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January 2 - 103rd CONGRESS: Committee Rosters Armed Services - 33:22
January 2 - 103rd CONGRESS: Committee Rosters Veterans' Affairs - 21:14
January 2 - ARMED SERVICES: Dellums Will Bring Savvy, Not Just Anger, to Chair
January 2 - ARMS CONTROL: Bush and Yeltsin Set To Sign Warhead Reduction Treaty
January 2 - Iran-Contra Pardons
January 2 - IRAN-CONTRA: Bush Cites 'Policy Differences' In Granting Six Pardons
January 2 - IRAN-CONTRA: Bush Leaves Partisan Mark With Surprise Pardons
January 2 - Strategic Nuclear Forces,
January 9 - Aspin Brings Activist Views To a Changed World
January 9 - Aspin V. Bush (chart)
January 9 - Aspin's Formula for U.S. Defense Based on the Threats of Potential Foes
January 9 - INTELLIGENCE: Foley Gives McCurdy the Boot; Vying Begins for His Chair
January 9 - Programs for Personnel
January 9 - With Defense Dollars To Be Spent, Clinton Has Pick of Programs
January 16 - BASE CLOSINGS: Battle Will Be Over Home Turf As Latest Hit List Forms
January 16 - Clinton, Hill Stand Behind Raid
January 16 - CORRECTION: McCurdy loses Intelligence chairmanship.
January 16 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Seats of '93 Grew From the Seeds of '65
January 16 - Deadlines and Decision-Makers
January 16 - INVESTIGATIONS: 'October Surprise' Task Force Rejects Hostage Allegations
January 16 - Iraq Provides Timely Focus As Nominee Faces Panel
January 16 - POWs: No Proof That Prisoners Remain in Southeast Asia, Panel Finds
January 16 - SECTION NOTES: Glickman Named Chairman Of Intelligence Panel
January 16 - SECTION NOTES: International Treaty Signed To Ban Chemical Weapons
January 23 - Baghdad's Olive Branch
January 23 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Ban on Homosexuals To End In Two Steps, Frank Says
January 23 - SOMALIA: Putting a Price on Global Aid Underscores Tight Budgets
January 23 - UNITED NATIONS: Among Global Trouble Spots, Albright Focuses on Bosnia
January 30 - ARMED SERVICES: Dellums Vows Collegiality Mixed With Advocacy
January 30 - Campaign Promise, Social Debate Collide on Military Battlefield
January 30 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Clinton Closes Door On Decades of Fear
January 30 - Debating the Ban
January 30 - Evolution of an Explosive Issue
February 6 - Aspin Seeks $10.8 Billion Cut In Pentagon's Spending
February 6 - Fireworks Over Ban on Gays Temporarily Snuffed Out
February 6 - Glenn Gears Up for Hearings
February 6 - INTELLIGENCE: Woolsey Gets Senate Approval; Budget Cuts, Overhaul Await
February 6 - Military Dismissals
February 6 - SECTION NOTE: Senate Gives Belated Blessing To Somalia Intervention
February 13 - Clinton on Diplomatic Tightrope With New Policy on Bosnia
February 13 - Committees at a Glance: Intelligence
February 13 - INTELLIGENCE: Secrecy May Be Highest Hurdle As Agencies Face Shifting Hill
February 13 - IRAN-CONTRA: Walsh Says Pardon Thwarted New Evidence on Arms Deals
February 13 - The Reluctant Warriors
February 20 - BASE CLOSINGS: Recess Appointments To Face Senate Confirmation Process
February 20 - CLINTON'S PROGRAM: More Money Comes In Under Plan For 'Savings' in Budget
February 20 - Defense Discretionary Proposals (chart)
February 20 - FOREIGN POLICY: Diplomatic Strategy on Bosnia Leaves Many Still Skeptical
February 20 - SECTION NOTES: Israel's Peres Assured Of Undiminished Aid
February 20 - SECTION NOTES: Somalia Turnover Expected By the End of March
February 20 - Special Report: Clinton's Program -- Defense
February 20 - SPECIAL REPORT: Clinton's Program -- Veterans Affairs
February 27 - Aspin Goes From Bed to Briefing As Defense Workload Builds
February 27 - Base Closings May Add Weight
February 27 - CHAMPUS: How It Works
February 27 - Coordinators for Ex-Soviet Aid Say Help Now Will Pay Later
February 27 - FOREIGN AID: Clinton's Proposal on Bosnia Aid Prompts Support, Some Fears
February 27 - In Search of the Best Buy
February 27 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Committee Backs Base-Closure Nominees
February 27 - Taking Sides on Defense
March 6 - BOSNIA: GOP Critics Begin To Question Clinton's Handling of War
March 6 - CORRECTION: Military health care.
