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 Congressional Affairs

January 7 - 33 Democrats Challenge Reagan Pocket Veto
January 7 - AMA Still A Powerful Force: Physicians' Lobbying Machine Showing Some Signs of Wear
January 7 - Doctors Innovators in Campaign Spending
January 7 - Many Health Groups Influencing Congress
January 14 - Abscam Developments
January 14 - Call for Tax Overhaul; Defense Review: Democrats Unveil Blueprint Directed at the 1984 Elections
January 14 - Call for Tax Overhaul; Defense Review: Democrats Unveil Blueprint Directed at the 1984 Elections
January 14 - Capitol Drug Case Sentencing
January 14 - Cellular Radio License Lottery: FCC's Mobile Telephone Plan Faces Capitol Lobbying Attack
January 14 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Early Hill Retirements: The Ebb and Flow
January 14 - Politically Sensitive Projects Hit: Grace Panel Blames Congress For Wasted Federal Spending
January 14 - Rep. Hansen Rebuffed by Supreme Court
January 21 - Difficult Issues Confront Returning Congress
January 21 - Summary of Major Issues Facing Congress in 1984: CONGRESS
January 28 - Capitol Security Tightened: Congress' 2nd Session Begins Amid Frustrating Partisanship
January 28 - Fascell Is Elected Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee
January 28 - Inside Congress Committee Assignments
January 28 - Inside Congress Congressional Record Investigation
January 28 - Inside Congress Senate Votes to Rescind Its Jan. 1 Pay Increase
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: More for Pay, Building Renovation: Congress Seeks Extra $194 Million in FY 1984
February 4 - 1985 BUDGET: Some Agencies Escape Cuts
February 4 - House Foreign Affairs Subcommittees
February 4 - Pocket Veto Court Challenge
February 4 - Senate Committee Shifts
February 11 - Bill 'Not on a Fast Track': Congress' Pay Raise Repeal Stymied in House
February 11 - Conable's Retirement to Leave House Gap
February 11 - CONGRESS AND THE COUNTRY: Budget Chairman Jones: Frustrated Centrist
February 11 - Durenberger Trying to Mediate Lobby Quarrel
February 11 - House Democratic Committee Assignments
February 11 - Rough Sailing for Puerto Rico Cruise Ship Bill
February 11 - Senate Democratic Committee Assignments
February 11 - Televised Partisan Skirmishes Erupt in House
February 18 - Bill Would End Mandatory Lobby Registrations
February 18 - Congress and Crime: Contrasting Views
February 18 - Hill Republicans Push Reagan Social Issues
February 18 - Produce Votes Now, Lobby Later: Special Interests Focused On Influencing the 1984 Elections
February 25 - Pocket Veto Case Argued
March 3 - Ambassador to Ireland? Speaker O'Neill Will Retire; Scramble Likely for Top Jobs
March 3 - Committee Funding
March 3 - Special Report: The Class of 1974 Whatever Happened to the Watergate Babies?
March 3 - Trade Retaliation Feared: Farm Lobby Groups Gang Up On Bills to Aid Wine Industry
March 10 - Balanced Budget Lobbying
March 10 - Congress Sets 1984 Committee Spending Totals
March 10 - Discussion Frequently Lethargic: Prayer Issue Engulfs Congress As Senate Embarks on Debate
March 10 - Forsythe Retirement
March 10 - Political Use of Videotapes Creates House Fight
March 10 - Presidential Veto Threatened: House Gives Congress Power To Block DOT Sale of Conrail
March 10 - Three Senators Frame School Prayer Debate
March 17 - Budget Committee Chairman Jim Jones: Will He Come in From the Cold in 1984?
March 17 - Dingell Eyeing Bid for Majority Leader
March 17 - Focus on Finances, '80 Campaign Papers: Judiciary Committee Reopens Meese Nomination Hearings
March 17 - More Elected Democrats Involved: GOP Fractured Over Platform; Reagan Helps Unite Democrats
March 17 - Pocket-Veto Ruling
March 24 - Confirmation Prospects Clouded: Meese Seeking Vindication In Special Prosecutor Probe
March 24 - Hansen Trial Opens
March 24 - Metzenbaum: Meese Nemesis, Senate Scold
March 24 - Senate Democrats Select 25 'SuperDelegates'
March 31 - Congressional Pay Amendment Sent to Senate
March 31 - PERSPECTIVE: Billcast: Can Computer Outguess Lobbyists?
