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January 3 - America's Citizen-Soldier Tradition
January 3 - COVER STORY: Budget Crunch Has a Service At War With Itself
January 3 - From Classroom to Battlefield
January 10 - FOREIGN POLICY: Disagreement Among Friends Strains U.S.-Israeli Ties
January 24 - FOREIGN POLICY: Support for Iran Sanctions Bill Still Runs Strong in Senate
January 24 - SECTION NOTES: Helms Sets Terms for Hearings On Test Ban Treaty
January 24 - SECTION NOTES: Unknown Soldier From Vietnam May Be Missouri Pilot
January 31 - Editor's Note
January 31 - FOREIGN POLICY: Cleland Warns Against Repeating Tonkin Gulf Mistake
January 31 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Stresses Accomplishments, Calls State of the Union 'Strong'
January 31 - VETERANS: House Bill Would Prohibit Arlington Burial Waivers
February 7 - Aspiring NATO Newcomers Face Long Road to Integration
February 7 - Civilian 'Interference' Redefined by Poland
February 7 - Czech Military Gains Some Acceptance
February 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: 'Big Stick' Approach to Iraq Masks Uncertainty on Hill
February 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Clinton Moves To Permit Sales Of Nuclear Products to China
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 7 - Hungarian Military Struggles To Adapt
February 7 - IMF Request Hits Snag
February 7 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Senate Nears Climactic Vote On Line-Item Vetoes
February 14 - FOREIGN POLICY: Doubts About Clinton's Strategy Stall Iraq Resolution
February 14 - FOREIGN POLICY: Three Nations' Top Diplomats Lobby for NATO Membership
February 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: Public's Worries About Iraq Policy Echo Concerns in Congress
February 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: $287 Million in Projects Restored to 1998 Bill
February 28 - Author of House Report on Iraqi Arms Finds His Credibility Under Siege
February 28 - DEFENSE: Congress Might Not Seek Cuts To Offset Bosnia, Gulf Costs
February 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: Battle Lines Forming in Senate Over Further NATO Expansion
February 28 - FOREIGN POLICY: GOP Finds Little To Applaud In U.N. Deal With Iraq
February 28 - MILITARY: Burial Restrictions Win Support
February 28 - SECTION NOTES: Togo West VA Confirmation Expected in Next Month
March 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Congress Finds Its Resolve As Iraq Crisis Cools Off
March 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Poised To Approve NATO Expansion
March 7 - Rough Going for Supplemental Bill
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: Arlington Burial Rules Approved By House Committee
March 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate To Vote on Sanctions On Arms Aid to Iran
March 14 - Cyberspace Invaders
March 14 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Military's 'Can-Do' Budget Stance Heightens Hawks' Frustrations
March 14 - DEFENSE: Computer-Reliant U.S. Society Faces Growing Risk of 'Information War'
March 14 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Urges Trial Of Saddam
March 14 - VETERANS: Panel Approves Bill To Tighten Rules for Arlington Burials
March 21 - DEFENSE: Hill Critics of Mixed-Sex Training Find Ammunition in Report
March 21 - DEFENSE: House Bill Would Expedite Anti-Missile Defenses
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Shies Away From Conflict With Clinton Over War Powers
March 21 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Suddenly Defers Action On NATO Expansion
March 21 - LEADERSHIP: Offsets Spat Marks Latest Chapter In House GOP's Struggle To Govern
March 21 - Panel OKs Supplemental -- With Strings
March 28 - MILITARY: Burial Restrictions Pass House
April 4 - DEFENSE: Pentagon Enlists New Statistics In Push To Close More Bases
April 4 - Lagging Do-List
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: House Backs $147 Million For Anti-Missile Defense
April 4 - SECTION NOTES: Peace May Be Worth Keeping In Caucasus, McConnell Says
April 4 - Supplemental Bills Compared
April 4 - THE BUDGET: House Emergency Spending Measure Heads for Collision With Senate
April 11 - DEFENSE: Nunn Forum Issues a Call to Arms On Computer Security
April 11 - Nunn's Triad of Interests
April 18 - DEFENSE: Picking the Best Missile Defense: Cold War Treaty or New Weapons
April 18 - Missile Defense Systems
April 25 - DEFENSE: Armed Services Panel Endorses Missile Defense
April 25 - DEFENSE: Strain Is Showing as Military Tries To Do More With Less
May 2 - DEFENSE: House Panel Votes To Force Greater Segregation of Sexes In Military's Basic Training
May 2 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Senate Approves Three Nations For Membership in NATO
May 2 - House Committee Approves Intelligence Authorization Bill
May 2 - Pentagon May Try to Identify Vet Buried in Tomb of Unknowns
May 2 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: West Confirmed By Senate To Head VA
May 2 - Waiting in the Wings
May 9 - Cohen Orders Exhumation of 'Unknown' Vietnam Veteran
May 9 - DEFENSE: Basic Training, Base Closings May Dominate Defense Debate
May 9 - Road Bill Conferees May Grab Money From Ill Veterans Who Smoked
May 9 - U.N. Ambassador in Line for Energy Secretary's Post
May 16 - Ammunition for Senate Debate
May 16 - Debate on China Policy Heats Up as Clinton Trip Impends
May 16 - DEFENSE: Senators Seek Compromise With Administration On Bosnia Deployment
May 16 - ENVIRONMENT: New Mexico Site Ready for Nuclear Waste
May 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: India's Nuclear Detonations Rattle Clinton's Arms Control Strategy
May 16 - VETERANS AFFAIRS: Vets' Care Gets Boost From Medicare Bill
May 23 - DEFENSE: House Votes To Ban Launch Of U.S. Satellites by China, Then Passes Defense Bill
May 23 - FOREIGN POLICY: As the Dust Settles in India, U.S. Rethinks Nuclear Policy
May 23 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senate Defies Veto Threat, Votes To Impose Sanctions on Aid to Iran's Missile Program
May 23 - The Spread of Nuclear Weapons
May 30 - Correction
May 30 - The Year Congress Passed the Buck On Defense Funds
June 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Committees Flout Clinton's Plea For 'Emergency' Bosnia Funds
June 6 - Bill Would Ensure Treatment For Vets Exposed to Toxics
June 6 - Competition Worries 'Space Coast'
June 6 - Drawing a Line on Bosnia
June 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: U.S. Intelligence Takes the Heat For Dim Insight on Nuclear Proliferation
June 6 - Space Troopers?