March 6 - Current U.N. Peacekeeping Operations (chart)
March 6 - DEFENSE BUDGET: Nunn Says Cuts Are Reasonable But Wants Pentagon Protected
March 6 - The U.N.'s Increasing Price for Peace Begins To Weigh Heavily on the Hill
March 6 - United Nations' Newfound Muscle Relieves, Worries Washington
March 13 - California Tops New Hit List; Clinton Offers Aid as Salve
March 13 - Farm-State Lawmakers Up Against An Increasingly Barren Cash Supply
March 13 - FOREIGN AID: Lawmakers Voice Questions On Aid to Israel, Egypt
March 13 - Looking to the Private Sector
March 13 - On the Edge of Ethnic Unrest
March 13 - PROCUREMENT: Pentagon's Allies Share Alarm Over Cargo Plane's Failings
March 13 - SECTION NOTES: North Korea Spurns Pact On Nuclear Weapons
March 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirm Nominees For State, Pentagon
March 13 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Christopher Weighs In on China, Empty Embassy in Moscow
March 13 - The Hardest Hit (chart)
March 13 - Variety of Aid Leads to Confusion
March 13 - Yeltsin's Standing May Tip Scales As U.S. Considers Aid to Russia
March 20 - A List That's Coveted
March 20 - Aspin Passes Along Unpopular Task As Panel Begins Base Hearings
March 20 - DEFENSE BUDGET: Tough Calls Are Put on Hold; Clinton Keeps Options Open
March 20 - EL SALVADOR: New Report Revives Outrage Over Human Rights Abuses
March 20 - NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton, Rabin Discuss Role Of U.S. in Mideast Peace
March 20 - SECTION NOTES: Murtha Joins Critics Of Troubled C-17
March 20 - SECTION NOTES: Nunn Schedules Sessions On Gays in Military
March 20 - Winners and Losers (chart)
March 27 - Courter's Warning
March 27 - Lawmakers Think Globally After Threat to Yeltsin
March 27 - Moscow's Key Players
March 27 - Negotiations Over Bosnia's Fate May Draw U.S. Into Fray
March 27 - Pollution Clogs the Transfer Of Land to Civilian Uses
March 27 - SECRETARY OF STATE: Christopher Outlines Approach To Foreign Policy Issues
March 27 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Rekindles Debate Over Gays in Military
March 27 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Seek Action On Somalia Role
March 27 - The Autonomous Ally
March 27 - What They're Saying About Russia
April 3 - BASE CLOSINGS: Panel Adds 4 Bases To Pentagon List
April 3 - Congress Prods Aspin To Choose
April 3 - Defense Budget Authority (chart)
April 3 - Emotion on Both Sides
April 3 - Keeping the Options Open
April 3 - Lord Seeks China Consensus
April 3 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Heated Issue Is Off to Cool Start As Hearings on Gay Ban Begin
April 3 - On Lifting a Ban
April 3 - One Percent for Change
April 3 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Says Aid to Russia Is an Investment for U.S.
