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January 4 - Since the War Vote
January 4 - Vote Against War Losing Its Punch
January 4 - With Saddam Still in Power, Hill Ponders Next Step
January 11 - DEFENSE SPENDING: As Bush Budget Nears Release, Lawmakers Dig In for Fight
January 18 - Legislative Schedule -- Annual Business 1992 Budget: What To Do With the Peace Dividend
January 18 - Legislative Schedule -- Annual Business The Defense Budget: A Pre-Emptive Strike?
January 25 - DEFENSE: Bush Expected To Cut Back On Warheads, New Weapons
January 25 - DEFENSE: Members Lobby Hard To Protect Endangered Submarine Project
January 25 - How Pentagon Spending Grew
January 25 - SECTION NOTE: Moscow Questioned POWs, KGB Veteran Insists
January 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Seeks $645 Million for Ex-Soviet States
January 25 - The Disappearing Dividend
February 1 - Discretionary Caps (chart)
February 1 - Economic Reality May Limit Hill's Urge To Outcut Bush
February 1 - President Bush's Budget Takes Aim
February 8 - Defense Budget Authority* (chart)
February 8 - DEFENSE: Aspin, Cheney Spar Face-To-Face But Stay Far Apart on Budget
February 8 - INTELLIGENCE: Chairmen Boren, McCurdy Urge Leaner, Revamped Operations
February 8 - The Push To Scrap an Arsenal
February 15 - DEFENSE BUDGET: Aspin Plan Backs Arms Production
February 15 - FOREIGN POLICY: Regional Flash Points Demand Attention of Lawmakers
February 15 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Bush's Europe Troop Plan Faces Some Paring, Lawmakers Say
February 22 - Armed Services Panels Begin To Ponder Spending Plans
February 22 - Foreign Relations Moves Ahead On Question-Riddled START
February 22 - INTELLIGENCE: Plans Aimed at More Efficiency May Cut Quality, Panel Told
February 22 - SECTION NOTES: Committee OKs Refuge at Rocky Mountain Arsenal
February 29 - Aspin v. Bush (chart)
February 29 - DEFENSE BUDGET: Move To Cut Pentagon Spending Falls Short of Critics' Goal
February 29 - INTELLIGENCE: Gates Tells of Enduring Threats To U.S., World Security
February 29 - INTELLIGENCE: Report Traces Byrd's Influence On CIA's Choice of His State
February 29 - Planning the Nation's Defense
March 7 - Cleanup at Bases Slated To Close Will Take Its Toll in Money and Time
March 7 - Cost of Closing (chart)
March 7 - Hill Struggles To Assist Victims Of Post-Cold War Budget Cuts
March 7 - INTELLIGENCE: Hearings Yield No Clear Path On the Road to Change
March 7 - Lawmakers Look for Silver Lining Under Cloud of Closures
March 7 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Army's Cutback Procedures Win Unexpected Support
March 7 - Nunn's Military Proposal
March 7 - What To Do With Defense Savings?
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Members Chide Pentagon Over Draft Report
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Nunn Opposes Deeper Cuts In Defense Budget
March 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bush Attacks Defense 'Pork,' Wants Add-Ons Removed
March 21 - Hill Angry Again Over Iraq's Off-and-On Arms Compliance
March 21 - The Seawolf's Ups and Downs
March 28 - DEFENSE: Nunn Breaks From Democrats In Backing Bush's Request
March 28 - Democrats Falter in Drive To Claim Peace Dividend
March 28 - FOREIGN AID: Members Look to Bush To Lead On Aid to Ex-Soviet Republics
March 28 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Cheney Proposes Breaking Up 830 Guard, Reserve Units
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: Cheney Spurns Legislation To Revamp Intelligence
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: Hamilton Cites Sales Of Arms to Mideast
March 28 - SECTION NOTES: Members Seek To Toughen Sanctions on Cuba
March 28 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Time Running Out On Foreign Aid
April 4 - Foreign Operations Appropriations (chart)
April 11 - Nunn Assails Bush's Request For Space-Based Weapons
