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January 6 - PRESIDENTIAL VETO: National Security Concerns Cited in Defense Bill Veto
January 13 - CORRECTION: Defense Authorization.
January 13 - SECTION NOTES: Persian Gulf Syndrome Bill Passed by Senate
January 20 - Anti-Missile Defense Mandate Dropped in Bow to Clinton
January 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Approves Start II
January 27 - Senate Clears Compromise Bill; Clinton Expected To Sign
February 3 - SECTION NOTES: Moratorium on Land Mines Signed Into Law
February 3 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Commander Of Pacific Forces
February 10 - BOSNIA: Clinton Plan to Tap Pentagon For Aid Program Draws Fire
February 10 - SECTION NOTES: Helms Seeks U.S. Withdrawal From ABM Treaty
February 10 - SECTION NOTES: White House Rules Out More B-2 Bombers
March 2 - DEFENSE: Points of Conflict
March 2 - GOP, Democrats Cross Swords Over Anti-Missile Systems
March 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Tax Break For Troops in Bosnia
March 9 - DEFENSE: GOP Pushes Missile Defense
March 9 - DEFENSE: Perry Cites Readiness as Top Priority And Modernization as Long-Term Goal
March 9 - Retrench Warfare Flares Anew Over Clinton's Budget
March 23 - DEFENSE: Dole, Gingrich Push Anti-Missile Plan
March 23 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: National Defense
March 30 - ARMS CONTROL: Administration Begins New Drive For Chemical Weapons Treaty
March 30 - ARMS CONTROL: How the Treaty Would Work
April 6 - BASE CLOSINGS: DOD's Depot Maintenance System
April 6 - BASE CLOSINGS: Plan To Privatize Depots' Work Faces Stiff Resistance on Hill
April 20 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Smaller Force, Better Weapons?
April 20 - GOP to Use Pentagon's Wish List In Challenging Clinton Policies
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Budget Is Said To Shortchange Nuclear Weapons Work
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Indonesia's Record Criticized In Ship Transfer Debate
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Lawmakers Fight Privatization Of Defense Depot Work
April 27 - Military HIV Policy Debate Rekindled in House
April 27 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Approves Chemical Weapons Treaty
May 4 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: GOP Launches Missile Defense Bills
May 11 - Debate Over Pentagon Budget Will Take a Narrow Focus
May 11 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Quality-of-Life Initiatives
May 11 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Rep. Dornan's Private War
May 18 - House Boosts Pentagon Budget Despite Threat of a Veto
May 25 - Anti-Missile Bill Sidetracked By High Cost Estimate
May 25 - DEFENSE: GOP Faces Tough Sales Job
May 25 - DEFENSE: Military Construction Bill Heads to House Floor
May 25 - House Panel Votes To Boost Weapons Production
May 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Science, Defense Await After Recess
June 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Higher Spending For Military Housing
June 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military
June 1 - WEEK AHEAD: Missile, Budget Bills On Senate Agenda
June 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Anti-Missile Bill Downed
June 8 - Defense Hawks Win a Round In Pentagon Budget Fight
June 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Fends Off Defense Cuts As White House Signals Veto
June 15 - SECTION NOTES: McCain Opposes Confirmation Of Korea Commander
June 15 - SECTION NOTES: New Missile Report May Add To Strains With China
June 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending (chart)
June 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Showdown Likely Over Defense As Panel Approves Increase
June 22 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Defense Bill Opposed by Clinton Nears Senate Passage
June 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Passed by Senate
June 29 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Backs Anti-Terrorism Measure
June 29 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Puts Off Missile Debate, Clearing Way for Defense Bill
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Sanctions On Arms Proliferation
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes To Limit Transfers Of Military Equipment
July 6 - Defense Spending (chart)
July 13 - Conferees Get Pentagon Bill As Veto Threat Looms
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Foreign Transfer of 10 Naval Ships
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans Plan Court Action On Anti-Missile Systems
July 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Defense Spending Bill Caught in Wrangling
July 20 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Troops To Relocate In Saudi Arabia
July 20 - Senate Boosts Defense Spending Despite Threat of Veto
August 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Nears Final Passage
August 3 - Bill Boosting Arms Spending Awaits Senate Passage
August 3 - NOMINATION: Navy's Top Officer Confirmed
August 10 - Defense Authorization (chart)
August 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Pentagon Bill Seeks a Balance Between Austerity, Strength
August 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Two Major Initiatives
August 24 - Presidio's Legislative Odyssey Reflects Partisan Politics, Procedural Pitfalls
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/APPROPRIATIONS - Issue: Military construction.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: Anti-missile defenses.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: Chemical Weapons Treaty.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY - Issue: Defense Authorization.
September 7 - ARMS CONTROL: Chemical Weapons Treaty Nears Climactic Vote
September 7 - FOREIGN POLICY: U.N. Command of U.S. Troops Restricted by House Again
September 7 - Senate Struggles Over Response To Clinton's Attack on Iraq
September 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Agree on Boost In Arms Spending
September 14 - ARMS CONTROL: Chemical Weapons Ban Delayed As Dole Joins Objectors
September 14 - ARMS CONTROL: Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Up Next
September 14 - DEFENSE: Clinton To Sign Defense Bill Despite Budget Increase
September 14 - DEFENSE: Military Construction (chart)
September 21 - GOP Dreams of Perfect Defense
October 5 - FOREIGN POLICY: GOP Attacks Plan To Extend Troops' Stay in Bosnia
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Reauthorization Sent to President
October 5 - SPECIAL REPORT - PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES: Military Budget Likely to Remain About Same
October 5 - SPECIAL REPORT - PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES: Will Defense Or 'Dual Use' Take Priority?
October 12 - Clinton Signs Republicans' Fortified Defense Bill
October 12 - CORRECTION: Defense budget.
October 12 - Defense Spending (chart)
October 12 - DEFENSE: Missile Program Suit Dismissed
November 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense
November 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military construction
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Anti-missile defenses
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Chemical weapons treaty
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: China trade
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Cuba sanctions
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Defense authorization
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Intelligence reorganization
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Iran/Libya sanctions
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: NATO expansion
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Peacekeeping
November 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: State Department reorganization
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Boeing, Lockheed To Compete To Build New Combat Jet

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