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 Congressional Affairs

January 14 - A Democratic Trailblazer Is Once Again Front and Center
January 14 - A Lame Showing for Some in the Lame Duck
January 14 - Baggage Check: Freshman Class Has Its Own Cast of Characters
January 14 - Capitol Comings and Goings
January 14 - Checks and Balance: Loaded Democratic Overhaul Bill Takes Aim at Public Cynicism
January 14 - In the Spotlight: Tom Malinowski
January 14 - It's Easier for Politicians to Survive Scandals in the Era of Trump
January 14 - It's Funny Business as Congress Struggles to Pass Comedy Museum Bill
January 14 - Liberals See 'Problem Solvers' as a Problem
January 14 - Make it Bigger! Make it Smaller! Abolish the Senate! -- Ideas for Congress
January 14 - The 116th Congress Unlikely to Be as Productive as the 115th
January 14 - The Much-Maligned 115th Congress Actually Got a Lot Done
January 14 - This Time House Democrats Might Support D.C. Statehood
January 14 - Who Was on the House Floor the Most in the Last Congress?
January 22 - A Senator Provides a Playbook for Democrats on Border Security
January 22 - Capitol Comings and Goings
January 22 - Dollars and Sense: Dangerous Territory for Democrats on Taxes
January 22 - House Freshmen on a Fast Track
January 22 - In the Spotlight: Christopher H. Smith
January 22 - Investors Put the Heat on Drug Companies Over the Opioid Crisis
January 22 - Many Vietnam Veterans Still Fighting for Agent Orange Benefits
January 22 - Our First President, Hanging Out with Goddesses and Rainbows
January 22 - Overheard in the Capitol: Thor's Hammer, Oedipus and Good Bones
January 22 - Q&A: Democrats in Search of a Strategy on Climate
January 22 - Republicans With Most Furloughed Workers Vote to Extend Shutdown
January 22 - Shifting Sands on Civil Rights in the Trump Era
January 22 - Stuck in Agent Orange Limbo
January 22 - Why One ex-National Keeps Showing Up in the Capitol
January 28 - Capitol Comings and Goings
January 28 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Congressional Aides Say Public Will Blame Trump for Shutdown
January 28 - In the Spotlight: Brendan F. Boyle
January 28 - Senate Republicans With the Most Federal Workers Take Deep Breaths
January 28 - Some Interesting Facts From Past State of the Union Speeches
January 28 - The State of the Union: Climate
January 28 - The State of the Union: Deficit
January 28 - The State of the Union: Drug Prices
January 28 - The State of the Union: Economy
January 28 - The State of the Union: FEMA
January 28 - The State of the Union: Guns
January 28 - The State of the Union: Health Care
January 28 - The State of the Union: Immigration
January 28 - The State of the Union: Infrastructure
January 28 - The State of the Union: Investigations
January 28 - The State of the Union: National Security
January 28 - The State of the Union: Voting Rights
January 28 - The State of the Union: We Can't Get No Satisfaction
January 28 - The Week Ahead in Washington
January 28 - We the People: The State of the Union Is ... in Need of Some Surgery
February 4 - A Rare Honor and an Even Rarer Piece of Legislation
February 4 - Capitol Comings and Goings
February 4 - Health Matters: Many Prescriptions But Little Hope for Lower Drug Prices
February 4 - In the Spotlight: Elaine Luria
February 4 - Pay as You Go: Oregon Test Drives New Funding System for Highways
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Brian Blase
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Cathy Chase
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Melika Carroll
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Michael Williams
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Paul Arcangeli
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Rep. Jim McGovern
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Scott Raab
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Sen. Martha McSally
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Shahira Knight
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Varshini Prakash
February 4 - Some Safe-Seat Democrats Willing to Negotiate on Border Security
February 11 - Andrew Johnson's Wild, Alcohol-Soaked Day in the Senate
February 11 - Capitol Comings and Goings
February 11 - Common Defense: Is the Pentagon Fast Enough to Catch a Hypersonic Weapon?