April 11 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Measure To Curb Nuclear Arms
April 11 - Senate Yields to President On Size of Defense Cuts
April 25 - Nuclear Weapons Complex Braces For Overhaul
May 2 - Aspin Likely To Target Aircraft Sought by Navy, Air Force
May 2 - Deciding the B-2's Fate
May 2 - FOREIGN AID: Panels Moving To Help Ex-Soviets, But Domestic Concerns Linger
May 2 - POWS: Open Doors but Little Evidence Greet Senators in Vietnam
May 2 - SECTION NOTES: Watkins Threatens Layoffs At Carlsbad Waste Site
May 2 - The Next Generation
May 2 - Thurmond Nudging Out Warner For Top Armed Services Spot
May 9 - House Panel To Put Its Stamp On SDI, B-2, Navy Aircraft
May 9 - THE BUDGET: Defense-Foreign Aid Tradeoff Key to Conferees' Dealings
May 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending Dispute Stalls Rescissions Bill
May 16 - Armed Services' Imprint (chart)
May 16 - Aspin Urges Shifting $7 Billion From Pentagon to Cities
May 16 - Foreign Aid's Maze
May 16 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Senate Panel, With Baker's Help, Approves Aid to Former Soviets
May 16 - INTELLIGENCE: Bill To Cut Spending Gets OK; Agency Reshuffle Left Out
May 16 - Support for Foreign Aid Wilting Under Glare of Domestic Woes
May 16 - VETERANS: Health Bill Clears; Workers' Bill, Too
May 16 - Where U.S. Aid Has Gone
May 23 - DEFENSE: House Backs Sale Of Cobalt
May 23 - Democrats Aim To Reignite Iraqi Aid Controversy
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Cutback Panel Gets Panel's OK
May 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Back Weinberger In Iran-Contra Probe
May 23 - Senate, House Look for Ways To Cushion Spending Drop
May 23 - STRATEGIC WEAPONS: Anti-Missile Coalition Is Divided On Space vs. Ground Defense
May 30 - Aspin Wants $274 Billion, $3 Billion Below Cap
May 30 - Lessons Learned
May 30 - POSTWAR IRAQ: Feuding Escalated By Documents
May 30 - SECTION NOTES: Expanded Veterans' Benefits Approved by House Panel
May 30 - WHAT'S AHEAD: House To Take Up Defense Measure
June 6 - A Long and Winding Probe
June 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy Panel's Austere Budget Cuts Collider by $166 Million
June 6 - Bipartisan Alliance Leaves Mark On Pentagon Spending Bill
June 6 - Burden-Sharing Wins Support
June 6 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Panel Moves To Tighten Economic Sanctions on Cuba
June 6 - FOREIGN AID: Senate May Not Act on Funds Before Yeltsin Pays a Visit
June 6 - Of Documents and Doctoring
June 6 - SECTION NOTES: Merchant Marine Panel OKs Two Spending Bills
June 6 - SECTION NOTES: Pell Urges Action In Yugoslavia
June 13 - Defending Serbia
June 13 - Paying Peacekeepers
June 13 - SECTION NOTES: Military Construction Bill Would Help Close Bases
June 13 - Senators Broach Using Military To Quiet Bosnia-Herzegovina
June 13 - U.S. Security Aid (chart)
June 20 - 'There Will Be No More Lies,' Yeltsin Vows to the Nation
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Base Closures Get Big Boost In Military Spending Bill
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Throws Down Gauntlet On Navy Funding Choices
June 20 - Bush, Yeltsin Emerge From Cold War With a Smile and An Arms Agreement
June 20 - Foreign Aid Spending (chart)
June 20 - JOINT NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Yeltsin Announce Accord On Speeding Arms Reductions
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Help for Homeless Vets Gets Quick Approval
June 20 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Endorse Ban On Nuclear Testing
June 20 - Trading Up
June 20 - Yeltsin Charges onto Capitol Hill, Charms the Life Out of Cold War
June 20 - Yeltsin Drops a Bombshell
June 27 - Administration Pushing Senate For Quick Action on START
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes, With Slight Trim, Military Construction Bill
June 27 - CORRECTION: Military construction.
