rejects Amendment to Help U.S. Flatware Maker
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Authorization for Use of Military Force
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Defense Authorization
September 5 - Fall Legislative Preview: Flirting With Disaster
September 5 - Here's What Happened While Congress Was Away
September 18 - Anatomy of a Vote: War Powers Survive Attack, For Now
September 18 - Common Defense: Precise Aim Required to Punish North Korea
September 18 - Lawmaker's 'Space Corps' Proposal Has Military Brass Going Orbital
September 18 - More Body Scanners for the Capitol
September 18 - The Most Raucous Caucuses in Congress
September 18 - Trump's Bellicose Tone on North Korea Plays Well in the U.S.
September 18 - What's Their Line? Defense!
October 10 - Common Defense: How Long Can Tillerson Hold His Nose?
October 10 - Poll: Republicans Back Trump's Bellicose Approach to North Korea
October 16 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
October 16 - Despite Deadly Summer, Military Mishaps Down in Recent Years
October 16 - McCain Pans Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
October 23 - Anatomy of a Vote: Assailing a Budget 'Hoax,' Then Voting for It
October 23 - Common Defense: Hawks Could Use a Dose of Reality
October 23 - Proven Formula for Surveillance Overhaul Faces New Hurdles
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: Defense
October 30 - 2018 Appropriations: Military Construction-VA
October 30 - Jim Sensenbrenner Is a Key Player in the Coming Surveillance Debate
October 30 - Trump and the Generals Don't Always March in Lock Step
November 6 - In the Spotlight: Jimmy Panetta
November 13 - Surveillance Debate Splits GOP, but Also Democrats
November 13 - Trump Promises Cyberwar if Attacks Continue
November 27 - Common Defense: The Truth Must Be Told About Casualties of War
November 27 - Wyden Makes a Play for Surveillance Law Changes
December 4 - Capitol Hill Comings and Goings
December 11 - Anatomy of a Vote: Wait Till Next Year on Omnibus?
December 11 - Pentagon on the Defensive Over North Korean Threat
December 11 - Star Wars: The $12 Billion Sequel
December 11 - What $4 Billion Buys You in Missile Defense

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