April 10 - CLINTON-YELTSIN NEWS CONFERENCE: Presidents Discuss Economic, Political Changes at Summit
April 10 - RUSSIAN AID: Clinton To Turn to Congress In Next Step of Aid Plan
April 10 - The Aid Package
April 10 - THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET: Defense
April 10 - THE PRESIDENT'S BUDGET: International Affairs
April 17 - BASE CLOSINGS: GAO Helps Cases Of Two Bases
April 17 - BOSNIA: Clinton's Policy of Diplomacy Comes Under Heavy Fire
April 17 - RUSSIA AID: Clinton's Aid Package Grows - And So May Resistance on Hill
April 17 - The Making of a Hawk
April 17 - Unearthed Military Document Sparks Publicity, Questions
April 24 - BOSNIA: Democrats Become More Vocal In Urging U.S. To Take Action
April 24 - RUSSIA AID: Senators Question Aid Pitch After Domestic Plan Fails
April 24 - SECTION NOTES: General Judges POW Report: Authentic but Inaccurate
April 24 - SECTION NOTES: House Subcommittee Votes To Back Somalia Mission
April 24 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Releases Report In Tailhook Scandal
April 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Wirth, Lord For State Department
May 1 - BOSNIA: Voices of Restraint Grow Louder Amid Cries for Military Action
May 1 - Debating Bosnia
May 1 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Aspin's Order May Be Felt First By Air Force, Navy Women
May 1 - SECTION NOTES: Aspin Seeks Fund Shift To Pay for Mission
May 1 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Studies Countries That Allow Gay Soldiers
May 1 - SECTION NOTES: Measure Would Offer Bonuses For Sleuths Who Retire
May 1 - VETERANS: Bill Covers Loans, VA Hospitals
May 1 - VETERANS: House OKs Bill To Set VA Office On Harassment, Discrimination
May 8 - A City and Its Bases
May 8 - Dellums Walks a Delicate Line From Past to Chairmanship
May 8 - Dellums' Record Shows Consistency In His vison of the Military's Role
May 8 - Fighting on the Home Front: Charleston Defends Itself
May 8 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Both Sides of Gay Ban Leap In For Wide-Ranging Debate
May 8 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Both Sides of Gay Ban Leap In For Wide-Ranging Debate
May 8 - Officials Push for Nuclear Tests Beyond Those Allowed by Ban
May 8 - Senior Members of Armed Services Have New Power and Changed Roles
May 8 - The Bottom Line
May 15 - BOSNIA: Clinton Backs Off on Policy; Lawmakers Assail Allies
May 15 - BOSNIA: Clinton Backs Off on Policy; Lawmakers Assail Allies
May 15 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Ex-Lawmaker Puts Popularity Up Against Budget Ax
May 15 - FOREIGN AID: House Panel Drafts Authorization Bill
May 15 - Nunn Offers a Compromise: 'Don't Ask/Don't Tell'
May 15 - Nunn's Naval Tour
May 15 - Officers Say Women in Battle Won't Change Standards
May 15 - Panel Approves Supplemental With No Money for Jobs Plan
May 15 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Pushes Economic Plans, Defends His Leadership
May 15 - SECTION NOTES: Christopher Urges Action On START II Treaty
May 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Overhaul Of Reserve Officer Law
May 15 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Incentives For CIA Resignations
May 15 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Warns It May Cancel Troubled C-17 Cargo Plane
May 22 - A Frank Response
May 22 - ARMS CONTROL: Nuclear Tests Beyond '96 Ban Lose Favor in White House
May 22 - BOSNIA: Military Action Loses Favor, Moral Claims Lose Voice
May 22 - Little Room in Tight Budget For $1.8 Billion Promise
May 22 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Frank Suggests Compromise: 'Don't Investigate' Gays
May 22 - SECTION NOTES: Base-Closing Commission Fills Out Its List
May 22 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Will Seek $5 Billion To Cover Funding Shortfall
May 22 - SOMALIA: Resolution Would OK Troops To Operate Under U.N.
