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January 5 - Emerging Players: Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif.
January 5 - Emerging Players: Rep. John M. Spratt Jr., D-S.C.
January 12 - Administration's Nuclear Hedge Upsets Arms Control Advocates
January 12 - Dueling Visions of Defense
January 12 - Warner Delays Bill on NATO Expansion
January 12 - Will They Still Serve Pina Coladas On the Lido Deck?
January 19 - Republicans Shrug Off Levin's Push to Withdraw Forces From Saudi Arabia
January 26 - Appropriators Struggle With Aid Promises
January 26 - As Hill Takes a New Look at Rumsfeld, A Manner That Rankled Now Reassures Tweaking the Two-War Standard
January 26 - Bush's Proposed Buildup Eases Pentagon's Dilemma
January 26 - Can Levin Be an Agent of Change On a Panel Known for Bipartisanship?
January 26 - Counterterrorism Hearings Set
January 26 - Tweaking the Two-War Standard
February 2 - CIA's Role in Afghan War Restores Tenet's Image on Hill
February 2 - Goss: Waiting in the Wings?
February 2 - Olympics Make Utah a Big Fiscal Winner, But Lawmakers Quibble Over Final Tally
February 2 - Some Lawmakers Unhappy With Bush's Inclusion of Iran, North Korea in 'Axis of Evil'
February 2 - The Challenges at Home
February 9 - Bush Decision Expected Soon On Yucca Mountain Proposal
February 9 - Defense Contractors Suit Up For Air vs. Sea Funding War
February 9 - Goss Rescinds Plan to Retire
February 9 - House Passes Cyber-Security Bill To Avert Terrorist Attacks
February 9 - Radio Free Afghanistan Bill Is Passed by Senate
February 9 - Senate Hearing Fails to Build Support for Outside Probe Of Sept. 11 Attacks
February 16 - Another Reagan Alumnus Returns, Welcomed by Old Democratic Critics
February 16 - Foes of Reactor Deal With North Korea Look for Tougher Approach From Bush
February 16 - Former CIA Official to Head Hill Intelligence Probe of Sept. 11
February 16 - L. Britt Snider
February 16 - Lawmakers Warn: Bypassing Hill On Iraq Action Is Not an Option
February 23 - 'Smaller Is Better' Revisited
February 23 - Navy Caught in Budget Squeeze As Urgency to Build Ships Grows
February 23 - Navy Caught in Budget Squeeze As Urgency to Build Ships Grows
March 2 - Dual-Use Technology Debate Revived
March 2 - Ridge Rebuffs Congressional Efforts To Gain Departmental Oversight
March 9 - Carlyle's Political Heavyweights Bring Insight, Draw Criticism
March 9 - Daschle, Hoping to Defuse Remarks, Offers Resolution of Support for Troops
March 9 - The Crusader Program's Tale of Survival
March 16 - Bush's Missile Defense Plan Harks Back to Father's 'Layered' Approach
March 16 - Democrats Balk at Direction -- and Cost -- Of Proposed Nuclear Arsenal Strategy
March 16 - Democrats Dubious About Missile Defense Management
March 16 - Usually Quiet Senators Step in From Sidelines
March 23 - House Panel Approves Measure To Strengthen Nation's Port Security But Scope of Plan Falls Short of Senate Plan
March 23 - Lawmakers Might Put Some Muscle Behind Call for Ridge Testimony
March 23 - Sept. 11 Intelligence Probe Likely to Stumble Forward After Senate Panel Approval
March 23 - Supplemental Spending Plan May Unleash Battle Over Control
March 30 - Afghanistan War Effort to Consume Nearly $50 Million Per Day From Requested Emergency Funds
March 30 - Behind-the-Scenes Negotiations Giving New Momentum To Expanded Bio-Terrorism Bills
March 30 - New Homeland Security Duties Spotlight Service's Juggling Act
March 30 - Port Legislation Tries to Balance Tight Security and Smooth Commerce
April 6 - Army and Marine Helicopter Needs Could Cause Problems for Bush After Crackdown on Weapons Costs
April 6 - As Navy Ponders $100 Billion Contract, Congress Presses for Details on New Ships
April 6 - Editor's Notebook: Behind the Curve
April 6 - Senate Appropriators Dissatisfied That Ridge Will Not Testify Formally; Homeland Security Spending on the Line
