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January 5 - Asian Wars as Prologue to the Gulf
January 5 - Congress Faces Grave Choices As Clock Ticks Toward War
January 5 - Constitution's Conflicting Clauses Underscored by Iraq Crisis
January 5 - COST-SHARING: U.S. Allies Should Ante Up, Congressional Critics Say
January 5 - ECONOMIC FALLOUT: Hopes for Quick End to Recession
January 5 - Framers Were Wary of War Powers
January 5 - From Every Poll, Several Opinions
January 5 - Gulf Threat Invigorates Debate On Post-Cold War Military
January 5 - HISTORY: America's Most Frequent Fight Has Been the Undeclared War
January 5 - Key Dates in the Gulf Crisis (chart)
January 5 - PROFILES: Probing Conscience and Constituents
January 5 - Rivalries Among the Branches
January 5 - Senate Edges Into Gulf Debate
January 5 - THE PUBLIC: National Opinion Ambivalent As Winds of War Stir Gulf
January 5 - Unstable Mideast Oil Supply Rocks the World Market
January 5 - Volunteer Forces: Into the Breach
January 5 - WHAT'S AHEAD: About This Issue
January 12 - Bush Is Given Authorization To Use Force Against Iraq
January 12 - Constitutional Questions Remain
January 12 - Divided Democrats
January 12 - GULF CRISIS: Congress Approves Resolution Authorizing Use of Force
January 12 - Members Solemn Over Crucial Choice With Uncertain Outcome
January 12 - NAVY PROCUREMENT: Cheney Pulls Plug on A-12, Looks for Substitute
January 12 - PERSIAN GULF: House and Senate Debate On Joint Resolutions
January 12 - SECTION NOTES: Moscow Summit in Doubt, Administration Warns
January 12 - War Drums
January 19 - Charting Desert Storm
January 19 - Congress Applauds President From Sidelines of War
January 19 - Defense: Effects of Gulf, Soviet Crackdown
January 19 - EL SALVADOR: Bush Releases Aid After Killings
January 19 - Even Votes of Conscience Follow Party Lines (charts)
January 19 - Foreign Policy: Congress' Potential Wartime Role
January 19 - GULF WAR: Bush Informs Congress: Diplomacy Has Failed
January 19 - How Members Voted Jan. 12
January 19 - Penny and His District React
January 19 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Announces War on Iraq, Assures 'We Will Not Fail'
January 19 - THE BUDGET: Gulf War Could Wipe Out 1991 Defense Savings
January 19 - The Gulf War and Recession Darken Outlook for 1991
January 19 - THE GULF WAR: Bombers Heading for Baghdad As Hill Leaders Got Word
January 19 - THE GULF WAR: Bush Urges Cautious Realism, Says Coalition Is Solid
January 19 - THE GULF WAR: The Initial Airstrike Results: Numerous Hits, Few Losses
January 19 - The Price Tag of War (chart)
January 19 - War Interrupts Buzz of Capitol Activity Raising Tensions - and Hill Security
January 19 - WHAT'S AHEAD: War Dominates Agenda Of 102nd Congress
January 26 - Israel's Restraint Under Fire Boosts Its 'Special' Status
January 26 - Partisanship Likely To Drive Any Debate on New Taxes
January 26 - Patriot Missile Is Flying High On Early Success Against Iraqi Fire
January 26 - Persian Gulf Exemption
January 26 - Restive Feelings at Home
January 26 - THE BUDGET: Recession Triggers Senate Vote To Disregard Spending Caps
January 26 - THE GULF WAR: Congress, White House Dig In For a Possible Long Haul
January 26 - U.S. Aid To Israel Fiscal 1991
February 2 - Combat Reality Brought Home By Deaths of 11 Marines
February 2 - Players in a Ground War