May 29 - BASE CLOSINGS: Twice as Many Bases Are at Risk In Panel's Latest Hit List
May 29 - BOSNIA: U.S., Four Allies Endorse Plan To Contain Civil War
May 29 - CORRECTION: Rep. Frank's Book.
May 29 - Economic Aid for Ex-Soviets Takes Big Step Forward
May 29 - FOREIGN AID: Authorization Bill Spurs Task Force
May 29 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Clinton Calls Compromise Close, But Nunn Won't Deal on Gays
May 29 - More Endangered Bases
May 29 - SOMALIA: House Backs Measure Allowing U.S. Role in U.N. Operation
May 29 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Cuba Dominates Debate as Panel Approves Authorization Bill
May 29 - TRADE: Clinton Ties MFN for China To Human Rights Gains
May 29 - TREATIES: Senate Panel Urges Firm Stand In North Korea Negotiations
June 5 - Clinton Draws Cheers and Jeers In Visit to Vietnam Memorial
June 5 - CORRECTION: Base-closing candidates
June 5 - DEFENSE SPENDING: Pentagon Costs, House Actions May Force Big Budget Cuts
June 5 - FOREIGN AID: Population Funds Entangled In China's Alleged Abuses
June 5 - POWS/MIAS: Lawmakers Bring Documents, Promises Back From Vietnam
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel OKs Bill With Deep Cuts; Request for Ex-Soviets Intact
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Said To Slice Defense Request
June 12 - Foreign Aid Spending (chart)
June 12 - INTELLIGENCE: Panel Reportedly Cut Request For Satellite, Technology
June 12 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Murtha Demands Pay Raise As Necessary for Morale
June 12 - New Planes Are on the Front Line In Dogfight Over Defense Dollars
June 12 - Panel Adds Funds To Arm Bosnia To Foreign Aid Authorization
June 12 - PENTAGON BUDGET: Panels Zero In On Combat Planes As Crux of Spending Debate
June 12 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Bolsters Forces For Somalia Action
June 12 - Troops Bound for Macedonia
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Draft System May Just Fade Away
June 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Gives Quick Approval To $10.3 Billion Bill
June 19 - Aspin Stands By Original List As Panel Winds Up Work
June 19 - AUTHORIZATION: House Panel Reportedly Caps Intelligence Spending
June 19 - AUTHORIZATION: Turmoil Awaits Armed Services In Defense Bill Markup
June 19 - Foreign Aid Appropriations
June 19 - FOREIGN AID: Authorization Bill Takes Big Step With Easy Passage in House
June 19 - House Forgoes Usual Reluctance On Foreign Aid To Pass Bill
June 19 - Military Construction (chart)
June 19 - Risks of Peacekeeping Shown In Battle With Warlord
June 19 - SECTION NOTE: Jordan Helped Iraq, House Report Says
June 19 - SECTION NOTE: Official Sees No Role For Khmer Rouge
June 19 - Sonny's Vigil
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Cuts Clinton's Request, Passes Military Building Bill
June 26 - Commission Delivers on Promise Not To Be 'Rubber Stamp'
June 26 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Aspin Seeks a Deal on Gays That the Brass Will Bless
June 26 - Peacekeeping and Caution Collide
July 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Clears Supplemental, Offsets Most of the Cost
July 3 - ARMS CONTROL: Administration Expected To Continue Moratorium
July 3 - BASE CLOSINGS: Megaports To Keep Navy Afloat As Other Facilities Close
July 3 - Criteria, Confusion and Closure
July 3 - IRAQ: Bombing, Widely Backed on Hill, Reopens War Powers Debate
July 3 - MILITARY: Panels Await Detailed Review; Aspin Urges Two-War Force
July 3 - Old Debate, New Ammunition
July 3 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Describes Retaliation Against Iraqi Complex
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: Members Oppose Sales Of Planes to Iran
July 3 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Drops Opposition To Loans for Vietnam
July 3 - Somalia Inaction
July 3 - The Target List (chart)