June 27 - FOREIGN AID: House Approves Spending Bill That Slashes Bush Request
June 27 - IRAN-CONTRA: More Indictments Are Possible
June 27 - POWS: Pentagon Knew Soldiers Held After War, Panel Leaders Say
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Let Military File Malpractice Suits
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Expands Sanctions Against Serbians
June 27 - SECTION NOTES: Nunn Urges Military To Help at Home
June 27 - State Department Official Tells Of Warning About Saddam
July 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: Big-Ticket Projects Remain Intact As House Passes Spending Bill
July 4 - Blocking LTV Sale
July 4 - Domestic, Election-Year Worries Fail To Derail Help for Russia
July 4 - On the Defense Front
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: October Surprise Panel Vouches for Bush
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: Sarajevo Airlift Inaugurated; Members' Views Divided
July 4 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Seeks Disclosure Of POW/MIA Files
July 4 - Standing Behind START
July 4 - The Tailhook Factor
July 4 - What They Are Saying
July 11 - Cheney Skirts Past the Senate, Appoints Acting Secretary
July 11 - FOREIGN POLICY: Bill Would Bolster Boycott Law
July 11 - Gore's Stand on War
July 11 - House Judiciary Democrats Seek Prewar Policy Probe
July 11 - Israel Dilemma
July 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Leftover Funding From War Sought for Other Projects
July 25 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Panel OKs Bill, But B-2, SDI May Inspire Floor Fights
July 25 - Fiscal 1992 Defense Supplemental (chart)
July 25 - Osprey Fans Keep the Faith
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Affirms Ties To Hong Kong
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Seeks Solutions To Sex Bias in Military
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Opens Files On POWs and MIAs
July 25 - SECTION NOTES: Sales to Iran, Syria Documented In Records Released by Panel
August 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Panel Trims Construction Bill
August 1 - Democrats Stand Behind Bush But Call Him Soft on Saddam
August 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Israelis To Visit U.S. To Discuss GE Money-Diversion Case
August 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Senators Assail Decision To Sell Military Parts to Pakistan
August 1 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Women's Combat Role Debated As Chiefs Denounce Sex Bias
August 1 - NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Congress Edges Closer to Ban On Underground Testing
August 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Votes for Increases For Vets' Disabilities
August 8 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Construction Measure Zips Through the Senate
August 8 - Critics Score Points Against SDI As Weapons Debate Begin
August 8 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Democrats, Republicans Dig In, Trade Shots Over Iraq Policy
August 8 - Military Construction Spending (chart)
August 8 - Reports of Serbian Atrocities Intensify Calls for Force
August 8 - To Soften Hardship
August 15 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Spending Measure Left Hanging; Nunn Vows To Resume Efforts
August 15 - FOREIGN RELATIONS: Democrats' Request for Probe Of Iraq Policy Is Rejected
August 15 - MIDDLE EAST: $10 Billion Package for Israel Wins Praise on the Hill
August 15 - THE BALKANS: House, Senate Join Call for Force, Hope To Send Message to Serbs
August 15 - Wallop's Mission
September 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Air Base Dispute May Impede Action on Hurricane Relief
September 12 - CORRECTION: Presidential position on SDI vote.
September 12 - Harkin Seeks $4 Billion Shift From Defense to Domestic
September 12 - MIDDLE EAST: Bush Acts on Loan Guarantees, Fighter Plane Sales to Saudis
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Spending Measure Offers SDI $3.8 Billion
September 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Israel Loan Guarantees Get Subcommittee OK
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: 2,100 Marines Dispatched To Waters off Somalia
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Byrd Insists on a Change In Ex-Soviet Aid Bill
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Expanded Internee Bill Passes In House
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: House Rejects Probe Of Gonzalez Leaks
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Urges Broadcasts Aimed at China
September 19 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill On Hong Kong
September 19 - Senate Bill Avoids Showdown With $3.8 Billion for SDI
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: IMF, Israel Are Winners in Aid Bill As Action Shifts to Senate Floor
September 26 - CUBA SANCTIONS: House Joins Senate in Backing Bills To Tighten Embargo
September 26 - FOREIGN AID: Aid for Former Soviet Republics Nears Likely Approval
September 26 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Agrees to 5 Percent Cut; Bill Moves to Conference
September 26 - INVESTIGATIONS: 'October Surprise' Funds Approved
September 26 - LABOR: Modest Jobs Plan May Develop From Deep in Defense Bill
September 26 - MIDDLE EAST: Opponents Attack Sale to Saudis
September 26 - MILITARY APPROPRIATIONS: Deprived of Plan to Shift Funds, Members Approve $8.39 Billion
September 26 - Military Construction Spending (chart)
September 26 - Pentagon as Cancer-Fighter?