February 11 - Earmarks Could Be Making a Quiet Comeback
February 11 - GOP Controls 14 of 20 Districts Most Threatened by Climate Change
February 11 - In the Spotlight: Marcy Kaptur
February 11 - John Dingell: Veteran, Statesman, Twitter Hero
February 11 - Persistent Chemicals Causing a National Environmental Crisis
February 11 - That Thing in Front of Pelosi Was Not a Tea Set
February 11 - The Budget Cuts No One Notices
February 19 - Affairs of State: States Pepper Treasury Over Cap on SALT Deductions
February 19 - Capitol Comings and Goings
February 19 - Democrats Could Be Hurt Most by Party's Campaign-Finance Overhaul
February 19 - In the Spotlight: Steve Womack
February 25 - Capitol Comings and Goings
February 25 - CQ Vote Studies: Key House Votes in 2018
February 25 - CQ Vote Studies: Key Senate Votes in 2018
February 25 - CQ Vote Studies: Party Unity
February 25 - CQ Vote Studies: Presidential Support - Trump's Last Hurrah
February 25 - CQ Vote Studies: Voting Participation
February 25 - Democrats Search for a Path to Continue the Party's Rise
February 25 - Dollars and Sense: Same Strategy, Same Results in Appropriations Process?
February 25 - He Could Be Trey Gowdy's Hair Apparent
February 25 - In the Spotlight: Rob Woodall
February 25 - Progressive Leader Wants Democrats in Congress To Aim High
February 25 - The New Principal in the House: Virginia's Robert Scott
February 25 - Trump's Biggest Foe in the Senate: Kirsten Gillibrand
February 25 - Which Senators Are Going to CPAC?
March 4 - After Adjournment Fiasco, Democrats Consider Expanding Committee
March 4 - Bills to Loosen Marijuana Laws Gain Traction in Both Parties
March 4 - Capitol Comings and Goings
March 4 - Checks and Balance: Cleansing Political Cash Might Also Shrink It
March 4 - In the Spotlight: Raja Krishnamoorthi
March 4 - Seven Decades Later, Former Senate Leader is Poised to Get a Promotion
March 4 - The 12 House Democrats Who Vote With Republicans the Most in 2019
March 11 - Capitol Comings and Goings
March 11 - Concerns About Money in Politics Empower Individual Donors
March 11 - Congress Pressed to Address a Key Concern About Driverless Cars
March 11 - In the Spotlight: Dusty Johnson
March 11 - It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for a 2026 Celebration
March 11 - Not All Democrats Are Pushing a Minimum-Wage Bill
March 11 - Oft-Hidden Foreign Money Helps Shape Washington Policy
March 11 - We the People: Voters Can't Always Get What They Want
March 11 - What Are 'Member Cages' and What (or Who) Is Kept Inside Them?
March 11 - What's Their Line? Green New Deal vs. a Judicial Nominee
March 18 - Capitol Comings and Goings
March 18 - Capitol Insiders Survey: The Democratic Divide Is Real
March 18 - Checks and Balance: Leaders of the PACs May Have to Shift Gears
March 18 - Conversation About the House Resolution Against Bigotry
March 18 - In the Spotlight: Al Green
March 18 - On the Campaign Trail, Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored
March 18 - One Green New Deal Sponsor in the Senate Has the Most to Lose
March 18 - Senate Foreign Policy Leaders Go From Gruff to Glowing About Trump
March 18 - The Navy Routinely Buys Defective Ships, Raising Costs and Risks
March 18 - The Youngest-Ever Member of Congress Shouldn't Have Been Allowed to Serve
March 18 - Why Does Congress Keep Talking About Nickelback?
