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January 18 - U.S. Potato Farmers Taking a Beating
February 8 - Budget: Agriculture
February 8 - INCUMBENCY
March 22 - COMMITTEES: House Agriculture
March 22 - COMMITTEES: Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
March 22 - For Farmers' Heirs, a Bitter Harvest
April 19 - AGRICULTURE Fallow Land Bill Gets Panel OK
April 26 - Focus on Floods and Farmland
May 3 - SECTION NOTES: House Approves Extensions Of Land-Idling Contracts
May 10 - The Farmers' Advantage
May 24 - SECTION NOTES: Agriculture Department Agrees To Idle More Farmland
May 31 - Maintaining Status Quo May Be Tough
June 14 - RECONCILIATION: Food Stamps Get New Funding
June 28 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Gives Agriculture Few Increases in Funding
June 28 - SECTION NOTES: Subcommittee OKs Bill To Help Dairy Farmers Recoup Losses
July 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Tobacco Farmers' Programs Saved in House Committee
July 19 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Measure Delayed By Other House Events
July 19 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
July 19 - THE BUDGET: Internal Divisions, White House Frustrate GOP's Tax Agenda
July 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Spending Bills Pass With Few Substantive Changes
July 26 - Democrats Stall To Protest Rules Slight
July 26 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
August 9 - NOMINATIONS: Lugar May Step Up To Bat for Weld
August 9 - Targeted Tax Benefits: Easements
August 16 - Annual Fall Tasks Top Post-Break Agenda
August 16 - REGULATION: Documents Offer a Closer Look At Tobacco's Clout in Congress
August 16 - Vetoed Provisions: Farmer Co-ops
August 30 - APPROPRIATIONS: Stevens Mines the Federal Lode And Finds Nuggets for Alaska
August 30 - House, Senate To Face Lengthy 'To Do' List
August 30 - REGULATION: The Plot Thickens for Congress After Florida Tobacco Deal
September 6 - REGULATION: Effort To Toughen Meat Inspection Again Headed for Likely Defeat
September 13 - HEALTH: Cosmetics Labeling Agreement Paves Way for FDA Overhaul
September 13 - REGULATION: Senate Votes Rev Up Momentum For Tougher Tobacco Deal
September 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Conferees Agree To Fortify FDA's Tobacco Initiative
September 20 - DRUGS: GOP Prescribes Bipartisanship For Overhaul of FDA
September 20 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Details Five Key Elements For Teen Smoking Legislation
September 20 - Spending Bills Top List As Deadline Nears
September 20 - THE ELECTORATE: America's Heartland: Neither One Mind nor One Heart
September 27 - APPROPRIATIONS: Members Press Side Issues, Cushioned by Stopgap CR
September 27 - PUBLIC LANDS: Grazing Bill Gets Panel's Nod; Administration Disapproves
September 27 - SECTION NOTES: Alaska Land Development Bill Advances in Senate
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Imported Food Safety Proposal Unveiled by President
October 4 - SECTION NOTES: Informal Working Group Set Up To Enact Tobacco Settlement
October 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves $49.8 Billion Agriculture Spending Bill
October 11 - DRUGS: Few Differences Remain in Move To Streamline FDA Process
October 11 - Fiscal 1998 Agriculture Spending
October 11 - Versions of House, Senate Bills Similar
November 1 - AGRICULTURE: House Passes Grazing Bill With Small Fee Increase
November 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Bill Clears Senate
November 1 - Corrections
November 8 - Costly Mix of Soldiers and Cigarettes Has Pentagon Saying No to Tradition
November 8 - COVER STORY: Carlton: Small-Town Lawyer With a Big-Time Voice
November 8 - DRUGS: Republicans Close to Deal On Streamlining FDA
November 8 - No Sanctuary in the Capitol
November 8 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bankruptcy Bills To Help Farmers, Schools
November 8 - Tobacco Industry Courts the Hill With Compromise, Conciliation
November 8 - Tobacco PAC Contributions
November 8 - TOBACCO POLITICS: U.S. Looks to Canada's Example In Efforts To Curb Tobacco Use
November 15 - DRUGS: FDA Measure Looks Healthy After GOP Concessions
November 15 - Hard Times Ahead in Senate
November 15 - Most Provisions Kept in FDA Bill
November 15 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
November 22 - APPROPRIATIONS: President Vetoes Projects In Interior, Agriculture
November 22 - COVER STORY: Utility Group Takes to Airwaves With Ads Aimed at Lawmakers
November 22 - REGULATION: Federal-State Tobacco Dispute May Land in Congress
November 22 - Status of Major Legislation 105th Congress
December 6 - 105th Congress, First Session: Appropriations
December 6 - CONGRESSIONAL TRAVEL: Corporations Pick Up the Tab For Globe-Hopping Members
December 13 - Bliley Shows Some Muscle
December 13 - REGULATION: Lawyers' Fees Emerge as Threat To Tobacco Legislation
December 20 - COMMERCE: Latest Crop of Tobacco Documents Hardens Industry Foes' Resolve

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