June 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Rockefeller Vows To Save Veterans' Benefits, Forcing Slowdown of Highway Bill
June 13 - DEFENSE: Defense Debate Will Focus On Bosnia, Basic Training
June 13 - DEFENSE: Pentagon's Simulated Attacks On Computers Succeed Too Well
June 13 - DEFENSE: Reluctant White House Urged To Send Troops To Province of Kosovo
June 13 - Military Construction Bill Advances
June 13 - Sex-Integrated Training Retained
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Funds for Pentagon Computers Are Stripped From House Bill; Bosnia Money Also Omitted
June 20 - Appropriators to Pentagon: Accept Miami Digs or Move 'Em Out
June 20 - Chart: Defense Spending
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Passes
June 27 - Clinton's China Syndrome
June 27 - DEFENSE: Democrats Parry GOP Thrusts On China Policy, Bosnia Mission
June 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Vetoes Sanctions on Iran Missile Aid
June 27 - WORLD VIEW: House Funds Military Projects In Key Members' Districts, Deletes Money for Bosnia
July 4 - DEFENSE: Congress To Be Consulted On Whether To Inter Another 'Unknown' Vietnam Veteran
July 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Probes of Chinese Missile Technology Focus on Satellite Export Rules
July 18 - FOREIGN OPERATIONS: Lott Intensifies Criticism Of China Policy as Democrats Denounce 'Political' Motives
July 18 - Report Buoys Supporters of Anti-Missile System
July 18 - Reserve Officers Testify Against Air Force Nominee
July 25 - DEFENSE: 'Credibility and Trust' at Issue In Senate Panel's Rejection Of Air Force Nominee
July 25 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: NATO Readies Strike Plans Against Serbia
July 25 - House Reiterates Commitment To Taiwan's Security
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conference Report On Military Construction Gets Speedy House Approval
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Defense Spending Bill, Backing U.S. Troop Levels in Balkans
August 1 - Chart: Military Construction Spending
August 1 - DEFENSE: Dispute Over Tritium Production Creates Unlikely Alliances, Entangles Defense Authorization
August 1 - NOTEWORTHY: Pentagon Revises Rules Against Adultery, Fraternization
August 8 - Bill Would Make National Policy Of Anti-Missile Defense
August 8 - DEFENSE: Modern Army Prepares for War On Two Fronts: Present, Future: 'Boots on the Ground,' Eyes on the Future
August 8 - From the Editor
August 8 - Members Intensifying Pressure For Stronger Action in Kosovo
August 8 - Three Projects on the Firing Line
August 15 - Correction: New Army
August 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Modest Drop in Defense Spending Feeds Concerns About Readiness
August 22 - DEFENSE: Despite Leaner Pentagon Budgets, A Venerable Plane Still Flies High
August 22 - No Chance for a Nonfat Bill As Special Projects Flourish
September 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Is First Spending Bill At the Finish Line
September 5 - Assassination Re-examined
September 5 - Chart: VA-HUD-Independent Agencies Spending
September 5 - Correction: Defense Spending
September 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Does U.S. Have the Will and Means For a Sustained War on Terrorism?
September 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP Steps Up Accusations That Clinton Is Endangering U.S. Security and Credibility
September 19 - Conferees Finish Defense Bill
September 19 - DEFENSE: Pentagon Presses for Budget Increase, Saying Readiness Is Slipping
September 19 - Inaction on Chemical Arms Pact Could Spark Crisis, House Told
September 26 - Defense Spending May Rise
September 26 - DEFENSE: Conferees OK Reduced Force Size, Trim Anti-Missile Defense Spending
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Sent to Clinton, Minus Some 'Readiness' Spending
October 3 - Bookkeeping 'Out of Control'
October 3 - Chart: Defense Spending
October 3 - Defense Bill Includes a Pet Project With a Civil War Connection
October 3 - DEFENSE: Joint Chiefs to Senate Panel: Cuts Are Starting To Hurt
October 3 - U.S. Action Against Serbs Gathers Solid Hill Support
October 10 - Anti-Missile Evolution
October 10 - DEFENSE: Progress on Anti-Missile Program Dulls Bark and Bite of GOP Critics
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Deal Gives Clinton IMF Credit; GOP Wins Conditions on Loans
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Supplemental Defense Spending Includes Substantial Boosts for Anti-Missile Systems, Intelligence
October 17 - Fate of Chemical Arms Bill Remains Uncertain
October 17 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Lawmakers Cautious of Kosovo Deal
October 24 - Defense Authorization, Appropriations Bills Signed
October 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Lawmakers Step Up Criticism Of Clinton's Policy on Kosovo As Serbians Fail To Withdraw
October 24 - Zinni Blasts Plan To Support Anti-Saddam Groups in Iraq
November 14 - Legislative Summary: World View
November 21 - DEFENSE: Will Warner Challenge the White House From the Helm of Armed Services ?
December 12 - Foreign Minister Says Russia Is Likely To Ratify START II
December 19 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: GOP Leaders Refuse To Close Ranks With Clinton on Bombing of Iraq

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