July 10 - Countdown to Deadline
July 10 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Base-Closing Process Thwarts Parochialism
July 10 - FOREIGN AID: Russia Program Expected To Hit Funding Speed Bump in Senate
July 10 - Gay Activists' Cash, Votes Ride on Ban Decision
July 17 - INTELLIGENCE: Chairman Leaves His Mark on Bill That Freezes Spending
July 17 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: $1 Billion To Be Set For Pay Increase
July 17 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: As Clinton Ponders Ban Details, Both Sides Go on Offensive
July 17 - POWS/MIAS: Smith Says Ex-POW Located Prison
July 17 - STRATEGIC ARMS: Clinton Hews to Narrow View On ABM Treaty
July 17 - Tempers Flare Over Plan To Revamp Overseas Broadcasting Programs
July 17 - UNITED NATIONS: Officials Urge Fund Approval, Say U.S. Key in Peacekeeping
July 24 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Armed Services Shoots Down Pentagon's Plans for Combat Jets
July 24 - Defense Guidelines on Conduct
July 24 - Months of Hope, Anger, Anguish Produce Policy Few Admire
July 24 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Announces Compromise On Gays in Military
July 24 - Roots of the Conflict
July 24 - SECTION NOTES: Envoy Discusses Prospects For Democracy in Haiti
July 24 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves COLA For Vets, Survivors
July 24 - Seeking a Breather
July 24 - The Fine Points of Compromise
July 31 - Authorization Highlights
July 31 - Battle Over Gay Ban Policy Moves Into the Courts
July 31 - BOSNIA: Clinton Considers Airstrikes; Lawmakers' Response Mixed
July 31 - Dellums Takes a New Route
July 31 - INTELLIGENCE: Clinton Accepts Budget Freeze, Vows To Fight Deeper Cuts
July 31 - Panel Follows Path of Caution In Sending Bill to House
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: Committee Backs Decisions By Base-Closing Panel
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: House Opposes China As Olympics Site
July 31 - SECTION NOTES: Mideast Talks Clouded By Lebanon Warfare
July 31 - The Legislative Word on Gays
July 31 - VETERANS: House Bill Would Guarantee Care For Victims of Gulf War Ills
August 7 - BOSNIA: Congress Reaches No Consensus, Takes No Action
August 7 - Business: No to Spying Game
August 7 - CLARIFICATION: Defense authorization.
August 7 - FOREIGN AID: Administration Warned of Cuts That May Await Russia Funds
August 7 - FOREIGN AID: Senate Panel's $12 Billion Bill Aims To Prod Administration
August 7 - House Votes To Freeze Funding But Keep Amount Secret
August 7 - Of Threats and Cuts
August 14 - Defense Authorization (chart)
August 14 - MILITARY ORGANIZATION: Shalikashvili Wins Praise As Joint Chiefs Nominee
August 14 - On Road to Conversion
August 14 - Surprises Are Unlikely as Hill Tackles Defense Budget
August 14 - TREATIES: Senate Approves Open Skies Pact
August 21 - A Dip Into the Dividend
August 21 - Foreign Policy: Is Congress Still Keeping Watch?
August 21 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Defense Authorization Is Job No. 1 After Recess
September 4 - MILITARY REVIEW: Aspin's Plan Meets the Budget, Is Less Severe Than Expected
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station, Selective Service Spared by Senate Panel
September 11 - Budget Debate Rings Familiar Over Anti-Missile Defense
September 11 - FOREIGN AID: Panel Urges Arms for Bosnians In Authorization Vote
September 11 - MIDDLE EAST: Lawmakers Laud Mideast Pact, But Cost Will Be a Concern
September 11 - SOMALIA: Senate Demands Voice in Policy But Shies From Confrontation
September 11 - Substituting for a Sub
September 11 - The Senate's Last Word on Gays
September 18 - 'No' to Response Funds
September 18 - A Timetable for Peace
September 18 - ARMS CONTROL: Bill To Strengthen Agency Approved
September 18 - Congress and the PLO: Old Enemies
September 18 - CORRECTION: Defense Authorization/Base Closing.
