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 Banking and Financial Services

January 8 - Foreign Investors Seek Clarity From Washington
January 15 - Political Economy: 'Home' to Roost?
January 22 - House Solidly Backs Student Loan Bill
January 29 - House Passes Bill to Ease Reporting Requirements
February 5 - Political Economy: Goldilocks Redux
February 12 - Fiscal 2008 Budget: Export-Import Bank
February 12 - Rising U.S. Debt Called a Troubling Export
February 12 - Treasury Loses a Major Trade Player
February 19 - Client of the Month Club: William Nixon and J. Drew Hiatt, Policy Impact Communications
February 26 - Banks Scramble to Account for Daylight Savings
March 5 - House Backs Yearly Financial Reporting
March 5 - Political Economy: An Odor of Bad Loans
March 5 - White House Pressured to Get Tough on the Yen
March 12 - Can College Lenders Be Taught New Math?
March 12 - Subprime Loans: Trouble Falls Due
March 19 - Committee Votes to Overhaul Program for Small-Business Disaster Loans
March 19 - Lobbying War Brewing Over Credit Card Fees
March 19 - Political Economy: Chairman Emeritus
March 19 - Taking Stock of Accounting Law
April 2 - Democrats Have High Hopes for Legislation to Overhaul Regulation of Mortgage Financiers
April 2 - Divestment in Iran Goes Grass-Roots
April 2 - Executive Pay Legislation Would Deflate 'Golden Parachutes'
April 16 - Political Economy: On Borrowed Time
April 23 - Bracing for Default Day
April 23 - House Backs Legislation Giving Shareholders Say in Executive Pay
April 23 - Market Without Risk -- or Security
April 23 - SBA Disaster Loan Program Would Change Under House Bill
April 23 - The High Price of Foreclosure
April 30 - White House Opposes Measure To Expand SBA Loan Program
April 30 - World Bank Setback?
May 7 - Bill Would Revamp FHA Lending, Add to Affordable-Housing Fund
May 7 - How the States Came to Rule on Insurance Regulation
May 7 - Insurers Under Siege
May 7 - Panel Advances Ownership Limits for Industrial Loan Companies
May 14 - Five Questions for Cynthia M. Fornelli, Executive Director at Center for Audit Quality
May 28 - Bill Would Curb Retailer Ownership of Industrial Loan Companies
May 28 - Financial Services Appropriations: Realigned Panel Is Finding Its Way
May 28 - Islamic Charities Await Their Day in Court
May 28 - Measures Aim to Block Iran's Power Plays
May 28 - New GSE Regulator Included in Rewrite
May 28 - Political Economy: Fed Watchers Wanted
June 4 - Consumer Groups Say Seize the Day
June 11 - Dodd Plans Tighter Restrictions For Private Student Loan Market
June 11 - Panel Approves Financial Services Bill That Would Lift D.C. Restrictions
June 11 - Unions Target Hedge Buyout Artists
June 18 - Are Gambling Critics Converts to Online Betting?
June 18 - Craig Crawford' s 1600: Storm Aid as the New Ethanol
June 25 - A New Fed Mortgage Plan: Go Figure
June 25 - Education Program Bills Advance
June 25 - Financial Services Bill Approved Again, After Panel Adds Earmarks
July 9 - Political Economy: Separation of Powers?
July 16 - A Private World of Hedges and Equity
July 16 - Ron Paul Gains New Currency
July 23 - No Down Payment, No Housing Problem?
July 30 - Bill Extending Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Takes First Step
August 6 - Private Student Loan Industry Faces Tighter Regulation Under Senate Bill
August 13 - A Mac Strategy for the Mortgage Crunch
August 13 - Different Takes on China's U.S. Forays
September 3 - Fall Agenda: Financial Services Appropriations
September 3 - Fall Agenda: Flood Insurance Overhaul
September 3 - Fall Agenda: Mortgage Banking Regulation
September 3 - Fall Agenda: Terrorism Insurance Extension
September 3 - Feds and Insurers Step Up Wind-Damage Dispute
September 3 - Five Questions for Patrick Creadon, Documentary Filmmaker
September 10 - Broad Student Aid Overhaul Clears
September 10 - House Mourns Ohio's Paul Gillmor; Seat Certain to Stay in GOP Hands
September 10 - Political Economy: Bang the Drum Louder
September 10 - Student Aid Conference Report Highlights
September 17 - A Distressing Bump in Bankruptcy Filings
September 17 - Debt Limit Boost Approved by Senate Panel
September 17 - Political Economy: Dancing on the Ceiling
September 24 - Chambers Disagree on FHA Loan Limits
September 24 - Finance Firms Joust Over Retirement Law
September 24 - Harsh Subprime Spotlight Turns to Rating Industry
September 24 - House Bill Would Expand ProtectionAgainst Deceptive Lending Practices
September 24 - TRIA Extension Wins House Passage Despite Veto Threat, Budget Concerns
October 8 - Political Economy: Risky Business
October 8 - Shareholder Groups See Red Over SEC Proposals
October 15 - Congress Reconsiders Unsettled Holocaust Claims
October 15 - House Democrats Prevail on Measure To End Privatized Tax Collection
October 15 - Rentals Out Of Reach
October 22 - A Crisis of Confidence in Congress
October 22 - Political Economy: Who's on the Hook?
October 29 - Hill Role in Mortgage Crisis More Suasion Than Force
October 29 - House Bill Would Add Writers of Financial Rules
November 5 - A Departure From Business as Usual
November 5 - A Worrisome New Facet of Foreign Investment
November 5 - Bipartisan Bill to Phase Out Certain Flood Insurance Subsidies Approved
November 5 - Reauthorization of Rural Housing, Voucher Programs Advance in House
November 12 - House Votes to Create Consortium to Share Catastrophic Insurance Loss
November 12 - Mortgage Regulation Rewrite Advances
November 19 - House Passes Mortgage Overhaul Bill
December 10 - House Passes Bill to Expand Regulation of Mortgage Lending
December 17 - A Case of Landlord Schadenfreude
December 17 - Bill Would Allow Bankruptcy Judges To Alter Certain Subprime Mortgages
December 17 - CFTC Reauthorization Moves Forward In House Panel, Senate Farm Bill
December 17 - Senate Passes Tax Bill Addressing Mortgage Debt
December 17 - Senate-Passed Overhaul of FHA Raises Loan Limits, Reduces Costs
December 24 - Aid to Struggling Homeowners Is Cleared
December 24 - House Yields to Senate, Clearing Stripped-Down Terror Insurance Bill

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