April 13 - Congress Challenged by Soaring Cost Of Transportation Security Agency
April 13 - Security Costs Skyrocket
April 20 - House Subcommittee Worries That Airport Security Funding Could Curtail Other Priorities
April 20 - Still No Date Set for Intelligence Hearings
April 27 - Amphibious Troop Carrier Production Delayed, Not Killed
April 27 - Army's Three-Part Plan Causes Budget, Hill Disharmony
April 27 - New Pot of Federal Dollars Has Admirers From All Over
April 27 - Push for Intelligence Overhaul Losing Momentum on the Hill
April 27 - Rep. Bob Stump's Retirement Will Shift Armed Services Post
April 27 - Senate Committee Approves Helgerson for CIA Post
April 27 - Training, Environment Clash
April 27 - Turf Wars Take Toll on Ridge
May 4 - Cabinet-Level Status for Security Office Gets Push From Bipartisan Measure
May 4 - Congress Expected to Clear Border Security Bill
May 4 - Crusader Short on Backing To Parry White House Plan For Eliminating the Program
May 4 - Hawaiian Tug Named For Rep. Abercrombie
May 4 - House Panel's Reins Will Go To One of Two Defense Hawks
May 4 - Pilots Offer Strong Support for Bills That Would Allow Guns in Cockpit
May 4 - President's 'Unspecified' War Fund Takes a Hit From Armed Services Panel
May 4 - Snowe Continues Ship Debate
May 4 - Sudden Departure of Staff Director Hampers Intelligence Investigation
May 11 - After Handling Crusader Decision, Rumsfeld Must Handle Fallout
May 11 - Crusader Down: First Salvo In Cancellation Wars
May 11 - Defense Bill Draws Fire
May 11 - Editor's Notebook: Rules of Disorder
May 11 - Lawmakers Say Intelligence Network Is 'Slow-Walking' Inquiry Into Lack of Sept. 11 Preparedness
May 11 - Supplemental Bill a Vehicle For Fights Over Policies, Not Money
May 18 - Contract for New Generation of Warships in Dispute
May 18 - Crusader's Friends on Capitol Hill Keep White House Scrambling
May 18 - Defense Bill May Cover Garb for Military Women
May 18 - House Considers How To Fill Seats After a Disaster
May 18 - Many Divisions Yield Gloomy Forecast For Upcoming Appropriations Season
May 18 - News of Terrorism Warnings Sets Democrats on Offensive
May 18 - Security Bills Stuck in Limbo
May 18 - Transportation Security Bills Bogged Down by Turf Battles
May 25 - After Struggle for House Passage, Spending Fight Is in the Senate
May 25 - Attacks and Follow-up Investigations: History Offers Cautionary Tale
May 25 - Hefty Cash Infusion Helps Murtha Beat Mascara In Remapped Pa. District
May 25 - House May Circumvent Administration And Advance Measure to Allow Pilots To Carry Firearms on Airplanes
May 25 - Hunter Pushes Military Spending Hike As He Prepares for His Ascent To Armed Services Chairmanship
May 25 - Impatient Senate Drafts Its Own Homeland Security Plan
May 25 - Lawmakers Worry About Stability, Insist on U.S. Peacekeepers As Part of Afghan Aid Package
May 25 - Panels' Limitations Hinder Probe of Intelligence Failures
May 25 - Senate Clears Bio-Terrorism Bill Including Contentious FDA Provision That Helps Speed New Drugs to Market
May 25 - Senate Passes Bill Focusing On Disease Containment
May 25 - Senate's Crusader Plans on Hold
May 25 - Transportation Committee Clears Path in House for Bus Safety and Pipeline Bills
June 1 - Bush Strips Crusader's Budget
June 1 - Daschle's Dash to Pass Legislation
June 1 - Ex-Federal Prosecutor Eleanor Hill Leads Staff of Intelligence Probe
June 1 - New Wave of Nuclear Weaponry Sure to Spur Explosive Conference
June 1 - Utah Reservation's Nuclear Waste Bid Becomes Committee Chairmen's Battle
June 8 - Bush's Plan Gives Appropriators Even More to Ponder This Season
June 8 - Bush's Swift, Sweeping Plan Is Work Order for Congress
June 8 - Congress Vows FBI Oversight
June 8 - Dodd Plays Hardball With State Department
