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January 21 - Pentagon Seeks Money To Pay For Unscheduled Missions
January 21 - Senate Committees: Armed Services
January 21 - Senate Committees: Defense Subcommittee (Appropriations)
January 28 - Panel Acts Fast on Pentagon Funds
February 4 - DEFENSE: GOP Retreats on Boosting Spending, Clamps Down on Peacekeeping
February 4 - Key Provisions
February 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Panel Puts START II On Track for Approval
February 11 - BASE CLOSINGS: Battle Lines Already Drawn As Clinton Names Panel
February 11 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: National Defense
February 11 - Hawks Say Clinton's Budget Leaves Military Weakened
February 11 - Non-Traditional Programs Targeted
February 11 - Panel Lops Clinton Projects
February 18 - BASE CLOSINGS: Dole, White House Agree On Nominee to Panel
February 25 - DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS: House Adds Pentagon Funds, Cuts Domestic Programs
February 25 - Defense Firm's Diversification Effort Is Being Driven by an Electric Car
February 25 - SECTION NOTES: Dole Delays Confirmation Vote On Base-Closing Panelists
February 25 - Spending for Defense Transition
February 25 - Swords-to-Plowshares Program Faces an Uncertain Future
March 4 - Senate Panel Goes Its Own Way On Defense Spending Bill
March 4 - The Hit List (chart)
March 11 - American Public Opinion on
March 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Tied Up in Debate Over Striker Replacements
March 11 - CORRECTION: Base Closings
March 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Funds, Budget Cuts Win Senate Approval
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: Senate Armed Services
March 25 - Defense Spending: Kasich Seeks Middle Ground
April 1 - Funding For Missile
April 1 - GOP Tries To Heat Up Debate On Anti-Missile Programs
April 1 - Key Players in the Debate Over Anti-Missile Defenses
April 1 - Military Personnel: Federal Judge Strikes Down 'Don't Ask/Don't Tell'
April 1 - Missile Defenses in the Works
April 1 - Section Notes: House Panel OKs Bill To Boost Conservation at 900 Bases
April 1 - U.S. Nuclear Missile Defense Systems, 1972 -- Present
April 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Readiness Funds Gain Final Approval
April 8 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Gingrich Retreats From Calling For Tougher Policy on Gays
April 15 - BASE CLOSING: GAO Faults Air Force Decision To Shut No Repair Depots
April 22 - BASE CLOSINGS: Air Force Depots in Cross Hairs
April 22 - BASE CLOSINGS: Tab for Charleston's Base-
April 22 - BASE CLOSINGS: The Legal Limits on Consulting
April 22 - Communities Hire Ex-Insiders To Defend Imperiled Bases
April 29 - Deficit Dampens GOP's Hopes For a Budget Increase
May 6 - CORRECTION: Defense budget.
May 6 - SECTION NOTES: Supporters of Additional B-2s Unfazed by Negative Report
May 13 - BASE CLOSINGS: Commission Expands List Of Facilities To Be Cut
May 13 - SECTION NOTES: Proposed Defense Budget Follows Clinton Plan
May 13 - The Revised Hit List (chart)
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Defense - Familiar Faces Hold Purse Strings
May 20 - APPROPRIATIONS SPECIAL REPORT: Military Construction - Quality of Life is Top Priority
May 20 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Parties Must Unite On Entitlements
May 20 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: House Panel Approves Bill To Upgrade Housing
May 20 - NAVY PROCUREMENT: Shipbuilder Smith Goes to Washington
May 20 - NAVY PROCUREMENT: Shipbuilders and
May 20 - Plan To Keep Shipyard Afloat Stokes Political Battle
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Taxes, Defense Are Flash Points As Senate Prepares To Vote
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: House Panel's Bill Spurns Clinton's Priorities
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Members Spar Over ABM Constraints
May 27 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Social Issues Front-and-Center
May 27 - OBITUARY: Aspin's Career a Balance Of Highs and Lows
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Army and Marine Leaders Win Senate Approval
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: More Muscular Pentagon Bill Heads to House Floor
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Panel Lops 'Non-Defense' Funds
June 10 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Streamlining the Pentagon
June 10 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: House Panel Votes To Boost Spending for Housing
June 10 - STATE DEPARTMENT: An 'Invitation To Struggle'
June 17 - BASE CLOSINGS: Air Force Besieged Over Plan To Retain Five Depots
June 17 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Abortion Curb Approved
June 17 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Secret Weapon: Old-Time Arm-Twisting
June 17 - House Votes To Sweep Aside Clinton's Priorities
June 17 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Build Housing, Not Museum, House Tells the Army
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Dole Postpones Resolution On Troops in Bosnia
June 17 - SECTION NOTES: Two Clinton Nominees Advance Toward Confirmation
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military
June 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Keeps Most Pet Projects
June 24 - Panel Votes To Slash Depots Despite Air Force Protests
June 24 - SECTION NOTES: Deputy Defense Secretary Sworn Into Office
June 24 - Spending For Commodities (chart)
July 1 - BASE CLOSINGS: Californians Pressure Clinton To Reject Panel's List
July 1 - BASE CLOSINGS: The Hit List (chart)
July 1 - CORRECTION: Historical series.
