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January 3 - $4 Billion in Supplemental Appropriations Sought
January 10 - Aspin Ousted as Armed Services Chairman
January 10 - Defense Money: Where Does It Go? (chart)
January 10 - Defense: Debate Centers Not on Size of Pie, but How to Divide It
January 17 - Four Battling for Armed Services Chairmanship
January 17 - Stiff Challenges to Reagan Program: Key Players Mirror Democrats' Defense Odyssey
January 17 - Taking a Look at the Four Contenders For the Armed Services Chairmanship
January 24 - The Two Treaties: What They Would Do
January 24 - Verification Debate Stalls Nuclear Test Pacts
January 31 - Senators Offer Bill Requiring SALT II Compliance
February 7 - Doubling of Forces off Middle East: Carriers Draw Political, Budgetary Scrutiny
February 7 - House Democrats Call for Moratorium: GOP Objections Stall Efforts For Test-Ban Votes in Senate
February 14 - No Clear Winners, Losers: Administration, Hill Revisit Debate Over ABM Pact, SDI
February 14 - The Legal Issues in the ABM Treaty... Fuel Debate Over the SDI Program
February 14 - The Nunn Letter: A Text
February 21 - CIA Nominee Gets Tough Reception on Hill
February 21 - Israelis Agree to Provide Information... ...To Congressional Iran-Contra Probes
February 21 - Senate Arms Control Moves Get Tepid Reviews
February 21 - Webb Named Secretary of the Navy
February 28 - A White House Effort to 'Blur' Reagan's Role
February 28 - Delay Seen in Consultations on SDI
February 28 - Soviets Resume Nuclear Tests
February 28 - Unfolding of a Flawed Policy: Despite Claims to Contrary, It Was 'Arms for Hostages'
March 7 - 'Best Warplane' or 'Candidate for Disaster': House Members Criticize Troubled B-1 Bomber
March 7 - ...A Chronicle of Offers, Counteroffers Reducing Intermediate-Range Missiles...
March 7 - Reagan Takes 'Responsibility' for 'Mistake'
March 7 - Soviet Offer Breaks Logjam on Euromissiles
March 14 - Nunn Blasts Administration on ABM Treaty
March 21 - Amendments to Supplemental Money Bill: Critics Set to Challenge Reagan Over His Arms Control Policies
March 21 - House Votes to Make New GI Bill Permanent
March 28 - ABM Debate: Aides Defend the Reagan View
March 28 - House Democrats Make Opening Gambit... ...Over SALT Compliance, Nuclear Test Ban
March 28 - Spending Bill Reflects Congress' Wants, Needs
March 28 - Supplemental Totals (chart)
April 4 - House Armed Services Preparing to Act: Reagan Facing Major Rebuffs In Defense Authorization Bill
April 4 - House Panel Deals Setbacks to SDI Program
April 11 - Committee Shifts: Hard Times for Hard-Liners
April 11 - Further Cutbacks Needed: House Panel Votes $306 Billion For Defense Authorization Bill
April 11 - Members Urge Changes in Arms Sales to Saudis
April 11 - Novelist-Expert Picked to Head the Navy... ...Receives a Favorable Review on the Hill
April 18 - Fundamental Shift in NATO Strategy: Shultz, Soviets Draw Nearer To Agreement on Euromissiles
May 2 - 'Catch-Up' on the Medical Front
May 2 - Defense Bill Poses Funding, Policy Challenges
May 2 - Fiscal 1988 Defense Authorizations: a Comparison (chart)
May 2 - Panel OKs $9.4 Billion Add-On Spending Bill
May 9 - ABM Treaty the Key: Senate Panel Lays Groundwork For Showdown on 'Star Wars'
May 9 - Arms Control, Funding at Issue: House Rebuffs Reagan Views On Defense Spending, Policy
May 9 - Having No Truck With Pentagon Mitsubishis
May 9 - Hollings Lifts 'Hold' on Webster Nomination
May 16 - Fiscal 1988 Defense Authorizations (chart)
May 16 - House Slashes President's SDI Request... ...In Move to Slow Push for Deployment
May 16 - Parliamentary War Erupts Over Defense Bill
May 16 - Sen. Nunn at the Center: Critical Showdown Over SDI Under Way on Capitol Hill