June 8 - Expansion During Crisis A Typical Response by Presidents
June 8 - Hill and Bush Work to Ensure Continuity of Military Operations
June 8 - Hill Probe on Course
June 8 - Kolbe Predicts 'Long Conference' On Supplemental Foreign Aid
June 8 - Port Security a Harbinger Of Homeland Disputes to Come
June 8 - President to U.S. Citizens: Press Congress for New Department Of Homeland Security by Year's End
June 8 - Proposal Presages Turf Wars
June 8 - Senate Prepared to Approve Arms Control Treaty With Russia
June 8 - Senate Warned Crusader Delay May be Costly
June 8 - Veto Threat May Bounce Off Supplemental's Momentum
June 15 - Agriculture: Farm Bill Disputes Expected to Carry Over
June 15 - Committee Chairmen Express Concerns About Major Shift in Jurisdiction
June 15 - Defense: House GOP Wants Bill to Be First in Line
June 15 - Democrats Embrace Homeland Security While Working on Separate Political Persona
June 15 - Energy and Water Development: Stepped-Up Security for Nuclear Facilities
June 15 - House Pipeline Security Bill Hindered by Committee Spats On Its Way to Floor Action
June 15 - Intelligence Committees Tussle With Task Of Assigning Domestic Spy Responsibilities
June 15 - Major Battle Brewing Over Minor Dollar Differences
June 15 - Military Construction: Lawmakers May Exceed Request for Military Construction
June 15 - Panel Would Boost Military Construction
June 15 - Pre-Emptive Policy Has Congress Fretting Over Loss of Influence
June 15 - Security Plan Gets Solid Backing But No Rubber Stamps on Hill
June 15 - Senate Committee Vote Is Another Nail in Coffin Of Crusader Cannon Program
June 15 - Transportation: Security Concern Could Free Road Funding
June 15 - Transportation: Security Concern Could Free Road Funding
June 22 - GOP Pick: An Armey of One
June 22 - Homeland Security Debate: Balancing Swift and Sure
June 22 - House Panel Clings to Cannon
June 22 - New Department Faces Key Issues
June 22 - Party Leaders to Draft Bill
June 22 - Plan to Arm Pilots Moves To Committee
June 22 - Political Rival, Unlikely Ally
June 22 - Proposed Divisions and Duties Of New Security Department
June 22 - Senate Kills Crusader Cannon Program As Debate Begins on Defense Bill
June 22 - Sept. 11 Investigators Now Under Scrutiny Themselves for Information Leaks
June 22 - White House Homeland Security Proposal Calls for Transfer of Non-Existent Agency
June 29 - Appropriators Cut Army's Crusader, But Add Money to Save Local Jobs
June 29 - Bush Wins on Missile Defense, But With Democratic Stipulation
June 29 - Fate of INS Remains Uncertain Under Plans for New Department
June 29 - Homeland Security Bipartisanship Launches Treasury-Postal Spending Bill, But Tough Issues Remain Unsolved
June 29 - House Nears Floor Vote on Arming Pilots
June 29 - Intelligence, Security Inquiries Moving Anything but Smoothly
June 29 - Lawmakers Add Generously To Military Construction Bill In Effort to Parry Base Closures
June 29 - Midyear Spending Deal Likely in Early July; Democrats, Bush Harden Fiscal '03 Lines
June 29 - Some in GOP Join Democrats In Questioning Homeland Plan
July 6 - Dispute Over Open Sessions Further Delays Joint Hearings On Sept. 11 Intelligence Failures
July 6 - GOP Leaders See Some Benefit In Lame-Duck Spending Session
July 6 - Homeland Security Revamp Hung Up On 'Dual-Purpose' Agencies
July 6 - Intelligence Hurdles
July 6 - McHale Tapped For Homeland Security Post
July 6 - Merger Comes With Added Duties
July 6 - TSA Gets Second Loan As Supplemental Stalls
July 13 - Backers Hope Solid House Vote For Arming Airline Pilots Will Force Foes to Reconsider
July 13 - Bush Reasserts Flexibility for Defense Funds
July 13 - Gantlet of House Committees Greets Homeland Security Plan
July 13 - Highlights of Panels' Input On New Security Department
July 13 - Nuclear Waste Issue as Hot as Ever Despite Senate OK of Nevada Site
