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 Banking and Financial Services

February 10 - GOP, With Bush's Tacit Support, Puts Bankruptcy Bill on Fast Track, Hoping to Stave Off Amendments
February 17 - Measure to Revamp Bankruptcy Law Heads for Action in House, Senate
February 24 - Business-Related Provisions
February 24 - Deadlines in Bankruptcy Bill Splinter Business' Support
February 24 - This Week in Congress
March 3 - Bankruptcy Bill Has Momentum As Senate Floor Action Nears
March 3 - Lloyd's Has a Lot at Stake
March 3 - Senate Panel Approves Bill To Slash Fees Collected by SEC; Pay Raise Issue Remains to Be Settled
March 10 - Senate GOP Leaders Try to Keep Bankruptcy Bill Free of Amendments To Avoid Conference With House
March 17 - Bankruptcy Bill Conference Likely to Focus On Abortion Protesters, Home Exemptions
March 24 - A New Watchdog for Fannie and Freddie?
March 24 - Need for a Conference Committee On Bankruptcy Bill May Bring Senate's Power-Sharing Issues to a Head
March 24 - Package to Cut Securities Fees And Increase SEC Pay Gains in House and Senate
April 7 - Baker Makes Headway on Bill to Tighten Regulation of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
April 7 - House Passes Banking Bill With Controversial Provision To Let Federal Reserve Pay Interest
April 14 - Cuts in Business Breaks Resisted
May 5 - Impatient Grassley May Offer Senate Bankruptcy Overhaul A Ride on Unrelated Legislation
May 5 - Panel Chairmen's Dispute Over Agency Pay Raises Holds Up Cut in SEC Fees
May 26 - Banking: Siding With Consumers
June 16 - House Passes SEC Fee Reduction Similar to Senate's Version After Ending Agency Pay Impasse
June 23 - Bankruptcy Law Rewrite Remains at an Impasse Despite Senate Power Shift
June 30 - House Committee Adds Privacy Protections To Insurance Fraud Bill
June 30 - Wellstone Vows to Resist Action on Bankruptcy Bill
July 14 - Bankruptcy Rewrite Poised For Passage
July 21 - Senate Clears Way for Conference On Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill; Timetable Remains Uncertain
August 4 - Fund Industry Divided Over Privatizing Social Security
September 8 - Senate Conservatives Lose Another Powerful Nonconformist
September 15 - Cautious on the Economy
October 6 - Brandishing Bush Letter, Lawmakers Close In on Seven Appropriations Bills
October 6 - Money-Laundering Bill Gets New Life As Financial Tool Against Terrorists
October 6 - Particulars of Fiscal Rescue Plan Strain Parties' Tenuous Truce
October 13 - Bill to Enhance SEC Powers Approved
October 13 - Chambers' Divergent Actions On Money-Laundering Laws Complicate Anti-Terrorism Bill
November 17 - House Passes Bill Allowing Investment Advice for Workers
November 17 - House Passes Bill to Extend SECs Emergency Powers
November 17 - House to Hit the Ground Running With Insurance Bill After Holiday
November 17 - LAW & JUDICIARY: As Economy Sags, So Do Prospects For Bankruptcy Bills Prompt Enactment
December 22 - Lower SEC Fees Bill Clears Congress

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