March 31 - Rep. Edwin B. Forsythe Dead at 68
March 31 - Special Report: House Armed Services Committee Democrats' Panel Defends More for Defense
April 7 - Independent Counsel Named in Meese Probe
April 7 - Jim Wright: On the Road to Being Speaker
April 7 - Judicial Lobbying and Bankruptcy Courts
April 7 - Rep. Hansen Convicted, Faces Ethics Inquiry
April 7 - Senate Leader's Job: Curbing Individualism
April 7 - The Budget at House Rules: A Foregone Conclusion
April 7 - The Race Begins for House Majority Leader
April 14 - Counsel Named for Hansen Ethics Probe
April 14 - House Finishes Deficit Package: Congress Adjourns for Easter After Foreign Policy Bickering
April 28 - Bankruptcy Solution Delayed Again
April 28 - Dole, Fascell Still Fighting Over Panel
April 28 - GOP, Democrats Square Off: House Subcommittee Retains Traditional Bilingual Program
April 28 - Special Report: Chairman Dante B. Fascell Fascell Gives New Life to Foreign Affairs Panel
April 28 - Special Report: The 1985 Tax Bill Laying the Groundwork: Special Interests Now Working On Next Year's Tax Legislation
May 5 - New Lobbying Regulations Issued
May 5 - Nuclear Freeze Groups Focus on Candidates
May 5 - On Personnel Matters: Federal Appeals Court Says House Members Can Be Sued
May 5 - Working Hard or Hardly Working? Capitol Hill Lowers Its Sights As Days Remaining Slip Away
May 12 - Clothing Lobbyists Look for the U.S. Label
May 12 - Free Hand for Non-incumbents: Political Uses of House Tapes Generating Inter-party Static
May 12 - From Activist to Obstructionist: Peter Rodino - Ruling Judiciary In Defense of the Constitution
May 12 - Senate Panel Closes Williams Probe
May 12 - The Feisty House Judiciary Committee: 31 Lawyers Who Debate Laws on Laws
May 19 - Contempt Ruling Against House Clerk Overturned
May 19 - Deficit-Cutting Debate Sidelines Lobbyists
May 19 - Legislative Appropriations Bill Starts Moving
May 19 - MX Lobbying: A Hard Fight by Both Sides
May 19 - Rep. Dymally in 'Toughest' Squeeze on MX
May 19 - The House's TV War: The Gloves Come Off
May 26 - A Leadership Without Liberals? Obey Withdraws From Race For House Democrats' Post
June 2 - Deficit-Reduction: The Big Conference: Getting to Be Old Hat
June 2 - Former Rep. Roosevelt in Charge: Tactics of New Elderly Lobby Ruffle Congressional Feathers
June 2 - GOP Ads Attack O'Neill in House Video War
June 2 - Request Totals $1.3 Billion: Larger Congressional Budget Sought by House Committee
June 9 - Also Trims Its Own Budget: House Rebuffs Rule Change On TV Coverage of Debates
June 9 - Colorodan Stumps Congress: Democratic Leaders Urge Hart to Withdraw
June 9 - Sen. Jepsen's Health Spa Visit
June 16 - Budget Conference Meets, and Deadlocks
June 16 - Committee Restores House Cuts
June 16 - How Two GOP Freshmen in the House Rate the White House Lobbying Effort
June 16 - Members Overloaded? Study Set on Senate Panels; Indian Committee Permanent
June 16 - Members Scramble to Limit Bond Ceilings
June 16 - Rep. Hansen Sentenced
June 16 - White House Lobbyists Find Congress Is Less Supportive
June 23 - Alien Guest Workers: A Lobbying Mismatch
June 23 - Congress and the Country: The Double Life of Some House Republicans
June 23 - Ethics Panel Urges Reprimand for Hansen
June 23 - For Immigration Bill, Lobbyist Walks Tall
June 23 - Senate Passes Three: Fiscal '85 Appropriations Bills Pick Up Speed as Recess Nears
June 23 - William H. Natcher: Steady in the Chair
June 30 - Across-the-Board Cut Dropped: $1.55 Billion Legislative Appropriation Clears
June 30 - D'Aubuisson Shunned During Senate Visit
June 30 - July 4-Democratic Convention Recess: Members Break for Politics After Passing Flurry of Bills
July 7 - Congress at Mid-Year 1984: Congress
July 7 - Overcoming Election-Year Inertia: Legislative Business Proceeds Amidst Hill's Political Battles
July 7 - Perspective: Division in the Ranks, Defeat on the Hill
July 7 - Rep. Ireland Party Switch
July 14 - Court to Congress: Say What You Mean
July 14 - Lobbies Issue Congressional Report Cards
July 21 - Court Challenges Continue: Despite High Court Ruling, Legislative Vetoes Abound
July 28 - Ferraro Defends Financial Disclosure Reports
July 28 - Perspective: Deficit Wars: Leadership Contest Prologue
August 4 - Congress and the Country: Rhetoric of Amateurism From Political Pros
August 4 - House Reprimands Idaho Rep. George Hansen