May 16 - Senate Panel OKs State Department Bill
May 23 - A Question of Prerogatives: Dispute Over the ABM Treaty Stalls Defense Bill in Senate
May 23 - Contra Cash Flow: Tracing the $34 Million
May 23 - Panel's Toughened Stand on Contracting... ...Pre-empts the 'Procurement Reformers'
May 23 - Saudi Arms Sale Delayed After Gulf Incident
May 23 - Victory for Growing Democratic Solidarity: House Approves a $289 Billion Defense Bill
May 30 - 'Reflagging' of Kuwaiti Ships to Follow: Reagan to Report to Congress On Plan to Guard Oil Tankers
May 30 - Major Provisions, 1987 Supplemental Funding Bill
June 6 - 'Reflagging' of Oil Tankers at Issue: Hill Demonstrates Its Unease Over Policy in the Persian Gulf
June 6 - Attempt Fails to Block Honduran Arms Sale
June 6 - Defense Spending: Budgeted Amounts vs. Appropriations (chart)
June 6 - Foreign Aid, Arms Control, Immigration Issues: House-Senate Disputes Likely Over Fiscal 1987 Supplemental
June 13 - Conferees Split Over Fiscal 1987 Funding Bill
June 13 - Faced With Mounting Hill Opposition... ...Reagan Withdraws Saudi Missile Sale
June 13 - Funding Level Kept Secret: House Passes Intelligence Bill;Extends Covert Contra Aid Ban
June 13 - Unnecessary Risks, Insufficient Force? Hill Continues Barrage on Reagan's Gulf Policy
June 20 - 90-Day Delay of Escort Plan? House Democrats to Challenge Reagan's Persian Gulf Strategy
June 20 - Nature of the Threat in the Persian Gulf... ...Defines Military's Options to Respond
June 20 - Some Agreements Reached in Private: Cost, SALT Provisions Slow Supplemental Bill
June 27 - Hill Weighing Options on Persian Gulf Policy How to Give Reagan A Graceful Way Out?
July 4 - Arms Control Agency Bill Advances
July 4 - Congress Clears Supplemental Spending Bill
July 4 - Major Provisions of Supplemental Funding Bill
July 4 - Republicans Hold Off Critics of 'Reflagging'
July 11 - House Committee OKs Military Construction Funds
July 11 - House Votes to Delay Oil-Tanker 'Reflagging'
July 18 - Across-the-Board Cut Rejected: House Approves Funding Bill To Build Pentagon's Facilities
July 18 - Military Construction Appropriations (chart)
July 18 - Moves to Block Ship 'Reflagging' Rejected in Senate
July 25 - Congressional Panels Voice Concern: Nuclear-Materials Incident Jeopardizes Aid to Pakistan
July 25 - Negotiations Prove Fruitless: Defense Stalemate Drags On; Nunn Threatens to Drop Bill
July 25 - Senate OKs Funds for Arms Control Agency
July 25 - U.S. Ships Escort 'Reflagged' Kuwaiti Tankers: Senate Lodges Indirect Protest to Gulf Policy
August 1 - Adelman Quitting Arms Control Post
August 1 - New Rules at Intelligence Committee: Leahy's Departure From Panel Followed a Leak to a Reporter
August 1 - Pentagon Reportedly Beefs Up Role in Gulf
August 1 - Senate Wants New Embassy Agreement
August 8 - Adding Funding for Base-Rights Countries: Foreign Affairs Panel ApprovesA New Authorization Measure
August 8 - House Foreign Aid Revisions (chart)
August 15 - Compliance With ABM, SALT: Arms Control Activists Hone Tactics for Fall Fight in Senate
August 15 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Defense
September 5 - More Than Missiles Will Be Abandoned... ...If U.S., Soviets Sew Up an INF Treaty
September 5 - Waiting for the INF Treaty: Political Jockeying
September 12 - Ambassador Finally Wins Confirmation
September 12 - No Request Yet to Fund Gulf Convoy
September 12 - SDI Limits Still Hotly Contested: Senate Begins Defense Debate As GOP Abandons Filibuster
September 12 - Veterans' Lobbies Showing New Unity on Hill
September 19 - Hill Trio's Visit to Disputed Soviet Radar... ...Adds More Fuel to Arms-Control Debate
September 19 - Senate Deals Reagan a Major Defeat on SDI
September 26 - Arms Control Agendas: Prospective INF Accord Faces Obstacles From Many Quarters