September 26 - POWS/MIAS: Witnesses Open Old Wounds; Tempers Flare in Hearing
September 26 - SECTION NOTES: 750 Ex-Soviet Scientists Would Be Welcome
September 26 - Senate Passes Spending Bill With Home-State Touches
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign DEFENSE -- Stormy Debate Ahead On Threat, Response
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign EUROPE -- Cold War's Allies May Turn Rivals
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign Further Reading
September 26 - SPECIAL REPORT: Beyond the Campaign MIDDLE EAST --Whispers of Peace In a Volatile Region
September 26 - Two Major Obstacles Dissolve As Time for Talk Winds Down
September 26 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Continuing Resolution A Likely Prospect
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: Cleared by Senate: Military Building
October 3 - ARMS REDUCTION: With Cold War's Urgency Faded, The Senate Ratifies START
October 3 - Bill Postpones Weapons Cuts But Lays the Groundwork
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: Foreign Relations Backs China Radio Service
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Continuing 'October Surprise' Probe
October 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Refugee Protections
October 3 - Senate Passes Foreign Aid Bill Backing U.S. Arms for Bosnia
October 3 - SOVIET AID: Freedom Support Act Gets Final Senate Approval
October 3 - Turning the Goals of One Presidency
October 10 - $1.51 Billion Conversion
October 10 - Bush Signs Defense Measure With SDI Cut, Cancer Funds
October 10 - Cold War's Demise Shapes $26.3 Billion Spending Bill
October 10 - Defense Authorization (chart)
October 10 - EX-SOVIET AID: Attack Surfaces Over Sub Sale, But House Clears Aid Bill
October 10 - Foreign Aid Spending (chart)
October 10 - INTELLIGENCE: Senate Clears Authorization Bill But Doesn't Push Secrecy Issue
October 10 - International Flight
October 10 - Provisions of Ex-Soviet Aid Bill
October 10 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Production Act Extended for Two Years
October 10 - Spending Bill Trims Some Now, Sets Bigger Cuts in Motion
October 10 - Unsinkable Science
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Bill Shaves Personnel Spending But Slices Weapons Purchases
October 17 - Defense Appropriations (chart)
October 17 - Funding for Major Weapons (chart)
October 17 - IRAQ: Boren Leads Renewed Request For Iraq-BNL Investigation
October 17 - POWs/MIAs: Images in Laos Rice Paddy Divide Senate Panel
October 17 - Silence and the CIA
November 14 - IRAN-CONTRA: Panel Democrats, Republicans Seek Independent Counsels
November 14 - POWS/MIAS: Senate Panel Races Deadline As Nation Honors Veterans
November 21 - THE MILITARY: Roles for Women, Homosexuals Among Clinton's First Tests
November 28 - POWS/MIAS: Kerry Urges Reward for Vietnam; Republicans Say It's Premature
November 28 - SECTION NOTES: 'October Surprise' Probe Finds No Proof of Plot
November 28 - SECTION NOTES: Nunn, Lugar Warn Against Lull In Help for Ex-Soviet States
December 5 - 'America Will Answer the Call' On Somalia, Bush Says
December 5 - Foreign Language
December 5 - Helms' Hold Over Aid
December 5 - Hill Backs Sending Troops
December 5 - INVESTIGATIONS: Senate Wraps Up POW Probe But Big Question Remains
December 5 - Suffering Spurs Unprecedented Step As U.N. Approves Deployment
December 5 - UNITED NATIONS: U.N. Council Resolves To Ensure 'Secure Environment' in Somalia
December 12 - Barr Nixes Independent Counsel, Cites 'No Reasonable Grounds'
December 12 - SOMALIA: Operation Puts Sealift Fleet In Glare of Global Stage
December 19 - A Centrist's Evolution
December 19 - KEY HOUSE VOTES: 8. Strategic Defense Initiative
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 8. Strategic Defense Initiative
December 19 - KEY SENATE VOTES: 9. Nuclear Test Ban
December 19 - SOMALIA: The Question at the Hearing: 'How Do We Get Out?'

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