February 2 - STATE OF THE UNION: Bush Focuses on Support for War, Is Vague on Domestic Details
February 2 - STATE OF THE UNION: Bush Seeks To Inspire Support For His Persian Gulf Mission
February 2 - THE GULF WAR: U.S.-Soviet Statement Renews Pledge to U.N. Resolutions
February 2 - The Oil Weapon
February 2 - Veterans: Members Support Gulf Troops With Assistance Measures
February 9 - A New Rationale for SDI (chart)
February 9 - Bush Begins Effort To Shrink Military by One-Fourth
February 9 - Defense Budget Authority (chart)
February 9 - McCurdy Appointment Spurs Changing Look of Panel
February 9 - Penny Talks to Folks at Home Of War, Peace, Washington
February 9 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Says Allies, Not Saddam, Will Decide Course of War
February 9 - THE GULF WAR: Heinz Proposal Slows Action On Measure To Aid Troops
February 16 - Iraqi Offer May Be Prelude To Diplomatic Bargaining
February 16 - THE GULF WAR: Iraqi Statement Offers Deal; Bush Calls It 'Cruel Hoax'
February 23 - Bush Asks for $15 Billion In 1991 Supplemental
February 23 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Senate OKs Bill To Breathe Life Into Defense Production Act
February 23 - Major Aid Proposals
February 23 - Offer and Counteroffer
February 23 - Staying Prepared in the Gulf
February 23 - THE GULF WAR: Bush Gives Iraq an Ultimatum, Rejects Soviet Initiative
February 23 - THE GULF WAR: War Measures Could Trigger Automatic Spending Cuts
February 23 - Today's Army: Parents at War
February 23 - Toughest Mideast Job for U.S. May Be Winning the Peace
February 23 - U.S. May Have To Start From Scratch In the Volatile Postwar Arab World
March 2 - BASE CLOSINGS: Commission May Help Ease Members' Unsavory Task
March 2 - Congress Speeds Supplemental To Pay for Desert Storm
March 2 - ECONOMIC POLICY: DPA Extension OK'd by Panel
March 2 - Hill Braces for Own Skirmish Over Scope of War Benefits
March 2 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Announces Cease-Fire, Says 'Objectives Are Met'
March 2 - The 100-Hour Ground War
March 2 - The Endgame
March 2 - THE GULF WAR: Elated Lawmakers Praise Bush After Cease-Fire Is Declared
March 2 - The War's Most Outspoken Critics
March 2 - Who Picks Up the Check (chart)
March 9 - 'Security Aid' Totals, Fiscal 1990-92 (chart)
March 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: War Cost Supplemental Shows Bush's Control of Defense
March 9 - Desert Storm Benefits
March 9 - Hill's Acclaim for Bush in War Won't Bring Peace at Home
March 9 - MILITARY PERSONNEL: Desert Storm Benefits Package Headed for Funding Battle
March 9 - Parties Split Into Postwar Camps After Giving Victory Cheer
March 9 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Bush Calls on Postwar Congress For Reform and Renewal
March 9 - Replacing Weapons of War (chart)
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Conference Expected On DPA Extension
March 9 - The B-1 Stayed Home
March 9 - The Costs of War (chart)
March 9 - The Dilemma of Mideast Arms Sales
March 9 - War-Related Supplementals Win Approval From House
March 9 - WHAT'S AHEAD: War-Related Measures Head Must-Do List
March 16 - EL SALVADOR: Bush Holds Off on Military Aid That Congress Had Resisted
March 16 - Gulf War Benefits
March 16 - PERSIAN GULF: Allies' Assistance Examined