March 25 - A Green New Deal Primer
March 25 - Capitol Comings and Goings
March 25 - Caribbean Islands Becoming Hot Spots for Chinese Investment
March 25 - Common Defense: On the Road to a $1 Trillion Defense
March 25 - How 'Medicare for All' Would Change Health Care ... and the Economy
March 25 - In the Spotlight: Ben McAdams
March 25 - Models Abound, But U.S. Single-Payer System Would Be Unique
March 25 - Path Unclear for Problem Solvers' Consensus Calendar
March 25 - Single-Payer Systems Are No Easier in the States
March 25 - Some Vulnerable Democrats Take a Risk Backing 'Medicare for All'
March 25 - The Viral Video Stars of Congress
March 25 - Why Did Congress Move Georgia Avenue?
April 1 - Back to the Future: The Hill's Emphasis Shifts From Russia to 2020
April 1 - Capitol Comings and Goings
April 1 - Capitol Hill Is Emerging From Its Food Coma
April 1 - Congress Has Its Own Pay-Gap Problem
April 1 - Half the Senate Was More Bipartisan in the 115th Congress
April 1 - Health Matters: Opening Medicare to All Could Open a Pandora's Box
April 1 - In the Spotlight: Adam B. Schiff
April 1 - Republicans Slowly Warming to a Rapidly Growing Crisis
April 1 - Russia Takes a Back Seat as Democrats Refocus on Issues
April 1 - Small Business Panel Is Extremely Florida-Focused
April 1 - Thanks to Mueller, Influence Business Is Under Greater Scrutiny
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Another Guns-for-Butter Plan Faces Fierce Resistance
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Fee Proposal Fuels Speculation About Fannie/Freddie
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Plan to Sell TVA Assets Skewered in the Region
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Q&A With Senate Finance Chairman Charles Grassley
April 8 - 2020 Budget: Seniors Spared Again, the Poor Not So Much
April 8 - 2020 Budget: The 10 Deepest Cuts Proposed in Discretionary Spending
April 8 - Capitol Comings and Goings
April 8 - Dollars and Sense: The Iowa Farmer With His Finger on the 2020 Pulse
April 8 - In the Spotlight: Justin Amash
April 8 - McConnell's Right-Hand Man Hits the Road
April 8 - Pratfalls and Breakdowns on the Senate Subway
April 8 - Prayers in Government and Why They Rile
April 8 - The Seven Republicans Who Voted for a Pay-Fairness Bill
April 29 - A Place for the GOP to Mull Life After Trump
April 29 - Capitol Comings and Goings
April 29 - Checks and Balance: 'No Corporate PAC' Pledges Aren't Always So Pure
April 29 - Enraged President Triggers an Epic Power Struggle With Congress
April 29 - Fintech Beat: The Challenge of Preventing Bias in Artificial Intelligence
April 29 - Funding Crisis Looms for Promising Mental Health Clinics
April 29 - In the Spotlight: Dave Loebsack
April 29 - The GOP's 2020 Strategy: Hope Democrats Implode
April 29 - The Russia Investigation Has Meant a Windfall for Some Lawmakers
April 29 - Unearthing Buried Treasure, Sort of, on Capitol Hill
May 6 - Booker Defeats Trump ... At Least on Twitter
May 6 - Capitol Comings and Goings
May 6 - In the Spotlight: Veronica Escobar
May 6 - Look Ma, No Hands: A Senate Clock Mystery
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: 'Public Charge' Rule
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Arrests of Undocumented Workers
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Asylum Seekers
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Border Apprehensions
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Border Wall
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Diversity Visa Lottery and Family Reunification Program
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: H-4 Visa Holders
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Refugee Admissions
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Temporary Protected Status Programs
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Travel Ban
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Troops at the Border
May 6 - Trump and Immigration: Zero Tolerance/Family Separation Policy
May 6 - Trump Stifles Widely Backed Plan to Curb Powerful Greenhouse Gases
May 6 - Trump's Performance on Immigration: A Point-by-Point Examination
May 6 - When Congress Comes to the U.N.
