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January 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Caution Is the Watchword on Hill As Putin Takes Charge in Russia
January 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: GAO Cites FAA Security Breaches
January 15 - : DOE's Nuclear Agency Proposal Meets Criticism on the Hill
January 15 - : Revival Meetings Begin Anew for Test Ban Treaty
January 15 - BUDGET: Veterans Nominated To Move Up At Defense Department
January 15 - DEFENSE: Gays in Military Resurfaces As Issue for Gore, Bradley
January 22 - DEFENSE: The Limits of Intervention
January 22 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Tenet Gives CIA Credibility on the Hill
January 29 - Controversial Programs
January 29 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Battle Lines Keep Shifting Over Foreign Military Training
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: More Money, Better Oversight Urged to Thwart Terrorism
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Warner May Use Supplemental To Pressure European Nations To Fulfill Kosovo Aid Pledges
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Deal Reached On Vieques
February 12 - BUDGET: Clinton Seeks Extra $4.4 Billion To Fight Drugs, Keep Peace
February 12 - DEFENSE: Clinton's Boost to Pentagon Budget Seen on Hill as Just a First Step
February 12 - High-Tech Weapons
February 19 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Chief of Testing Reinforces Bipartisan Movement To Postpone Anti-Missile System
February 26 - : Appeals Court Upholds Rejection Of War Powers Lawsuit
February 26 - : Deutch Apologizes for Breach; Probe of CIA's Actions Continues
February 26 - : Senate Hopes to Act Quickly On Spy Investigations Measure
February 26 - : WTO Ruling Costly for U.S. Exporters
February 26 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Wish List Goes Heavy On Traditional Spending
February 26 - INDUSTRY REGULATION: The Administration's Proposal
March 4 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Hill Balks at Aid to Colombia In Supplemental Spending Bill
March 11 - DEFENSE: With Much of Surplus off Table, Defense Hawks Are Hard-Pressed To Pump Up Pentagon Budget
March 25 - High Court Hears Arguments About Myanmar Sanctions
April 1 - Payments to the U.N.
April 1 - Putin's Victory in Russia Revives Push for Action On Nuclear Arms Control
April 1 - U.N. Security Council Cool To Debt Payment Proposal Despite Wooing by Helms
April 8 - DEFENSE
April 8 - Stall on Supplemental Spending Leaves Host of Sticky Issues
April 15 - Competing for Tech Support
April 15 - Russian Duma OKs START II; U.S. Hopes for Better Odds For Anti-Missile Negotiations
April 15 - The Shrinking Navy: Build-Down to Breakdown?
April 22 - Building a Better Tomorrow For Military Housing
April 22 - Military Analysts See No Bumps In Congress for F-22, Despite Plane's Testing Progress Lagging
April 29 - Intelligence Markup Gives NSA Increase
May 6 - Retiree Pharmacy Benefits, Submarine Procurement Boosted in Defense Bills
May 6 - Russians Say Missile Defense Unneeded Now
May 13 - Broadly Popular Defense Budget Increases May Hit Snag Over New Nuclear Agency
May 13 - Correction
May 13 - House Defense Appropriators Target Army Mobility, Joint Strike Fighter
May 13 - Piggyback Supplemental Aid May Get a Rough Ride
May 13 - Statesmen and Celebrities Deploy To Woo the Undecided on China
May 20 - House Passes Defense Budget That Includes Kosovo Conditions, Military Retiree Benefits
June 3 - Senate Bill Leans on Military To Speed Up Pace of Change
June 10 - A Host of Amendments
June 10 - Coast Guard Signals Distress Over Years of Spending Shortfalls; House Panel Promises a Lifeline
June 10 - House-Passed Defense Spending Bill Adds $4 Billion to Clinton Request
June 10 - Senate Effectively Votes to Block Unilateral Nuclear Cuts by Clinton
June 17 - Latest Nuclear Security Breach All but Ensures Senate Will Vote To Curb Richardson's Authority
June 17 - Republicans Nix Global Court
June 24 - Senate May Vote on Requiring More-Stringent Testing Of Proposed Anti-Missile System
July 1 - Hill Takes a Hands-On Approach To Tightening Nuclear Security
July 1 - National Security May Make Senate China Road Tricky; Ways and Means Backs Vietnam Trade Incentives
July 1 - Senate Sends Conference Report On Military Construction Spending To an Expected Clinton Signature
July 1 - Urgency, Secrecy Carry the Day As Congress Clears Supplemental
July 15 - Curbs on Kosovo Deployment Will Be Main Point of Contention In Defense Authorization Conference
July 15 - Measure to Further Extend Anti-Missile System Tests Narrowly Loses in Senate
July 15 - Navy's Supporters on Hill Doubt Pentagon's Commitment To Address Fleet's Decline
July 15 - Program Status
July 29 - Hill Democrats Press Clinton To Postpone Initial Decision On Building Anti-Missile System
July 29 - House Passes Tough Curbs on Military Exports
July 29 - White House Resists Bill on Anti-Terrorism
August 12 - The International Fallout Of an Anti-Missile System
September 2 - Clinton Defers Decision on Missile Defense
September 30 - Congress Backs Clinton's Push For Yugoslav Leader to Step Down
September 30 - Political Clamor Drowns Out Military Readiness Questions
October 7 - Conferees Agree to Expand Military Retirees' Medical Benefits
October 7 - Deal on Radiation Exposure
October 7 - Hate Crime Language Fails In Defense Bill
October 7 - Intelligence Bill Conferees to Focus On Senate-Proposed Sanctions In Drug-Trafficking Cases
October 14 - Defense Authorization Bill Clears In Debate Tinged by Mideast Crises
October 14 - Defining, Asserting the National Interest
October 14 - Intelligence Bill Clears Despite Concerns About Classified Leaks Penalties
October 21 - Bill Mandates Widespread Polygraphing At Nuclear Laboratories
October 21 - Congress Adds Modestly To Clinton's Pentagon Budget
November 4 - Veto Urged for New Penalties For Leaking Classified Data
November 18 - Political Turmoil May Up Odds For Missile Defense Accord
November 18 - Secrecy Bill Debate Possible Next Year
November 18 - Senate Passes Anti-Terrorism Measure
December 9 - Intelligence Authorization Stalled By Spy Satellite Launch Dispute
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Defense
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Defense Authorization
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Military Construction
December 16 - House Clears Spy Satellite Bill After Dropping Provision On Launch Contract Policy
December 16 - Marine Aircraft's Latest Crash Revives Hill Concern About Project
December 16 - Panels Urge New Strategy On Terrorism

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