March 16 - SDI Unchanged by Patriot's Popularity
March 16 - THE PERSIAN GULF: Prolonged Turmoil May Slow Withdrawal From Region
March 16 - THE PERSIAN GULF: Returning Troops Greeted By Packages of Benefits
March 16 - War Crimes Tribunal Sought
March 23 - Aspin's Political Clout Grows As Nunn's Leverage Is Questioned
March 23 - Conferees Bow to Administration On 'Dire Emergency' Measure
March 23 - Democrats Try To Bury Image Of Foreign Policy Weakness
March 23 - Desert Storm Appropriation (chart)
March 23 - EXPORT-IMPORT BANK: Members Question Proposal To Boost Weapons Sales
March 23 - Glaspie Defends Her Actions, U.S. Policy Before Invasion
March 23 - No Battle Scars for Penny
March 23 - No Peace for Iraq
March 23 - Picking Up the Check (chart)
March 23 - THE PERSIAN GULF: Package of Benefits for Troops Awaits Bush's Approval
March 23 - War Costs Bill Passes Easily; Allied Pledges Emphasized
March 30 - Loose Lips Raise Questions
March 30 - PROVISIONS: Details of Gulf War Benefits Bill
April 6 - House Vote on Use of Force Resolution
April 6 - The Context of a Century: Vote Stirs Old Questions
April 6 - Weighing the Price of Enforcement Against the Record of Treatment
April 13 - Attack Plane in for Bumpy Ride As Hill Drafts Funding Bills
April 13 - Base Closings (chart)
April 13 - Bush Warns Iraqi Government Not To Attack Fleeing Kurds
April 13 - Cheney Reveals New Hit List; Members Feel the Pain
April 20 - Back Into the Fray
April 20 - Bush Sees New World Order As a New Responsibility
April 20 - Commission Comes to Life, Vowing a 'Fresh Look'
April 20 - Compassion Rules Geopolitics In Dealings With Kurds
April 20 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Announces Expansion Of Relief Effort in Iraq
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Intelligence Bill Sidesteps Conflict With President
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: Some Doubts Raised About the Patriot
April 20 - Winners and Losers: The Fallout From Cheney's Plan
April 27 - ARMS CONTROL: Bush Is Asked To Get Senate OK on CFE
April 27 - Arms Sales Reports Stir Hill Critics
April 27 - Bush, Congress in Agreement On Kurdish Refugee Relief
April 27 - Congress' Record on Saddam: Decade of Talk, Not Action
April 27 - CORRECTION: Base closings.
April 27 - F-22 Fighter
April 27 - FINANCIAL SERVICES: House Conferees Move Toward Support of 'Fair Trade' Bill
April 27 - Haunted by a Meeting With Saddam
April 27 - PROCUREMENT: Congress May Look at Rationale For Sophisticated New Plane
April 27 - SECTION NOTES: Aspin Urges More Emphasis on Ground-Based Defense
April 27 - SECTION NOTES: Fascell Proposes Halt in Arms to Mideast
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Defense
May 4 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Look at Each Spending Bill -- Military Construction
May 4 - B-2's Supporters Invigorated By Stealth Success in Gulf
May 4 - Imagining B-2s in the Gulf War
May 4 - MIDDLE EAST: Democrats Weigh Iran Charges
May 4 - MIDDLE EAST: U.S.-Israeli Relations Cool After Heat of War
May 4 - POSTWAR IRAQ: Panels Approve Partial Funding For Kurdish Refugee Aid
May 4 - The Art and Science of Stealthiness
May 11 - Authorization Bill Gets Push From Hefty Bipartisan Vote
May 11 - CFE Breakthrough Possible
May 11 - Changing Weapons Priorities (chart)
May 11 - CORRECTION: Moscow Embassy dispute.