May 13 - A Quick History of Prisoners in the Capitol
May 13 - Capitol Comings and Goings
May 13 - Common Defense: Lack of Sunlight at the Pentagon Darkens the Democracy
May 13 - Contrary to FCC Reports, Farms Still Suffer From Slow Broadband
May 13 - Crazy Start to May: A Brief Timeline
May 13 - Democrats Wrestle With Bashing Wall Street in a Strong Economy
May 13 - How Congress Can Break Through White House Stonewalling in Probes
May 13 - In the Spotlight: Anthony Gonzalez
May 13 - Lawmakers Want Action Against Robocalls, Some More Than Others
May 13 - Q&A on the Minimum Wage: Economic Policy Institute's David Cooper
May 20 - A New Era for the ERA?
May 20 - A Very Small Hearing Room is a Favorite on the Hill
May 20 - As Turkish Leader Courts Russia, U.S. Prepares to Cut Ties
May 20 - Capitol Comings and Goings
May 20 - Double Disaster: Crops Stored Due to Poor Markets Get Flooded
May 20 - In the Spotlight: Mike Gallagher
May 20 - Liberal Enclave, Republican Representation
May 20 - Long After Disasters, Red Tape Leaves Relief Aid Unspent
May 20 - No Turkish Parts for F-35? No Worries.
May 20 - Trade War Hits GOP Districts With Heavy Exports to China
May 20 - Truman Station? Lawmakers Seek Name-Change for D.C. Terminal
May 20 - What's Their Line: China on the Menu
May 20 - With Border Aid Added, Disaster Bill Is Near
June 3 - A Nice Chunk of Change: Commemorative Coins Benefit All Involved
June 3 - Are Women Making Congress More Polite?
June 3 - Capitol Comings and Goings
June 3 - Congrats, You Survived Your Scandal! Now Prepare to Be Less Effective.
June 3 - Dollars and Sense: Bad Signs Amid Good Times Offer Democrats a 2020 Strategy
June 3 - Government Struggles to Rein In Artificial Intelligence Programs
June 3 - In the Spotlight: Sylvia R. Garcia
June 3 - Mueller's Comment All but Guarantees Gridlock on Capitol Hill
June 3 - New Book on Freedom Caucus Credits It With a New Approach to Politicking
June 3 - The Mini Museum Inside the Capitol Is Closed Until 2021
June 3 - Vulnerable Republicans Moving to the Middle in 2019
June 10 - Capitol comings and goings
June 10 - Checks and Balance: Too Much Sunshine Can Sometimes Burn
June 10 - Climate change has the Pentagon on a war footing
June 10 - Congress and FDA debate how aggressively to regulate e-cigarettes
June 10 - In the Spotlight: Jaime Herrera Beutler
June 10 - Jamie Raskin is leading the impeachment parade
June 10 - Melting ice has nations scrambling for Arctic access
June 10 - Migration from climate impacts threatens stability across the globe
June 10 - Overheard in the Capitol, Ron Johnson in jeans edition
June 10 - Q&A with Keith Hall as he steps down as CBO director
June 10 - Some vulnerable Democrats remain loyal to their party on votes
June 10 - U.S. military bases unprepared for the gathering storm
June 10 - What voters say about when mothers should run for Congress
June 17 - Capitol Comings and Goings
June 17 - In the Spotlight: Donna E. Shalala
June 17 - Introducing the House Democratic Caucus' Diverse New Team
June 17 - Many seasonal businesses favor foreigners over Americans for jobs
June 17 - One Congressman's Lonely Quest to Defund Hobo Festivities
June 17 - Sanctions, a favored policy tool, can have unintended consequences
June 17 - Trump's performance on trade a mixture of volatility and politics
June 17 - Two Big, Useless Doors in the Capitol
June 17 - We the People: Fast Times at Capitol Hill High
June 17 - When it Comes to Facebook, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
June 24 - A new tack to give D.C. a vote in Congress
June 24 - Capitol Comings and Goings
June 24 - Common Defense: From Top to Bottom, Cracks Are Showing in Our Defense
June 24 - Congressional pay looks likely to remain flat
June 24 - Disinformation continues to pose a serious threat to U.S. security
June 24 - In the Spotlight: Katie Hill
June 24 - Leveraged loans are flourishing, but no one really knows the risks
June 24 - Pressure mounts for antitrust action against Silicon Valley giants
June 24 - Reliance on 20th century weapons handicaps the military in the 21st
June 24 - Some progress against cyber threats
June 24 - Some Republicans snub the many Dreamers in their districts
June 24 - U.S. is woefully unprepared for cyber-warfare
June 24 - What's Their Line? Chaos, Interference and Defense
June 24 - Why Detailed Maps of the Capitol Are a Forbidden Item
July 8 - A Hidden Place in the House for Strategizing, Snacks and a Snooze
July 8 - Capitol Comings and Goings
July 8 - Despite Threat to Seats, Republicans Still Back Citizenship Question
July 8 - Editor's Note: Democrats on TV
July 8 - Health Matters: No Easy Solution for High Drug Prices
July 8 - Is Betsy DeVos helping or hurting the school choice movement?
