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January 7 - Carlucci Sends Congress Base-Closing Plan
January 7 - Hill Backs Downing of Libyan MiGs
January 7 - Savvy Legislator Murtha Moves to Spotlight
January 7 - Senate OK Asked for Anti-Terrorism Treaties
January 28 - 'No Conflict ... I Have No Interest'
January 28 - Tower Offers Assurances on Policies, Finances
February 4 - Questions of Conduct Delay Vote on Tower
February 11 - Financial Dealings Examined: Vote on Nomination of Tower Delayed by New Allegations
February 18 - Bush Era Brings Uncertainty To the Liberal Coalition
February 18 - Will Bush-Hill Honeymoon Bring Bipartisanship?
February 25 - 'Fair Pricing' for Arms
February 25 - Senate Panel Deals Bush His First Big Defeat
February 25 - Tower Fight Slows the Bush Team
March 4 - Alcohol and the Armed Services
March 4 - Committee Report on Tower Shows Clear Party Split
March 4 - For Dodd, a Personal Dilemma?
March 4 - Senate Wages Partisan Duel On Fitness, Prerogatives
March 4 - The Teflon Senator Slugs It Out
March 11 - BASE CLOSINGS: House Panel Backs Realignment List
March 11 - Japan's Technology
March 11 - Senate Spurns Bush's Choice In a Partisan Tug of War
March 11 - The New Nominee: Dick Cheney
March 11 - U.S. Japanese Warplane Deal Raises a Welter of Issues
March 18 - BASE CLOSINGS: Pain in Members' Home States Fails to Move Minds on Hill
March 18 - Proposed 'Mini Marshall Plan' Encounters Budget Strains
March 18 - Senate Speeds Confirmation Of New Pentagon Chief
March 25 - Bush, Hill Agree to Provide Contras With New Aid
March 25 - Dogged if Futile Trench War Planned by Some on Hill
March 25 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Bush Seeking to Modify Deal For Japanese Warplanes
April 1 - House Panel Taking a Look At Night Vision Goggles
April 1 - Phase-One Scenarios (chart)
April 1 - Political Struggles Over SDI Set to Enter New Phase
April 1 - SECTION NOTES: B-1B Bomber Fleet Grounded After Wing Mishap
April 1 - SECTION NOTES: U.S.-Japanese Talks Stall, But Jet Deal's Still On
April 8 - Department's No. 2 Man Given Plaudits - and Admonition
April 8 - Senators Question Savings To Be Realized by List
April 15 - BASE CLOSINGS: Opponents Wage Uphill Battle
April 22 - Defense Spending Decisions Sure to Stir Controversy
April 22 - SECTION NOTES: House Vote Clears the Way For Base Closings
April 22 - THE PENTAGON: Bush Team: Records Bespeak Pragmatism, Not Ideology
April 29 - Bush's Revisions May Augur Policy Shifts in Future
April 29 - Deal Reached on FS-X
April 29 - SECTION NOTES: Law-Enforcement Liability, Military Malpractice
April 29 - Winners and Losers Among Programs In Bush's New Budget for Pentagon
May 6 - Bush Administration Officials Defend Accord With Japan
May 6 - Germans' Stance on Missiles Puts Bush in Tight Spot
May 6 - Old Issue, New Political Equation (chart)
May 6 - Where the Bombs Are:
May 13 - Bush's Cuts Would Take Away Some Hometown Bacon
May 13 - How the Budget Pie Was Sliced (chart)
May 20 - U.S.-Japan Fighter-Jet Deal Is Cleared for Takeoff
May 27 - 'Top Gun': Outgunned in Long Run?
