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January 6 - Stalemates of Last Decade Haunt Agenda for 1990: Defense and Foreign Policy
January 13 - A 'Safety Net' for Defense Transition?
January 13 - Congress Anxious for Aquino To Defuse Political Woes
January 13 - Members Hustle to Protect Defense Jobs Back Home
January 13 - THE PENTAGON: Cheney Outlines Plans For Leaner Programs
January 20 - NUCLEAR ARMS: Need for a Massive Cleanup May Slow Weapon-Building
January 20 - Power of the Earth
January 20 - Special Treatment for Israel
January 20 - The Other Cleanups (chart)
January 27 - Bush Still Backs Gorbachev
January 27 - Conservatives Poised To Fight Efforts To Slash Defense
January 27 - The Peace Dividend:
January 27 - The Right's Agenda: Highlights
February 3 - Armed Services Holds Off On Stello Nomination
February 3 - Bush Offers Deeper Troop Cuts
February 3 - Bush Proposes New Cuts In U.S.-Soviet Forces
February 3 - Cheney's Endangered-Bases List (chart)
February 3 - Cheney's Plan for Shutdowns A New Salvo in Long Fight
February 3 - Cheney's Spending Blueprint Faces Welter of Changes
February 3 - Cuts in Defense
February 3 - Foreign Bases Up for Closure (chart)
February 3 - The Weapons Hit List (chart)
February 3 - Tugging at Purse Strings
February 10 - 'Security Aid' Totals, Fiscal 1989-91 (chart)
February 10 - East Bloc Political Upheaval Shakes U.S. Strategies
February 10 - Targeting Strategic Arms Programs
February 17 - 'The Critics . . . on the Hill Can't Have It Both Ways'
February 17 - Concessions Step Up Tempo Toward New Agreements
February 17 - Hurtling Toward German Unity
February 17 - Superpowers Closer on Nerve Gas
February 24 - Duels Over Dollars Shuffle
February 24 - Hill-Administration Turf Fight Shaping Up Over Deferrals
March 3 - Bush Team, Hill Go to War Over How To Make Cuts
March 3 - Nunn Takes Issue With Bush On U.S.-Soviet Troop Levels
March 10 - Proposal for Women in Combat
March 10 - Standoff Over Deferrals
March 10 - THE PENTAGON BUDGET: House Democrats Seek To Forge Consensus on Extent of Cut
March 17 - Cutting Defense Outlays:
March 17 - House Democrats' Jockeying: Save Deep Cuts for Later By Pat Towell
March 17 - Tapping the 'Peace Dividend' By Pat Towell
March 24 - Hill Searching for Answers On Where To Make Cuts
March 24 - Pentagon Budget Outlooks:
March 31 - Supplemental Bill To Give Bush What He Asked, and More
April 7 - House Gives Nod to Increase In Fiscal 1990 Spending
April 7 - THE DEFENSE BUDGET: Blueprints for Retrenchment: Two Different Approaches
April 14 - A Thinker With a Pragmatic Bent, Panel's Counselor Has Pivotal Role
April 14 - Aspin Moves To Avoid Reruns Of His Political Missteps
April 21 - THE PENTAGON BUDGET: Nunn Weighs In With a Call For New Planning, Cuts
April 28 - Cheney Pares Back His Plans For Key Aircraft Programs
April 28 - The New Defense Cuts (chart)
May 5 - ARMS CONTROL: Bush To Shelve New Missile
May 5 - Changing the System: Hypothetical Cases
May 5 - Pentagon, Hill Seek To Revise Safety Net for Troop Cuts
May 12 - Bases That Fade Away (chart)
May 12 - Military Proposals for Use
May 12 - SECTION NOTES: Congress Bans Possession Of Biological Weapons
May 12 - Services' Wish for More Land Hits Environmental Flak
May 19 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Senate Approves Sanctions Bill
May 19 - Deal Near on Supplemental As House Lards the Bill
May 26 - A Pork-Heavy Supplemental Is Belatedly Sent to Bush
May 26 - Bush Plays Political Defense As Gorbachev Visit Nears
May 26 - Conventional Forces in Europe (chart)
May 26 - In the Bag: Chemical Weapons Pact
May 26 - START Negotiations: A Scoresheet On Where the Superpowers Stand
May 26 - Targeting of Navy 'Homeports' Puts Politicians on Spot
June 2 - Will Fear of Accidental Blasts Torpedo Activists' Plans?