July 1 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Faces Floor Battles Over Arms, ABM Policy
July 8 - BASE CLOSINGS: Deadlines Ahead
July 15 - BASE CLOSINGS: Angry Clinton Accepts List, Seeks to Privatize Jobs
July 15 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Panel Completes Defense Bill
July 15 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Panel Earmarks Money For Nuclear Weapons Tests
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Boost Conservation at 900 Bases
July 15 - SECTION NOTES: Military Vessels Would Meet Clean Water Standards
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction (chart)
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel OKs $11.2 Billion For Military Construction
July 22 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Will Consider Base-Closing Objections
July 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending (chart)
July 29 - Conflict Looms Over B-2 and F-22 As Bill Heads to House Floor
July 29 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Ores to Plowshares?
July 29 - In Stinging Rebuff To President, Senate Votes To Lift Arms Ban
July 29 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Supports Decisions Of Base-Closing Panel
July 29 - Senate Bill Boosts ABM Effort, Draws Line on Nuclear Cuts
August 5 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Delays Toughest Choices In Defense Bill to Next Month
August 5 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Tiny Nuclear Tests Are Huge Issue
August 5 - Senate Backs Nuclear Tests, Anti-Missile Program
August 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense
August 12 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: A Liberal Victory on Land Mines
August 12 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Missile Provision Stalls Senate's Final Action
August 12 - Senate Adds Billions in Weapons To Clinton Budget Request
September 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense.
September 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military construction.
September 2 - CORRECTION: Defense Appropriations Bill.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: 'Non-defense' spending.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Anti-missile defenses.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: B-2 stealth bomber.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Base closings.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Bosnia arms embargo.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Intelligence authorization.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Peacekeeping.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Seawolf submarine.
September 2 - DEFENSE AND FOREIGN POLICY: State Department reorganization.
September 2 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Supplemental defense appropriations.
September 2 - DEFENSE: A Venerable Cold Warrior Finds New Missions
September 9 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Compromise on Missile Defenses Ensures Senate Bill's Passage
September 9 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Passes Heftier Spending Bill
September 9 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Votes To Renew Defense Production Act
September 9 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes To Accept Base-Closing List
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Agree on Spending For Military Construction
September 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: House Shifts Toward Approval Of Third Seawolf Sub
September 16 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Backs Away From Plan To Curb Military Pensions
September 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Bill Clears Amid Veto Talk
September 23 - RECONCILIATION: House Panel Abandons Plan To Cut Military Pensions
September 23 - RECONCILIATION: Proposal To Cut GI Bill Benefits Likely To Spark House Fight
September 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending (chart)
September 30 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Gen. Powell and Ike: Two Political Eras
September 30 - Rebellious House Republicans Help Crush Defense Bill
October 7 - CORRECTION: Defense spending.
October 7 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: GOP Takes Another Swing At Procurement Overhaul
October 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes for Extension Of Defense Production Act
October 14 - Nunn Will Be Difficult To Replace As Defense Coalition Builder
October 14 - SENATE: Nunn Leaves a Strong Imprint On Most Major Defense Issues
November 11 - SECTION NOTES: Abortion, Anti-Missile Policies Still Stall Defense Bills
November 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears Defense Bill; Democrats Predict Veto
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Dornan Hits Pentagon Report On Unsolvable MIA Cases
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill to Extend Defense Production Act
December 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton Accepts Defense Bill In Bid for Bosnia Funds
December 9 - Congress Torn Over Response As Deployment Begins
December 9 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Helms in Deal To End Freeze On Arms Pact, Nominees
December 16 - Congress Takes Symbolic Stand On Troop Deployment
December 16 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Missile Defense Provisions Likely to Draw Veto
December 23 - Defense Authorization (chart)
December 23 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: ABM Language Disputed
December 23 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Bill With Troops' Pay Raise Clears; Veto Likely Over Missile Policy
December 23 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Approves Trust For Presidio Army Base
December 23 - Senate Starts on START II

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