July 13 - President's Hard Line on Spending Shatters Brief Bipartisan Consensus
July 13 - U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty Debated
July 20 - Admiral James M. Loy
July 20 - Bush's Domestic Security Blueprint Includes Possible Role for Military
July 20 - Chambers' Add-Ons For Military Construction Bill Will Complicate Conference
July 20 - Committee Adds $700 Million To Defense Spending Bill
July 20 - Consideration of Move Against Iraq Prompts Rumblings From Capitol Hill
July 20 - Crusader May Be Precursor To More Defense Cuts
July 20 - Hearings on Treaty With Russia Highlight Senators' Concerns Over Removal of Nuclear Arms
July 20 - House Homeland Security Bill Bends Strongly Bush's Way
July 20 - Intelligence Center to Stay Right Where Murtha Put It
July 20 - Key Issues of Security Debate
July 20 - Lawmakers Back Loy as TSA Head But Criticize Agency's Progress
July 20 - Lawmakers Irked as Spy Agencies Move Slowly to Alleviate Problems
July 20 - Panel OKs Future War Funds
July 27 - $10 Billion Authorized For War Fund
July 27 - Homeland Security's Big Hurdle: Ceding Power to White House
July 27 - House-Passed Intelligence Bill Calls For Independent Probe of Sept. 11 Attacks
July 27 - In Effort to Avoid Disputes, Senate Follows House Lead on Environmental Funding
July 27 - New Transportation Security Chief Says He Will Reconsider Armed Pilots, Creating ID Card for 'Trusted Travelers'
July 27 - Oversight of Anti-Missile Program Keeps Defense Conferees at Odds
July 27 - Public Works Panel Approves Bills Requiring Tougher Security for Nuclear and Chemical Facilities
July 27 - Traditional Shifting of Funds Raises Hackles on Homeland Security
August 3 - Byrd Prepared to Slow Bill
August 3 - Guns-for-Pilots Bill Overcomes Powerful Opposition To Top Senate's Fall Agenda
August 3 - Intelligence Members Say No Polygraphs
August 3 - Philosophical Conflicts Complicate Iraq Debate
August 3 - Senate Passes Defense Spending Bill, Adding $693 Million to House Total
August 3 - Work Rules Throw Wrench In Homeland Security Bill
August 10 - Clearing of Port Security Bill Awaits Only Resolution Of Proposed Shipper Fees
August 10 - Duo's Contentious Battle Features Patriotism and Homeland Security
August 10 - Lawmakers Seek to Avoid Closures By Pumping Money Into Military Bases
August 10 - Provisions of Port Security Bill
August 31 - Congress Changing Tone Of Homeland Security Debate
August 31 - Editor's Notebook: A Certain Future
August 31 - Learning by Experience
August 31 - New Department, Old Issues
August 31 - No Heavy Lifting Needed To Move Phantom Office
August 31 - The White House vs. the Hill
September 7 - A Road Show of Solidarity
September 7 - Ashcroft Drawing Criticism From Both Sides of the Aisle
September 7 - Cost to Arm Pilots Questioned
September 7 - Evaporating Terrorism Insurance Makes for Cautious Contractors
September 7 - For Congress, a New World -- And Business as Usual
September 7 - Intelligence Oversight Panel: CIA Has Failed to Change Since Terror Attacks of 9/11
September 7 - Lawmakers Struggle to Keep An Eye on Patriot Act
September 7 - Leaders Prepare to Help Draft War Resolution
September 7 - Missile Defense Money Pivotal For House and Senate Conferees
September 7 - Voters, Candidates Unclear About Impact of Iraq Vote
September 7 - Workers' Rights Issues Looming Over Homeland Security Debate
September 14 - Conference on Maritime Security Bill Bogged Down by Plan to Offset Costs Through Port User Fees and Surcharges
September 14 - Editor's Notebook: Room to Move
September 14 - Hearings Will Address Preparedness, Long-Term Scenario for Iraq Invasion
September 14 - Lawmakers Pushing Back From Quick Vote on Iraq
September 14 - Lawmakers Try to Balance Security And the Public's Right to Know
September 14 - Other Disputed Issues