May 11 - Schwarzkopf's Thunder
May 11 - SECTION NOTES: Members Praise Webster For Restoring CIA
May 11 - Women of War
May 18 - Bill Questions High-Tech Rush, Urges Careful Weapons Tests
May 18 - Congress Pushes for Limits On Middle East Weapons
May 18 - Defense Authorization (chart)
May 18 - INTELLIGENCE: Iran-Contra May Take Back Seat At Gates' Confirmation Hearing
May 18 - SDI Opponents Say Bush's Rhetoric
May 18 - SECTION NOTES: GAO Report Bolsters Case For Closing Bases
May 18 - What Gates Told Congress
May 18 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Focus Turns to Defense, Campaign Finance
May 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Domestic Facilities Get Priority In Military Construction Bill
May 25 - Bargaining for B-2 Bombers
May 25 - Commission Hears Arguments For Changes in Cut List
May 25 - Debating How To Share the Burden
May 25 - DEFENSE: House Votes To Boost Funds For Technology Research
May 25 - House Gives Bush No Tribute, Cuts B-2 and SDI Proposals
May 25 - Military Construction (chart)
May 25 - Panel Pushes To Cut Off Flow Of Weapons to Middle East
May 25 - POSTWAR IRAQ: Congress Clears Refugee Aid; Bush's Signature Expected
May 25 - WHAT'S AHEAD: First 1992 Spending Bills Move to House Floor
June 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Funds for Military OK'd by House
June 1 - ARMS CONTROL: President Initiates Slowdown Of Sales to the Mideast
June 1 - BASE CLOSINGS: New Hit List Adds 35 Facilities
June 1 - CORRECTION: Military Construction Appropriation
June 1 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Denounces House For SDI, B-2 Cuts
June 1 - SECTION NOTES: Court Ruling Revives Debate Over Iran-Contra Hearings
June 1 - Shifting Funds (chart)
June 8 - BASE CLOSINGS: Panel Cuts Number Of Targets
June 8 - COVER STORY: Grand Bargain' Promises Debate On Future U.S.-Soviet Relations
June 8 - Defense Spending (chart)
June 8 - House Defense Funding Bill Keeps Cuts in SDI and B-2
June 8 - SECTION NOTES: 'Stealthy' Cruise Missile On Drawing Board
June 8 - SECTION NOTES: Intelligence Panel Urges End To Activities Duplication
June 8 - SECTION NOTES: No Cheers for Syria, Says Senate
June 8 - VETERANS: Panel OKs Health, Education Bills
June 15 - Compromise on SDI Needed, GOP Senators Tell Bush
June 15 - INTELLIGENCE: House Approves Secrecy Oath For Committee Members
June 15 - Panel Maintains El Salvador Aid
June 15 - Schwarzkopf Points Out Flaws In Wartime Intelligence
June 15 - SECTION NOTES: Members Challenge Plan For Arms to UAE
June 22 - MILITARY: Senate Debates Rights, Role Of Women Warriors
June 22 - SDI Plan Rejected
June 22 - STRATEGIC WEAPONS: B-2 Proponents Call on Bush For Aggressive Boosting
June 29 - Mount Pinatubo May Reshape Debate Over Military Bases
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Releases Funds For El Salvador
June 29 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Measure Mandates Covert Action Reports
June 29 - VETERANS: Discrimination Bill Gets Panel's OK
July 6 - Bush Carries On Fight for SDI,
July 6 - Bush Counts on GPALS To Build a Defense System
July 6 - Commission Spares Just a Few From Cheney's Hit List
July 6 - Consolidating the Corps
July 6 - Defense Labs Buy Some Time
July 6 - Endangered Bases (chart)
July 6 - SDI vs. ABM
July 6 - Senate's Four Key Players On the Strategic Defense Initiative
July 13 - ARMED SERVICES: Panel Marks Up Defense Bill, Nears Compromise on SDI
July 13 - BASE CLOSINGS: Bush Approves Panel's List, Dashing Members' Hopes
July 13 - Conventional Forces in Europe (chart)
July 13 - INTELLIGENCE: Gates Faces Delay and Deja Vu As Iran-Contra Resurfaces
July 13 - Senators Look for Assurances As They Consider CFE Pact
July 13 - Soviet Pullback (chart)
July 20 - A War of Strengths and Weaknesses
July 20 - An SDI Deal
July 20 - Bush Announces Agreement With Soviets On START
July 20 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Senate Committee Forges SDI Deal, Fierce Floor Fight Expected
July 20 - Disasters/Gulf War Supplemental (chart)
July 20 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Long-Term Renewal of DPA Gets Belated Attention
July 20 - INTELLIGENCE: Despite Flurry of Allegations, Boren Still Respects Gates
July 20 - INTELLIGENCE: Panel Votes To Bring Budget In From the Cold
July 20 - PERSIAN GULF: A Tough Stance Against Iraq Draws Backing on the Hill
July 20 - START Sets Historic Agenda For Nuclear Arms Cuts
July 20 - THE PHILIPPINES: Schroeder Blasts Plans for Subic
July 20 - Veto Threat Stalls Action On Supplemental Bill
July 20 - What the U.S. and the Soviet Union Can Expect From START
July 27 - BASE CLOSINGS: Fighting Last-Ditch Battles To Save the Home Forts
July 27 - Bingaman's High-Tech Plan
July 27 - CORRECTION: Fiers' guilty plea.