August 4 - House Veteran Dies at 71: Perkins' Death Sets Off Shifts In Committee Chairmanships
August 4 - Pressure Mounts on Protectionist Trade Bills
August 4 - Senate Democrats Block Appropriations Bills
August 11 - Complaint Against Ferraro
August 11 - Hatfield Investigated
August 11 - New House 'Special-Order' Policy
August 11 - Partisanship Dominated Short Summer Session
August 18 - Changes Being Considered: Hill Budget Process Working To Force Economic Decisions
August 18 - Ferraro's Finances Fuel Controversy
August 18 - Hatfield Re-election Expected Despite Troubles
August 25 - Exemption Questions Linger: Ferraro's Finances Revealed; Ethics Panel Action Not Likely
September 1 - Avoiding Post-Election Session: Returning Legislators Hope To Wrap Up Year's Business
September 1 - PAC Background
September 1 - PACs Heavily Favor Incumbents: 1984 Races Become Battlefield For Competing Interest Groups
September 1 - Public Broadcast Bill Vetoed
September 1 - Supreme Court Appeal Likely: Pocket Veto Power Restricted; Big Gain for Legislative Branch
September 8 - Hawkins to Chair House Education Committee
September 8 - Hill Politics Delay Repair of 'America in Ruins'
September 8 - No Going-Away Present: Baker Bid to Televise Senate Likely to Fail in Closing Days
September 15 - Ethics Panel Opens Probe of Ferraro Finances
September 22 - Anti-Bias Issue the Only Remaining Snag: Conferees Near Agreement On Immigration Reform Bill
September 22 - Opponents Pull Plug on Televising Senate
September 22 - Staff Would Drop Hatfield Probe
September 22 - Still Waiting for Big Legislative Victories Religious Right: Trying to Link Poll Power and Lobby Muscle
September 22 - The Religious Message: Go Forth and Vote
September 29 - Ethics Panel Ends Hatfield Probe
September 29 - Hawkins Succeeds Perkins: A Change in Style, Not Goals, Expected at Education-Labor
September 29 - Measure 'On Its Last Gasp': Immigration Reform Snagged On Issue of Discrimination
October 6 - Congress Struggles to Quit, But Does Not Finish
October 6 - GOP Leadership Ladder
October 6 - GOP Scramble On for Senate Leadership Jobs
October 6 - Last-Minute Appropriations Bill Tripped Up
October 6 - Senate Rules Barely Survive Rights Fight
October 6 - Some Senators Reluctant to Leave Panel
October 6 - Unsnarling the Senate's 'Jungle of Confusion'
October 13 - The 98th Congress Jerks and Grinds to a Finish
October 20 - 98th Congress, Second Session Legislative Summary: Thorny Legacy Left for 99th Congress
October 20 - Final Days Create Legislative Supermarket Members Arrange to Bring Back the Bacon
October 20 - Presidential Leadership the Key to Victory
October 20 - Second Session Summary
October 20 - Summary of Major 1984 Congressional Action: CONGRESS
October 27 - 1984 Partisanship More Rhetoric Than Voting
October 27 - 9 of 10 Votes: Voting Participation Stays High Despite Election Campaigning
October 27 - Can Reagan Win With Congress? President's Leadership Style and Split in GOP Ranks Are Key to Second-Term Success
October 27 - Coalition Vote Study: Conservative Strength Still High for Fourth Reagan Year
October 27 - Conservative Coalition Support and Opposition: House
October 27 - Conservative Coalition Support and Opposition: Senate
October 27 - Ground Rules for CQ Presidential Support-Opposition
October 27 - Party Unity and Party Opposition: House
October 27 - Party Unity and Party Opposition: Senate
October 27 - Party Unity: Congress' Partisanship Drops Despite Hot Electoral Rhetoric
October 27 - Presidential Support and Opposition: House
October 27 - Presidential Support and Opposition: Senate
October 27 - Reagan's Relationship With Congress Was Both Up and Down in First Term
October 27 - Scores Up in House: Congress' Backing for Reagan Declines Only Slightly in 1984
October 27 - Second-Term Success Has Eluded Presidents
October 27 - Voting Participation Scores: House
October 27 - Voting Participation Scores: Senate
November 3 - Conable: A 20-Year Perspective on Congress
November 3 - Congress Seeks to Increase Role in Election Year
November 10 - Average Age, 99th Congress
November 10 - Democrats Have Net Gain of Two Senate Seats
November 10 - Election '84: Decisive Vote, Divided Outcome
November 10 - GOP Disappointed With Gains in the House
November 10 - Helms: Will He or Won't He? 2 Foreign Policy Panels to Get New Chairmen
