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January 2 - DEFENSE: Is Military's 'Warrior' Culture In America's Best Interest?
January 2 - DEFENSE: Missile Defense Tug of War
January 2 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Panel Issues Proposals For Preventing Chinese Theft Of U.S. Military Technology
January 2 - Keeping a Civil Tongue
January 9 - DEFENSE: Clinton's Defense Budget Increase Falls Short, Joint Chiefs Tell Senators
January 9 - Proposed Military Pay Increase Aimed At Making Services More Attractive
January 9 - U.S. Agencies and U.N. Teams Shared Intelligence on Iraq
January 16 - DEFENSE: Administration Aims To Improve Agencies' Response to Terrorism
January 16 - Hunter Says Clinton's Increase In Defense Budget Falls Short
January 16 - Nuclear Treaty Confirmation High on White House Agenda
January 23 - DEFENSE: Right-Face on Defense Policy
January 30 - Defense and Foreign Policy Notes
January 30 - DEFENSE: Senate Panel Approves Larger Pay Increase, Education Benefits for Military
January 30 - TRADE: Report on Chinese Espionage Revives Interest in Export Controls
February 6 - DEFENSE: President's Anti-Terrorism Budget Slights Embassy Security, Gregg Says
February 6 - Republicans Warn Clinton on Use Of U.S. Peacekeepers in Kosovo
February 6 - Veto Threat Hangs Over Anti-Missile Defense System Bill
February 13 - DEFENSE: Does Security Suffer as Pentagon Shops in the Global Marketplace?
February 13 - Senate Committee Approves Anti-Missile Defense Bill
February 27 - Corrections
February 27 - DEFENSE: House Panel Backs Deployment Of an Anti-Missile System But Sets No Specifics
February 27 - DEFENSE: Senate Sweetens Military Pay Raise As House Seeks Ways To Stem Exodus
February 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress Wants a Bigger Voice On Sending Troops to Kosovo
March 6 - Anti-Missile Defense System Floor Action Delayed
March 6 - Citizen-Soldiers Take On A Formidable New Mission
March 6 - DEFENSE: 'Homeland Defense': Mobilizing Against Terrorism
March 6 - DEFENSE: Spence Faces Reluctant Leaders In His Quest for $8.7 Billion More In Defense Budget Authority
March 13 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers Say Clinton's Plans For Combating Terrorism Lack Urgency and Coherence
March 13 - Domenici Calls for $8.3 Billion In Added Defense Spending
March 20 - DEFENSE: Effort To Build Anti-Missile System Gets a Strong, If Symbolic, Lift
March 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Keeping the Peace: Where and Why?
March 20 - Hurry Up and Wait: Despite Goading By Hill, a Long Process Lies Ahead
March 20 - Panel Vote Favors Joint Training of Military Men and Women
March 27 - 'We Act To Prevent a Wider War; To Defuse a Powder Keg . . .'
March 27 - BOMBS AWAY: Even the World's Only Superpower Can Run Short of Cruise Missiles
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Members Rally Around Kosovo Mission Despite Misgivings About Strategy
March 27 - House Passes Tighter Rules for Burial at Arlington Cemetery
April 3 - Arrivederci, Aviano
April 3 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: As Kosovo Crisis Escalates, Calls Increase To Reconsider Use of Ground Troops
April 10 - Clinton's Requests To Shore Up Nuclear-Threat Reduction Programs
April 10 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress To Resume Kosovo Debate, Its Options Limited by Ongoing Airstrikes
April 10 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Dismantling Soviet Arms: Rising Costs and Challenges
April 10 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Two GOP Leaders Personify Party's Rift Over Kosovo
April 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Supplemental Likely To Bear More Money for Pentagon Than Kosovo Mission Requires
April 17 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Gains Support on Hill For Kosovo Campaign
April 17 - House Finagles Extension Of Insurance on Risky Flights
April 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Seizes Kosovo Supplemental As Defense Spending Vehicle
April 24 - Campbell Maneuvers To Force An Ambivalent Congress To Choose
April 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress Likely To Provide Funding, Avoid Policy Showdown on Kosovo
April 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Impending Release of Report On China's Nuclear Espionage Sets Stage for Security Legislation
April 24 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: U.S. Businesses Help Pay for NATO Fete
May 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Paying for the Kosovo Air War: How Much Is Too Much?