May 27 - ARMS CONTROL: Bush, on More Positive Note, Leaves for NATO Summit
May 27 - Hill Friends Fighting to Save Endangered Fighter Jet
May 27 - SECTION NOTES: Armitage, Choice for Army, Withdraws Nomination
June 3 - Bush Acts to Meet Challenge Of Gorbachev Diplomacy
June 3 - Sides in East-West Arms Control Minuet Bringing Their Steps Closer Together
June 3 - Summit Leaders Issue Outline Of NATO's Past, Future
June 10 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Hill Puts Strings on FS-X Deal, But Bush Holds Veto Card
June 17 - 'Saving' Days and Dollars
June 17 - NOMINATIONS: After Delays, Senate Confirms Envoys Burt, Negroponte
June 17 - Party Battle Lines Are Fuzzy In House Defense Debate
June 24 - Bolstering the 2-Missile Strategy
June 24 - CAMBODIA: On Arms Issue, A Tug of War
June 24 - Current Strategic Arms
June 24 - The Politics of Procurement Creates New Alliances
June 24 - U.S. START Negotiators Focus On Verification Procedures
June 24 - U.S. Still Will Back Savimbi Despite Cease-Fire Pact
July 1 - House Votes Authorization Bill In Show of Bipartisanship
July 1 - PALAU: House Votes Compact and Aid, But Time Obstacles Loom
July 1 - Saving Some Projects, Panel Bites the Funding Bullet
July 8 - Aspin, Panel Seek a Balance In Era of Tough Choices
July 15 - Senate Committee Affirms Cheney's Weapons Cuts
July 15 - With House Floor Debate Near, Cheney Argues for 'Stealth'
July 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: Defense Panel Axes Funding For Troubled New Fighter
July 22 - Bush Team Tries to Protect 'Stealth' Bomber Program
July 22 - Panel Urges Executive Branch To Boost Anti-Spy Efforts
July 29 - After Setbacks in the House, Bush Playing Catch-Up
July 29 - Defense Issues Checklist (chart)
July 29 - House Deals Bush Team Blows On Missiles, Weapons Cuts
July 29 - One Base Gets a Break
July 29 - Senate Defense Measure Sticks Closer to Bush Blueprint
August 5 - Challenge to Base Closings Fizzles on House Floor
August 5 - Citing Budget Austerity, House Chops Weapons Programs
August 5 - Military Construction Funding (chart)
August 5 - SECTION NOTES: Senate GOP Delays Any Effort To Thwart FS-X Bill Veto
August 5 - Senate Defense Bill Portends Tough Fights With House
August 5 - Super Pay for Super Specialists
August 12 - Defense
August 12 - Disputes Over Old, New Spy Gear
August 12 - House Measure Would Redirect Pentagon Weapons Priorities
August 12 - House Panel Claims Its Right To CIA Inquiry Reports
August 12 - Military to Count in Census
August 12 - NOMINATIONS: Bush Makes a Popular Choice In Powell for Joint Chiefs
August 12 - Pentagon Appropriations (chart)
September 2 - Along the Border, a Staggering Face-Off
September 2 - Issue of U.S. Troop Strength Is Being Revived on Hill
September 16 - Budget Squeeze Sets the Stage For Defense Money Fights
September 16 - Construction Bill Voted
September 16 - Defense Authorization Dealing Gets Off to a Slow Start
September 16 - Skirting a Procedural Dilemma
September 16 - TECHNOLOGY AND TRADE: Bush Veto of FS-X Conditions Barely Survives in Senate
September 23 - Military Construction (chart)
September 23 - NICARAGUA: Democrats Want More Details On Election Aid Plan
September 23 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Confirms Colin Powell For Joint Chiefs Post
September 23 - SECTION NOTES: Shevardnadze Visit Raises Summit Expectations
September 23 - SECTION NOTES: Washington Turf Fight Ties Up ACDA Authorization
September 23 - Senate Panel Adds Its Support To Bush Defense Program
September 30 - In the Works: Sanctions
September 30 - JORDAN: Arms Aid Promise Is Being Honored
September 30 - On Base Closings, No Hill Reprieve
September 30 - Significance of Jackson Hole Talks Is One More of Tone Than Substance
September 30 - U.S.-Soviet Initiatives Revive Interest in Nerve Gas Ban
September 30 - With an Eye to Conference, Senate Zigzags on SDI
October 7 - Conference Over Defense Bill:
October 7 - Gramm-Rudman Scenario (chart)
October 7 - Out of the Game: the CIA
October 7 - PANAMA: Failed Coup Against Noriega Stirs Hill Frustrations
October 7 - Spending Bill in the Wings, for Now
October 14 - ARMS SALES: Saudi Tank Deal In the Pipeline
October 14 - ARMS SALES: Third Try to Close Iran Loophole
October 14 - Bush Backtracks on Timing of Ban
October 14 - Senate Panel Seeks Sanctions On Nerve Gas Producers
October 21 - House Conferees and Cheney At Odds Over Key Issues
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Korean President Warns Hill Against Troop Cutback
October 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: Burden-Sharing Concerns Spur
October 28 - SECTION NOTES: House Votes, Again, to Tighten Controls on Arms Sales
October 28 - Soviets' Admission on Radar: A Disarming Maneuver?