July 15 - Capitol Comings and Goings
July 15 - Debate grows over reparations for slavery and racial injustice
July 15 - Democrats appear stymied on a top priority: climate legislation
July 15 - Dollars and Sense: Many Ways to Skin a Downturn
July 15 - In the Spotlight: Susan Wild
July 15 - LGBTQ in Congress: 10 is good, 25 is goal
July 15 - Moon or bust by 2024 for Trump, but the competition will be stiff
July 15 - Nearly Two Decades Later, Gore Finally Gets His Senate Bust
July 15 - Options for private health care a comfort and concern for veterans
July 15 - Portrait of the Artist, a C-SPAN Watcher
July 15 - Some Republicans Oppose Opioid Alternatives Despite Overuse at Home
July 22 - Agencies are often conflated in migrant-detention debate
July 22 - Anatomy of a Vote: Thanks to Trump, Animus Consumes the House
July 22 - Capitol Comings and Goings
July 22 - Census-takers face massive challenges, with much at stake
July 22 - Inside Homestead: A tour of the Florida camp for migrant children
July 22 - Lunch at LBJ's: A Hidden Workplace in the Capitol
July 22 - Offshore Drilling Divides Florida Republicans, Except at Home
July 22 - The Census Bureau's shadow army
July 22 - Throwing Jefferson's Book at Democrats
July 22 - Where Are They Now? Fifteen from the 115th left under a cloud
July 22 - Where Are They Now? List of former members of the 115th Congress
July 22 - Where Are They Now? Variety of new roles for the 115th's alums
July 29 - A scramble to fix anti-terrorism law that angered Palestinians
July 29 - After stumbles, U.S. tries to recover a leadership role in telecom
July 29 - Capitol Comings and Goings
July 29 - Don't Blink, That Statue on Top of The Capitol is Moving
July 29 - Freshman Democrats show restraint on impeachment
July 29 - GOP Members With Most Minority Voters Did Not Condemn Racist Tweets
July 29 - In The Spotlight: Greg Stanton
July 29 - We the People: Maybe it's Time to Untie The Hands of Special Counsels
September 9 - Capitol comings and goings
September 9 - Democrats need rural voters to put Iowa in play in 2020
September 9 - Fall Preview: Appropriations Hurdles
September 9 - Fall Preview: Appropriations Key Players
September 9 - Fall Preview: Appropriations Overview
September 9 - Fall Preview: Chances for major legislation are 50-50 at best
September 9 - Fall Preview: Defense Authorization
September 9 - Fall Preview: Election Security
September 9 - Fall Preview: Guns
September 9 - Fall Preview: Health Care
September 9 - Fall Preview: Higher Education
September 9 - Fall Preview: Immigration
September 9 - Fall Preview: Legislative Deadlines
September 9 - Fall Preview: NAFTA Rewrite
September 9 - Fall Preview: Pipeline Safety
September 9 - Fall Preview: Taxes
September 9 - Fall Preview: Transportation
September 9 - Fall Preview: Trump Investigations
September 9 - Fall Preview: Violence Against Women Act
September 9 - In the Spotlight: Peter T. King
September 9 - Katie Hill is building a bridge between Democratic House leaders and progressive freshmen
September 9 - The nondescript security feature that protects the Capitol
September 9 - Trump actions on renewable fuels may give Democrats a lift
September 9 - Which state can claim the most House Speakers? Some factoids about Congress.