September 18 - FOREIGN AID: Senate Moves Swiftly on Bill To Fund Ex-Soviet Aid
September 18 - Lawmakers Struggle for Footing In Whirlwind of Mideast Peace
September 18 - Leaders in 'Defining Drama' Express Hope for New Era
September 18 - NOMINATION: New Pentagon Post Uncovers Old Wars, Fresh Disputes
September 18 - Senate Passes Bill That Mirrors Clinton Request, House Version
September 18 - VIETNAM: Some Fear Loss of Leverage As Clinton Eases Embargo
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Targets Peacekeeping In Pentagon Spending Bill
September 25 - BASE CLOSINGS: Senate Declines To Block List, Dooming Military Facilities
September 25 - Foreign Aid: Country by Country (chart)
September 25 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Panel Postpones
September 25 - Revamping Foreign Aid
September 25 - SECTION NOTES: Members Skeptical of Proposal To Send Troops to Bosnia
September 25 - Senate Approves Russian Aid, Signals Support for Yeltsin
September 25 - Senators Question Shalikashvili, Seek Assurance on NATO Post
September 25 - The Russian Quandary
September 25 - Wartime Worries
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Aid Bill Moves Smoothly Into Law Despite Crisis in Russia
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conference Restricts NASA; Selective Service in Doubt
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Hurries Carrier Funding Into Defense Spending Bill
October 2 - Contrary Paths to Peacekeeping Converge in Wake of Violence
October 2 - Defense Appropriations (chart)
October 2 - House OKs Defense Spending, Minus Curb on Deployments
October 2 - INTELLIGENCE: Panel Questions CIA's Pledge To Reveal Longtime Secrets
October 2 - MIDDLE EAST: Senate Bill Would Relax Rules On U.S.-PLO Relations
October 2 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Senate Approves $9.8 Billion
October 2 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Clinton Calls For Honest Look At U.N.'s Global Challenges
October 2 - Slightly Revised Ban on Gays Is Codified in Defense Bill
October 2 - The Haiti Mission
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Building Bill Approved
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate May Debate Funding For Trident II Missiles
October 9 - ARMS CONTROL: Some Members Urge Clinton Not To Resume Tests
October 9 - Clinton Calms Rebellion On Hill By Retooling Somalia Mission
October 9 - Clinton: More Troops Needed For Safe Somalia Pullout
October 9 - Defense Spending (chart)
October 9 - FOREIGN AID: Members Press Administration To Put Nicaragua on Notice
October 9 - ISRAEL: U.S. Moves To Cut Loan Guarantees
October 9 - RUSSIA: Washington Backs Yeltsin, But Concerns Remain
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: Aspin Says No to Call For Admiral's Firing
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: Bills Reflect Changes In U.S. Relations
October 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Joulwan As NATO Commander
October 9 - VETERANS: Abortion Intrudes on Efforts To Upgrade Women's Care
October 16 - A Somalia Chronology
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Weighs Arms Changes, Turns Down Budget Cuts
October 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Swift Senate Approval Expected For Military Building Bill
October 16 - Behind Solid Vote on Somalia: A Hollow Victory for Clinton
October 16 - Byrd's Caution a Vietnam Legacy
October 16 - Clinton: 'There Was No Deal' To Release U.S. Soldier
October 16 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Facing More Claims Than Cash, Panel Delays Iraq Measure
October 16 - Haiti: The Next Showdown
October 16 - Military Construction (chart)
October 16 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Suspends Gay Ban Under Judge's Order
October 16 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Legislation To Lift PLO Sanctions
October 16 - The Senate's Compromise
October 23 - A Haitian Chronology
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: After Much Debate, Little Change, Senate Approves Defense Bill
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Limits U.N. Spending And Peacekeeping Funds, Too