November 4 - CHEMICAL WEAPONS: Making Concessions to Bush, Panel Backs Sanctions Bill
November 4 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Production Act Extended 10 Months
November 4 - THE PENTAGON BUDGET: Bush Team Takes a Hit on SDI, But Prevails on Other Items
November 4 - U.S.-SOVIET RELATIONS: East Bloc Is the Likely Focus Of Non-Summit Summit
November 11 - Cheney Gets Praise on Hill, But Easy Part Is Over
November 11 - Companion Money Bill
November 11 - Defense Authorizations (chart)
November 11 - Officials Paint Stark Picture Of Gramm-Rudman Cuts
November 11 - The Early Reviews
November 11 - Triggering a Process of Triage, Conferees Pare Weapons
November 18 - A Clash Over Philosophy, Turf
November 18 - Defense Conferees Drag Feet On Sacrificing Weapons
November 18 - Funds for Major Defense Programs (chart)
November 18 - INTELLIGENCE: Access to Secrets Goes to Speaker
November 18 - INTELLIGENCE: Covert-Action Issue Finessed On Authorization Measure
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Defense Authorization Bill Cleared for President
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Bill to Punish Countries on Nerve Gas
November 18 - SECTION NOTES: Nominee for Nuclear Arms Post Faces Tough Opposition
November 18 - Upheavals in East Bloc Fuel Momentum for Arms Cuts
November 25 - Conventional Forces in Europe (chart)
November 25 - European Ferment Ups Ante For Bush and Gorbachev
November 25 - Key Topics: Events in Eastern Europe And Some Recurring Old Questions
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Signs $286 Billion Bill For Pentagon Spending
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Intelligence Bill Sent to Bush
November 25 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Action on Stello Put Off to Next Year
December 2 - Anti-Terrorist Provisions
December 2 - Congress Finally Clears Way For Limited Independence
December 2 - Congress Slow to Alter Laws Over Iran-Contra Abuses
December 2 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense
December 2 - SECTION NOTES: Chemical-Arms Sanctions Bill Casualty of Turf Dispute
December 9 - A Shift on Chemical Arms
December 9 - Congress Likely to Be on Board For New Arms-Limit Pacts
December 9 - Malta Summit Adds Impetus For Arms, Trade Pacts
December 9 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Bush Vows NATO, U.S. Role During Europe's Turmoil
December 9 - Scoresheet on START Talks Shaped by Reagan's Beliefs
December 9 - START Issues: Short List
December 16 - Hill Panel Leaders Prod Bush On Long-Range Strategy
December 16 - New Challenge to Contra Aid
December 16 - Waxing, Waning of Threat Shapes NATO-Force Debate
December 23 - Invasion, Noriega Ouster Win Support on Capitol Hill
December 23 - Members Speak Out on Panama
December 23 - PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Objective Is To Bring Noriega To U.S. Justice, Bush Says
December 23 - U.S. Incursions Since 1900
December 30 - SECTION NOTES: Bush Sets No Time Limit On Troops in Panama

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