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January 4 - Defense: The Big Squeeze Continues
January 4 - Iran: Sanctions Talk Still Bubbles
January 11 - State of the Union: Obama's Final Pitch
January 25 - Common Defense: Guantanamo Is Both Epilogue and Prologue
February 1 - Sopko: Last Man Standing in Afghanistan
February 22 - Common Defense: Brave New World of Weaponry in Limbo
February 22 - Hope for Some Elements of Obama's Last Budget
March 14 - Common Defense: Let the War Games Begin on the Hill
March 14 - Tierney: Former Rep. Returns As Peace Advocate
April 4 - Lawmakers Worry Travel Budget Cuts are Hurting Navy Maintenance
April 11 - Common Defense: Bashing NATO May Be Missing the Point
April 11 - Government Contracting Association Gains New Chief
April 18 - Dangerous Game in the Pacific: Congress Stiffs Island Hosting U.S. Forces
April 25 - Soldiers Protest Proposed Health Care Fee Hikes
May 9 - 2017 Appropriations: Defense
May 9 - 2017 Appropriations: Military Construction-VA
May 9 - The Common Defense: 'A Terrible Way to Do Business'
May 23 - Alliance With Japan Being Redefined as Obama Prepares for Visit
May 23 - America Still Tops Russia in Defense Spending by Tenfold
May 23 - GOP Says Prairie Chicken Is National Security Concern
May 23 - In the Spotlight: Martha McSally
May 23 - Military Sexual Assault Report Splits Gillibrand, McCaskill Again
May 23 - Red Alert: Russia Looms Large as a Security Threat
May 23 - The Common Defense: With Trump and Putin, the Generals Must Take Command
May 23 - The Making of an Arms Race
May 23 - U.S. Intelligence Playing Catch-Up on Russia
June 6 - Armed Services Committee Rebuffs Rep. Gallego's Campaign to Honor His Marine Colleagues
June 6 - Data Bank: Testing the President's Promises
June 20 - Rep. Steve Russell Takes Leading Role in the Culture Wars
June 27 - Anatomy of a Vote: A Long Day's Journey Into Night on Zika Bill
June 27 - Common Defense: One Last Round on Guantanamo
June 27 - Documentary 'Zero Days' Examines U.S. Cyberattack on Iran
July 11 - Former Army Boss Now on K Street
September 6 - Fall Legislative Preview: Track Record on Defense Policy Bill in Jeopardy
September 6 - Fall Legislative Preview: Veto Threat Hangs Over Defense Appropriations
September 6 - Good Intentions, Unfortunate Results From Changes in Survivor Benefits
September 6 - How the U.S. Government Stiffs Widows and Orphans
September 6 - Some Survivors of the Fallen Are Shorted on Benefits
September 19 - Anatomy of a Vote: Guantanamo Drama Stays Alive
September 19 - Conversation: Former Defense Policy Chief Michele Flournoy
September 19 - New Film Details Near Miss in 1980 Nuclear Accident
September 26 - During This Nasty Election, Talk of a Coup
October 3 - Air Force Turns Off the Lights at Hawaiian Station to Protect Endangered Birds
October 3 - Common Defense: This Bird Won't Fly in Defense Policy Bill
October 3 - Congress Torn Over Extension of Veterans Choice Program
October 3 - Family Physicians Hire Hall; Defense Contractor Signs Jadotte
November 10 - 115th Congress: House Armed Services Committee
November 10 - 115th Congress: Senate Armed Services Committee
November 14 - A To-Do List for the 115th Congress
November 14 - Lame-Duck Session Will Be Long on Issues
November 28 - Common Defense: Oh, What a Tangled Web Oversees the DHS
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Closed North Korean Society Makes Intel Difficult
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Missile Defense on Korean Peninsula Is Hit or Miss
November 28 - Defense Special Report: North Korean Threat a Major Test for Trump
November 28 - Defense Special Report: Striking North Korea Could Have Catastrophic Consequences
November 28 - Defense Special Report: U.S. Missiles Not So Welcome in South Korea
December 5 - Autism Therapy Advocates Push Defense to Reconsider Cuts
December 12 - Dickas Leaves Wyden and Other Hill Staff Moves
December 12 - Nuclear Threats Rising in Concert With Trump's Ascension

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