September 16 - Capitol comings and goings
September 16 - Checks and Balance: A noticeable shift in the gun battle
September 16 - Chinese Checkers: Congress could jump over Trump on Asia policy
September 16 - Congress responds to an Olympic cry for help with oversight bill
September 16 - Foes of price-cap bill -- and a few backers -- glean industry cash
September 16 - Hillary Clinton continues to fascinate conservatives
September 16 - In the Spotlight: Jared Huffman
September 16 - Officials begin to assess problematic art depicting Native Americans in Capitol
September 16 - What's Their Line? Guns and money.
September 23 - A lot of missed votes on a high-profile House committee
September 23 - Air ambulance services face scrutiny over surprise billing issues
September 23 - Are Trump's weaknesses fueling his authoritarian instincts?
September 23 - Capitol comings and goings
September 23 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Democratic congressional aides prefer Warren
September 23 - Civil service overhaul tests Trump's reach
September 23 - House vote likely on creation of women's history museum
September 23 - In the Spotlight: Paul Cook
September 23 - Q&A with Donna Shalala on e-cigarettes
September 23 - Recent celebrity sightings in the Capitol
September 23 - Trade war forces soybean farmers to come up with a Plan B
September 30 - Capitol comings and goings
September 30 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Aides say their bosses need to get more done
September 30 - Impeachment threatens historic unproductivity in Congress
September 30 - In the Spotlight: Joseph P. Kennedy III
September 30 - Push for annuities could help seniors ... and insurance industry
September 30 - Some lawmakers question amount of time spent in committees
September 30 - Soon, you'll be able to eat like a lawmaker
September 30 - Stakes high for both sides in fast-moving impeachment inquiry
September 30 - Two key holdouts in Democrats' bid to lift Muslim travel ban
September 30 - We the People: The wrong way to force access to tax returns
October 7 - Capitol comings and goings
October 7 - Declining response rates weaken government surveys -- and policies
October 7 - Democrats in swing districts gamble by backing impeachment inquiry
October 7 - High tech at the border wall ... and the government wants more
October 7 - In the Spotlight: Grace Meng
October 7 - Limited Hill staff clearances could handicap impeachment probe
October 7 - Risks and benefits in House Democrats' 'inference' plan
October 7 - Senate leaders square off over coin bill
October 7 - Sense of the Senate: Don't mess with the Intel panel
October 7 - They once made a board game about Congress
October 7 - Who's in and who's out among Capitol statues?