July 27 - Defense Authorization (chart)
July 27 - INTELLIGENCE: Conferees Forge Compromise On Covert Actions
July 27 - PROCUREMENT: A-12 Investigations Reveal Failure to Heed Warnings
July 27 - SDI Debate Will Lead Battle Over Weapons Spending
August 3 - ARMED SERVICES: POW/MIA Inquiry Supported By Senate Rules Panel
August 3 - BASE CLOSINGS: Opponents Lose Final Bid To Save Installations
August 3 - Breaking the Gender Barrier
August 3 - Breakthrough Senate SDI Pact Presages Conference Fight
August 3 - Deja Vu With a Twist
August 3 - ECONOMIC POLICY: House Committee Clears Bill On Defense Production Act
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Gephardt Attacks Deal With Korea on Planes
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves New Coins To Honor Vets, Columbus
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Robert Strauss Confirmed As U.S. Envoy to Moscow
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Saudis, Kuwaitis Behind On Gulf War Payments
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: South African Funding Criticized on Hill
August 3 - Senate Juggles Arms Issue In State Department Bill
August 3 - Senate's Message to Iraq
August 3 - START Debate Looms
August 10 - ARMED SERVICES: Senate Approves POW/MIA Panel
August 10 - DEFENSE and FOREIGN POLICY: Special Report on Legislative Action in the 102nd Congress
August 10 - ECONOMIC POLICY: Congress Renews Defense Act
August 10 - Investigations: Panels To Probe Allegations Of Reagan Campaign Deal
August 10 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Expand Veterans' Benefits
August 24 - Defense Spending, Arms Control
September 14 - A Nuclear Lesson
September 14 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Approves Slashed Version Of Military Spending Measure
September 14 - OK Sought on Soviet MFN
September 14 - SECTION NOTES: Bill Would Give Counseling To Vets and Their Families
September 14 - Soviet Union's Disintegration Spurs Call for Defense Cuts
September 14 - THE PHILIPPINES: Base Money Eyed For Other Uses
September 21 - 'I Have My Style'
September 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Spreads Military Money To 48 States in Spending Bill
September 21 - Defense Spending Bill To Test B-2 Bomber
September 21 - Military Construction (chart)
September 21 - No Build-Down Yet
September 21 - NOMINATION HEARINGS: Gates Counters Criticism On Iran-Contra Actions
September 21 - North Charges Are Dropped
September 21 - SECTION NOTES: Gulf War Veterans Bill Cleared by House
September 28 - B-2 Showdown
September 28 - Defense Spending (chart)
September 28 - Keeping Congress Informed
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Abortion Language Included In Defense Spending Bill
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Boren Regrets Survival of Iraq's Saddam
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: Military Immigrant Bill Gets Senate Approval
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: POW/MIA Panel Starts by Squabbling
September 28 - SECTION NOTES: U.S. Won't Replace Philippine Base
September 28 - Waning Interest in B-2, SDI Reflected in Defense Bill
October 5 - Bush Announces U.S. Elimination Of Short-Range Nuclear Arms
October 5 - Bush's Plan To Cut Weapons May Spur Deeper Cuts
October 5 - CIA Insiders on Gates
October 5 - Conferees Agree Quickly On Military Spending
October 5 - ECONOMIC POLICY: House OKs 3-Year Extension Of Defense Production Act
October 5 - Finessing Fight Over Embassy, Hill Clears Spending Measure
October 5 - INTELLIGENCE: Gates Hearings Take Lid Off CIA's Bitter Internal Feuds
October 5 - President Bush's Cutbacks ... And the Consequences
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: 'October Surprise' Panels Picked by House Leaders
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Condemns Coup By Haiti's Military
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: Gen. Powell Reappointed Despite Woodward Ties
October 5 - SECTION NOTES: State Department Bill Wins Senate Approval
October 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves $8.56 Billion For Military Base Projects
October 12 - ARMS CONTROL: Gorbachev Raises Stakes, Proposes Joint Defense
October 12 - Military Construction (chart)