June 9 - Approval Seen On Chemical Weapons
June 9 - Arms Control No Longer Ranks As the Be-All and End-All
June 9 - FOREIGN POLICY: U.S.-Greek Accord May Herald New Era in Bilateral Ties
June 9 - THE PENTAGON: Foley, Cheney End Logjam Over Pay
June 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Energy-Water Bill Goes to Floor
June 16 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Both Chambers To Get Pact
June 16 - Energy and Water Appropriations (chart)
June 16 - House Panel Acts To Shift Foreign Aid Priorities
June 23 - Cheney's Latest Plan Shows Only Part of Ax Blade
June 23 - In the Hypothetical Hit List Army is Biggest Loser
June 23 - Measuring the Size of the Pie
June 30 - House Passes Spending Bill After Shifting Priorities
June 30 - IRAQ: Another Attempt At Sanctions
June 30 - SECTION NOTES: Cheney Seeks $327 Million In Military Rescissions
July 7 - Mounting Cost Estimates
July 7 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Issues NATO Declaration At Summit's Conclusion
July 7 - Recruiting Defense Dollars For Environmental Duty
July 7 - SECTION NOTES: NATO Endorses Bush Plan For Strategy Shift
July 7 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Set To Debate 2 Nuclear Treaties
July 14 - Nunn's Panel Raises Curtain On Major Defense Cuts
July 14 - Senators Moving To Close Net On New Breed: Hired Spies
July 14 - Spying for the Money
July 14 - THE PENTAGON: New Chief Named To SDI Program
July 21 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Committee Approves Military Construction Bill
July 21 - DEFENSE SPENDING: Aspin Takes Aim at Weapons To Achieve Budget Cuts
July 21 - Democrats Will Offer Help To Offset Defense Cuts
July 21 - NUCLEAR WEAPONS: Senate Committee Takes Up Pair of '70s-Era Treaties
July 28 - Active-Duty Forces (chart)
July 28 - Both Chambers Ready Plans For Long-term Reductions
August 4 - Funding for Major Weapons (chart)
August 4 - House Panel's Diet Defense Bill Would Cancel B-2 Production
August 4 - House Slices Bush's Request In Passing $8.6 Billion Bill
August 4 - Military Construction Spending (chart)
August 4 - Senate Votes To Save Stealth But By Narrower Margin
August 11 - Gulf Standoff Highlights Need For Speed as Well as Power
August 11 - Iraq Map
August 11 - Members Back Sending Troops to Gulf But Worry About a Drawn-Out Crisis
August 11 - SECTION NOTES: Procurement Law Wins Short-Term Extension
August 11 - Senate Bill Redirects 'Star Wars' Away From 'Brilliant Pebbles'
August 18 - Action on Middle East Crisis Only a Matter of Time
August 18 - Defense and Foreign Policy: Major legislative actions of the 101st Congress
August 18 - DEFENSE SPENDING: Cheney Slows Sub Production To Further Cut DOD Budget
August 25 - Bush Stresses World Support For U.S. Force Deployment
August 25 - Covert Wars
August 25 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: President, Congress And War Powers
August 25 - MILITARY STRATEGY: Reserve Call-Up Tests Strategy Long Trumpeted by Congress
August 25 - U.S. Love Affair With Covert Aid Has a Long but Controversial Past
August 25 - VFW ADDRESS: Bush Calls for Strong Defense To 'Maintain the Peace'
August 25 - Wars of Proxy Losing Favor As Cold War Tensions End
August 25 - Weighing Friends and Weapons
September 1 - Crisis May Spur Second Look At Defense Spending Cuts
September 1 - GULF CRISIS: Bush Briefs Members on Gulf Policy; Democratic Leaders Voice Support
September 1 - JOINT NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush, Mulroney Meet in Maine, Praise U.N. Action on Iraq
September 1 - Members Rally Around Flag As Bush Solicits Support
September 1 - PERSIAN GULF: Bush Asks Allies To Share Cost of Crisis Effort
September 8 - Hill Support Remains Firm, But Questions Surface
September 8 - SECTION NOTES: Korea Fighter-Jet Deal Goes to Capitol Hill
September 15 - Administration Wins Victory On Funds for Secret Wars
September 15 - APPROPRIATIONS: Amendment Bolsters Funds For Crime, Persian Gulf
September 15 - Bush's Plan To Waive Egypt Debt Raises Questions About Israel
September 15 - DEFENSE INDUSTRY: Bills Would Ease Impact of Cuts
September 15 - Democrats Continue March Toward Big Defense Cuts
September 15 - FRANKING: Free Military Mail Bill Is Delayed
September 15 - Once Upon a Time
September 22 - A Winning Personality
September 22 - Congress, Bush Will Battle Over Policy, Not Money
September 22 - Gloves Come Off As Congress Swipes at Administration
September 22 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Anti-Abortion Forces Prevail In Pentagon Bill Skirmish
September 22 - Money With a Message
September 22 - SECTION NOTES: Antifranking Vote Doesn't Delay Military Mail Bill
September 22 - Who Will Dole Out Gulf Donations?