September 14 - Senators Band Together to Reconcile Labor Rules and Homeland Security
September 14 - Tauzin's Determined Orchestration Keeps Energy Conference Alive
September 14 - The New Defense Priorities
September 21 - Chafee Holds Key to Decision on Union Rights for Homeland Staff
September 21 - Extension of Screening Security Deadline at Some Airports Approved by Senate Panel
September 21 - Intelligence Panel Says Probe Into Failures Needs Independent Commission, More Time
September 21 - Rumsfeld Says Troop Strength Is Sufficient To Conduct Military Operations in Iraq
September 28 - 'One Voice' Lost in Debate Over Iraq War Resolution
September 28 - Causes and Consequences
September 28 - Democratic Group Finds Tough Sell In Go-Slow Approach to War
September 28 - Guns and Butter, Again
September 28 - House Appropriations Committee Considering Hard-Line Tactics With Amtrak Funding
September 28 - Independent Intelligence Commission Caught in Hill-White House Wrangling
September 28 - Intelligence Bill Advances To Conference
September 28 - Personnel Differences for Homeland Security Plan
September 28 - Personnel Issues Have Senate Stumbling on Homeland Security
September 28 - Potential Allies View Trade and Aid As Compensation for Cooperation
September 28 - Senate Passes Omnibus Benefits Bill for Veterans
September 28 - Small-Scale Airline Aid Bill In Discussion
September 28 - The Ghosts of Tonkin: Questions and Resolutions
September 28 - The High Cost of Might
September 28 - War May Not Hurt Economy
October 5 - Defense Bill Action Could Be Delayed To Avoid Pre-Election Veto of Veterans Law
October 5 - Despite Airlines' Pleas for Help, Extensive Bailout Looks Unlikely
October 5 - Evolution of the Resolutions
October 5 - Moderates Vow to Keep Working On Homeland Security Deal
October 5 - Not Even Rumblings of War Shake Loose an Energy Policy
October 5 - Senate Democrats in Disarray After Gephardt's Deal on Iraq
October 5 - Senate-Passed Bill Has Tax Increase For Expatriates, Breaks for Military
October 12 - Armed-Pilots Bill Bogged Down
October 12 - Broad Resolution Allows Bush To Set Terms of War Without Review
October 12 - Byrd's Beloved Chamber Deaf To His Pleas for Delayed Vote
October 12 - Concerns Linger for Lawmakers Following Difficult Vote for War
October 12 - Congressional Support May Not Count For Much With U.N. Security Council
October 12 - Editor's Notebook: Anxiety Levels
October 12 - Goss Tries to Keep Intelligence Bill From Snagging on Sept. 11 Probe
October 12 - Homeland Security Department Adrift in Appropriations Doldrums
October 12 - House Approves Defense Spending Plan That Allows for Controversial 767 Leases
October 12 - Joint Resolution to Authorize Use of Military Force Against Iraq
October 12 - Military Construction Bill Cleared but on Hold, Awaiting Stalled Defense Authorization
October 12 - No Deals Reached This Year To Salvage Environmental Bills
October 12 - OMB Burns Midnight Oil Trying to Plan For Homeland Security Department
October 12 - Senate Aviation Security Bill Offers Minimal Aid to Airlines
October 19 - Battle Over Independent Sept. 11 Probe Keeps Intelligence Authorization in Limbo
October 19 - Bills to Ban Flights Over Stadiums Likely to Languish Until Next Year
October 19 - Deal to Boost Port Security Resolves Most Issues -- Except How to Pay for It
October 19 - New Commuter Student Visa Bill Expected to Be Signed by Bush
October 19 - North Korea Presents Congress With New 'Axis of Evil' Issues
October 19 - Rumsfeld Defense Plan on Track As Senate Clears Spending Bill
October 19 - Senate's Failure to Resolve Personnel Management Issue Stalls Homeland Security Bill
October 19 - U.N. Resolution a Step Closer
October 26 - Bush's Missile Defense Victory Signifies Changing Times
October 26 - Homeland Bill Deadlock Fails to Derail Restructuring of Immigration Agency