October 15 - A delegate-in-waiting ... for 184 years
October 15 - Capitol comings and goings
October 15 - Checks and Balance: Grass grows on K Street
October 15 - Farmers growing hopeful about hemp, thanks to looser laws
October 15 - Get to know these new congressional caucuses
October 15 - House Democrats anxiously seek way to end constitutional standoff
October 15 - In the Spotlight: Andy Biggs
October 15 - Republicans from states with legal pot oppose bill to ease sales
October 21 - As the House opens up its restaurant, reviews could be harsh
October 21 - Capitol comings and goings
October 21 - Common Defense: Pentagon Caught in a Political Fight
October 21 - Cummings' death leaves a void in the House
October 21 - Democrats could tie paychecks to testimony in impeachment inquiry
October 21 - Disinformation spreads, and already infects the 2020 elections
October 21 - Falsehoods on Facebook could prompt changes in law
October 21 - In the Spotlight: Nita M. Lowey
October 21 - More swing-district Republicans are voting less with their party
October 21 - These beat-up looking boxes are still being used in the Capitol
October 21 - Washington gets its World Series, and all that comes with it
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: A standoff on spending
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Agriculture
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Commerce-Justice-Science
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Defense
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Energy-Water
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Financial Services
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Homeland Security
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Interior-Environment
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Labor-HHS-Education
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Legislative Branch
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Military Construction-VA
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: State-Foreign Operations
October 28 - 2020 Appropriations: Transportation-HUD
October 28 - Amid push for lower drug prices, antibiotics makers want more
October 28 - Anatomy of a Vote: A show vote on censure underscores the deep divide
October 28 - Capitol comings and goings
October 28 - Congress tackles the age-old problem of committee scheduling
October 28 - Dollars and Sense: Take Campaign Plans With a Grain of Salt
October 28 - How the OMB used its powers to delay Ukraine aid
October 28 - In the Spotlight: Carolyn B. Maloney
October 28 - Innocent Chinese scientists in U.S. caught up in espionage dragnet
October 28 - Trump administration's block on Ukraine aid may have cost lives
November 4 - Capitol comings and goings
November 4 - Democrats think campaigning on their stalled good-government bill is a winning strategy
November 4 - Impeachment threatens to dominate debate among Democrats
November 4 - Some Senate Democrats side with Trump nearly half the time
November 4 - The most likely scenarios for the 2020 elections
November 12 - Capitol comings and goings
November 12 - Capitol Insiders Survey shows frustration, anxiety among Hill aides
November 12 - Census Bureau says it's ready for 2020, but some aren't so sure
November 12 - In the Spotlight: Greg Walden
November 12 - One lawmaker's experience with corruption in Ukraine
November 12 - Political Science: The planet gets short shrift in U.S. research
November 12 - Six in Senate Democratic caucus snub bill to strengthen worker rights
November 12 - The Vicki & Joe Show: D.C. power couple at center of inquiry
November 18 - Capitol comings and goings
November 18 - Checks and Balance: Uncertain times could bring new lobbying strategies
November 18 - Elizabeth Warren's policy plans by the numbers
November 18 - In the Spotlight: Mark DeSaulnier
November 18 - Lots of no-shows for impeachment inquiry depositions
November 18 - Senators from high-cost-insurance states balk at Cadillac-tax repeal
November 18 - The scandal with no name continues to vex Washington
December 2 - Capitol comings and goings
December 2 - Common Defense: The perils of positive thinking
December 2 - Congress frets over program to streamline Pentagon procurement
December 2 - Gridlocked Congress faces an ignominious distinction
December 2 - Hotel industry takes on Airbnb in a high-stakes lobbying battle
December 2 - In the Spotlight: Rep. Devin Nunes
December 2 - It's Nunes v. World when it comes to lawsuits
December 2 - New players in a new domain of war-fighting
December 2 - New type of fighting vehicle moving on a very fast track
December 2 - Republicans oppose agency that boosts exports from their districts
December 2 - Some fear new federal rules on hemp production may go too far
December 2 - Sweet vindication for Foreign Service in impeachment inquiry
December 2 - Worries mount over Pentagon bid to speed weapons development
December 9 - A new Star Wars movie is catnip for some political wonks
December 9 - Capitol comings and goings
December 9 - Cutting carbon emissions is a very taxing issue
December 9 - Five members have yet to make a peep on the House floor this year
December 9 - Health-care startups sacked by federal funding cuts have day in court
December 9 - House delegates can now vote on the floor, but are skipping lots of roll calls
December 9 - In the Spotlight: Doug Collins
December 9 - Money for opioid crisis is plentiful, but not always effective
December 9 - Senators fear a circus of their own making in impeachment trial
December 9 - Trump demand for more money from South Korea shakes alliance
December 9 - What's Their Line? Goodbye, Sen. Isakson

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