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January 10 - HUMAN SERVICES: Restoring Federal Nutrition Aid Creates Food Fight
January 10 - PROVISIONS: Changes to FDA Rules, Procedures
January 10 - TOBACCO: No Solution in Sight as Congress Prepares To Tackle Settlement
January 31 - Executives Vow To Cooperate
January 31 - How Much From Tobacco?
January 31 - Key Clinton Proposals
January 31 - TOBACCO: Anti-Smoking Drive's New Target: Tobacco Marketing Overseas
February 7 - Clinton's Fancy Budget Work Upstages Skeptical GOP
February 7 - How Each Agency and Department Would Fare Under Clinton Budget
February 7 - REGULATION: White House Says Immunity For Tobacco Is an Option
February 14 - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Battle Over IMF Funding Looms As Business Steps Up Pressure
February 28 - A Farm-Friendly Chapter
March 14 - Changes Planned for Subsidy Program
March 14 - First Tobacco Bill Gets Praise
March 14 - From the Family Tobacco Fields, They Eye the Hill With Unease
March 14 - REGULATION: Ball Is Rolling as Leaders Consider Prospects for Tobacco Legislation
March 14 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves McGovern For U.N. Agriculture Post
March 14 - Thank You for Smoking: Livelihoods Depend on an Industry Under Siege
March 14 - Tobacco and Its Impact
March 28 - AGRICULTURE: Forest Policy Bill Sparks Debate
March 28 - HUMAN SERVICES: Congress To Debate Restoring Food Stamps to Immigrants
April 4 - HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Shifts Food Stamp Aid To Increase Road Spending
April 25 - Both Parties Court the Public As Rift Widens Over Tobacco Legislation
May 2 - ENVIRONMENT: Law Sparks Another Round In Pesticides Battle
May 2 - EPA's Reversal on Herbicide Ban Sows Concern and Confusion
May 2 - Industries Choose Sides in Battle To Kill Ethanol Subsidy
May 16 - HEALTH: Nutrition Program's Tempest in a Cereal Bowl
May 16 - PLAYERS: 'Senator No' Stays Quiet -- Perhaps Too Quiet
May 23 - A Bitter Bluegrass Feud
May 23 - EDUCATION: House Panel Rewrites Bilingual Education, Looks For Compromise on Child Nutrition
May 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Agriculture Reauthorization Fizzles As House Republicans Split Over Food Stamps for Immigrants
May 30 - AGRICULTURE: Congress Turns to Problem Of Animal-Waste Pollution
May 30 - AGRICULTURE: Economic Slump Leaves Farmers Disgruntled With Congress, '96 Farm Law
May 30 - Battles Over Jurisdiction Likely To Keep Congress From Merging Food Agencies
May 30 - Farmers Stung by Regulations
May 30 - In Kentucky, No Unified Voice On Tobacco Farmers' Future
May 30 - Unsafe Food Sparks Outbreaks Of Concern, Little Action
June 6 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Clears Agriculture Bill, Restoring Food Stamps To Legal Immigrants
June 13 - Anti-Drug Provisions Added
June 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Bill Gets Fast Committee Approval, But Floor Fights Are Likely
June 13 - REGULATION: Tobacco Debate Rages On, Keeping Bill Alive, If Unwieldy
June 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Approves Agriculture Bill Despite Dairy Policy Dispute
June 20 - Chart: Agriculture Spending
June 20 - Embargo Exemption Approved
June 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Anti-Abortion Amendment Rides Through the House On Agriculture Spending Bill
June 27 - REGULATION: Democrats and Republicans Compete To Develop Passable Tobacco Legislation
June 27 - TRADE: Pointing to Farmers' Plight, Gingrich Plans a New Vote On Fast-Track Legislation
July 11 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Senate Lifts Sanctions for Farm Exports
July 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Farmers' Woes Produce Variety Of Possible Solutions as Senate Passes Agriculture Bill
August 1 - Senate Votes To Give Farm Aid Sooner Than Planned
August 8 - AGRICULTURE: House Clears Legislation To Give Aid to Farmers Earlier Than Planned
August 15 - AGRICULTURE: Economic Uncertainties Set Tone for Campaigns In the Farm Belt States
August 15 - AGRICULTURE: Farmers Have the Whip Hand In Drive for Control of House
August 22 - Budget Hawks Deride Research Grants As Wasteful Spending
September 19 - Conferees Hope To Iron Out Details for Farm Relief Package
September 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Endangered By Struggle Over Efforts To Aid Distressed Farmers
October 3 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes Agriculture Spending Bill
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Clinton, in Veto Message, Asks Congress To Provide Better Safety Net for Farmers
October 10 - APPROPRIATIONS: Rift Over Farm Aid Leaves Agriculture Bill Searching for Life After Veto
October 10 - Chart: Agriculture Spending
October 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: Tax Breaks Are Added to Farm Aid Bill

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