November 10 - House Newcomers, Switched Seats and Losers
November 10 - Members' Religious Affiliations and Occupations
November 10 - Most Panels Affected: Defeats, Retirements Set Off Switches Among Committees
November 10 - Returns for Governor, Senate and House
November 10 - Seven Newcomers a Seasoned Group Likely to Take Active Role in Senate
November 10 - Women, Blacks and Hispanics in the 99th Congress
November 10 - Women, Minorities Barely Hold Own in 99th
November 17 - Helms Shift Is Wild Card: Front-Runner Position Vacant In Senate GOP Leader's Race
November 17 - Helms' Intentions
November 17 - Interest Groups Net Few Changes at the Polls
November 17 - Race for House Budget Head Sets Off Intrigue
November 17 - Senator in Space
November 24 - Challenge to Speaker O'Neill Planned
November 24 - Democrats to Consider House Rules Changes
November 24 - Indiana Uncertainty
December 1 - Changing Times Make Senate Hard to Lead
December 1 - Drops Proposal for Filibuster Rule Change: Panel Proposes Senate Committee Changes
December 1 - Finance, Foreign Relations, Commerce: Majority Leader Vote Fallout Affects Three Senate Panels
December 1 - GOP Overhauls Its Senate Leadership Names a New Team to Work With Dole
December 1 - Members Demonstrate Against South Africa
December 1 - Profile, Key Votes, Voting Studies: Dole Combines Legislative Skill With Quick Wit
December 1 - Robert Dole's Support From His Colleagues
December 1 - Sen. Robert Dole: Profile, CQ Voting Studies and Interest Group Ratings
December 1 - Senate Republicans Choose Officers: Dole Elected Majority Leader; Simpson Wins GOP Whip Job
December 1 - Stenholm Reconsiders Challenge to O'Neill
December 1 - The Obey Overhaul: House Democrats to Consider Restructured Budget Process
December 8 - Appropriations, Ways and Means: Key Money Committee Slots Filled By House Republicans
December 8 - First Challenge in Eight Years: Chiles Battles Byrd for Senate Minority Leader
December 8 - Gephardt Helps Democrats Reshape Image
December 8 - House Budget Panel Chair Up for Grabs
December 8 - House Democratic, Republican Freshmen Elect Leaders
December 8 - House Rules Changes Proposed: Democratic and GOP Leaders Named for the 99th Congress
December 8 - Junior Democrats Gain a Louder Voice Leadership Panels Will Serve as Forum
December 8 - Simpson to Give Up Veterans' Post
December 8 - Violations Termed Technical: Committee Charges Ferraro Broke Ethics Law
December 15 - Byrd: Collecting Chits and Calling Them In
December 15 - From Press Releases to Personal Pressure: Countries Turn to Professionals for Lobbying
December 15 - Senate Democrats Re-Elect Byrd as Leader
December 22 - 'More Forceful' Chairman Needed, Members Say: Price Faces Challenge for Armed Services Job
December 22 - New Members' Spouses Also Get Washington Orientation
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda AGRICULTURE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda BANKING/COMMERCE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda BUDGET/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda DEFENSE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda Deficit-Cutting May Dominate 99th Congress
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda EDUCATION
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda ENERGY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda ENVIRONMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda FOREIGN POLICY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda GENERAL GOVERNMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda HEALTH/WELFARE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda HOUSING/COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda INSIDE CONGRESS
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda LABOR
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda LAW/JUDICIARY
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda TRADE
December 22 - Special Report: Congressional Agenda TRANSPORTATION
December 22 - Tentative 1985 Congressional Recess Schedule
December 22 - Today's House Freshmen: Getting Started Quickly
December 29 - Budget, Tax Plans Arouse Lobby Community
December 29 - Congress and the Country: Restless Democrats Chafe at Party's Image
December 29 - House May Decide Who Represents Indiana 8th

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