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense, D.C., Interior Bills Force Second Stopgap CR
October 23 - COVER STORY: Clinton's Policy Is Battered, But His Powers Are Intact
October 23 - House: Yes to Selective Service, But No to Rocket Motor
October 23 - Images of Aristide
October 23 - New Scene, Familiar Script
October 23 - PRESIDENTIAL LETTER: Clinton Questions Bill Amendments
October 23 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Says Haiti Must Put 'Democracy Back on Track'
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Clinton Signs $10.1 Billion Military Construction Bill
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Dalton Censures Admirals In Tailhook Scandal
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Measure To Give MFN Status To Romania Clears Senate
October 23 - SECTION NOTES: Supreme Court To Review Base-Closing Law
October 23 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Congress Must Wrap Up Fiscal 1994 Spending
October 30 - DEFENSE: In Contest Over Earmarks, Winner May Finish Last
October 30 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Panel Approves Ground Rules For Claims on Iraqi Assets
October 30 - FOREIGN POLICY: On Somalia, War Powers Law Becomes a GOP Weapon
October 30 - NOMINATION: Republican Foes of Halperin Hold Up Intelligence Bill
October 30 - SECTION NOTES: Administration Reinstates Military's Gay Ban
October 30 - SECTION NOTES: Foreign Aid Redesign To Spark Discussion
October 30 - SOUTH AFRICA: Transport Aid Tied To Sanctions' End
November 6 - 'Bad Rap' for the CIA
November 6 - A Close Vote on War Powers
November 6 - Contributors vs. Professionals
November 6 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Conferees Defer Final Action On Controversial Weapons
November 6 - FOREIGN POLICY: Lawmakers Pummel Christopher Over Peacekeeping Setbacks
November 6 - NOMINATIONS: Senate Confirms Diplomats As McConnell Relents
November 13 - Aloha, Bombs
November 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Gets 2.2% Pay Raise; R and D Funding Is Trimmed
November 13 - Defense Spending (chart)
November 13 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Sends Mixed Message Over Somalia Mission
November 13 - In Search of 'Heavyweights' for State
November 13 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Passes a Secret Measure (It's for $28 Billion)
November 20 - AUTHORIZATION: Congress Reinforces Gay Ban As Court Assaults Continue
November 20 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Lawmakers Prepare To Close Statute Books on Cold War
November 20 - NOMINATION: Embattled Halperin Defends His 'Provocative' Views
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Measure On Frigate Leasing
November 20 - SECTION NOTES: Women's Health, Other Benefits Subject of Vets Bills
November 20 - Senators Warn Spymasters To Get Down to Business
November 27 - NOMINATION: Halperin's Fate Up to Clinton
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: Coast Guard Renewal Clears With Numerous Add-Ons
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: House OKs Priority Treatment For Gulf War Veterans
November 27 - SESSION WRAP-UP NOTES: New Commemorative Coins Authorized by Congress
December 4 - Defense Authorization (chart)
December 4 - Hill Follows Clinton's Lead But Worries About Pace
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Defending the Home Front -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Defense -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Foreign Operations -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Military Construction -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Producing A 'Cleaner' Aid Bill -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 11 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Sending Signals -- Fiscal Year 1994
December 18 - 1993 KEY SENATE VOTE 12: Somalia/Peacekeeping
December 18 - 1993 KEY SENATE VOTE 7: Gays in the Military
December 18 - 1993 KEY SENATE VOTE 8: Strategic Defense
December 18 - KEY HOUSE VOTE 11: Somalia
December 18 - KEY HOUSE VOTE 8: Gays in the Military
December 18 - NOMINATIONS: Inman, a Seasoned 'Operator,' Chosen as Aspin's Successor

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