October 26 - Military Pay Raise Proposal Still Snagged in Conference Because of Veterans' Benefits Provision
October 26 - Missile Defense a Multi-Layered Program
October 26 - Ohio Veteran Attaches $1.8 Million To Defense Budget for Biotech Gadget
November 2 - Better Relationship With Agencies To Head New Panel Leaders' List
November 2 - Bill to Beef Up Port Security Becomes Magnet for Maritime Add-Ons
November 2 - Cape Cod Base Is Study Site For Security Training Centers
November 2 - Fighting a Two-Front Battle
November 2 - Lawmakers in Reserves Unlikely to Get Called For Military Service in Iraq
November 2 - Northern Command Stirs Issue Of Military's Role in Security
November 2 - Satellite TV for Boaters Unlikely
November 2 - Term-Limited Intelligence Chairman Likely to Get Waiver to Stay On
November 9 - Armed Services Faces a Few Key Battles
November 9 - Lugar Back on Top of Foreign Relations
November 9 - Questions Remain on Iraq
November 16 - Congress Fails to Reach Deal On Omnibus Energy Legislation; Settles for Pipeline Safety Bill
November 16 - Defense Authorization Ultimately Surfaces As Equal Opportunity Partisan Target
November 16 - Homeland Security Department Another Victory for Administration
November 16 - House Membership of Mostly Lawyers and Veterans Now Giving Way to Bankers, Executives
November 16 - Intelligence Authorization Clears, Creating Independent Panel To Probe Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks
November 16 - Military Alliance Increasingly Lines Up Behind U.S. Leadership
November 16 - Nuances Run Deep in Homeland Bill
November 16 - Rep. Combest's Midterm Retirement Creates Four-Way Race For Coveted Agriculture Chairmanship
November 16 - Tax Breaks for Military Personnel Readied for Passage in House
November 16 - Turf Battles Could Lie Ahead In Fight To Oversee Homeland Department
November 23 - Department's Blueprint Approved, Final Plan Far From Complete
November 23 - Expansion Bill For Veterans Benefits Clears
November 23 - Fielding the Possible Candidates For Homeland Undersecretaries
November 23 - Issues Not Likely to Go Away
November 23 - New Privacy Concerns
November 23 - Officials Take Different Sides On U.S.-Mexico Border Fence
November 23 - Potential Allies Against Iraq Have a Dollar Figure in Mind
November 30 - Homeland Security Department Details Continue Unresolved
November 30 - Kissinger, Mitchell Tapped for Panel
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Airline Industry Relief
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Aviation Security
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Border Security
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Defense Appropriations
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Defense Authorization
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Homeland Security Department
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Intelligence Authorization
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Military Construction Appropriations
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Port Security
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Use of Force Against Iraq
December 7 - Democracy in the Middle East: Using Iraq to Chart a Course
December 7 - For 9/11 Probe, Rudman's Style Loses Points With Lott
December 7 - Lugar's Passionate Plans For a Regained Chair
December 7 - Well-Funded Defense Bill Reaffirms Hill Oversight
December 14 - Despite Post-Election Opportunities, Democrats Struggle to Find One Voice
December 14 - Intelligence Panels' Report Suggests Changes
December 14 - Members of the Independent Sept. 11 Panel
December 14 - No Lack of Proposals From Hill As New 9/11 Probe Gears Up
December 14 - Rumsfeld Tones It Down For New Round of Budget Talks

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