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January 9 - $13 Billion Pared From '88 Pentagon Spending
January 9 - Defense Program Spending, Fiscal 1988 (chart)
January 9 - Major Provisions of the Fiscal 1988 Reconciliation Bill
January 9 - Military Construction Funding Is Chopped (chart)
January 23 - New Lease on Political Life? Nunn Suggests Redirecting the SDI Program
January 23 - Putting a Spin on the Treaty: Three Options
January 23 - Rules, Timetables: What the Pact Would Do (WR 01/23/88 p. 150; 125 lines)
January 23 - Senate Now Turns Scrutiny to INF - and Beyond
January 30 - Dole: Strong Endorsement, Call for Fixes
January 30 - INF Treaty: Star Vehicle for Political Agendas
February 6 - A Tug of War Over Reinterpreting Treaties
February 6 - Focusing on the Fine Print, Some Critics Take Aim at 'Loopholes' in the Treaty
February 6 - Panels Weigh INF Politics, Payoffs for NATO
February 13 - Nunn, Byrd Abandon Plan to Delay INF Treaty
February 20 - Major Proposals in Reagan's Fiscal 1989 Budget
February 27 - Defense Money: Where Does It Go? (chart)
February 27 - Modernization of Other Weapons at Issue: INF Treaty Negotiator Duels With GOP Critics
February 27 - Navy Secretary Fires a Broadside, Ships Out
February 27 - North Plans for Iran-Contra Profits Disclosed
February 27 - The Carlucci Budget: Picking Among Priorities
March 5 - Reinterpretation Issue: Key Democrats Set to Support One INF Treaty Amendment
March 19 - Senate to Leave Chamber for Secret INF Debate
March 19 - Trade Sanctions Against Haiti Proposed
March 26 - A Moscow Summit
March 26 - Ball Confirmed as Secretary of Navy
March 26 - INF Treaty Shows Strength in Senate Markup
March 26 - Old Battle Complicates Treaty's Hill Journey
April 2 - Guam Also Seeks More Autonomy and Help
April 2 - More U.S. Pressure Exerted on Panama
April 2 - Old Room Holds Senate's High-Tech Secrets
April 2 - Panel Backs Pact 17-2: Treaty-Interpretation Issue Complicating INF Approval
April 2 - Sen. Nunn Remains Concerned: 'Futuristic' Weapons Prove a Sticky INF Issue
April 2 - Senate Passes Bill; House Interior Says Not Yet: Palau's Bid for Independence Stalled in House
April 2 - Within Boundaries Set by Budget Summit: House Armed Services OKs Fiscal '89 Defense Package
April 9 - House Bill Portends Battles Over MX, SDI
April 9 - Secretive NSA Withholds Some Spy Gear
April 9 - What Price Glory?
April 16 - 'Futuristics' Debate Clouds INF Floor Schedule
April 23 - Sen. Byrd Won't Rush Vote on INF Treaty
April 30 - Authorizers, Appropriators Declare a Truce
April 30 - Base-Closing Issue: Back to Drawing Board
April 30 - Four Issues Remain to Be Resolved: INF Treaty Debate Is Put Off Until Mid-May
April 30 - House Again Rebuffs Reagan Arms Policies
April 30 - Showdown With House Likely on Missiles: Senate Defense Bill Endorses Carlucci's Budget Initiatives
April 30 - U.S. Escorting Policy at Issue: Clock Set for Senate Vote on Gulf, War Powers
May 7 - House Deals Reagan Defeat on SDI, MX Missile
May 7 - House Quiet on Wider Role in Persian Gulf But Not on Diverting Coast Guard Boats
May 7 - Labor's Allies Prevail in House Face-Off Over Changing Davis-Bacon Wage Law
May 7 - Old-Time Vote on a High-Tech Issue
May 14 - $8.8 Billion OK'd for Military Projects
May 14 - Diplomats Pave Way for Action on INF Treaty
May 14 - Nunn Committee Holds Sway: Senate Debates Defense Authorization Measure
May 14 - Reagan Says Talks Will Suffer: House Approves Defense Bill, Arms Provisions
May 14 - Wanted: More Doctors and Nurses
May 21 - Military Construction Appropriations (chart)
May 21 - Raft of Other Amendments Considered: Death-Penalty Fight Stalls Senate Defense Bill
May 21 - Slight Increase in Funding: House Votes $8.8 Billion for Building Projects
May 21 - With Summit Near, Senate Debates INF Treaty
May 28 - Foreign Policy/Defense Judge Gesell Blasts Iran-Contra Committees
May 28 - Just in Time for Moscow Summit: Senate Votes 93-5 to Approve Ratification of the INF Treaty
May 28 - Senate Approves Defense Authorization Bill
June 4 - House Committee Postpones Base-Closing Markup
June 4 - Panel OKs Defense, Treasury Spending Bills
June 11 - A Funding Scrap Over New Spy Satellites
June 11 - How Much Congressional Say-So? House Panels Differ Over Base-Closing Bill
June 11 - Pentagon Money Bill Makes Early House Debut