September 26 - Gulf Coup Brings Reagan No Political Payoff
September 26 - In Hill-Reagan Tug of War, the Tugs Get Harder
October 3 - Problems of Exiting Procurement 'Czar'... ...Leave Capitol Hill With No Quick Fixes
October 3 - Reagan Urged to Reconsider Saudi Arms Sale
October 3 - Reagan Wants No New South Africa Sanctions
October 3 - Senate Rebuffs Reagan on Key Defense Issues
October 10 - Organization of American States Address: President Praises Peace Plan, Vows Support for the Contras
October 10 - War-Powers-Type Action in the Offing: Senate Shows New Frustration With Policy in the Persian Gulf
October 17 - Cloture Vote Set: Senate Warms Up for New Test On Re-flagging in Persian Gulf
October 17 - Defense Authorization Conference
October 17 - Military Construction Appropriations
October 24 - Iran-Contra Report Delayed
October 24 - Military Construction Funding Cut: Senate Bill Sends a Message To Allies on Burden-Sharing
October 24 - Persian Gulf and Congress: A Chronology
October 24 - Senate Shows Its Ambivalence in Votes on Gulf
October 31 - Disputes Over Budget, Arms Control: Panel Whittles $24.8 Billion From Spending on Defense
October 31 - Senate Passes Military Construction Bill
October 31 - Warner: Seeking Compromise, Finding Criticism
November 7 - Controversy Over ABM, SALT: White House, Conferees Near Deal on Arms Control Disputes
November 7 - Pentagon May Face Still More Pain: Defense Funding Takes an Unprecedented Cut
November 7 - Will Carlucci Take a Softer Line Than Weinberger? At Pentagon and the NSC, Changes at the Top
November 14 - Accord in Sight on Defense Authorization
November 14 - Conservatives Take Aim at New Treaty: Arms Controllers Line Up With Reagan on INF
November 14 - Hard Choices on the Pentagon's Budget... ...Bring Down Two Attack-Plane Programs
November 14 - Speedy Confirmation Expected: Carlucci Brings a Softer Tone To Hill Discussions of Defense
November 21 - Carlucci Confirmed as Secretary of Defense
November 21 - Controversy Shoots Down Gorbachev Speech
November 21 - Final Amount Depends on Budget Summit: Defense Authorization Clears As Arms Control Battles Fade
November 28 - Armed Services May Hold Hearing on Gen. Powell
November 28 - Authorizations for Defense: A Comparison
November 28 - Congress Tightens, Reshapes Defense Budget
November 28 - INF Pact to Sweeten Reagan-Gorbachev Summit
November 28 - Regional Issues: Also on the Summit Agenda: Afghan, Persian Gulf Conflicts
December 5 - Before the Ink Is Dry, Key Senate Players... ...Are Preparing for Debate on INF Treaty
December 5 - Bill Reflects Budget Accord: Senate Committee Approves $274 Billion Defense Measure
December 5 - Conciliation Colors the Pre-Summit Picture
December 5 - Conferees Make Progress on State Department Bill
December 5 - Sen. Stennis Dodges Effort to Honor Him
December 12 - Apart From the 'Hell, No' Votes, Senate Likely to Concur
December 12 - Dec. 3 Interview With TV Anchors: Reagan Previews U.S.-Soviet Summit
December 12 - Old Adversaries Turn to Pragmatic Diplomacy
December 12 - On SDI and Cutting Long-Range Missiles... ...A Combination of Punting and Progress
December 12 - Senate Appropriators Chop Pentagon Funds
December 12 - Signed Dec. 8: Text of Treaty on Intermediate-Range Missiles
December 12 - Text of Reagan, Gorbachev Comments: Superpowers Sign INF Treaty, Join In TV Address to Nations
December 19 - Bush a 'Solid' Backer of Iran Arms Sales
December 19 - Conferees Take Defense Funds Close to Cap
December 19 - Senate Confirms NSC Adviser Powell in Rank
December 26 - Senate Moves to Facilitate INF Treaty Hearings
December 26 - The 100th Congress: Defense

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