May 1 - Bracing for China's Potential Military Might
May 1 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Ongoing Record Of Billions in Lost Inventory Leads Hill To Demand Change
May 1 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Congress Set To Provide Money, But No Guidance, for Kosovo Mission
May 1 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The China Policy Syndrome: U.S. Struggles To See Clearly
May 1 - Intellligence Budget Boosted
May 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Votes To Double Clinton's Kosovo Emergency Spending Request
May 8 - DEFENSE: Senate Panel Seeks Tighter Lab Security
May 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Fallout From Nuclear Spy Probe May Include a Bigger FBI Role In National Security Cases
May 8 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Milosevic's Growing Isolation Raises Hopes for Kosovo Solution
May 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Fireworks and Finesse Mark Conference On Supplemental Spending Bill
May 15 - Congress Aims Extra Billions At Pentagon's Routine Costs
May 15 - DEFENSE: Bombing Mistake Intensifies Calls For Increased Intelligence Funding
May 15 - DEFENSE: House, Senate Panels Set Out To Beef Up Defense Budget, Going Beyond Clinton's Requests
May 22 - Anti-Missile Defense Bill Clears
May 22 - DEFENSE: Saying Military Is Spread Too Thin, House Panel Adds Billions to Budget
May 22 - What's Ahead in Congress
May 29 - Appropriators Mark Up Defense Bill Along Lines of Authorization Measure
May 29 - DEFENSE: Senate Adds $8 Billion to Pentagon Budget, Drops Effort To Realign Arms Labs
May 29 - LET'S GET OUT OF HERE: Anatomy of a Rebellion
May 29 - Weighty Issues
June 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Lawmakers Await Kosovo Pact Details And Signs of Serbian Compliance
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Military Construction Bill Advances
June 12 - DEFENSE: Republicans' Unease With Clinton Marks House Passage of Defense Bill
June 12 - DEFENSE: Senate-Passed Defense Spending Bill Provides $4 Billion for Pet Projects
June 12 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Takes a Step To Strengthen Protection of Defense Technology
June 12 - Warnings of a Backlash
June 19 - DEFENSE: Proposal for a Nuclear Security Agency Gains Momentum With Lawmakers
June 26 - DEFENSE: Lawmakers Urge Armed Forces To Focus on High-Tech Future
June 26 - DEFENSE: Plan for New Agency Gains Steam Over Richardson's Objections
June 26 - Yeltsin Agrees To Reopen ABM Treaty
July 3 - DEFENSE: U.S. Won't Let ABM Treaty Stop Missile Defense Program, Nominee for State Post Says
July 10 - Dissecting Dismantlement
July 10 - Richardson 'Ready To Move' On Nuclear Weapons Agency
July 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Military Construction Bill Passes
July 17 - Corrections: House Votes
July 17 - DEFENSE: Commission Outlines Steps To Address 'Chilling Reality' of Weapons Proliferation
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Puts Pentagon on Notice With Move To Hold Up F-22
July 24 - Senators To Seek Vote On Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
July 31 - Anti-Missile Money Reduced
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Appropriators Concoct a VA-HUD Bill, But Full House, Senate May Make Changes
July 31 - Rules on Arms Transfers Approved
August 7 - DEFENSE: Defense Bill Negotiators Fail To Placate Administration On Nuclear Security Proposal
August 7 - Will Age Mellow the House VA-HUD Bill?
August 14 - DEFENSE: Air War With the Pentagon: Jerry Lewis and the F-22
August 14 - Rising to a Challenge
September 4 - Anti-Missile Debate Deferred
September 4 - Conferees' History Homework
September 4 - DEFENSE: Conferees Boost Defense Budget, Stressing Readiness, Innovation
September 4 - World Affairs Notes
September 11 - Arlington Cemetery Burials Addressed in Veterans' Bill
September 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Bill To Punish Iran Arms Aid Nears Passage
September 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Timor Crisis Ignites New Debate On Use of U.S. Troops Overseas
September 18 - DEFENSE: Congress Nears Final Action On Defense Authorization Measure Mandating New Nuclear Agency
September 25 - DEFENSE: Flap Over New Nuclear Agency Fails To Derail Defense Bill
September 25 - VETERANS' AFFAIRS: Health Care Expansion For Vets Passes
October 2 - DEFENSE: Members Increasingly Criticize Clinton's Policy Toward Iraq, But Disagree on Alternatives
October 2 - DEFENSE: Senate Prepares To Take Up Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; Ratification Still a Long Shot
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Conferees Agree To Fund Some F-22 Production But Also Require More Testing
October 9 - DEFENSE: Senators Struggle To Put Nuclear Treaty Back in Bottle
October 9 - Nuclear Agency Eruption
October 9 - Treaty Provisions
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending Bill Clears, Swathed In Camouflage Green
October 16 - Army Speeds Up Plans To Travel Lighter, Hit Harder
October 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Treaty Vote a 'Wake-Up Call'
October 16 - Treaty Rejection Casts a Shadow Over Non-Proliferation Efforts in Asia
October 23 - Defense Bill Back on Table
October 23 - DEFENSE: GOP, Richardson Eyeball to Eyeball Over Nuclear Security Again, With Little Time Left for a Blink
October 23 - Puerto Rico Governor Urges End To Live Fire by Navy on Vieques
November 6 - Administration Has Few Options On Nuclear Agency, Study Says
November 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: National Security Team Holds Out Olive Branch
November 13 - Business and Society Notes
November 20 - Veterans' Health Care Bill Clears
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense - Defense Authorization
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense - Missile Defense
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense - Nuclear Security
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Veterans' Affairs - Veterans Health Care
December 4 - DEFENSE: Can U.S. Build Missile Shield Without Shredding a Treaty?
December 4 - More Nuclear Security Money Sought
December 11 - DEFENSE: GOP Advertises Differences With Commander in Chief In Military-Oriented Papers

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