September 29 - A Smaller Saudi Arms Package
September 29 - Keeping the Other Guy Honest
September 29 - KUWAIT CRISIS: Both Chambers Craft Resolutions Backing Bush's Gulf Policy
September 29 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Preference For U.S. Industries
September 29 - Senate Ratifies Two Pacts Limiting Nuclear Tests
October 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes $7.98 Billion Bill For Military Construction
October 6 - APPROPRIATIONS: Subcommittee Bill Slows Cutback
October 6 - ARMS CONTROL: U.S., Soviets Agree on Aircraft, Weapons Limits in Europe
October 6 - Congress Cautiously Supports Bush's Past Gulf Actions
October 6 - MILITARY SPENDING: Some Say Hefty Defense Slice Is Too Big for Its Own Good
October 6 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Procurement Bill OK'd by Senate
October 13 - Consultation on the Gulf Crisis Is Hit-or-Miss for Congress
October 13 - House-Passed Defense Bill Reflects Gulf Crisis
October 13 - Intelligence Authorization Bill Facing House Floor Fights
October 13 - Quick To Sail in a Crisis
October 13 - SECTION NOTES: Report Faults Naval Academy On Treatment of Women
October 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senators Move To Restrict Saudi Armes Sale
October 13 - The Nine Lives of the B-2
October 20 - Authorization Deal Leaves B-2's Future Left Clouded
October 20 - Defense Spending (chart)
October 20 - House Votes To Put Conditions On Aid to Angolan Rebels
October 20 - Protecting Fort Bragg's Birds
October 20 - SECTION NOTES: Military Construction Measure Gains House Approval
October 20 - Senate Approves Its Version Of Defense Spending Bill
October 27 - Defense Authorization (chart)
October 27 - Defense Authorization Bill Cleared for President
October 27 - DEFENSE PRODUCTION: Preparedness Bill Jeopardized By Favors for U.S. Industry
October 27 - Egypt Wins, El Salvador Loses In Foreign Aid Funding Bill
October 27 - GULF CRISIS: Members See Prospect of War Before the Year is Out
October 27 - Military Construction (chart)
October 27 - Military Construction Bill Blocks NATO Base Plan
October 27 - New Openness Marks Debate On Intelligence Bill
November 3 - Defense Spending (chart)
November 3 - Funding for Major Weapons (chart)
November 3 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense and Foreign Policy
November 3 - Military Construction (chart)
November 3 - MILITARY CONSTRUCTION: Pentagon Eases Veto Stance On $8.4 Billion Measure
November 3 - Senate Clears Military Bill After Panel Squabbles
November 17 - Cold War Plans Could Be Tested In Hot Middle East Desert
November 17 - High-Tech Arsenal of Desert Shield Is Daunting, but Unproven in Battle
November 17 - How the Troops Were Deployed
November 17 - Uncertain Congress Confronts President's Gulf Strategy
November 17 - What They're Saying
November 24 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Bush's Sanctions Veto Snubs Foreign Relations Leaders
November 24 - Conventional Forces in Europe
November 24 - Historic CFE Treaty Cuts Arms, Marks the End of Cold War
December 1 - Bush Quiets His Critics on Hill By Sending Baker to Iraq
December 1 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Saddam's Calculations: What If He's Right?
December 1 - IRAQ: Choice of Partners Questioned In Courtship of Support
December 1 - Public Debate on Persian Gulf Poses Challenge for Members
December 1 - U.N. Resolution 678
December 1 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Bush Aides Up Next In Gulf Debate
December 8 - Administration Makes Its Case But Fails To Sway Skeptics
December 8 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: The Imperative of Oil In the Persian Gulf
December 8 - IRAQ TESTIMONY: Cheney and Powell Testify To Armed Services Panel
December 8 - IRAQ TESTIMONY: CIA Director Webster Testifies On Effects of Sanctions
December 8 - Members Argue Suit Over War Powers
December 8 - PERSIAN GULF: Baker Says U.N. Resolution Is Saddam's Last Chance
December 8 - What They're Saying
December 8 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Gulf, Keating Five Hold Spotlight
December 15 - GULF CRISIS: Bush, Shamir Muffle Differences To Keep Coalition Intact
December 15 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Trade Waiver, START Are Topics Of Session With Reporters
December 15 - SECTION NOTES: El Salvador Given Aid On Rushed Schedule
December 15 - SECTION NOTES: Pentagon Official Quits After A-12 Flap
December 15 - Uniting To Dismantle Iraq's Military
December 22 - GULF CRISIS: Bush Faces War Standoff With Congress, Too
December 22 - SECTION NOTES: Baker Acknowledges Dispute Over Soviet Treaty Data
December 22 - SECTION NOTES: Cheney Threatens To Pull Plug On Navy's Troubled A-12

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