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January 26 - Issue of Price Supports Forces Uneasy Mingling Of Farm Bill, Trade Policy
January 26 - Veneman's Inexperience as an 'Insider' Gives Members Fodder for Criticism
February 9 - Turnabout on Farm Subsidies Could Presage Bigger Overhaul
February 16 - Farm Bill Conference Forecast: Long and Stormy
February 16 - The Farmers' Friend
February 16 - Zoellick Sides With Farmers In Dispute With Canada
February 23 - White House Sees Less to Dislike In House Version of Farm Bill As Pressure to Act Mounts
March 2 - Tobacco Farmer on the Hill Tugged Both Ways by Industry
March 9 - CBO's 'Slight' Underestimate
March 9 - House Farm Bill Gets a Boost Thanks to CBO Math Problem
March 9 - Push for Antibiotics Ban Has Beef Group Crying Fowl
March 16 - Planting in the Dark
March 16 - Senate at Serious Disadvantage As Farm Bill Heads to Conference
March 23 - Livestock Plan Goes to 'Meat Grinder'
March 23 - Senate Crunches Numbers on Farm Bill, But Big Changes Expected in Final Version
March 30 - Bush Steel Tariffs Bite Back
March 30 - Bush's Fast-Track Agenda
March 30 - Fast Track Losing Support in House As Last Year's Backers Reconsider
April 6 - How the Subsidies Work
April 6 - Peanut, Sugar and Milk Producers Fight to Keep Their Subsidies Intact
April 13 - Conferees Cautiously Hint at Deals As Time Grows Short for Farm Bill
April 20 - Controversial Ethanol Mandate Is Farm Groups' Corn of Plenty
April 20 - Editor's Notebook: Bumper to Bumper
April 20 - Playing the Blame Game On Farm-Friendly Politics
April 27 - Farm Bill Deal Set for House, Senate As Lawmakers Feel Constituent Pressure
May 4 - Animal Rights Advocates Feel Sting Of Conference Committee Cuts
May 4 - Editor's Notebook: The Political Imperative
May 4 - Free-Spending Farm Bill A Triumph of Politics
May 11 - Many in Congress Itching to Revisit Elements of the Just-Cleared Farm Bill
May 18 - Presidents, Lawmakers Alike Caught Up In Cuba Embargo's Power to Polarize
May 18 - Wisconsin Seeks 'Emergency' $10 Million for Ailing Deer
May 25 - Biden's Usual Warm Relations With Russia Chills Out Over Chicken Crusade
May 25 - GOP Hopes for Fast-Track Fixes As Trade Bill Goes to Conference
June 1 - Provisions of the Farm Bill
June 15 - Agriculture: Farm Bill Disputes Expected to Carry Over
June 29 - House Panel Avoids Debate On Two Hot-Button Issues To Advance Agriculture Bill
July 6 - Homeland Security Revamp Hung Up On 'Dual-Purpose' Agencies
July 6 - Merger Comes With Added Duties
July 13 - Gantlet of House Committees Greets Homeland Security Plan
July 13 - Highlights of Panels' Input On New Security Department
July 13 - Midwestern Lawmakers Stymied In Effort to Lower Farm Income Limits
July 20 - House Passes Interior Spending Bill After Standoff on Funding Increases
July 27 - Agriculture Bills Sail Through Appropriations Committees, But Debate Expected in September
July 27 - Hall's Confirmation Hits Snag
August 3 - Bush Plan to Lower Agriculture Tariffs Could Open Farm Law to Changes
August 3 - Farm Policy Constant: Costlier Than Planned
August 3 - Harkin Declares Nomination Of USDA Undersecretary 'Over'
August 10 - GOP Looks to Midwest In Hopes of Reclaiming Senate
August 10 - President Appoints Dorr To Agriculture Post
September 14 - Senate Vote on $6 Billion in Farm Aid Will Complicate Interior Conference
September 21 - Editor's Notebook: Losing to Win
September 21 - Senate Races in Midwest Prompt $750 Million Jackpot for Farmers
September 28 - Energy Conferees Optimistic Despite Intractable Issues
September 28 - Stalled Bankruptcy Measure Could Spark Separate Farm Bill
October 5 - House OKs Temporary Renewal Of Farmer Bankruptcy Protection
November 9 - Nutrition Tops Agriculture's Agenda
November 16 - Rep. Combest's Midterm Retirement Creates Four-Way Race For Coveted Agriculture Chairmanship
November 23 - Protection for Family Farmers Survives Bankruptcy Bill Defeat
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Agriculture Appropriations
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Drought Aid
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Farm Bill
December 7 - Editor's Notebook: Act Two
December 14 - Dairy and Produce Industries Square Off Over WIC Program Guidelines

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