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Agreement Ends Freeze On U.S. Aid to Peru
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Cheney Protests Plan To Give Away Bases
October 12 - SECTION NOTES: Intelligence Panels Probe Taps on Sandinista Calls (WR 10/12/91 p. 2968; 60 lines)
October 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Military Measure Cleared for Bush
October 19 - Disasters/Gulf War Supplemental (chart)
October 26 - DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION: Conferees Near Consensus On Limited ABM System
November 2 - Defense Tradeoffs
November 2 - Disasters/Gulf War Supplemental (chart)
November 2 - Old B-2 Plans Barely Survive In a Changing Military
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: 'October Surprise' Probe Provokes Partisan Tiffs
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Helms, Gephardt Send Signals On Arms Deals With Soviets
November 2 - SECTION NOTES: Israel Reportedly Assisted South Africa on Missiles
November 9 - Familiar Battleground
November 9 - Foreign Aid (chart)
November 9 - Nuclear Reactions
November 9 - POWS: New Panel Begins Accounting Of Vietnam's Missing
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: Administration's Warning To Zaire's Ruler
November 9 - SECTION NOTES: House Panel Approves Probe Into Hostage Allegations
November 9 - Soviet Aid Package May Be Doomed By Calls To Keep Money at Home
November 9 - The $1 Billion Dispute
November 9 - The SDI Deal
November 16 - Defense Spending Bill Follows Authorization Measure's Lead
November 16 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Back Pay Sought For Gulf Service
November 16 - INTELLIGENCE: Conferees Act To Slow CIA Move, Urge Bush to Uncloak Spending
November 16 - Plowshare Plan Beaten
November 16 - Quick Action Seen for CFE Pact As Senate Panel Sets Vote
November 23 - AUTHORIZATION/APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Budget Wins Approval; Clouds On '93 Horizon
November 23 - Conventional Forces in Europe (chart)
November 23 - Defense Authorization (chart)
November 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Deals Setback to Calls for 'October Surprise' Probe
November 23 - Senate Panel Endorses Treaty To Cut Forces in Europe
November 23 - Senate Panel Endorses Treaty To Cut Forces in Europe
November 23 - STATE DEPARTMENT: Chemical Weapons Ban in Sight After Four-Year Hill Odyssey
November 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Bill Moves On to Bush After Final Power Struggle
November 30 - FOREIGN AID: Congress Clears Soviet Aid Bill In Late Reversal of Sentiment
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Chemical Weapons Sanctions Sent to White House
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Israeli Official Floats Aid Tradeoff Proposal
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Members Warn Against Arms Sale to Saudis
November 30 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Prod Watkins To Build Reactor
November 30 - Senate Endorses Treaty To Cut Conventional Forces in Europe
November 30 - VETERANS: House OKs Services Package, Minority Affairs Officer
December 7 - Disasters/Gulf War Supplemental (chart)
December 7 - SESSION WRAPUP: Defense and Foreign Policy
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: BANKROLLING DEFENSE Defense Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: BUILDING BARRACKS Military Construction Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: DEFENSE (chart)
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Energy and Water Development Appropriations (chart)
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: STATE BY STATE FY 1992 Military Construction Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: WATERWAYS and WEAPONRY Energy and Water Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Where The Money Goes Defense -- Fiscal Year 1992
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: WHERE THE MONEY GOES Energy and Water Appropriations
December 7 - SUPPLEMENT: Where The Money Goes Military Construction -- Fiscal Year 1992
December 14 - Approach to Revolution
December 14 - Defense Spending (chart)
December 14 - New Wars and Cold Wars Reflected in Budget

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