June 11 - Senate Panel OKs Military Construction Bill
June 11 - Taking Care of an Unwanted Export
June 18 - Base-Closing Bill May Be on Hold
June 18 - Military Construction Appropriations (chart)
June 18 - Pentagon Procurement Scandal May Touch Hill
June 18 - Senate Sidesteps Fight, Votes Building Funds
June 25 - Base-Closing Proposal Faces a Hard Route
June 25 - Competition vs. Careful Scrutiny: Scandal Highlights Dilemma Of Defense Purchasing Process
June 25 - House Votes Defense Appropriations (chart)
June 25 - Reagan's Policies Repudiated Anew: Conferees Agree on Major Arms Control Issues
June 25 - Senate Panel Approves Funding Bill
July 2 - $282 Billion Spending Legislation: Contra, NASA Battles Loom on Defense Bill
July 2 - 1976 Law Poses Key Hurdle to Closing Bases
July 2 - Pentagon Calls Amendments 'Death by Pinpricks': Members Go on the Offensive to Defend Bases
July 2 - Seeking to Redress Burden-Sharing Imbalance
July 2 - Sweeping Changes Proposed: Scandal Touches Off Skirmishing Over Procurement-Law Reform
July 9 - Congress Could 'Disapprove' the List: House Edges Closer to Easing Base Closings
July 9 - Davis-Bacon Revision Pulled From Defense Bill
July 9 - Defense Bill Conference Completed
July 9 - Hill Opposition to Kuwait Arms Sale Grows
July 9 - Plane Incident Raises Questions on Gulf Policy
July 9 - Text of Reagan's Letter to Congress
July 16 - Congress Clears Defense Authorization Bill
July 16 - Hill Weighs Bills to Avert Procurement Abuses
July 16 - House Modifies, Passes Base-Closing Bill
July 23 - ACLU Comes to North's Defense
July 23 - Defense Authorizations for Fiscal 1989 (chart)
July 23 - Iran Reverses Stance on Gulf Cease-Fire
July 23 - Over GOP Protest, Hill Clears Defense Bill
July 30 - Republicans Split as Reagan Eyes Defense Veto
August 6 - Dukakis Has to Watch Two Fronts on Defense
August 6 - Message to Congress: Reagan Vetoes Fiscal 1989 Defense Authorization Bill
August 6 - Text of the News Conference: Reagan Pressed on Meaning of Defense Bill Veto
August 6 - Veto of Defense Bill Ups the Political Ante
August 13 - Congress Clears 'Dire' Fiscal 1988 Spending Bill
August 13 - On Burden-Sharing, a Softening of the Blow
August 13 - Senate Resistance Strong: Sanctions Against South Africa Passed by Partisan House Vote
August 13 - Senate Sets Stage to Renew Defense Debate
September 3 - Vietnam to Resume MIA Searches
September 10 - Age-Old Rivalries Defy Easy Diplomacy
September 10 - Conferees Agree on Military Construction Funding
September 10 - Funding Bill Caught in Election-Year Squeeze
September 10 - Pentagon Budget Poses A Conflict of Priorities
September 10 - Rebel Conflicts Pose Only Part of Problem
September 10 - Threats of Terrorism Elude an Easy Answer
September 10 - Wary Warming Trend Masks Much Conflict
September 17 - $8.8 Billion Pentagon Construction Bill Clears
September 17 - Military Construction Funding (chart)
October 1 - Abrahamson Quits as Head of SDI
October 1 - Defense Impasse Over; Both Sides See Victory
October 8 - Carlucci Panel to Act by January: Conferees Accept Bill to Ease Closing of Old Military Bases
October 8 - Last Stop for Defense Bill: 'Earmark' Fight
October 8 - Negotiations Continue on Iraq Sanctions
October 15 - Consultants Escape Having to Register
October 15 - Fiscal 1989 Defense Appropriations: The Final Totals (chart)
October 15 - Hill Paves Way for Closing Old Bases
October 15 - Pentagon Money Bill Sticks to 'Summit' Script
October 22 - Bill Sent to President: New Law Imposes Stiff Penalties On Fraud in Defense Contracts
October 22 - Congress Denounces Nicaraguan Government
October 22 - Dukakis a Symbol of Democrats' Defense Dilemma
October 29 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense
December 10 - Gorbachev Initiative Challenges Bush, NATO
December 10 - Highlights of Soviet Leader Gorbachev's Plans, Proposals
December 10 - NATO, Warsaw Pact Conventional Force Balance (chart)
December 10 - U.S., Rebels Cool to Afghan Plan
December 17 - Defense Spending: Will Bush Meet the Crunch by Challenging Orthodoxy?
December 24 - Legislative Outlook: Defense
December 31 - Base Closings: The Political Pain Is Limited
December 31 - Challenge Over Closed Proceedings
December 31 - Military Bases: Major Losers and Winners (Chart)

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